Oct 132023

Hi Fred!

Fred Whitaker, the Chairman of the OCGOP sortied out of his bunker recently to attack your intrepid blogger! Rather than address the validity of the expose’ on Janet Nguyen, similar to an email sent by Nguyen’s consultants, it was long on Hyperbole and short on facts. Everything your intrepid blogger has written about Janet Nguyen is true and we will re-affirm that in this installment of the Janet Nguyen Accountability Project. In addition, your intrepid blogger will provide a fact-check on some of the assertions that Mr. Whitaker has made in his recent email.

Second, I have had enough of these nasty, negative hit pieces coming out against our friend Senator Janet Nguyen and now attacking the OCGOP and our bylaws process. Janet is a strong conservative who has not only been a strong voice for us in Sacramento, but she has been a strong and active part of, and supporter of, our Republican candidates and causes all around Orange County. Just ask Diane Dixon, Scott Baugh and the Fab 4 in Huntington Beach. In many respects she has been the ideal legislative partner for the OCGOP.

Nasty is an opinion. Calling Janet Nguyen a Conservative is also an opinion. Saying she has been a strong supporter of ALL of our Republican candidates is a lie. Your intrepid blogger has documented, with evidence three major instances of Nguyen defying the endorsements of the OCGOP. There are screenshots of mailers and even the tape of a robocall in Vietnamese that she did whilst combatting the endorsements of the OCGOP. Why the Chair of the OCGOP sees fit to outright lie on behalf of a candidate is beyond me.

See here for yourself Nguyen endorsing a left-leaning NPP against OCGOP endorsed Laurie Merrick for Garden Grove Council in 2022.

See here for yourself Janet Nguyen endorsing a democrat for Santa Ana Council in 2018 David Penaloza over Miguel Gonzalez and Left-Leaning NPP Mirna Velasquez over Ceci Iglesias.

See here for yourself the robocall in Vietnamese Janet Nguyen cut on behalf of her defiance of the OCGOP.

Evidence that demands a verdict.

The proposed OCGOP By-Laws changes, especially now that Fred Whitaker has come out of the closet for Janet Nguyen look even more suspect. If adopted all Janet has to do is apologize in a letter for endorsing against Laurie Merrick and she won’t even have to answer for what she did in 2018 because the new bylaws only have a 4 year look-back.

Anyone observing OCGOP politics remembers when Todd Spitzer (who I proudly worked for in 2022 to hammer the local newspapers in to submission when they regurgitated complete crap puked out by Soros aligned groups) got the OCGOP By-Laws amended to deal with Tony Rackauckas habit of endorsing democrats. Those amendments were pretty popular then, what changed?

But it seems like every day I am opening up my email and there is another nasty note from paid muckrakers, attacking her in the most vicious way. Now I got what pretends to be an online survey seeking to get my opinions only to find out that it is just another vicious hit on our friend Janet.  I note that this “blogger” is not only paid, but has a history of attacks on fellow Republicans – that same blogger has been paid to attack Jennifer Beal in 2018,  John Moorlach in 2020 and 2021, and myself and the OCGOP in 2021.

Fact Check: I have never been paid to attack Fred Whitaker, he has been collateral damage. (this holds true with the OCGOP as well) I have never been paid to attack Jennifer Beall (note the spelling), and when I did it was two posts in 2022, not 2018. In the case of John Moorlach, sometimes yes, it was paid for and sometimes they were on the house because I love me some Johnny.

It appears that Whitaker is lawyering up the OCGOP trying to use your intrepid blogger to rally support for changing the OCGOP By-Laws to pave the way for endorsing the party-destroying Janet Nguyen. Whitaker does not explain why Jon Fleischman said the following in an email:

But most importantly right now – we need to get a drill going to make sure you still have all of your supporters, and that they will be able to be there Monday night to vote yes on the bylaw change. We can tell your supporters that if the bylaw change goes through it will eliminate with certainty any lingering questions about whether you can be endorsed by the Central Committee.

Perhaps the answer can be explained by the first sentence in the same email:

If they are circulating this stuff to the committee, we should be figuring out how to respond.

Fred Whitaker could have done a far better job responding. So could Nguyen’s campaign as there is no way to decouple Nguyen from the current effort to amend the OCGOP By-Laws.

