Dec 092020

How far has Pat Bates fallen? She has attached herself to these two monsters. Gene James and Bill Brough – both serial abusers of women.

You’ve read my criticisms of the CAGOP “Chairwoman” Jessica Patterson who we were supposed to celebrate because she was the first “Latina” Chair of the CAGOP. 3 Latina victims of Bill Brough are wondering where their “Chairwoman” has been hiding as more and more of the disgusting details about the rampage of Bill Brough have been coming out.

Not to be outdone, The Assembly Permanent Minority Leader and the Senate Permanent Minority Leaders Marie Waldron and Shannon Grove have also said nothing about the Bill Brough rampage nor the victims. We were supposed to celebrate the women in leadership in the Republican Party of California – while they have ran and hid rather than deal with the rampage of Bill Brough.

However when not hiding from the scandals exploding, you can see Waldron joining with far-left Van Jones advocating for felons to get, get-out-of-jail-free cards:

We deserve better.

Patricia “Pat” Bates preceeded Shannon Grove as Senate Permanent Minority Leader. When Bates was Senate Leader, we had 14 Senators. Today, we have 9. (One of the lost Senate Seats was none other than John M W Moorlach, who had a staffer get raped by Bill Brough and his then cheif of staff Tim Clark covered it up – yet Moorlach still employs the guy as his campaign consultant)

Pat Bates has been in office a long time. Bates is exactly 1yr / 7mo younger than my 82 year old father.

How long has Bates been in office? I will be 50 in just over 2 months and I was 18 when she was first elected to office. That’s 31 years.

Bates will turn 81 next week. She intends to run for Laguna Niguel City Council again once she is finally forced from the State Senate by Term limits in 2022.

Bates has quite a resume in government, the first Mayor of Laguna Niguel, an Assemblymember, then two terms as OC Supervisor, then Two terms in the State Senate – including two years as the permanent minority leader. (while the GOP lost 3 Seats in the State Senate)

Up until the Bill Brough scandal, she had a stellar reputation in the community. That is a thing of the past now. She has hitched her wagon to Bill Brough and Gene James. Both have a long, detailed history of financial malfeasance, abuse of and misconduct with women.

Why has Pat Bates allowed Bill Brough to wreck her reputation? It can’t be as simple as an out of control ego manifesting itself in allowing her reputation to get wrecked over not having to admint a mistake in supporting Brough? (or Gene James for that matter) Maybe it is as simple at the tunnel vision you get from 31 years in office?

What I know is that Pat Bates has refused to meet with any of Bill Brough’s victims. Not one.

It gets worse, Heather Baez, who was sexually battered by Bill Brough (he rubbed himself against her when trying to get her to go him with him) used to serve on the board of the CWLA with Pat Bates. The CWLA is the California Women’s Leadership Association. What a complete failure on the part of Pat Bates on several levels – personal, professional, ethical and moral. It is also a horrific look for the Republican Party as is the refusal to lead by Fred Whitaker, the “Chairwoman” and any of the other once-celebrated Woman leaders of the CAGOP.

Did Bates ever call her former colleague to see how she was doing or to wish her well? Nope. (Similar to Moorlach and his former employee)

It does not stop there – Bates is quoted by local Republicans as calling the Workplace Conduct Unit’s validation of the ghastly behavior of Bill Brough (in particular his disgusting proposition of Jennifer Alizeri who has also worked alongside Bates in local politics) – as being “Unfairly Destroyed” as in they unfarily destroyed Bill Brough.

It is time for Pat Bates to resign as her continued tenure in office is a blight on the California Republcan Party and her conduct is a step worse than the moral abdication of the Woman Leaders of the California Republican Party.

It is an amazing note when a 49 year old white guy blogger and a 72 year old jew (Steve Frank) running against the Chairwoman care more about protecting women than the Woman leaders of the CAGOP we were supposed to be in awe of do. Perhaps these people should stop playing identity politics as it maginfies their failures.

Steve Frank has brought the issue in to the forefront of the California Republican Party’s officer elections in his “Contract with the California Republican Party” with this plank in his campaign:

9. I will put an end to the support for and endorsement of any elected Republican who has either engaged in sexual harassment or allowed any member of his or her staff to harass any female. As the Father of two daughters, I’ve always held them on a pedestal and sought to protect them. I will lead rigorous accountability to protect women in the legislature and the workplace ALWAYS.

Maybe these women we are supposed to be in awe of will take notes about what being a woman in leadership is supposed to look like.

Blogger’s note: I do not do anything anonymously. If you receive an email or some sort of social media post that is alleged to be me, but my name is not on it, that is a 100% guaranteed way to know I did not write it. You don’t have to like me, agree with me or take 100% of what I write as gospel but if my name is not on it, I did not write it.

