Feb 282022

The Orange County Register is becoming as much of a joke as the LA Times. These formerly credible outlets are using information provided by a disgraced former Huff Post “reporter” who appears to have been hired by the George Soros operation to smear the incumbent DA of Orange County Todd Spitzer. The “reporter’s name is Matt Ferner,” His obsession appears to be a woke-nazi-style campaign to assault Spitzer. Such campaigns are a hallmark of the far far left.

Get to know Ferner; this is who the OC Register and LA Times are in bed with.

It appears that both of these papers like what is happening in LA and San Francisco County and want to bring it to Orange County.

Why else have neither of these outlets said a peep about the confirmed sexually predatory actions of Pete Hardin?

Matt previously worked as a reporter for HuffPost. For nearly a decade, he wrote about politics, policing, the incarceration crisis, gun violence, and the climate crisis on the enterprise, politics, and breaking news teams. His reporting has been cited in legal briefs and academic research, has influenced policy, exposed misconduct, and helped lead to investigations of government corruption.

Got it? Matt is a leftist piece of garbage (my opinion of him) that has worked to help criminals get out of jail in the name of woke social justice. His current project is serial lying about Todd Spitzer, launching a Nazi-style assault on Todd’s supporters and a general leftist rampage. The willing whores in the LA Times and OC Register love this stuff.

Ferner published a long list of endorsements that are replete with George Gascon / Chesa Boudin-type candidates whose elections have wreaked havoc on every jurisdiction where they have won office.

Yet his whores in the local media have done nothing with far more credible issues Pete Hardin has. Perhaps people should start calling Pete Hardin’s endorsers and asking them about their chosen candidate’s sexual misconduct? IF the OC Register, the Voice of OC, and the LA Times are so prostituted to Pete Hardin, it is time for other people to start carrying the torch.

Here are Pete Hardin’s Endorsers – it is time to let them all know they are supporting a sexual predator. There is more truth to that than Matthew Ferner’s Soros-fueled racism attacks against Todd Spitzer.

In fact, Matthew Ferner is trying to use (along with his willing whores in the LA Times and OC Register) Spitzer repeating the comments of a condemned White Supremacist in the course of getting the man convicted. It shows that the American Media is broken beyond repair. Based on what I know of him, Matthew Ferner is a communist agitator trained to lie, cheat, and steal to advance “social justice,” which is itself a lie.

Welcome to Right on Daily Ferner.

P.S. here is a much more balanced story on the whole issue.