Apr 302024

I hate the top two elections, but they are the law and were the law long before Prop14 in local elections.

In LA, George Gascon, who is being exposed for corruption, wrote Prop 47 and has been on a society-destroying rampage. He has drawn Nathan Hochman as his runoff opponent in the fall of 2024. Gascon is in the crosshairs because it appears he abused his office to dig up dirt on legitimate law enforcement officers and political opponents.

Hochman is a former Republican who left the party over Trump, amongst other things. What he is not is Gascon. In this circumstance, I can see no problem with Tim O’Reilly inviting him to speak to the LAGOP. Hochman is registered as a DTS. I might feel differently if he was a dem. Further, there has been no mention of an endorsement or an attempt at such.

I have gotten several emails about Keith Cascio’s situation. I blasted Cascio weeks ago for being a complete freak. The erstwhile Assemblyman loves him some Earth Day and Black Lives Matter. He may well be to the left of Hochman.

LAGOP Members:

I want to update everyone on some items that we will address at the LAGOP meeting on Monday, April 29, 2024.

1.       Our Treasurer, Keith Casio, has stepped down* from his office on the Executive Board. Notice was previously given that we will elect a new Assistant Treasurer on Monday night. According to our bylaws and given the vacancy that now exists in the office of Treasurer, whoever is elected as Assistant Treasurer will automatically become the new LAGOP Treasurer. We will then hold a second election for a new Assistant Treasurer to fill that vacancy.

2.       A pending bylaws change remains as to whether to count Ex-Officio members in determining quorum for meetings. This does not affect any one’s right to vote as members of LAGOP. Assuming we get the required 50% quorum, we will vote on this rule change.

3.       Last, I will offer a motion to ask for a decision on whether we immediately seat the Ex-Officio nominees-elect (now certified from the March Primary) or wait until December. There is a conflict in our bylaws. If LAGOP immediately recognizes the new nominees elected as LAGOP members, that action terminates membership for all existing (2-year term) Ex-Officio members. The conflict is that our bylaws state that we will follow Elections Code 7404 in determining Ex-Officio membership (those with a Certificate of Nominations immediately become members—prior Ex-Officio members immediately expire). At another point, the bylaws show that all new members (including Ex-Officio) are sworn in together at the Organizational meeting (in December or January). This is the way it has traditionally been done up until last term. I previously believed that state law pronouncements overrode County Party Bylaws. I recently learned that was incorrect. County Party Bylaws supersede state law in terms of political party organization. Current regular members and Ex-Officio members will get to decide what we do as a body.

Mr. Casio and I agreed that as Chairman, I would release the following statement regarding his stepping down as Treasurer:

“Earlier this month, I advised our Treasurer, Keith Cascio, that I had lost confidence in his ability to continue in his duties as the LAGOP Treasurer. I asked that he step down from his office. After due consideration, Keith has now reluctantly agreed to resign as LAGOP Treasurer, effective immediately. He remains as a valuable member of our Central Committee and will now be able to reallocate his time and efforts to his Assembly District campaign and his chairmanship of ADC55. We are fortunate that he will continue as one of our most brilliant minds in technology and as a CAGOP regional Data Captain. Keith leaves the Executive Board as a class act on good and amicable terms.”

I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting,

Timothy L. O’Reilly
Chairman – LAGOP
Republican Party of Los Angeles County

Keith Cascio is widely loathed by people in the LAGOP political scene and the last paragraph in the above is absurd. In addition, Cascio has been circulating a 3 page letter to him from O’Reilly that is an indictment of an immature brat who got mad over something petty and attempted to shut down the LAGOP by abrogating his job duties. O’Reilly demolished Cascio’s behavior and if Cascio had any self-awareness would have taken measures to see that the letter never made it anywhere.

I sure hope David Hernandez and Steve Frank are not going to try to hold this guy up as a martyr. Cascio is 2200 degrees and is in the same class as Fennell and Grcar in the opinion of your intrepid blogger.

Cascio had a chance to leave well and has not because his internal self-destruct mechanism runs faster than an Olympic sprinter. This email was hardly hours old and Cascio was emailing people claiming to be a victim.

On one hand, I am highly irritated at O’Reilly’s by-law proposals. But, on the other hand feel for him having to deal with Cascio. No one deserves that. Lastly, I agree with his decision to give Hochman a forum to convince Republicans who can’t endorse him to at least vote for him.

