Feb 222021

What a collage of OCGOP Politics this is.

If you are even a casual reader of Right On Daily – you will realize we’ve had a lot to say about a lot of things in Orange County. We’re going to have a lot more to say as well.

In the course of investigating Bill Brough, we have come across entanglements galore. The fact that Trish Todd who was raped by Bill Brough was a staffer of John Moorlach was one of those amazing testimonies about the small world of politics. Amazingly, Bill Brough also worked for Diane Harkey. That connection to Harkey also caused your intrepid blogger to hear a diverse array of stories about Harkey. Researching John Moorlach, Darrell Issa, Carl DiMaio, Diane Dixon, the crazed Deborah Pauly, Kelly Ernby, Phillip Chen, Stephen Choi, Don Wagner and the list goes on also would cause pings for Harkey as well.

As near as I can tell, Harkey is a fixture in Orange County Politics. It is my opinion based on research that the same people who are going to fail at a coronation of the morally flawed John Moorlach are also attempting a similar coronation in a neighboring Supervisorial District on behalf of Diane Harkey. I have a major problem with insider politics and one of the reasons Right on Daily exists is to provide light for political cockroaches that hide in the shadows.

I know several people that think Diane Harkey is awesome. I have solicited their opinions on things Harkey. Those opinions and information will be added to this commentary series on Harkey. My research indicates that Diane Harkey has a ton of issues and may not be as inevatable as her supporters think. Regardless of how annoying some of you in Orange County may find the coming research to be, I may be doing all of you a favor. Harkey needs to start answering a lot of questions and quick, because it appears that the DCCC did not do a thorough job against Harkey in 2018 when she failed in her run for CA-49. It is likely that her distant finish was a factor as they did not see the need to go further.

I’ve found dozens of articles about Harkey over the years. She first took office in 2004 after participating in the incorporation of Dana Point. The amount of information is staggering, by contrast, when I was resarching Bill Brough, there were few articles. Most were spaced weeks apart, but sometimes the articles involving Diane Harkey were daily. This alone is a gigantic red flag for any political campaign operation.

What did I find?

A recall against her in her very first term in office.

Office shopping going back to 2006.

Blogs going back years about her.

Financial Scandals – including her personal finances, husband’s finances, self-funding campaigns, investments, income sources and the like

Lawsuits – both by her and against her / her family

Divorce filings

Bizarre financial reports

Blistering local paper articles against her

Opposition research papers easily located

Clearly documented examples of anger outbursts on the trail and towards the media. In addition, poor conduct on the campaign trail

Several clashes with other local Republicans

Refusal to take responsibility for her actions

I am not convinced that Harkey, who turns 70 in June has any more political shelf-life. Given the ample volume of information – it is time for the party bosses and stakeholders to start working on an alernative. Or, if it has to be Harkey – it is time for her to deviate from her 17 year pattern of avoidance, projection, deflection and transferrence to take responsibility and answer some serious questions.

Maybe the OCGOP and establishment will take a second look before going further down the road.

Core principles of Conservatism are personal responsibility, rigorous honesty, a high ethical standard and integrity in all of one’s dealings. This is a tall order for anyone – however someone actually in office is held to a higher standard by your intrepid blogger because their decisions affect thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people. If what Harkey’s supporters say about her is true, she is capable of this despite ample evidence I have obtained that suggests the exact opposite.

Perhaps this research project can help Mrs. Harkey exercise the demons of 17 years in the public eye. Perhaps this research project will demonstrate that it is time for her to call it a career.

Jan 182021

Courtesy of a Steve Frank supporter – we were alerted that the Orange County Republican Party had invited “the Chairwoman” to speak to the Central Committee tonight. The announcement did not make mention that they were going to consider an endorsement tonight.

Take the fight to the democrats? More like a cool quarter mill while getting shellacked

We were able to determine that indeed the person that tipped us off as to the upcoming meeting exposed what was supposed to be yet another pre-ordained endorsement from the OCGOP as an email sent just two days ago added the endorsement to the agenda.

In the course of making my calls on behalf of Steve Frank, a confidential informant stakeholder in the CAGOP told me they spoke to the Chairwoman. Note the Chairwoman has not been calling anyone identified as an undesirable – she has only made a handful of calls outside the squish-staff axis.

Her majesty informed my source that she has the endorsement of the OCGOP. This claim was made something like 10 days ago. Fred Whitaker has been caught once again trying to operate under cover of darkness. It appears that Whitaker had promised the Chairwoman an endorsement of the OCGOP before the sham process was initiated.

