Sep 292016

Did you know that the Placer CRA wants to be known as the Reagan Republicans of Placer County?

So – I took a look at their latest endorsement list. I see a lot of Social Liberals on it and even some democrats!

Recently, they had a meeting somewhere in Roseville and a handful of candidates came to their meeting. But, their endorsement list appears to indicate that they did a poor job of vetting and that some of their decisions were affected by personal beefs. (Imagine that)

The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister is a member of this local skeleton chapter. He of all people would know that section 17.05a of the CRA’s By Laws is explicit about the following:

“Only Registered Republicans May Be Endorsed for ANY Office”

However, since only the CRA’s Pol-Pot bellied information minister can invalidate endorsements done in violation of the CRA’s By-Laws, I doubt that he will do the right thing. (The CRA’s by-laws state that the State President can invalidate local endorsements after an investigation) However, It is still appropriate to point out the hypocrisy of the PCRA.

There is a second layer – they (the PCRA) are also allegedly socially conservative.

In the Roseville Joint Union High School District – there are 5 people running, yet only 3 are Republicans. Only 1 of the 5 running is a social conservative and he was not endorsed in favor of a democrat who is not. The two Republicans who actually did get endorsed are not social conservatives.

In the Roseville City School District – a labor union leader democrat was endorsed amongst two Republicans.

If you look at their flyer, it gets even more absurd as it highlights “Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Taxpayer” candidates.

All but 2 of the people endorsed for City Councils Support Measure M.

All of the people endorsed for Roseville School Boards support Measure D and all but one of them are pro-choice, and over half support Gay Marriage.

Strange things happen when you are trying to send a message, it is kind of like detonating your bomb vest in your own living room. (and getting wine everywhere)

Sep 202016

Thomas N Hudson sent out an email a few weeks ago referring to Courage Worldwide as a “Bogus Charity”. He lied. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a retraction to be issued to the estimated 1000 people he BCC’ed on the email he sent.

In his zeal to “Be Right” he sent out an email celebrating a hit piece written by an overzealous clearly anti-Christian reporter at the Sacramento Bee.

Once the absurdities of the “Issues” brought by idiot bureaucrats (did I mention that Thomas N Hudson is a $166,000 a year employee of the State of CA?) were day-lighted, guess what happened?

Read for yourself:


ROCKLIN – Courage Worldwide said today that after the appeal process and a positive programming conference with state officials, the organization is in good standing with state regulators and plans to rehire and train new staff to reopen Courage House immediately.

The state has dismissed three program citations and the organization has appealed the remaining ones, noting the state’s prior approval of all Courage House programs and policies.

The organization is pleased to announce they will resume accepting girls after staff is rehired and trained, since state officials agreed cell phones can be dangerous to the residents and staff at Courage House. Courage House policies can now deny the use of cell phones and other equipment dangerous to the girls and/or their recovery on a case-by-case basis.

The Courage Worldwide Board of Directors said:

“The population we serve is extremely unique and often existing state regulations regarding the care of minor children do not take into consideration their complex trauma and past association with criminals and the dangerous world of human trafficking.

“We are gratified that the state has granted a number of our appeals and has agreed cell phones pose a real danger to the girls in our care since they link these vulnerable children back to the people who trafficked them. The cell phone is the preferred mechanism of the trafficker to market and sell under-age girls on the internet. Our organization will continue to challenge and appeal any regulations we feel endanger the children we serve or the staff who serve them.

“We are excited to resume serving girls later this year after we rehire and train appropriate staff. All of our fundraising efforts will be focused on recruiting, hiring and training qualified staff. The state agreed that our pause on accepting new residents was wise in light of new licensing that will allow Courage House to now function as a Short Term Residential Treatment Program (STRTP) instead of a Group Home. ”

The organization, which operates 24-hour residential homes in Tanzania and Northern California as well as an extensive program to educate communities about sex trafficking issues, decided to temporarily close its Northern California site in mid-June as it worked to meet new California licensing requirements, hire staff who meet the new requirements while appealing program citations cited by the state that the organization felt endanger residents and staff.