Mar 142022

Let’s summarize before you read further: Nathan Hochman has a much better chance of winning than Eric Early.

So let’s start off with the Moderate versus Conservative issue. Today, Eric Early is claiming to be the conservative in the AG Race. I remember not long ago when Early was the Center-Left GOP Candidate in 2018 for AG when Stephen Bailey got the nod out of the primary.

When I was working for Steve Frank in 2021, Eric Early refused to commit to Mr. Frank and join conservatives seeking a voice at the State Party. Given that the CRA has been shunned and attacked by the CRP, I would ask the CRA delegates to at least ask some tough questions of Mr. Early before they endorse him this weekend. The CRA needs to endorse people who will stand for them as much as they do for the candidates.

I have no illusions that Hochman is a solid Republican but not a textbook conservatve. However, my experience with Mr. Early indicates that, in deed, he is not that Conservative either.

Then there is the $1.5 Million and counting that Hochman has. Early won’t have enough money to walk and chew gum simultaneously.

However, the most compelling part of Hochman is his resume. The man has fought criminals for his whole life. Given that he may be the most viable alternative to Rob Soros-Bonta, this has to be the primary consideration in choosing a candidate for California AG.

As a general counsel in private practice, Nathan has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s leading criminal justice defense and tax lawyers. For over two decades, Nathan has represented victims of crimes and defended the constitutional rights of individuals and organizations against governmental overreach.


In the midst of the global financial crisis of 2008, Nathan once again answered the call to service and was nominated by President George W. Bush to serve as an Assistant Attorney General of the United States overseeing the Department of Justice’s Tax Division.

After unanimous confirmation by the United States Senate, Nathan led a team of over 350 civil, criminal and appellate lawyers, bringing cases in all 50 states.

When he returned to California, Nathan continued to fight against corruption as a Commissioner and President of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, where he held city leaders accountable for their actions.


Working in the Criminal Division as an Assistant US Attorney, Nathan prosecuted over a hundred cases, from going after corrupt government officials and tax evaders to narcotics traffickers and violent gang members. Nathan also ran the Environmental Crimes Section targeting air, water, and land polluters.

In the 1990s, when California was ravaged by fires, floods, and a massive earthquake, Nathan formed and spearheaded the Los Angeles Disaster Fraud Task Force.  That Task Force went after financial predators who stole relief dollars intended for those most in need. Leading 15 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, Nathan’s team, brought over 70 prosecutions and recovered millions of dollars for victims.

These are pulled from Mr. Hochman’s website. As Republicans, this should be what we are looking for in today’s world. Having read Early’s resume’ he has a long way to go to catch up to Mr. Hochman.

Feb 112022

Eric Early is running for attorney general. The problem is that Early has no money and Nathan Hochman has sucked the oxygen out of the room.

Here you can see the announcement for Hochman passing $1Million raised. As of today, it is the understanding of this blogger that Hochman has $1.4 Million. It has been put to me that he will have $3 Million by Primary Election Day on June 7th.

Eric Early has gotten some Republican county party endorsements due to residual name ID and goodwill.

Eric Early could be a hero to the GOP by providing us with a good and credible option for Lt Governor. There is currently no viable Republican option in the LG race (in fact, there is no Republican at all and the 2018 LG Race was a D vs D runoff).

Ann-Marie Schubert is running for AG as an NPP. With both Early and Hochman in the race, there is a legitimate and significant chance that they split the vote enabling Schubert (an NPP) to make the runoff. This would be lampooned all over the media and used against the GOP in California should it happen.

I have written about Schubert a few times on this blog and I believe she is unfit for California Attorney General. It would be a shame to see non-communists forced to vote for her as the alternative to the Soros-leftist Rob Bonta.

So, here’s the play – let’s get ahold of Eric Early. He has a spot to land for a serious statewide campaign. Hochman should not be forced to spend a ton of money trying to make it out of the primary given how difficult it is for Republicans to raise money and the odds of the election.

Early has a contact form on his website. https://ericearlyforca.com/contactus/

Note the generic name on his website, it would take Mr. Early about 30 minutes to flip his online presence and his existing campaign accounts to make it happen.

Call Eric Early

Call your local GOP officers

Talk to your local GOP clubs

Get people on board for a great idea for the Republican team. Eric Early for Lt. Governor.