There is another key difference between your intrepid blogger and Fred Whitaker. I am not a party officer. I am not a club officer. I am an independent operative and I am not using a title to push my positions. Party officers should remain neutral. Fred Whitaker is anything but, and people in Orange County tell me that Fred Whitaker is pushing Kate Monroe in CA49, Crystal Miles in SD37 and Janet Nguyen. All three have the same consultant. Perhaps members of the OCGOP should inquire as to the relationship between that consulting firm and Mr. Whitaker.

Jon Fleischman and that firm have a long-standing relationship, which is why the email I got from him by mistake discussing Janet Nguyen’s strategy and “drill” to amend the OCGOP By-Laws came as no surprise.

When your intrepid blogger calls a candidate a squish or a rino, there is a reason. When I talk about specific issues, I do so with evidence… perhaps this is why the campaign and Mr. Whitaker call me nasty and a liar without contravening evidence.

Straight off of the California Leg Info website is Janet Nguyen voting yes on AB2601. Fred Whitaker and Jon Fleischman need to do a better job of research. You can read all about AB2601 here including detailed information from Live-Action, a right-leaning parent’s rights/education group.

And Janet Nguyen endorses democrats. How vicious it is of your intrepid blogger to point these facts out!

It is worth noting that Janet has not stooped down to this level — all of her communications to the committee have been positive, talking about her accomplishments, her goals, and sharing her extensive endorsement list. It’s also worth noting that she does not even have an application for endorsement in front of the committee.

Fred lied again. Nguyen’s crew has attacked your intrepid blogger. (including Whitaker) The spin on her application for endorsement is fascinating as she withdrew it in a cloud over her non-Republican endorsements precipitating the effort to amend the by-laws. If the by-law change was not tied to endorsing Janet Nguyen, she’d have told the committee she was going to wait until after the primary before trying again and/or the OCGOP would wait until after the primary to amend the by-laws as the only current applicant that would be affected by the proposed by-law changes is Janet Nguyen. 

That’s correct – filter through everything and ask yourself why is the OCGOP trying to change their by-laws in the middle of a campaign election cycle? Who benefits from said endorsement change? It’s Janet Nguyen.

The OCGOP is prepared to allow would-be endorsers to endorse democrats as long as it was 4 years ago and allow endorsements of NPP’s with a nice letter that the same people considering the endorsement have to “approve”. The OCGOP is about to make their endorsement meaningless on behalf of someone who has been on a rampage against Republican Candidates for Orange County offices since 2018… and I will leave you with the below excerpt from my first “vicious” post about Nguyen when she trashed Trump and immigration enforcement:

In 2017, Janet joined with Democrats to condemn President Trump’s immigration enforcement

See it here. My Favorite Parts are below:

WHEREAS, The Trump administration has justified its vast expansion of those targeted for deportation by falsely portraying the United States as a country under siege by a flood of undocumented immigrants who threaten public safety, giving rise to anti-immigrant fervor and a nativist desire to preserve our nation’s historically dominant Euro-Christian culture; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, That the Senate calls upon President Trump and Secretary Kelly to publicly and explicitly reaffirm the principles and content of the ICE policy memorandum dated October 24, 2011, regarding enforcement actions at or focused on sensitive locations; and be it further
Resolved, That the Senate calls upon Secretary Kelly to underscore to the public and to all United States Department of Homeland Security personnel that the policy on sensitive locations is not limited to enforcement at the sensitive location, but also to enforcement focused on sensitive locations, and that in other words, waiting across the street from a church or school for people to emerge from the sensitive location violates the policy as much as entering the location itself, as does following someone away from a press conference or other sensitive location so as to detain them; and be it further
Resolved, That the Senate calls upon Secretary Kelly to take affirmative steps, including public commitment to the sensitive locations policy, staff training, investigation or reports of past and future violations of the policy, including, but not limited to, investigating the incidents detailed in this resolution, and pursuing disciplinary action against personnel found to have violated the policy; and be it further
Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of this resolution to the President and Vice President of the United States, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, the Majority Leader of the United States Senate, the Minority Leader of the United States Senate, and to each Senator and Representative from California in the Congress of the United States.
Basically, Janet Nguyen voted yes on a resolution attacking White people and the Trump administration policy of raiding illegal sanctuaries for illegal aliens. Great Job Janet Nguyen.
Sep 222023

Despite this endorsement of a dem featuring a fake-two-star GOP elephant to deceive voters, the OCGOP is undaunted in their efforts..