The Northern California 52 acre property currently has beds for 6 girls with a campus plan to build ten cottages for a total of 60 residents. Currently, Courage Worldwide has completed 85% of the county permitting process to begin construction on the first cottage by year end. The Tanzania home is currently serving 6 girls, with a capacity to serve 12. Courage Worldwide anticipates both homes being at capacity by year end since they have had over 350 requests for placement since opening. Courage House Northern California and Tanzania have been fully operational for 5 years, opening in 2011 for girls age 11 to 17, providing round-the-clock treatment services 365 days a year. Its program has received national recognition and to date over 65 girls have called Courage House home.

Though Courage House Nor Cal paused its residential operations for several months, the organization has been fully operational continuing its extensive education, advocacy and outreach programs as well as support for former residents of its home here in the Sacramento region.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for an apology from Thomas N Hudson. He is of a class of political operatives that live in a relative world and his alleged conservative values are but a thinly veneered resume used to make money. Hudson desperately needed to be right as Courage received money from the Placer CRA when it was dissolved. Hudson re-formed a shell in order to assuage his bruised ego and saw the opportunity for a cheap shot as validation.

In the mean time – a fine upstanding Charity, unique in its’ mission was smeared by the Sacramento Bee, using disgruntled former employees and the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister as delivery vehicles.

Courage Worldwide is not his only recent victim – Hudson wrote a series of deceptive and misleading ballot arguments against a host of measures, regardless of their merits or otherwise. There is no moral inhibition once he thinks he is right on what he does and he got Ken Campbell, Deborah Jackson and others to sign onto his deceptions. Special.

CRA Update: How Much is Enough? Tom Hudson on Tilt – Legal Threats Bear Fruit

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Jul 292015

There is a reason why now CRA Membership Secretary Carl Brickey refers to Tom Hudson as a sociopath. It is because Tom Hudson has demonstrated through the years that he is indeed a borderline personality with his actions.

I got to start experiencing that with the Tom McClintock non-endorsement saga and it has carried through to his rampage locally. Tom Hudson is indeed a close ally of Tom McClintock and has been since he got elected to congress.

This is why Mine and George’s ouster from the CRA was centered around the non-endorsement of Tom McClintock, we needed to take the fall for it so Tom Hudson could save himself. But, now that we are gone, Tom Hudson is on display with no straw man for the typical political types to be distracted by.

As Mr. Hudson continues to spiral out of control, he is making larger and larger political mistakes.

Tom Hudson and his surrogates threatened the three local charities that the Placer CRA donated to. I learned via an email that Joe Dorr (one of Hudson’s few remaining allies in Placer County) threatened Courage Worldwide via a phone call on behalf of Tom Hudson and the Placer CRA. (That is the Placer RA that the state CRA board recognizes)

Joe Dorr made it clear that if Courage Worldwide did not return the money that there would be “legal action”. I have the email.

Acres of Hope – a shelter for Mothers and Children that helps them get off the streets, get clean and get job skills – was also threatened by Hudson. They have a policy of returning all disputed donations. (I guess someone wanting to mess them up could dispute the donations from corporate donors)

So, Mr. Hudson partially got his own way. The bullying and the legal threats netted the Placer CRA $1400 back from Acres of Hope. When Carl Brickey referred to Tom Hudson as a sociopath, he was referring to Tom Hudson having zero conscience once he thinks he is right.

This would include his binge-drinking fueled rampages against anyone and everyone that he thinks is wrong. This is the sad lonely life of a nerd. (who is in the middle of a divorce)

How many Women and Children at Acres of Hope had their services or programs interrupted because of Tom Hudson’s legal threats? Did the State CRA sign off on this? What would Ken Campbell say about this? (I saw him recently at a fundraiser that my wife Emceed for Acres of Hope)

Joe Dorr, Tom Hudson and the puppet President of the CRA, Ed Rowen are all associated with the Placer County Republican Party Central Committee. Wait until the local media gets hold of this story. With the media digging up 30 year old stories about Presidential candidates, some fresh recent kill related to a local Republican Lawyer bullying a local women’s shelter should be great press for the Placer GOP. Since Placer GOP Chairman Dennis Revell owns a PR firm, I hope he is ready for the typhoon that is headed his way.

