Jun 082022

Pre-Note: The Orange County Republican Party took in $57,500 in Union Money. The OCGOP once had a policy of never taking union money.

In addition The Sheriff’s Union poured $167,000 into Diane Harkey. OCGOP Chair Fred Whitaker via his business chipped in $9,200 of his own money in a vain attempt to save the crooked Harkey. ($3100 of the money does show up on his major donor report though)

The OCGOP will try to claim that the union money helped Todd Spitzer, but a check of their reports shows significant assistance for Harkey as well. Checkmate.

Buh-Bye Crook Loving Commies (That’s Peter Hardon on the Right)

What is fascinating about the union money poured into Harkey is that Harkey’s campaign attacked Pat Bates 100% of the time and the union went positive 100% of the time. Typically, outside money is used to attack the target while the candidate stays above it all. This bizarre flip is what keyed most people that the political insiders who were on tilt to back up a terrible decision were coordinating their efforts. (Tough to prove, easy to allege)

Those of you that read Right on Daily know that I took it on as a personal mission to remove the shameless and ruthless Diane Harkey from the political gene pool. However, she had a lot of the same people who have helped Bill Brough reinvent himself as a lobbyist in her corner. The gang of egos in the establishment were behind Harkey as well.

Katrina Foley is the socialist incumbent. The unions wanted Harkey because of her horrific opposition research file. Similarly, the corrupt local media refused to run any stories on Diane Harkey, basically telling everyone they were whoring their publications for Foley by rooting for Harkey to make the runoff. Ultimately, your intrepid blogger learned that the evidence we provided here about who Diane Harkey really is helped seal her doom. In summary, Harkey’s husband Dan got lit up for running a Ponzi Scheme and lost a 7 figure judgement. The Harkey’s hid their money, got a sham divorce and successfully avoided paying the victims a dime. As a bonus, Dan Harkey is now sporting a $1,000,000 tax lien, but everything is now in Diane’s name only. Cozy.

I am not enamored with Pat Bates, especially with her rage/ego fueled defenses of Bill Brough, but she will prevent a socialist takeover of the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Your intrepid blogger was also proud to help flatten Pete “Hardon” Hardin. Hardin’s campaign went completely limp:

OUCH. The local Orange County Media took it on the chin. Their pathetic attempts to parrot the rantings of a disgraced former Huffpost reporter in to a scandal failed. Their biased reporting giving Pete Hardin a pass for abhorrent personal behavior failed. The Voters of Orange County rightly recognized that a DA is supposed to prosecute crime – not use the department as a dating service.

Hardon was the George Soros candidate for OCDA, which is why I believe the local media where whoring their publications out to him.

Do note that Todd Spitzer is reputedly extremely difficult to work with and thusly, he made it easy for the local media to do what they did. One piece of unsolicited advice for Spitzer, CLEAN HOUSE. Some of the maggots’ that you left in place in your department post T-Rack made your life hell during the campaign and fed the LA Slime and other leftist get out of jail free media narrative.

It seems every cycle there is another exorcism in Orange County Politics that your intrepid blogger plays a role in. Bill Brough, Diane Harkey – who’s next?

(Hint: Google the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce / Disney / Stadium / Harry Sidhu corruption scandal for a list of possible future targets)

May 032022

Blogger’s Note: Source 1 Is the former Supervisor Jennifer Contini the author of the memo. Source 2 is the unnamed DDA who brought the info to Contini. Source 3 is another DDA Jamie Coulter who was in the room when Hardin was confronted about the content of the memo. Source 4 is the Woman I wrote about yesterday who Hardin attempted to seduce after getting her charges dismissed, she was referenced in the memo. Source 5 is in today’s blog, yet another DDA. However, all the local media cares about is Todd Spitzer.

Please also note that the local media is refusing to cover this revelation as well. Similar to the first victim, they are trying to force this person to go on the record. If Hardin was a Republican, they would have done what your intrepid blogger is doing now… printing the entire statement in its’ entirety. This person is still an employee of the department who fears retaliation.

While the OC Register printed a lame endorsement of Spitzer, the LA Times continues to whore out journalism. Apparently, Women’s rights only matter when a Republican is involved.

Both the victim and this Deputy DA are known to your intrepid blogger and it is my understanding the local media knows their identity as well while refusing to run stories on this explosive content.