Oct 182019

I urge people looking for an alternative to the Communist Jackson Hinkle and the Monster Gene James to support Christina Setler for San Clemente City Council. 

Mail. With an OCGOP endorsement you get $.25 stamps vs $.50 stamps. The bulk mail permit is a big deal. I’ve been of the opinion that the OCGOP Endorsement was pushed hard by political insiders and was a joke. Now we see the endgame. I was pretty much done writing about Gene James until I received a copy of the OCGOP mailer. I can’t sit in silence with the only political party I have ever known following this disaster off a cliff.

Read More about Jackson Hinkle Here. < this is the democrat supported candidate. (See also #OCCUPYICE #ANITFA, etc…)

I will follow up later on how this mailer was financed and who produced it. I don’t have enough proof to pin it on the owner of the outlet mall (only a $25K check to the OCGOP by him) for financing it or Jim Bieber for producing and sending this out. I can only tell you it is my opinion that those two were the players.

The OCGOP should be ashamed of themselves for endorsing this disaster. Note that Assemblyman William “Bill” Brough is nowhere to be found on this mailer.

Research has indicated several new issues about Gene James – a foreclosure in 2011, a wage garnishment in 2012 because he refused to pay a $12,000 Judgement despite earning $300k a year and the Federal Tax Lien was actually 8 liens levied over a 3 year period.

The Gene James Scorecard:
8 Federal Tax Liens
3 State Tax Liens
1 Foreclosure
4 Civil Judgments

Get a good look – 8 separate liens levied on 7 separate dates spread out over 4 years!

You don’t get 11 lifetime tax liens from being a responsible citizen. Given that Gene James first judgment occurred in 1992, he has a lifetime pattern of willfully refusing to pay his bills. Gene James can not be trusted to manage the finances of San Clemente under any circumstances, much less the cop-hating communist Jackson Hinkle.

Your Intrepid Blogger is also in receipt of documents from the divorce from his second wife. The Marriage lasted 11 months. In the Divorce Documents, it clearly states that Gene James was making $305,000 a year as the national loss control officer for Jack in the Box.

Despite making $305,000 a year, Gene James could not afford to pay cash for a car nor qualify for an auto loan. Quoting the divorce documents:

Despite Respondent’s claims that he earns $305,000 per year or more, he has a very bad credit history. Recently, he attempted to finance a vehicle and was unable to secure suitable financing without my assistance. We jointly purchased a 2008 Honda Accord, which Respondent Drives. I request that Respondent be ordered to make all of the payments on the vehicle during the pendency of these proceedings and until a determination is made regarding to whom the vehicle will be rewarded.

There is a theme here. From another Ex (this is an ex-girlfriend)

XXXXX met Gene on in 2003, Gene represented himself as divorced.  He was extremely attentive to XXXXX and her 2 young sons, 7 and 9 yrs, in the beginning and quickly moved into their home.  They got engaged and Gene spoke to her sons about changing their last name to James.   Gene wasn’t divorced but was separated from his 1st wife, YYYY.  YYYY and their sons lived in Ohio.  They had 3 sons, about 21+ yrs, about 18 yrs and 15 yrs.  He had a verbally violent relationship with YYYY; screaming and cursing at her whenever there was phone contact.  Gene wanted to purchase a large screen TV and stand in 2004 and was unable to qualify for the credit card.  Diane found a court judgment paper under the passenger seat of Gene’s company car and saw that AVI Food Systems, his prior employer, had a large judgment against Gene in an amount close to $50,000.  It was then discovered that Gene had not filed or paid Federal or State taxes since 2001He refused to file taxes or address the judgment.  Collection agencies are now calling and sending letters to Gene.  Gene had defaulted on several credit cards after maxing out the credit limit.  He negotiated a much smaller amount to pay these off and borrowed $25000 from XXXXX, that she had borrowed against a home equity loan…

Gene’s second wife got a $12,000 Judgement against Gene James. If you read pages 5 and 6 of the documents – she had to Garnish Gene James’ wages to get the final $6,000 as he tried to skip out on paying the bill. Remember, Gene James made over $300,000 a year at the time (2008). He was also Liened by the IRS a few years later for 8,521.63 for not paying income taxes in 2008.

When you make $300,000 plus a year and attempt to skip on two bills of $6,000 and $8,500 – this is a willful and deliberate act. 8 Federal Tax Liens, 3 State Tax Liens, 4 Civil Judgements, a Wage Garnishment and a Foreclosure. Is this the new definition of a Conservative Republican?

The Orange County Republican Party and State Senator Pat Bates should be ashamed of themselves over this endorsement of Gene James. To Be Continued as we detail the Tax Liens and we tell the story from one of his Ex-Girlfriends who knows a lot.