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After Banning Math, threatening to fire teachers without due process, trying to ban cupcakes and back to school night… Mark Klang was run out of office in 2004.

In 2006, he tried to make a comeback. His campaign was about how Rocklin’s Schools were mediocre and he was needed to bring them out of the morass. (Which probably included banning other stuff in his mind…)

In 2006, a beloved and recently retired School Counselor Turned Mark Klang over his knee and gave him a major Klang:

As a long time and just retired lead high school counselor in the Rocklin Unified School District, I must set the record straight about the claims made by two school board candidates.  Candidates Mark Klang and Diana Higashi are presenting misleading, distorted and wrong information about Rocklin’s high school graduates eligibility and readiness for college. The facts are that a significantly higher percentage of Rocklin graduates are eligible for the University of California and California State University systems than their fellow graduates across Placer County. Specifically, while only 35 percent of the Placer County high school graduates are eligible for university admission, over 55 percent of Rocklin’s high school graduates are eligible. Furthermore, the CSU system tracks and reports how well prepared the entering freshman are in the subjects of mathematics and English. Rocklin freshmen outperform, by a large measure, their fellow freshman across the state in both areas. Claims that Rocklin’s graduates need “excessive” remedial mathematics or English are simply untrue. I was the lead counselor in the district during Mark Klang’s one term on the school board, and I know firsthand the negative impact that he had on education and the community. He was deservingly removed. A return to the past would not be in our students’ best interest. Voters should not be fooled by candidates who can’t get the facts right. Successful schools are built through the collaboration of the community’s parents, teachers, students and should not be torn down by negative politics.

Stephen Sampson Retired Head Counselor, RUSD

There is no argument that California Schools are horrible as a whole. Rocklin’s are about the best in the state and would compare well in other states despite the weight of the State of California upon them.

In the same election cycle, another Rocklin Resident destroyed Klang:

I recently attended the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum and found it very informative. There were, I think, 12 candidates in attendance running for City Council, Sierra College Board and Rocklin School Board. Ten of the 12 Candidates were very positive about delivering their messages. Two, though, I found very offensive as a Rocklin resident and parent. Mark Klang (who didn’t even bother to show up) had his campaign manager read a statement written by Klang informing a stunned crowd that our schools are worse off than schools in countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus and the Slovak Republic. I was appalled and offended that someone like Klang and his running mate fashion design teacher (who doesn’t even have her kids in Rocklin-run schools) want to be on our school board. What’s worse is the next statement that Mark Klang and Diana Higashi’s campaign manager made. He said that our kids graduating out of our high schools are not even smart enough to “count change at Taco Bell.” These are just two examples of the over-the-top campaign that Klang and Higashi are running. They are two very negative people who will do and say anything to take over our school board. <<<SNIP>>> Thomas Anderson, Rocklin

Imagine if I ran for School Board, even as bombastic as I am, I sure would not walk down mainstreet telling parents their kids are too dumb to count change at Chipotle. But, Klang and his crew did.

Ladies and gentlemen – this is Mark Klang, Rocklin’s Dumpster Fire. Make sure you reject him, just like so many others have.

Oct 312018

Mark Klang wanted to ban cupcakes. Ban back to school night. Mark Klang wanted to fire teachers without due process. He told people that did not agree with his heavy handed tactics to find another job elsewhere.

Why am I not surprised that Mark Klang engineered an effort to ban Math in the Rocklin Unified School District?

Well, here is another one. Klang voted to eliminate one of the better standardized math curricula that was being used in the Rocklin USD. I remember well his talking points against national curriculum and the like.

The problem is that the way he went about implementing the change was a disaster and the replacement curriculum did not work.

In addition to his run and gun war with the local teacher’s union, he also picked fights with parents.

The sad part is that Rocklin Schools are as good as it gets in California. You basically have to move to another state to find better schools – this is why my criticism of the Rocklin School Board has been limited to their documented hostility (in the past) towards Charter Schools.

Klang’s behavior was one of the main reasons why the Rocklin USD was so anti-charter for so long. Klang had been tied to the Charter movement via the late Joe Scharrer of website fame.

In those days, I used to write a blog on the defunct Red County Placer, and Klang had his own blog where he was slinging bombs at everyone in office in Placer County.

It has been interesting looking at these old articles to remember the chaos in an otherwise outstanding school district. I also remember being skeptical of the critics of the Klang-led replacement of the math curriculum.

