Jun 182017

It looks like the free-speech loving democrats of Sun City Lincoln are trying to get the Tea Party United shut down and denied access from the clubhouse in Sun City!

Please show up and support the Tea Party United as they fight to keep Lincoln (and South Placer County) free and Conservative, despite the best efforts of the Bay-Area transplants who have moved there and can’t figure out it is their politics and electeds that drove them out of the Bay Area.

The urgent message from Dan Catania follows:

2. The Republican Club is having a meeting at Killaga  Springs  June 26th and 6:30 PM. The Subject is the 2nd amendment  with speaker Craig Deluz. This event is for Republicans and Conservatives only

Every Conservative must attend this meeting.

We received word  that the Democrat Club in Del Webb is planing to stage a protest at this  meeting.
This is an outrageous and ignorant plan coming from the Ignorant Democrat Party and  the Crazies on the left.
 If the ignorant violent crazies in the Democrat Party follow through with this protest it could cause all political events to be banned from Del Webb. Of course that may not stop the insane Democrats.
Regardless if the Crazies show up or not, we need a strong showing and  we must support our 2nd amendment rights

Liz wheeler laid out a brief History of the Violent Democrats during her One America News program, you can view it at the link below.

The facts are facts and it’s time we all acknowledge it, Political Violence is normal in the Democrat Party.
What Liz did not mention in this video is Violence in the Democrat Party dates all the way back to 1864 when the Democrats  created the KKK.


This is a great way to take a stand against the democrats, the KKK and people that want to steal your guns. 

I just might go to a Tea Party event.

Placer County Republican Central Committee Saga in 1000 Words

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Dec 012012

It has gotten back to me that Tea Party members are bragging about how they have “Taken Over” the Placer GOP Central Committee.

It appears that these Tea Party members know everything and that they have decided to start their efforts to save the Republican Party by attacking one of only three counties who have maintained their Republican numbers over the last four years.

Why aren’t those Tea Party members trying to set up operations in Sacramento County? Yolo County? – that is totally Blue Country.

It is simple – to genesis of the Tea Party war against the Placer GOP Central Committee can be found in the Rick Keene vs Doug LaMalfa state senate race. One of Doug LaMalfa’s biggest beneficiaries, Karen England went to war and got to several local Tea parties who were looking for the boogie man.

It appears that Dave Gilliard helped with a media drill as David Stafford Reade, Mark Spannagel and England wanted to make an example out of the Placer GOP’s leadership. This culminated with an article on the front page of the Sacramento Bee that was never substantiated. (Linked here is a .pdf of the story from the Modesto Bee, published the same day as it appears that Dave Gilliard got the Sacramento Bee to remove the story) In the article, Doug LaMalfa accused the Placer GOP is committing felonies including money laundering and influence peddling.

Karen England herself said at the January 2011 organizational meeting that the FBI had visited her house in October to talk about the Placer GOP’s finances. This charge of an FBI investigation has been repeated by Phyllis Wing, Dan Catania, Bonnie McAdams, Leah Cavanaugh and others in local tea parties. It has now been over two years and no one has been visited by the FBI.

However, the Tea Party members who think they know better have refused this blogger’s attempts at communication and the only interaction I have had with them is when Placer GOP events have put us in the same place.

Doug LaMalfa / Jim Nielsen’s operation had co-opted a network of Tea Parties all over the north state. That network appears to be emerging from the influence of those two as the recent Race that LaMalfa had for congress exposed a lot of his hypocricy and the real investigation in to LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff has caused most reasonable people to re-evaluate.

At some point – those of us attacked by LaMalfa get to call BS. My interactions with the local Tea Parties have largely been negative. I have known many to espouse conspiracy theories and anyone that has been in the GOP circles for a long time is treated with suspicion – except for electeds. I have also discovered many people talking behind my back and planning to do in conservative volunteers by virtue of forwarded emails.

The cause? Doug LaMalfa. Ted Gaines. Dave Gilliard. Jim Nielsen.

It is natural, they want to maintain control. Those of us that know them the best stand in opposition to them as we understand that they are not good for the Republican brand.

I know Jim Nielsen to be a fraud – he claims to be a Conservative, yet his record is anything but. The local Tea Party took Nielsen’s word for it, despite proof and walked thousands of pieces for Nielsen while allowing some really bad people they said they opposed to get re-elected to local office.

I know Doug LaMalfa to be a fraud. Despite irrefutable proof – several in local tea parties still worship at his political feet. Both Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa have been proven to have participated in efforts to decimate the California Republican Party platform in a manner that no Tea Party member would approve of, but Doug LaMalfa’s explanation of it not mattering since there was no vote is accepted.

Yet – an alleged FBI investigation and allegations made by those two against Republican volunteers are believed. This is the self-righteous arrogance and stupidity that I have seen from the local tea party members. Not all are like this – but those that ran for Central Committee appear to be of this ilk. And, again – I would retract these statements, but there appears to be no desire by those actors to respond to my attempts to communicate.

My issues with the Gaines are very simple. The number of people they have screwed over is a large list. I have been very clear that my issue with Beth Gaines is that she is incompetent. Neither represents the GOP well.

Simply showing up and voting no does not cut it.

