Jan 182023

The older I get, the more fun I have at the expense of the self-important. Where does your intrepid blogger show up next?

Here are some races your intrepid blogger is watching:

Placer County Supervisor District 3 and 4. With District 1 and 2 in the hands of solid conservatives and District 5, ably represented by Cindy Gustafson, all eyes are turning to D3 and D4.

While the far left of Placer County was celebrating Carol Garcia getting drawn into Sup D1 (she was in D4 for the last 20 years), they forgot that each district has 70 some thousand people. Suzanne Jones has been an Exxon-Valdez-style disaster of a Supervisor. She is going to get lit up like a Christmas Tree; it will be awesome as she does not have the Kirk Uhler Boogeyman and a democrat party Presidential Primary to draw out the enviro-nimbys in more significant numbers than the sane.

One candidate is relatively unknown but is a part of a local conservative group that has talked to many people. I have seen dozens of alleged self-funders over the years, and many, if not most, never write the check. Some do, and this unknown candidate could be one of them. If she does, this would instantly make her viable.

Roseville City Councilmember Bruce Houdesheldt is also making calls.

Either would be a significant upgrade from Suzanne Jones, who appears to have no core and also appears to have missed a few floors of the intellectual skyscraper.

The bottom line is that the people who filed tons of campaign finance complaints and celebrated defeating Kirk Uhler will have a far worse problem in 2024. They have a candidate who lacks almost every characteristic you need to mount a successful defense. The smartest thing Suzanne Jones could do is re-register democrat.

IN Sup D3, we will have a complete and total mess. Rocklin Councilman Ken Broadway and Former Rocklin Councilman David Butler lead the field. The token democrat is an unknown planning commissioner appointed by Jim Holmes. Holmes is the incumbent in Sup D3 but was also drawn out of his district.  The token democrat has been appearing at events all over the county in an attempt to try and ingratiate himself to people. The only reports your intrepid blogger has received about the guy is that he is full of himself. I am shocked, I tell you, Shocked.

Apparently, Jason Paletta learned nothing from his disastrous run in 2022. He has told people he is running for Sup D3. If Paletta is dumb enough to file and actively campaign, he will get wrecked.

Others are talking about running as well. However, there will be two vacancies on the Rocklin City Council! Why wouldn’t one of these other people look at that?

Then, there is also a vacancy in the Placer County Water Agency on D3 as the incumbent was also drawn out of his district. The boundaries of PCWA are the same as those of the Supervisor Districts.

Between the above and the potential vacancy of Bruce Houdesheldt and the upcoming vacancy in West Roseville due to term limits, there will be a lot of fun coming in 2024 – beyond the Presidential Election.

Dec 122022


This list was sent to me by a local GOP Activist / Party Officer. Meanwhile, the fabled Chinese Flag will be at half mast in front of the Sacramento Bee…

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Here is the schedule of our upcoming school board meetings where the Oath of Office will be taken by our brand new electeds!!
Please support them and attend if you can.
Eureka Union School Board – Robert Jamieson and Erin Grover
Monday, 12/12 – 5455 Eureka Road, Granite Bay, CA 95746 – Oath of Office @ 5:15PM
Dry Creek Joint Elementary School Board – Jason Walker, Jon Fenske and Jean Pagnone
Monday, 12/12 – Dry Creek District Education Center, 8849 Cook Riolo Road, Roseville, CA 95747 – Oath of Office @ 6PM
Loomis Town Council– Stephanie Youngblood and Amanda Cortez
Tuesday, 12/13 – 5775 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA 95650 – Oath of Office at 7PM
Placer Union High School Board – Jessica Spaid and Casey Jeffreys
Tuesday, 12/13 – 3775 Richardson Drive, Auburn, CA  95602 – Oath of Office @ 5PM
Auburn Union School Board – Greg Holt, Jayson Wedge and Renee Dowd
Wednesday, 12/14 – EV Cain Middle School (Dragila Gym) 150 Palm Ave, Auburn, CA 95603 – Oath of Office @ 6PM
Newcastle Elementary School Board – Jacqueline Lostritto
Wednesday, 12/14 – 645 Kentucky Greens Way, Newcastle, CA  95658. – Oath of Office starts before the 6PM meeting.
Placer Hills Elementary School Board – David McEntire, Breanna Spencer and Sadie Caldas
Wednesday, 12/14 – 16801 Placer Hills Road, Meadow Vista, CA  95722 – Oath of Office @ 6PM
Rocklin Unified School District – Tiffany Saathoff and Dereck Counter  
Wednesday, 12/14 – 2615 Sierra Meadows Drive, Rocklin, CA 95677 – Organizational Meeting @ 630PM
Placer County Board of Education – Sergey Terebkov and Andrew Tagg
Thursday, 12/15 – Burns Room, 360 Nevada Street, Auburn CA 95603 – Oath of Office @ 5PM
Loomis Union School Board – Darcie Stratton and Mendi Chadwick
Thursday, 12/15 – H Clarke Powers Elementary Library, 3296 Humphrey Rd, Loomis, CA – Oath of Office @7PM
Roseville Joint Union High School Board – Marla Franz and Pete Constant
Thursday, 12/15 – District Administration Center, 1750 Cirby Way, Roseville, 95661 – Oath of Office @ 630PM
Western Placer (Lincoln) School Board – George Dykstra and Marjorie Proffitt
Tuesday, 12/20 – City Hall Building , 600 Sixth Street, 3rd Floor Lincoln, CA – Oath of Office @ 630PM
Jun 192022

Captured forever by your intrepid blogger.

Someone came forward this weekend with info from 6-13-2022. The source is known to your intrepid blogger but is concealed because of very real fears of retaliation. 