The 50 point drop in average test scores speaks for itself. It appears that Klang is running for Rocklin School Board again to be an agent of chaos. Oh, and the Charter Schools people? They endorsed other candidates. Ouch.

Rocklin City Council Race Update Part 2 – Who is the “Establishment?”

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Oct 142010

I get it. Greg Janda got flustered because Mark Klang laid down the gauntlet, rightly criticizing the Rocklin City Council’s decisions on some issues.

Recently, I found myself at the lunch table with a couple of Tea Party leaders… finally able to answer some of the myriad slander from earlier this year. But, the most recent installment where I was accused of trying to Rig a CRA endorsement of Ted Gaines for $4,000 triggered the meeting.

As I was explaining that I am not in control of who the Placer County Central Committee endorses… I found myself answering a question as to why I held “so much sway” over the committee!

I was explaining the concept of getting out in the community and getting to know the Todd Lowells, Scott Yuills, my long-standing relationship with Kathy Lund, John Allard, Kirk Uhler and a host of others…

… and it hit me. The rage against government is so pervasive that anyone who engages in the usual methods of networking, building relationships with stakeholders and community service is viewed with disdain.

That gets me back to the Tea Party meeting. (link to article)

Greg Janda – despite having some strong endorsements from local power brokers found himself on the spot. I know how he felt… I never thought I would be viewed with suspicion for having a lot of friends in local politics.

Janda Fumbled.

Diana Ruslin had a great comeback: “I am not the ‘establishment candidate,’ but I  am established in the community,” Ruslin said.  “I have a long, successful record of community service.  I feel my established record and commitment makes me the most viable candidate for the Rocklin City Council.”

Scott Yuill had a decent, yet defensive response.

Quoting the Herald: Klang compared Rocklin to the city of Bell that recently had its mayor, city manager and city council members arrested and indicted for corruption associated with their own city salaries.

The big winner of the Tea Party Meeting was Mark Klang if you track the way the Placer Herald wrote up the story.

Klang’s campaign is a longshot because he has only raised about $1500. I know Mark has a fair number of volunteers (I call them his “wingmen” in honor of his military service)…

… but anger alone does not win.

Voters are going to have to sort through some things:

Is Scott Yuill establishment or not – does he deserve to be lynched as a “boogie man”?

Is Diana Ruslin’s pedigree of Community Service compelling or does it suggest she is a “boogie man”?

Does the fact that Greg Janda has almost raised as much money as “boogie man” Scott Yuill make him a “boogie man”, too?

And does all this talk of “boogie men” cause Mark Klang to walk in to winning?

All this and I am sure the Sacramento Bee is still pissed that a Conservative Republican Woman is A) a leading Candidate for office and B) out of the kitchen…

To Be Continued

Oct 022010

I am going to make some predictions based on the Sample Ballot.

There are some issues with ballot designations – especially with the irrational rage of (especially Republican) voters toward incumbents.

Ignoring the state-wide offices – the nominee for the WORST ballot designation is the hapless opponent of Doug LaMalfa: Lathe Gill.

Gill’s Ballot Designation: Union Organizer / Lawyer. (Idiot)

That will add about 5% to LaMalfa’s margin of victory.

Sierra College Board D1 – Howard Rudd and Kelli Gnile both had solid ballot statements and effectively the same ballot designation: Small Business Owner for Rudd and Small Businesswoman for Gnile.

Rudd has an advantage because of his connections and being first on the Ballot in Placer.

Sierra College Board D5 – Another Nominee for worst ballot designation is Halfway House dweller Thomas Gardner: College Student.

Cari Dawson Bartley is the only candidate who filed a ballot statement as well.

I’d be completely shocked if Bartley did not win.

Rocklin USD

Amanda “Mandie” Tingler – first on ballot, designation Family Counselor… very good for School Board.

The Incumbents all used “Rocklin Unified School District Trustee” for their ballot designation. Whoops.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Glenn Moeller has the worst ballot statement this side of Michael Patrick Murphy… Moeller might have won a seat as well.

Despite all the mistakes Moeller has made – he may yet win. But, I predict that Mandy Tingler wins at Steve Paul’s expense as Paul is number 4 on the five-person ballot. (4 is the absolute worst)

Rocklin City Council.

Diana Ruslin. Second on the ballot, un-matched energy… no one else even comes close. Her ballot title of Rocklin Recreation Commissioner is the only negative as it implies incumbency.