Mr. Frank was at least able to get equal time tonight before the pre-ordained vote occurrs. If you are wondering why the CAGOP is nearly dead in California – it is again leadership like this.

So, let’s recap what Fred Whitaker and the OCGOP are preparing to endorse:

The State Party ignoring the un-endorsement of Tyler Diep in AD72, refusing to allow the state party to even consider correcting the endorsement.

The State Party abandonment of Diane Dixon in AD74, Greg Raths in CA45 and Bryan Maryott in CA49

Losing Ling Ling Chang and John Moorlach’s Senate Seats (IRONY ALERT: Fred rigged a party endorsement for Moorlach for Supervisor despite the exploding scandal around him)

In addition to the two lost Senate Seats, two assemblymembers defected from the GOP as well.

Her refusal to comment or lead on the Bill Brough Scandal (which has now embroiled John Moorlach)

Her refusal to deal with Mike Madrid, a founder of the Lincoln Project who actively tried to defeat Republicans Nationwide and who is currently on a rampage to attack everyone that ever worked for President Trump. There were three other Party delegates along with Madird actively campaigning against the President, and the complaints against them were also ignored.

Her quarter of a million dollar salary juxtaposed with the party running out of discretionary campaign dollars in early october + the slew of dishonest fundraising emails leeching money off of the recall, the Georgia Runoff and other issues of the day

27 County Party Committees with less than half their eleceted slots filled (most counties have 21 elected seats spread by the 5 supervisor districts), including 11 without a single elected member! This is a staggering number – half the county parties in California are functionally dead and this only happens with a Chairwoman that wants it that way.

A net loss of 1,200,000 voter registrations occurring under her watch as the Democrats put up well over 1,800,000 registrations at the same time as she is bragging about 624K for the GOP. This happens when you have no formal voter registration program at the state party level.

Similar to ignoring the misconduct of John Moolach, a lot of ignoring conduct goes in to every party endorsement pre-arranged under the cover of darkness. This sort of behavior is not healthy for a good functioning organization, but is unfortunately not uncommon as you’ve read on this blog repeatedly most recently with the San Bernardino GOP caper where a convicted felon was enlisted to keep team Jessica in control of that county party.

To be continued…

UPDATE: The final agenda for the OCGOP meeting tonight was sent a couple of hours after the blog went live. It no longer includes deciding on an endorsement for CAGOP Chair.

Nov 242020

Get a good look. This is the man pushing the OCGOP, Lincoln Club and others (along with Jon F.) to go off the cliff for John Moorlach

We’ve written about former State Senator John Moorlach’s Consultant / Former Chief of Staff Tim Clark for years on the Right On Daily Blog. Expect to see some refreshers so you can re-acquaint yourself with the lack of integrity, demonstrated dishonesty and overall lack of ethics that define Tim Clark. (and we have evidence too) I’ve known Tim Clark as a consultant and have seen his poor political advice, bland messaging, procrastination (everything is last minute with him), what I believe is overbilling, and tactically poor decisions made to maximize his own profit while he shoves everyone else out of the campaign. I’ve seen Clark wreck years-long relationships between candidates and others in order to gain complete control of candidates.

Right now, Tim Clark is working overtime behind the scenes with people on the OCGOP to smear the good name of a rape victim who told him her story. Tim Clark covered up the attack and ample people over the years knew about it. (More coming soon as the bear trap tightens around Clark/Moorlach and crew)

I had warned the former Moorlach Staffer who I believe was raped by Bill Brough that Tim Clark would lie about the events and attempt to smear her. It is happening almost like clockwork. With people like Fred Whitaker whose ego is wrapped up in everything OC (aka he cares more about how the scandals reflect on him than on the party itself), Clark who I know to be a master manipulator has an easy mark and accomplice to further his latest paycheck.

Please note that Tim Clark is on the Right on Daily all time top ten list of political losers (Note: Brough supplanted the corrupt former Sheriff of Riverside County Stan Sniff for number 1)

Allow your intrepid blogger to remind you of how Fred Whitaker responded to the Bill Brough scandal June 24th 2019:

The Bee continued with a fairly detailed story ending with these comments from the feckless void known as Fred Whitaker:

Fred Whitaker, chairman of the Orange County GOP, said the county party will not tolerate harassment but is unaware of any ongoing investigations into Brough’s behavior.

“The Republican Party of Orange County has no tolerance for sexual misconduct,” Whitaker said in a statement. “We are not aware of any pending investigations. All claims of sexual misconduct should be reported to and investigated by law enforcement or state legislative ethics committees to allow for a fair and thorough investigation, so that victims can be heard and an accused can present a defense. If an investigation is initiated, any request for endorsement would be dependent on the results of the investigation. There is no request for endorsement pending at this time.”

