Oct 112016

I support Measure M because the average person will add 4 hours a week back in to their life in the form of time not lost stuck in traffic.

I support Measure M because businesses will either stay or locate in Placer County because it will be much less difficult to navigate the freeways.

I support Measure M because the projects built will benefit our area long after I have gone. The Placer Parkway has been a 30 year dream and getting I-80 the rest of the way out of the 50’s are a big deal, but pale in comparison to fixing the Jerry-Brown NIMBY/BANANA inspired 65/I-80 Interchange which was designed to thwart the extension of 65 down the Sierra College / Hazel Corridor.

I support Measure M because while I have no Children of my own, other people do and their Children will get safer routes to school in the form of trails, paths, sidewalks and wider roads diverting traffic away from smaller streets that schools are commonly on.

I support Measure M because it will actually bring cleaner air – idling cars stuck in traffic are toxic and worse waste a lot of gas.

I support Measure M because at an average cost of $63 a year a HOUSEHOLD (not a person), it saves an estimated $370 a year in vehicle maintenance and at least $800 a year in wasted gas. (at $2.50 a gallon)

How much is 4 more hours a week worth?

Who wouldn’t spend $63 to save $1000+?

Let me answer that. A collection of short-sighted nimbys engaging in dog whistle politics.

Kevin Hanley lied in his recent column and the ballot argument against (written by a man proven to be ethically challenged, Thomas N Hudson) is equally as deceptive.

The money can’t be stolen by the State Government. It is written in to the constitution. They claim otherwise.

The Money has to be spent on what is specifically written in to the measure. This is clearly delineated. This is also a provision in the California State Constitution. Only 1% can be spent on administration, they claim otherwise with hyperbolic claims of fraud and corruption.

After Measure M passes, perhaps they should volunteer to serve on the citizen’s oversight committee that Measure M calls for.

Hanley’s column suggested that the County could jack up developer fees to pay for the projects in Measure M. This is a Lie, and Mr. Hanley knows it. If he does not, then Auburn was wise to depose him as a council-member and the Chamber should terminate him post-haste. The developer fees are at their Constitutionally allowed maximum, meaning raising them is illegal.

Is Mr. Hanley proposing local government waste millions of limited funds defending lawsuits they will certainly lose? Or, is Mr. Hanley proposing a constitutional amendment to raise developer fees?

Hanley infested the state government for years as has Thomas N Hudson (who still does) – both have participated in writing legislation and they should know what the state Constitution says. Hudson works for the taxing authority, how his public stance on a tax measure is not a conflict of interest is only something ethically challenged lawyers could machinate.

For a pair of so-called Conservatives, they sure have selective constitutional memory loss when it suits them. (Not to mention Hanley’s support of serial tax-raiser John “Obamacare” Kasich for President)

The issue for Hudson and Ken Campbell is their long standing history of Nimby-ism combined with pseudo conservative party-of-no politics. The issue for Kevin Hanley is a desperate need for relevance even though he was rejected soundly by the voters of an assembly district he does not live in.

While these people hide behind their veneer of so-called conservative values – this Conservative and many others are trying to fix a long-term problem that will save average people 15-20 times their personal cost of doing so. Measure M will remove a major barrier to economic development, enhance personal safety, and improve quality of life by slashing commute times.

That sounds like one heck of a conservative agenda. Acknowledging as such would mean that Mr Hanley, Campbell and Hudson would have to be team players and drop their ideological narcissism. This would shake their very existence to its’ core.

Kevin Hanley had years to fix the system. Instead, he was a part of it and lived so well off of it that he was able to spend $130K+ of his own money on an assembly race. Tom Hudson had years to fix the system and he makes $166k a year off of it, with benefits no average Californian will ever see and cries poor to anyone who will listen. Now they are both on a vainglorious personal rampage for relevance at the expense of all of us.

Kevin Hanley and Thomas N Hudson are going to receive six-figure pensions for life at all of our expense. While they are living large retiring in their early 60’s, they prefer so see the rest of us who still have to work stuck in traffic.