Repeatedly, our decision to dissolve the Placer CRA has been proven to be wise. The State CRA is a train-wreck and their part in this saga can not be ignored as it was the law office of Craig Alexander from Southern Orange County whose stationery the legal threats was delivered on.

Ed Rowen is once again “President” of the Placer CRA. The photos show that the club likely lacks enough members to be a valid unit. If there was a court case, we could show multiple violations of state CRA by-laws in order to lead to that outcome – but the CRA has already demonstrated that the by-laws are flexible in the name of being right.

That same ED Rowen has been publicly accused of embezzlement by Mr. Hudson related to his yes vote on sending the money out to the three charities to begin with.

Tom Hudson’s internal desire to be right is not going to end well for Tom McClintock, the Placer County Republican Party or the CRA. With each successive empty wine bottle the powder keg gets larger.

Jan 042015

With the Placer GOP in disarray, people and groups will continue to step in to the vacuum.

In 2015, the people to watch may well be groups. What will the League of Placer County Taxpayers do? The Placer County Republican Assembly was the only group that had an organized precinct walking effort (that aided Congressman McClintock and local candidates), what will the Placer CRA do?

We have outed Beth Gaines Chief of Staff Dave Titus as the choice of the Gaines Dynasty to succeed her majesty in to the assembly in 2016. Despite public denials by Gaines herself, it appears that Titus is indeed moving in to Placer County. He has to at least a year before filing for that office.

Will the Gaines throw Titus under the bus now that he has been exposed? Will Titus start showing up at things like the Roseville Chamber of Commerce installation dinner?

What is the next move for Beth Gaines? Rumors indicate that their personal situation is very unstable. Does this mean that they need another government paycheck to replace that of Mrs. Gaines?

Who will run against Jennifer Montgomery? It appears Montgomery has run her course with a lot of left-leaning business owners in Tahoe with her ardent hatred of capitalism and her environmentalist xenophobia. With Measure B passing, the financial barrier to a sane business owner has been removed.

Will someone run against Kirk Uhler? Pam Tobin tried and she got slaughtered by 25 points in 2012.

Will someone run against Jim Holmes?

What will the Placer County Dems try to pull in local elections?

The 2000 pound gorilla loops back to the AD06 race. Who is the anti-Gaines? The Gaines have made a ton of enemies in the last 4 years. The dynamic is different now, there is no candidate named Gaines to run, this is a regular election (not a ultra low turnout special), and the 3rd house has a completely different agenda now.

With local electeds seemingly galvanized, will they engage and help the anti-Gaines get the critical mass against the political establishment (if said establishment even has power still)?

What will the Placer GOP do? Will they continue to postpone and/or cancel fundraisers? Will they continue to hide in the political corner? Will the local partisan electeds continue to contribute to their failure? Or the local partisan electeds happy with their failure?

Ted Gaines – he is up for his last term in 2016. The word in the capital is that Ted has already detached himself from his duties. Recently, Steve Davey, Ted’s Chief of Staff (who is alleged to be the Senator) purged the entire staff. Will Ted draw a credible opponent for re-election?

Keep your eyes peeled, folks.

Placer CRA Endorsements For Local Office Announced

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Aug 192014

The Placer County Republican Assembly held an endorsing convention on Saturday and made endorsements in several local non-partisan races:

Rocklin Unified School District: Susan Halldin / Todd Lowell / Wendy Lang
Roseville Joint Union High School District: Linda M Park / Scott Huber
Loomis Union School District 3 – Shad Deerfield
Loomis Union School District 4 – Mike Edwards
Roseville City School District – Susan Duane
Auburn City Council – Mike Holmes / Bridget Powers / Matt Spokely
Lincoln City Council – Stan Nader
Loomis Town Council – Miguel Ucovich / Robert Black / Brian Baker
Roseville City Council – Susan Rohan
Measure A – Neutral
Measure B – Neutral

There were a few issues delegated to the board, so any additional endorsements will be announced later.