Why would we expect anything different from the OCGOP with regard to Janet Nguyen – to whom the leadership seems to have an irrational loyalty to?

This seems to be a 2023-2024 GOP Theme. Change the rules to benefit one person. Anyone who does organizational leadership or consulting will tell you that forming rules or organizing around one person is a recipe for disaster. (see also Martha Stewart or Bill Cosby)

As you know, scrutiny of her party-destroying ways caused Janet Nguyen to withdraw her request for endorsement from the OCGOP.

Tim Whitacre appears to be the person leading the charge to change the OCGOP By-Laws to benefit Janet Nguyen. This is a far cry from when he lambasted her on camera. The following is a new by-law proposal that Whitacre is running for approval:

  • Any endorsed Republican candidate who believes an endorser of their non-Republican opponent has violated the bylaws in their endorsement must submit a formal written complaint to the Chairman or staff requesting the endorsement be revoked. In a timely manner, staff will verify the voter registration status of the non-Republican in question. Once verified, staff shall inform the endorser of their potential violation in writing, the endorser shall then have no more than 3 business days from transmission to acknowledge receipt of the OCGOP email by replying to it, as well as copying the Chairman or staff on an email sent to the non-Republican candidate he/she previously endorsed, publicly rescinding their endorsement of said candidate and instructing them to promptly remove any written proof of the previous endorsement on websites, campaign literature, etc. A candidate who fails to act in accordance with this paragraph shall not be considered eligible for endorsement by the Central Committee for a period of 4 years. If a candidate is the sole Republican or if there are not more Republican candidates than seats available, this rule shall not be applicable.
A candidate who has violated this rule will be eligible to be considered for endorsement if the following occur:
a. The candidate submits a written letter of explanation to the Executive Committee and the Central Committee, and;
b. 2/3rds of the Executive Committee approves the request, and;
c. 2/3rds of the Central Committee approves the request.
Here is the bottom line if this by-law is adopted:
The same 2/3 that could endorse a candidate would also be able to allow the endorsee to freely endorse democrats and non-republicans against the OCGOP endorsements. (see also Janet Nguyen, Tom Tait, etc.)
The current OCGOP Central Committee is nearly 2/3 in favor of the very liberal (for a Republican) Janet Nguyen who consistently supports non-Republicans for office. But, there’s more:
This rule change basically means if no one says anything about the bad endorsement during the actual campaign that the would-be endorsee is in the clear, and worse, it puts a 4-year statute of limitations on the exclusion.
Let’s be intellectually honest – why not propose eliminating the endorse democrats rule altogether?
It is one thing to change convention rules to benefit one Republican Candidate over others. It is still another to defy the integrity of the Republican Party by creating an all-too-transparent escape hatch to absolve the behavior of one candidate who has been on a personal rampage for years against endorsed Republican candidates. What a message this sends to the Republican electorate.
Previously, I had given Fred Whitaker (no relation to Tim Whitacre) credit for enforcing the by-laws of the OCGOP and thusly leading to the withdrawal of Nguyen. I then received this in my inbox:

Senator Janet Nguyen voluntarily asked to withdraw her application for endorsement with the opportunity to come back later.   I asked Van Tran whether he wished to do the same or go forward.  He decided to go forward.   Additionally, he has sent repeated emails to this Committee and other stating that Sen. Nguyen was forced to withdraw for violating our bylaws.  I have made no ruling on the bylaws. His emails are ungracious at best, disingenuous at worst.   Senator Nguyen is a powerful candidate for that position and a critical part of our victory team not only in her district, but Diane Dixon’s district and Huntington Beach last cycle.   I don’t believe that Van is the best candidate for the OCGOP in that seat, so if he decides to continue with his application on Monday night, I ask the Committee to vote “No” on his application, as I will.

Your intrepid blogger has asked for any corroborating evidence that Van Tran misspoke. Janet Nguyen WAS forced to withdraw her request for an endorsement because of her misdeeds and the Whitacre-Whitaker effort to change the rules PROVES Nguyen got caught!