Fred Whitaker lied to the Sacramento Bee by omission. He saddled up on a technicality to dodge the question. If he does not Resign in disgrace, the OCGOP should vacate the chair at the next meeting. Whitaker knows full well there is a problem and the committee voted to refer the matter back to the endorsement committee for an investigation – prompting Brough to withdraw his request. The honest answer would have been, “The OCGOP referred the endorsement matter back to the endorsement committee for a review of issues after Mrs. Bartlett’s remarks at the Monday Evening meeting and Mr. Brough withdrew his request for endorsement two days later. As such, there is no current investigation or request for an endorsement”.

Whitaker’s legally-parsed response is yet another example of the moral bankruptcy that is rampant within the ranks of political leaders at all levels. At least we now know where Fred Whitaker stands, avoid the issue at all costs and defend the incumbent.

It took mere weeks for Whitaker to eat major crow as victims and corroboration poured out against Bill Brough. Mark this blogger’s words – climbing in bed with Tim Clark is a career-ending move. If Clark calls someone a liar or attacks their credibility – which Moorlach’s staff also appear to be doing – you can make bank that person is worth listening to.

Then, take a step back and think through how victim shaming is going to look in the community at large. There were a variety of ways for Moorlach to respond, having Tim Clark handle crisis communication is like inviting tobacco companies to research lung cancer.

Meantime – Fred Whitaker is on his way to screwing up colossally for a second time in his tenure as OCGOP Chairman. He has now established a pattern of callous disregard for female victims of misconduct by legislators. This is going to be ammo for the OC Dems and the union Independent Expenditure Committees to use.

Mar 182020

Take a look at Tyler Diep how is now about 1,000 votes down. We wrote about him on Monday 3-16-2020. If I am DieDre Nguyen, I am not looking forward to what is in store for me. Janet Nguyen is one of the few Politicians that I respect for their willingness to kick some tail. (This is an EXCEEDINGLY RARE commodity on the R side of the aisle)

William Bill Brough is burnt toast. Let’s soon see that report on him from the assembly working committee about his maladies with women, Ok? Now that there is no political advantage to be gained for Anthony Rendon sitting on it, it is time for the Report which we know was finished in early February to come out.

IN AD74 – I proudly helped Diane Dixon, but the incumbent is sitting on 52% of the vote. Cottie Petrie-Norris-Norris is going to be a tough target.

Earlier, We detailed how William “Bill” Brough’s TOP 2 supporters – the crazed on-again and off-again Republican Art Sanchez and Sex Robot Shawn got less than 3% of the vote in their efforts for OCGOP Central Committee in AD73… we have NEW and exciting news to report:

DUI Debbie wrapped herself around a political telephone pole. She is down 199 votes with next to no ballots left in Orange County to tally. Remember, because of the dispersion of votes in a vote for 6 race, 199 Votes may as well be 1,000.

The OCGOP dodged a major bullet and barring some idiot elected appointing her as an alternate, SHE GONE. The members of the OCGOP will get some peace from her six-page emails and unhinged rants.

Dec 092019

With the sudden filing of Janet Nguyen vs Tyler Diep in AD-72 – the Democrats believe an already competitive race may be an easier pickup. Diep is vulnerable and his personal conduct before and since being elected is the subject of legend and may end up on the pages of Right on Daily (and maybe local media outlets). Don’t forget that this is overlaid by the CA-48 race (Michelle Park Steel) that will draw a likely $10 Million.

Tyler Diep

In AD-74, a democrat is holding an R-leaning seat and there is a massive schism in the OCGOP that deadlocked an endorsement. While Kelly Empty has limited resources, a handful of people still trying to wield influence are attempting to push the volatile Ernby over the line in to the March runoff. This increases the level of difficulty for the GOP significantly let alone for Diane Dixon who has at least triple the resources of Mrs. Ernby but will be forced to expend them all to deal with the stubborn challenge.

Kelly Ernby.

AD-68: Stephen Choi is considered extremely vulnerable and he hurt himself by attempting to defend his colleague William “Bill” Brough. Brough’s spiraling scandal is affecting the entire area. Choi’s troubles are compounded by the vulnerable John Moorlach SD-37 and the Congressional Race where Katie Porter could have $10Million come in on her behalf. Choi’s opponent was fundraising off of his AD-73 related gaffe.