Scott Yuill is in trouble – he is an incumbent and writing bluntly – it seems that the primary concern of Rocklin’s angry Republican voters is finding someone to lynch. Anecdotes I am getting from those on the campaign trail indicate as such. People keep asking door-knockers if they are an incumbent. (I could go on a rant about how ridiculous that is… but some other time)

That being said – Yuill is an excellent candidate and his ballot title of Business Owner/Councilmember is the best he could do. He will have the resources to get his message out and he has won the sign war up to this point.

Greg Janda is also a strong candidate – but have not seen the level of engagement from him that Yuill and Ruslin have engaged in.

Which leads to Mark Klang – excellent ballot statement (no one can match his military service) and he is tapping in to the angry voter. Will that anger and will enough people read his emails to make a difference?

My prediction – Ruslin Wins. I haven’t a clue who finishes second.

Honorable Mention – Michael Patrick Murphy. He gets the prize for the WORST ballot statement I have ever seen. He got tossed out of the Libertarian Party for pete’s sake.

SPMUD Ward 3 – George William Romonsky, Republican Challenger. He filed a ballot statement, but it was weak, however his…

Democrat Opponent John R Murdock used “Incumbent”.  (and did not file a ballot statement) He gets the prize for the worst Ballot Designation – a career ender.

Romonsky wins.

PCWA District 2

Left-wing Democrat Fossil Alex Ferriera has too many friends and too many people that fund his campaign and run his campaign for him to be vulnerable to all but the most formidable challenger. Alex used Placer County Water Agency Director… incumbent in so many words.

Republican Challenger Claire Magid used Small Business Owner – the best designation possible. (I’m voting for Claire)

But, that won’t be enough.


Prop 20 will pass – due to voter anger. This takes drawing Congressional District Boundaries and adds them to the Prop 11 commission. (I am voting yes)

Prop 23 is too close to call – will the enviros be able to lie enough to save their holy grail? Amazing how people advocating clean, simple living seem to come up with wads of money? (I am voting Yes)

Prop 26 – makes it take 2/3 to raise fees. I wish this one would pass, the unions are spending a king’s ransom to defeat this and to try to pass prop 25.  (I am voting yes on 26)

Prop 25 – an extremely deceptive measure aimed at allowing simple majority budgets. This will fail as the veil of fraud is being stripped away. (I am voting no) But, I think Prop 26 goes down with Prop 25.

Rocklin City Council Update – Ruslin and Janda Get Rocklin Police Endorsement

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Sep 282010

9:30 PM 9/28 Update – Aman Sigh Gahoonia seems to be mounting some sort of campaign, I have seen facebook ads over the weekend. Just this afternoon, I saw some of his signs – placed in medians where City Employees will pick them up. Why he did not do a ballot statement is beyond me – and of course the very small 12″ x 18″ campaign signs are bewildering as well.

I was visited by Mark Klang’s Wingmen over the weekend… Klang has been launching an aggressive Email campaign as well. I have been getting all of them.

So far – only Klang’s Wingmen and Ruslin’s Mom’s have hit my house with propaganda.

At the same time – both Greg Janda and Diana Ruslin emailed me to let me know that they landed the Rocklin Police Officer’s Association Endorsement.

I called Scott Yuill for comment and he basically told me that he did not pursue their endorsement as he feels awkward seeking the support of people whose compensation he has to negotiate.

(I wish the State Legislature would do the same thing – yeesh.)

Janda is also sporting the endorsements of John and Marilyn Redding – who founded the Matthew Redding Foundation.

The race is heating up and signs are sprouting up all over town – but all the candidates have some serious ground to make up to catch up to Scott Yuill… Yuill has signs everywhere in Rocklin.

This is a four-horse race and anyone can win at this point.

The Rocklin Police Officers’ Association has announced its endorsement of Greg Janda for Rocklin City Council.

“The Rocklin Police Officers’ Association welcomes your business knowledge and the fresh ideas you would bring to this position, and we look forward to working with you in the future,” the association said in announcing its endorsement

I would assume that the Firefighters are stepping up next and Ruslin will have her letter from the Police at some point soon.

As for this blogger – I am spending all my time in Roseville. My Mom is on the ballot and there are LIBERALS running for City Council there.  Sam Cannon and Susan Rohan need the Republicans to stand up and get them over the finish line.  (VOTE  FOR SAM CANNON – PLEASE)

*** Dang Rocklin is a great place to live – FOUR GOOD REPUBLICANS that can win for Rocklin City Council!!!