I am a deputy district attorney who was assigned to Harbor Justice Center in 2015 during the time Peter Hardin was serving as a misdemeanor deputy district attorney. Because I am concerned about repercussions, I am choosing to keep my name confidential. However, due to Mr. Hardin’s denials and misrepresentations of his behavior in the press, I want to share the following information that I have personal knowledge of.

While assigned at Harbor Justice Center, I worked with Mr. Hardin in the courtroom and during pre-trial conferences during which deputy district attorneys review and negotiate cases with defense attorneys and self-represented persons.

At that time, Mr. Hardin had only recently been hired by the OCDA and in an apparent attempt to establish rapport and relationships with his fellow deputies, he talked extensively about his personal life.  Mr. Hardin also suggested and cultivated a reputation that he had some sort of connection with persons of influence in the office. Mr. Hardin spoke openly of his dating and personal activities, during which he bragged about some of his actions to me and others.

Because of the unprofessional and alarming nature of those actions, many of his comments were shared and remarked about among his fellow deputies who became concerned about his conduct. The behavior became more reckless over the months he worked at Harbor Court and escalated after his then live-in girlfriend ended their relationship due to his infidelity, which he spoke freely about to several of us.

I was not aware that Mr. Hardin was counseled on his behavior at Harbor Justice Center until I read the 2015 memo, which was recently published, and which listed several incidents that were reported to have occurred at Harbor Justice Center. I was not the person who reported these events to his supervisor. I did, however, have personal knowledge about some of the events described in the memo. My knowledge was based on observations and comments Mr. Hardin made to me or in my presence. At some point, courtroom assignments changed and my direct contact with him ended prior to August 2015. Shortly thereafter Mr. Hardin left the OCDA’s office which was prior to the end of his probation status.

During the time I worked with Mr. Hardin, I observed he was often overly attentive to female court personnel, including attempting to give small gifts, such as bringing coffee or treats to court clerks, which he would explain as making up for his mistakes on paperwork. To avoid an appearance of impropriety, gifts are not permitted unless made accessible and shared with all those working in the courtroom. He was often flirtatious with staff, sometimes to the point of being uncomfortable, although I never saw him engage in this type of behavior towards female lawyers, only staff and other court participants.

Following the breakup of his relationship with his live-in girlfriend and mother of his child, he became obsessed with getting back together with her, and he began following her to the gym where she met someone new. His obsession then turned to the man she was dating. At one point he shared with me and others that he had gone over to her home and snuck in to see if she was with the other man. The man was not present, but according to Mr. Hardin, his former girlfriend became very upset by his actions. We told him he had to stop or he could be arrested for that type of conduct, if his ex-girlfriend made a complaint.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Hardin was bragging to us that he was dating a woman who had been a witness on one of his cases. He described her as a very attractive nurse. Again, we were surprised by his poor judgment and lack of awareness of the appearance of impropriety about his behavior.

Mr. Hardin was also very attentive to female defendants who were representing themselves. While I was not present when he commented that he made a Deferred Entry of Judgment, (DEJ), offer to a defendant because the aunt was attractive, I have heard him make similar inappropriate flirtatious comments about and to female court participants. At the time, I did hear about him asking out a defendant after a case against her was dismissed, but he did not share that information with me personally.

Almost the entire misdemeanor team knew of his personal life due to Mr. Hardin’s habit of openly speaking about his attempts to date, even when it took place at work. Whether it was over lunch or a break during pretrials, Mr. Hardin frequently shared information about his dating conquests. In part due to his behavior, at some point, one of the deputies did a Google search of Mr. Hardin’s name. There were numerous entries and a website which discussed his resignation from the Marine Corps and that he had to resign his commission or be prosecuted. The articles also suggested that Mr. Hardin was treated more favorably than others and was allowed to resign in lieu of prosecution due to his connections. The articles were widely circulated among the Harbor Justice Center attorneys. Those articles are no longer accessible by searching his name on the internet.

Based on my personal observations and statements made by Peter Hardin to me or in my presence, he lacks judgment, self-awareness and self-control. He also has an anger management issue. On at least one occasion, while in trial, he ended up in a screaming match in the hallway with a defense attorney. Additionally, his integrity was seriously compromised when he denied that he was ever counseled regarding the contents of the memo. He even went so far as to say that Mr. Coulter was mistaken, and only admitted to being counseled after his former high-level supervisor, Mr. Jaime Coulter, confirmed the contents of the memo and Mr. Hardin’s presence in the meeting. 