I do also take note that one of the few times Whitaker chooses to assert himself is on behalf of someone who makes a mockery of the OCGOP endorsement and has been on a party-destroying rampage. This gives your intrepid blogger whiplash.

Aug 192023

… and actively campaigned for her!

So this is a RECENT (not 2018 example) of Janet betraying the OCGOP.

Janet Nguyen has basically burnt almost every Vietnamese Republican in Orange County and currently only lists three Vietnamese endorsements: Cindy Tran,  Ted Bui, who Nguyen endorsed against Assemblyman Tri Ta and one other former elected on her website.

 Look at Janet’s recent record of trying to destroy the Vietnamese  Republican majority that took decades to build.

  • Westminster Mayor – Nguyen endorsed and campaigned for Tai Do. Charlie Chi Nguyen easily won the Mayor’s race.

  • Westminster City Council – Nguyen endorsed and campaigned for John Gentile – Amy (Phan) West defeated Gentile.

  • Westminster City Council – Janet Nguyen worked with Namquan Nguyen’s opponents, Namquan won easily.

  • State Assembly 70th – Nguyen endorsed against and campaigned against Tri Ta in the primary.  Ta easily won.

  • Supervisor – Nguyen went out of her way to attack Republican candidate Andrew Do, by sending out a robocall announcing that she has not endorsed Do.  Andrew Do won his race.

Did you know that Janet Nguyen worked with an out-of-town developer and Democrats to spend $2.4 million on recall of Republican Vietnamese elected officials in Westminster???

The recall failed with 60% of residents voting no.

It should be noted that the Vietnamese Community is all that stands between Orange County being a D+20 wasteland and the current purple 50/50 status it has. Is Janet Nguyen trying to turn Orange County Blue?

This is what Cindy Tran looks like in GOP Data Center.

Just for color to complete this, here is a slate doorhanger for the actual Republican that Janet Nguyen opposed:

Aug 172023

Really, OCGOP??? Did you do your homework?

Quoting Live Action’s Article some more:

Now, every one of those unique programs will be teaching the same sex ed curriculum. Breitbart reports:

“We are thrilled that all students, regardless of the school they attend, will receive adequate and comprehensive reproductive health education that will enable them to make the best decisions for their life and future,” said Sarah Hutchinson, Act for Women and Girls policy director….

In April, parents across the nation pulled their children out of school to protest comprehensive sex education programs that have become steeped in gender ideology and promotion of abortion by LGBT advocacy groups and Planned Parenthood.

Breitbart also points out:

Planned Parenthood’s Get Real program is a Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) curriculum that assumes all young people will be sexually active. In addition to teaching children about contraception and abortion, the program focuses on LGBTQ issues and terminology.

In Grade 6… it introduces students to the “key Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills” they will supposedly need to be able to discuss sexual relationships and how to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

… in Grade 7, students also discuss sexual identity and “examine the myths and facts about sexual orientation.” They also learn how to use a condom and review the use of hormonal contraception, including emergency contraception after sexual intercourse.

Former Planned Parenthood educator Monica Cline, interviewed by Breitbart, compared Planned Parenthood’s comprehensive sex ed to the grooming techniques used by sexual predators on their victims.

It remains to be seen if this comprehensive sex ed decision will motivate more parents to protest and/or pull their children out of charter schools, as well.

Some of then-senator Nguyen’s colleagues lit this garbage bill up:

What the opposition said:

https://youtu.be/TttxbjHGx24 by Senator Joel Anderson

https://youtu.be/gEpY0WaMZmc by Senator Jeff Stone

Janet Nguyen voted to strip all abstinence education from the curriculum that former State Senator Marian Bergeson worked so hard to put in.

If you are not disgusted enough with the actions of then-Senator Janet Nguyen (note: this bad vote did not help her as she lost re-election), check out who she aligned herself with!