Hello, I’ve been reading your past couple of blog posts about the sheriff’s race and Bean’s stubbornness when it comes to a concession. While Bean has been refusing to concede, he has been out partying in his brother’s honor, let me explain. I was at the golf tournament for Bean’s brother who was sadly killed in the line of duty. (syntax deleted to protect source) and the purpose of it is to honor Bill Bean and raise money for his foundation. This year’s annual tournament occurred last Monday 6/13 and boy was it a show. Brandon Bean came screeching up to the tee box nearly crashing his golf cart. After exiting, it was obvious he was pretty intoxicated as he was stumbling and slurring his words. He was definitely too intoxicate(d) to be driving a golf cart, as he was putting others safety at risk. He then began to walk up to one of the sponsors of that hole, grabbed a bottle of liquor, and chugged it. Throughout this whole fiasco he had somehow lost his shoes. After chugging the liquor, and while shouting expletives, he hopped the fence and began to walk barefoot on the side of New Airport Rd. It was definitely an experience witnessing this. All I was thinking while watching this go down was that just a week prior this man was vying to be the sheriff. Regardless of the fact that the day was meant to honor Bill Bean, a candidate, or anybody for that matter, should never act like that in public. I found the behavior to be inappropriate and downright offensive given the circumstances.

In the end, I figured I’d write to you just to explain the continual “professionalism” that has come from the Bean Campaign. If you happen to write a blog, I’d just request that my name and email remain anonymous. The Bean mob is extremely loud and will harass non-supporters and I would like to avoid that harassment moving forward.

It certainly makes these incredible words from the court filing in the harassment lawsuit against Brandon Bean appear to be even more credible.

Great Job Sheriff’s Union.

Current as of 6-17-2022. Placer dodged a bullet, big time.

Jun 082022

Taken on primary election day

The Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s union now has a major problem. They went on tilt trying to stop Sheriff-Elect Wayne Woo. Some psycho nutbag (what I think of him) rehashed some 20+ year old allegations against Woo that were dispensed with due to their absurdity and the union crew even got project veritas to do some sort of sting. The Veritas people followed Woo for two months and their primary source was union goon Brandon Bean’s campaign manager. The following is an example of the anonymous coward commenters on the blog:

When are you going to come clean about the pedophile within the PCSO?


Only a government employee would use the acronym PSCO. The video is a link to the lie infested rampage by Brandon Bean’s campaign manager.

Obviously, Project Veritas missed some good evidence in their poorly vetted and researched video. I lay all of this corruption and slimy tactics at the feet of the Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s Union and the bay area consultants they hired.

Obviously, the voters saw through the whole union charade. Bean was also quoted as saying he wanted to burn down the board of supervisors – consistent with his rape comments from the STILL ACTIVE LAWSUIT above. (Take notes union goons, Bean’s issue is active, your fake issue against Woo was from 20+ years ago)

The Union now has a Sheriff that is going to be hostile to them and to think when Wayne Woo was first running, it was said that he was TOO CLOSE TO THE UNION! I guess that has been cured.

Speaking of hostile local electeds, the Union now has a Supervisor that will be as well.

Paul Joiner finished 3rd.

The Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s Union got their asses handed to them tonight. They went on tilt and refused to be adults in their last contract negotiation and thought they could impose their will on Placer County. They just got put in their places by the voters. Will they learn a thing from what happened or will they continue to listen to the outside thug consultants they hired?

The Sheriff’s race is done. Shanti Landon does have to go to a runoff, but most of Paul Joiner’s support will migrate to Shanti.

Mar 242022

The Placer County Sheriff’s Union (Aka Placer DSA) is on a rampage. Ever since they attempted a dishonest smear campaign to raid the treasury of Placer County (remember the Defund the Police attacks?), they have been on a rampage jihad against anyone in Government. They are looking for patsies that will give them everything they demand without regard for negotiation.

They have endorsed Paul Joiner and have attacked Shanti Landon in Placer SUP D2. Why Joiner aligned himself with this crew under the current circumstances is beyond me. All Mr. Joiner has done is alienate a large group of people with whom he has worked for years and chose a group blinded by rage to align himself with.

How low will the Placer DSA Go to win an argument?

The Placer County Sheriff’s Union has endorsed Sgt. Brandon Bean for Sheriff. He has said publicly that he wants to burn down the Placer County Board of Supervisors. It is clear that Bean has a mouth and his reputation is one of being a bully in the department. Bean is also a correctional deputy and does not work patrol. In past work with Sheriff’s Unions, I know that Correctional Deputies are not regarded well among the rank and file on the streets.

It is clear that the Placer DSA needed to go pretty deep in to their list of patsies to find someone willing to oppose Sitting undersheriff Wayne Woo. The amazing irony is that Woo is reputed to have been too close to the union. I guess Woo would not cut himself and do the secret handshake to appease the crazed leadership of the Placer DSA.

This leads your intrepid blogger to a lawsuit we obtained regarding a former Correctional Deputy. Sgt. Brandon Bean is the focus of the lawsuit.

It appears that the anointed union goon is a piece of work. Bean was accused of messing with the deputy who was placed on light duty for a serious shoulder injury.

It gets way worse. Bean’s boorish and disturbing behavior is on display for all to see.

“I am going to rape you not for the sex but for the power”… Brandon Bean, candidate for Placer County Sheriff.

I was told the Roseville Police Officer’s Union endorsed this loser recently. I hope they are proud of their choice.

You’d think that a group of law enforcement officers, among whose ranks are detectives and investigators, would do a better job of vetting candidates. But, in this case it is all about revenge over a failed contract negotiation.

Your intrepid blogger can’t wait to find out more about this loser Brandon Bean as all in law enforcement supporting this guy need to be humiliated.