YIKES. And the local media are shilling for this guy!

May 022022

You see, with the Orange County Media, they will run unvetted information against Republicans, but deny anonymity to witnesses against Democrats. Only after the OC Register, LA Times and others talked to the confidential informant and demanded she come out in the open, did your intrepid blogger talk to the victim. Right On Daily is allowing her to stay protected from reprisal because we protect women at Right on Daily regardless of the political underpinnings.

Her story is broken here on the Right on Daily Blog as we continue to do the job of the corrupt local media for them.

Amongst other things

Let’s recap the Pete Hardin aka hardon chronicles for context.

If you recall our five-part series where we humiliated the local media who still had to disclaim their weak stories about Pete Hardin, the significance of this witness the media is ignoring is the very memo they are minimizing has been corroborated by this woman who has come forward.

The entire memo is linked here for reference: CONTINI MEMO

What did the victim have to say? Here is her sworn testimony.

She came forward because of an article in the Voice of OC. 

She indicated she had been charged with a crime and a bit over a year later – all charges were dropped.

Right as the victim was leaving court post dismissal, Pete Hardin started hitting on her.

Hardin later started instant messaging her on Social Media.

No wonder why the local media wants to force her to identify herself publicly, they know she will be afraid to and will also be afraid of the public scrutiny. It is very common for victims of sexual misconduct to be shamed and to feel shame. The local media are contributing to this.

So let’s recap the evolving Pete Hardin lie-fest, that has been enabled by the local media who only report the truth when humiliated into it:

Pete Hardin lied about being forced out of the military for sexual misconduct.

While Hardin admitted he was ultimately discharged for inappropriate sexual misconduct, he told the Orange County Register he did not resign to escape criminal prosecution, stating: “I did not resign in lieu of a court-martial.”

But according to Hardin’s former supervisors at the OCDA’s office: “[Hardin] was upfront [during his background check] that he left the military, at least in part, due to possible criminal prosecution for adultery.”

WHOOPS – where is the headline about this? 

Then Pete Hardin lied about his knowledge of a memo detailing his problems with sexual misconduct at the OCDA’s office. Hardon has been crucified over this lie and will continue to be until he is destroyed. 

Remember when Pete Hardin was initially asked about the memo during an interview with Voice of OC on February 25, similar to his idol Bill Clinton, “I was never told about this memo or these allegations.” Hardin did not have sexual relations with that Gerbil, I guess.

But according to a report on March 8, former Senior Assistant DA Jaime Coulter told the Voice of OC: The contents of that memo were discussed with [Hardin] personally, face to face. I was present in the room.”

 WHOOPS! Even Ron Jeremy got prosecuted for rape! 

Pete Hardin lied about being confronted by his supervisors at the OCDA’s office over his sexual misconduct.

When the Voice of OC asked Hardin about Coulter’s account of the meeting, which flatly contradicted his own, Hardin continued to falsely claim the meeting never took place: “I would not forget being confronted with allegations.”

But on March 9, one day later, The troubled predator Pete Hardin acknowledged that the meeting did acknowledged that the meeting did in fact, take place: “Ultimately, Ms. Contini and Mr. Coulter did what they’re supposed to do as managers whether these anonymous accusations were truth or fiction, and I applaud them.”

Your intrepid blogger had been all over Hardon for weeks, culminating with this post on March 11 because the Voice of OC finally begrudgingly wrote a story about the memos. Now, there is corroboration that the media is ignoring. 

Pete Hardin lied about being exonerated for sexual misconduct allegations. He ran like a little beyoch to avoid accountability. 

Now that Hardin has been forced to admit he was confronted by supervisors about his sexual misconduct (after initially lying repeatedly), he is falsely claiming that he was he was exonerated: “the investigation into these anonymous allegations didn’t corroborate a single accusation and disproved the most lofty claims.”

But the memo about Hardin’s behavior states: “[There is] a pattern that appears to be developing that is clearly cause for concern.”

And according to Coulter, when Hardin was confronted directly about the allegations in the memo and had an opportunity to deny them: “[Hardin] did not contest the allegations. He listened to the information and gave the appearance of being contrite.”