AD-55: Phillip Chen is also considered vulnerable now. AD-55 is overlaid by the Ling-Ling-Ling Chang Senate Seat (SD-29) and millions coming to avenge the recall of Josh Newman. Ling-Ling-Ling is viewed as the next most likely to bolt the GOP as she is as liberal as Mayes or Maienschein are. The CA-39 Race (Young Kim) is also overlaid on this and will be drawing massive outside money as well.

Which brings us to AD-73. There is zero incentive for the legislative democrats to play this straight. With Bill Brough being on a rampage to prove himself innocent (and everyone else around him wrong), the democrats want him to make the fall runoff. If Brough makes the AD-73 runoff against a democrat the FPPC investigation and the sexual misconduct investigation are all but guaranteed to drop. If they were baseless, they would be coming out whenever and no one would be talking about them in the halls of the legislature.

The refuseniks on the OCGOP who refuse to endorse anyone for any reason and any time before filing can thank themselves for enabling Brough to feel comfortable filing for re-election. Other groups and other people took action before the primary – but the OCGOP whose voice was the loudest waited until the day after filing to finally stand against Brough. I had criticized Fred Whitaker until around mid September as it was clear then that he had arrived at the conclusion that Brough’s victims were legitimate and that Brough was a problem. Unfortunately, Whitaker is not a strong or persuasive person and had to wait until filing closed to get Brough dealt with.

The democrats did not miss this dynamic. While the Orange County Republican world is (finally) aligned against Brough – the democrats know the weakness and knew that Republican “leadership” as in Marie Waldron protecting a leadership vote, were running interference for Brough. (All while knowing at least 3 weeks in advance Mayes was going to bolt parties) The significance of Chad Mayes leaving the GOP is that he was a leadership vote for Waldron, so all this sandbagging to protect Brough was for naught.

Think it through – it took 6 months of relentless pounding by the Right on Daily Blog AND dozens of other state level media articles to finally get the movement that has only happened in the last three weeks! (Regarding AD-73) It is as if some were hoping against hope they’d never be forced to act!

From Ben Adler Capitol Public Radio and Stephen Frank:

The California Legislature spent nearly $2 million last year investigating sexual harassment accusations involving lawmakers, staffers and lobbyists, and received 15 new allegations — including four against state senators and two separate complaints against an Assembly member.

This newly released data, obtained by CapRadio as part of a Legislative Open Records Act request, is from 2018 and the first month of 2019. The response includes no names, which is consistent with the same data released in the past.

But CapRadio’s request for data on all allegations made since January has so far been denied.

That means these newly released details about sexual harassment at the state Capitol will be the last ones the public ever sees — unless the Legislature chooses to disclose information from its newly formed, joint Senate-Assembly Workplace Conduct Unit.

Read the article carefully and cross-reference it with what I have been told from several political insiders: The Bill Brough investigation will be completed sometime around mid December (now) and sent to the joint committee. What they do with the information and investigation is up to the leadership (as in the dem majority) of the Assembly. I’ve been told that Anthony Rendon and the other Democrat leaders fancying a complete wipe-out of Republicans in Orange County will be forestalling the release of the report.

The failure of GOP Groups to act decisively earlier and take out the trash could bite us yet again. We’ve seen Bill Brough’s issues spill over in to AD-68. With the air of scandal barely below the surface in AD-72, you have to wonder if your intrepid blogger has connected the dots correctly between the rumored delay of the Brough Report and the refusal of the legislature to release records to the Capitol Public Radio crew whose lawsuit victory allowed us to see the #MeToo stuff that we actually did see.

I am thrilled that the OCGOP endorsed an opponent, Laurie Davies against Bill Brough. I am also thrilled that the OC Lincoln Club did as well a couple days before filing closed. I am waiting on the OC New Majority to do the deed as well in public. I now hope this effort is enough to overcome name ID and incumbency – especially with Ed Sachs deciding to file in what looks like a Brough-level temper tantrum when the OC Lincoln Club picked Davies over him. Ed Sachs has increased the level of difficulty exponentially to get Brough out of the top two.

Bill Brough will affect every single race in Orange County: SD-29, SD-37, AD-55, AD-68, AD-72, AD-73 and AD-74. The 4 Congressional Races were being doubly impacted until Duncan Hunter Jr. pled guilty and bailed out. (The four are CA-38, CA-45, CA-48 and CA-49)

Remember one of your intrepid blogger’s old adages – NEVER EVER RELY ON A JUDGE OR AN INVESTIGATION TO DO WHAT YOU COULD NOT DO AT THE BALLOT BOX. This means to everyone reading this from Orange County – make sure you join your intrepid blogger and make sure Bill Brough gets buried. Please.