Jun 172022

Please note: Joe Patterson, who is headed to the assembly, won election in Rocklin with about $30k.

Matthew Oliver, Your Intrepid Blogger, Pete Constant – aka the Scott Alvord Fan Club

Your intrepid blogger received a press release from Pete Constant, who is Matthew Oliver’s Campaign Manager:

Local Business Owner Matthew Oliver Announces Campaign for Rocklin City Council


Rocklin, CA – In a highly anticipated announcement, local businessman and restauranter Matthew Oliver launched his campaign for Rocklin City Council to a cheering, overflow crowd at his Lincoln restaurant, Oliver’s Brewhouse, last night.

Over 200 people filled the room, including numerous elected officials, as Assemblyman Kevin Kiley spoke of Oliver’s persuasive and effective advocacy for local businesses and families during the COVID pandemic. Kiley praised Oliver for his strength, commitment to community, and effective leadership, saying, “what it took was people who are willing to speak up, take a stand, and fight back, and no one did it with greater courage or greater effectiveness than Matthew Oliver. It was his example that inspired so many others and allowed Placer County and Rocklin to chart it’s own course and get us through this, way better off than the rest of the state and that is the leadership he is going to bring.”

Matthew Oliver, joined by his wife and children, took the stage to a roar of excitement. Oliver shared his passion for the Rocklin community and highlighted his priorities of protecting quality of life, preserving Rocklin’s culture, and promoting the business community.

“Twelve years ago, my wife and I fell in love with Placer County, moving to Rocklin for better schools, safety, and community. We fell in love with the family culture, a strong faith-based community, and the idea that people help one another, supporting each other. What we love is being attacked. Our safety is in jeopardy as crime rates going up. Our schools and education are threatened by state mandates. Our small businesses have defended an all-out war against them. For my wife and I, we feel that what we Love is worth Fighting for.”

Oliver called on the crowd to join the campaign by sharing their time, talent, and treasure to the extent they each were able. Within three minutes, nearly $25,000 was raised setting the tone for the evening. At the end of the event, over $65,000 was raised for the campaign.

Matthew Oliver summed up the event, saying, “tonight, people showed that this is not about a person or a party, but that they are ready to be heard. They are not going to allow anyone to take what they love away from them, but that they are willing to stand and to fight for what matters most and they are willing to put their money where their passion is! I am humbled that they believe I
am the right person to represent them.”


About Matthew Oliver: Matthew Oliver has been a member of the community living in Rocklin for the last 13 years. Married to Siobhan Oliver his wife for 23 years, together they have raised 5 children, including Auston Oliver their eldest adopted son.

As a small business owner of House of Oliver and Senior Pastor of the Family Church in Roseville, Matthew knows the tough challenges facing our local community today.

Matthew has stood strong for our local businesses, working to partner together to make our community stronger.

He has stood for our children and their health and education, fighting hard both locally and at the capitol to get our schools open and to get the government out of our children’s health.

Matthew has been a strong advocate for continued safety in our city and throughout placer county.

As a pastor for over 23 years, Matthew knows what it means to serve his community. From outreaches that included feeding the hungry, providing blankets and resources to the hurting, school supplies for students in need and community events throughout the years, to counseling families, working with troubled teens and hurting parents. He knows what it means to bring people together and work together for a greater good.