Imagine what would have happened had the DA’s office not done the half-measures that they did. How many more victims are out there?

Once nailed to the wall and exposed Pete Hardin lied about the reason he resigned from the OCDA’s office.

Hardin told the Voice of OC he resigned from the OCDA’s office to take a prestigious job at the US Attorney’s Office.

But according to Hardin’s former supervisor, Hardin took vacation time shortly after he was confronted about the sexual misconduct allegations (none of which he denied at the time), then immediately resigned: [Hardin] was counseled pursuant to the memo. And then…he left shortly after that. Left the DA’s office.

And according to the US Attorney’s website, the prestigious job Hardin left for (Special Assistant United State Attorney), was actually nothing more than an unpaid internship.

I wonder if Hardin was able to get laid while working as an unpaid intern?

That’s five lies to the local media and counting, but hey, there is an election to influence, right?

To be continued while we wait once again for the local media to do their job…

Apr 262022




Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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Pete Hardin Goes Full Woke at Candidate Forum, Echoes Exact Same Policies as LADA George Gascon

Hardin committed to ending the prosecution of juveniles as adults, no cash bail, no sentence enhancements, no prosecution of misdemeanors, no death penalty, and more


(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – Orange County District Attorney candidate and criminal attorney Pete Hardin went full woke at a candidate forum held on Monday, April 25, repeatedly echoing the exact same policies as Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon.


During the forum, Hardin proudly parroted Gascon and vocalized his support for pro-criminal policies that are contributing to the destruction of places like Los Angeles and San Francisco, including:


  • Ending the prosecution of juveniles as adults
  • No cash bail
  • No gun or gang enhancements
  • No prosecution of misdemeanors
  • No death penalty
  • No gang injunctions
  • Defund the police by ending qualified immunity
  • Pro-sanctuary state laws


Watch Hardin go full woke at the forum here: https://youtu.be/Bx3KTYdg5c8




“Pete Hardin let the cat out of the bag during the candidate forum by unequivocally demonstrating he is a carbon copy of failed LADA George Gascon.  Hardin’s pro-criminal platform mirrors Gascon’s radical agenda to a tee. Hardin promised to bring the same dangerous policies to Orange County, which would destroy public safety and turn us into another Los Angeles.  Hardin’s open support for the woke criminal justice agenda should be a major warning to all Orange County residents – your safety is at stake in the upcoming District Attorney’s race.”  – District Attorney Todd Spitzer’s Re-elect campaign

Apr 022022

Note: Your intrepid blogger is shocked,  and we tell you SHOCKED that the local media down south has had little to say about this.

The LA Times vision for Orange County

Your intrepid blogger has found his way onto Todd Spitzer’s campaign email list. We suppose the coverage of Pete Soros-Hardon has gotten their attention too…

Hardin Loses to Spitzer in Court, Judge Rules Hardin Broke the Law in Ballot Statement

Hardin continues to show a clear pattern of dishonesty and inappropriate conduct

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – Today, an Orange County Superior Court judge ruled in favor of Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer in his challenge of Pete Hardin’s unlawful ballot statement. As a result, an entire portion of Hardin’s ballot statement has been removed because of its flagrant violation of the law.

Election law forbids candidates from attacking their opponents directly in their ballot statement.  In Hardin’s case, the judge ordered an entire paragraph be deleted due to its blatant violation of this rule. Not only were the attacks illegal, but they were also demonstrably false.

Todd Spitzer’s reelect campaign released the following statement in response to the legal victory:

“Pete the cheat is at it again, this time flagrantly breaking election law and then losing badly in court. This is the same unqualified and dishonest candidate who was kicked out of the military for adultery and then left the OCDA’s office in disgrace after supervisors caught him hitting on defendants and witnesses. Hardin’s disturbing pattern of behavior also includes covering up the shooting of a Naval corpsman, lying on his resume, and repeatedly lying to media and voters about his past conduct.  The same thing happens everywhere Hardin goes – he breaks the rules, gets caught red-handed, and then falls flat on his face. What makes Hardin so dangerous is that he will literally do or say anything to get elected and turn Orange County into another Los Angeles or San Francisco.”

– Todd Spitzer’s reelect campaign.

Many people were touched inappropriately by the Hardon campaign for OCDA, it appears the judge was the latest…