Other controversial organizations in support of AB 2601 include:
  • NARAL Pro-Choice California

  • Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California

  • California State PTA

  • California School Boards Association

  • California Teachers Association

  • Equality California (EQCA)

  • National Center for Lesbian Rights

  • San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center

  • San Diego LGBT Community Center

  • Feminist Majority

  • ACLU of California

  • Genders and Sexualities Alliance Network

  • Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at the UC Berkeley, School of Law

  • More Than Sex-Ed

  • Trans Family Support Services

  • Asian and Pacific Islanders for LGBTQ Equality – LA

  • Bay Area Student Activists

  • Community Action Fund of Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties

And she endorses democrats!

Feb 212023

Diane Harkey’s rampage has been screwing the OCGOP for years. Ask her, and she will tell you repeatedly what a victim she is.

When I first got this fundraiser invite, I wondered what was in it for Diane to do this. It is given there is rage and revenge; this has been the calling card of Harkey for years.

As your intrepid blogger has been assimilating information from around the county, let’s list the coalition of the insane, depraved, and corrupt.

Gene James. We’ve written about this guy for a long time. He was endorsed by the OCGOP despite repeated warnings. In defense of the OCGOP, the opponent of James was a 19-year-old communist (literally a communist)… and another thinly funded candidate they did not feel like trying to help. I was also told they ignored James’ abusive behavior towards the third candidate and other women. In addition, we have proven James has been sued, liened, and can’t even pay a $500 traffic ticket. This is over and above James buying military medals from amazon or something and wearing them to black-tie events!

We have been told that Gene James has enablers in the local Lincoln Club and is attending OCGOP Meetings to intimidate people with his 6’7″ and 350ish frame. Further, James has been open about his desire to overthrow the leadership of the same OCGOP that once endorsed him!

Now add another jilted endorsee of the OCGOP, Bryan Maryott. Yes, Bryno has been out talking to anyone that will listen about how the OCGOP abandoned him, blah blah blah. Based on what I was told by people with knowledge of the NRCC’s inner workings, they investigated Bryno thoroughly and determined that he was out of reach to compete with Levin in CA49. I thought Bryno’s campaign was well run and looked good. However, from 550 miles away, I did not have the day-to-day knowledge that people closer had.

It appears that Bryno is out of touch with reality as well. But there is a theme with the Whitaker haters.

  1. They were endorsed by the OCGOP
  2. They came to believe the same OCGOP, not them, was why they lost. (or lost the support of later in the case of Gene James)
  3. They had unrealistic expectations of what the OCGOP was supposed to do. (aka they were lazy campaigners)
  4. They are now focused on Fred Whitaker, using him as a straw man

This gets me to the drunken Diva, Diane Harkey. Once a huge fan of Fred Whitaker, she is now calling for his ouster in between fundraising for democrats and drinking.

Jennifer Beall is the only person I know in Orange County who has defended the drunken diva. Beall is in an interesting position as she transitioned from the embattled Assembly member Laurie Davies (whose district is barely R-leaning) to being the Chief of Staff for Kate Sanchez.

Further, I have spoken to Beall around three times over the years about efforts to oust Mr. Whitaker she was supporting and/or participating in.

I wonder if Beall (Married to RSM Councilman Tony Beall) is part of the latest effort against Whitaker. Does this mean Davies and/or Kate Sanchez are participating? If so, why? Both were endorsed by the OC GOP and won their respective races. It is also noteworthy that Laurie Davies has avoided taking positions in CAGOP officer elections.

Harkey has more retread than most semi-truck tires, but it is everyone else’s fault she keeps losing. Few defend her anymore or try to explain her actions, but Harkey continues alienating former supporters.

Where does Harkey go to try and rally support? Gene James? Bryno? Those Lincoln Club guys?

In the meantime, your intrepid blogger must remind people what an entirely morally corrupt disaster Diane Harkey is. Everyone with any stake in Orange County Politics needs to shun Diane Harkey and Gene James. If Bryno is proven to be doing what I believe he is, add him to the list.

If you are wondering why I am suddenly defending Fred Whitaker, it is simple, he is getting a completely raw deal from a group of selfish malcontents he helped as chairman of the OCGOP. That is complete bs, and these people are the coalition of the insane, depraved, and corrupt.

To be continued as we take you on a tour-de-Harkey once again, as it appears memories are too short down in Sunny Orange County. (Perhaps some Nevada snow and sub-zero temperatures are needed to provide therapeutic assistance to those in Orange County…)

As a footnote, an excellent site about Diane Harkey is still live.