But, does any of it matter? Republicans are irrelevant in Sacramento and this drama is indeed part of the cause.

I am waiting for these local Tea Party members to actually attempt to have a dialogue. I am getting tired of hammering them, but every time I get intel back to me – it shows the same theme:

It’s all about Jim Nielsen, Doug LaMalfa, Ted Gaines, Beth Gaines and everyone that does not support them is the enemy.

As such, these so-called conservatives are ready to align themselves with liberal Republicans to attempt an overthrow of Conservatives on the Placer GOP Cent Com. (Aided and abetted by Charles Munger)

The players: Murriel Oles – rumored to be running for chairman. She openly opposed Conservative hero Tom McClintock, advocating for his primary opponent Michael Babich.

Cheryl Bly-Chester – in the opinion of this blogger, she filed an FPPC complaint against the Placer GOP, she has attacked several Placer GOP leaders in the community and is so far left that she was endorsed by the libertarians for her assembly run. She is also terminally disruptive at Cent Com Meetings.

Jon Green – President of the Moderate Group, Placer County Republican Congress. This group also lists Tea Party member Phyllis Wing on their board of directors.

Mike Holmes – Liberal Republican Auburn Councilmember – he ran against Conservative Congressman John Doolittle twice, he has supported every school bond and parcel tax in his area and he has also repeated vacuous corruption charges several times in an attempt to gain political advantage.

Leah Cavanaugh / Dianne Foster – leaders in the Auburn Women’s Fed. This group is one of the most moderate Republican groups in the county. Again, they apparently supported Tom McClintock’s Primary opponent as evidenced by photos and testimony from several sources.

You see, Tea Party members like Gary Hall, Dan Catania, Carol Wilson, Phyllis Wing, Bonnie McAdams and others are going to have to align themselves with a group of Pro-Choice, No on Prop 8 liberal Republicans who are known to support tax increases (like Placer Legacy) in order to do the bidding of Doug LaMalfa and Jim Nielsen to meet out revenge on the Conservatives.

This is the jam that they are in. I hope for their sake that these Tea Party members understand they are being used. But, then again, these are the same people that believe that there is corruption on the committee as well.

This is a microcausm of why the GOP is dead in California. Jim Nielsen. Doug LaMalfa. Dave Gilliard. Ted Gaines. Beth Gaines.

It’s all about control. (Of nothing)

But, if the Tea party members do what’s expected – maybe just maybe the aforementioned will get the revenge they have craved since 2010, or will they?


Jul 112012

It is no secret that there is an ideaological rift on the Placer GOP Cent Com.

There are the liberals that support Beth Gaines / Doug LaMalfa and the Conservatives that support Andy Pugno and anyone running against Doug LaMalfa.

Then there are the so-called Tea Partiers that align themselves with the Liberals while trying to call themselves conservatives, got all that?

One of the Moderate leaders, Jon Green who is the President of the Republican Congress of Placer County – a Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage liberal group wrote the following in an email:

This in unacceptable and a gift to the despicable taliban candidate pugno. I urge all responsible members of the central committee to vote no. shame on you hudson. we told you guys not to pull any cra crap regarding this convention. Jon Green

I have been convinced for a while that Jon Green, Mike Holmes and Cheryl Bly-Chester show up to disrupt Central Committee meetings borne out of their hatred of ideological Conservatives. Since those three serve the interests (at the moment) of the Gaines / Doug LaMalfa – there is a marriage of convenience. There is also an underlying tension of anti-religious bigotry that will come out in the open that is also fueling some of this. This is a story that needs to be told as those aligning themselves with this are as much accountable for it as those doing it – including Spencer Short who cuts and runs from meetings every time the social issues arise in a meeting.

I am going to enjoy calling out the corruption crusaders from the Lincoln Tea Party on multiple accounts – but their alliance with someone like this is a great start. (Their support of Spencer Short is another)

There is one minor detail here related to the mini rant by Jon Green – the CRA hasn’t endorsed anyone in AD06.

The issue that Jon Green is taking umbrage with? There was a proposal to give all Republicans running for partisan office on the November ballot delegates to the Placer GOP Endorsing Convention.

This would have included Beth Gaines, Andy Pugno, Brian Dahle, Rick Bossetti, Frank Bigelow and Rico Oller – as it stands right now, none would get to participate since none are considered a Republican nominee.

This is where the Central Committee is at and it is a guaranteed loser for the Lincoln Tea Party unless they suddenly realize that they got played for fools by Team LaMalfa and their staff/consultants… I am not holding my breath, there is a self-righteous jihad to find corruption, don’t you know…

… and the support of Charles Munger for their cause…

But, I’m just a liar for pointing out their stupidity based on no evidence of wrongdoing.

Jun 242012

Want to know why billionaires like Charles Munger think they can buy the California Republican Party? Because as demonstrated by it’s behavior – the CRP is dead set on committing suicide and someone like the big daddy can walk in to the vacuum and take over.

The irony is that most of the people who haven’t committed suicide in the CRP are for sale – including so-called conservative leaders.

One of the “liberal counties” Monterey had a bit of drama in their Central Committee election – even though the so-called moderates there are in total control.

They recruited a man for their team that was/is a convicted felon, for Bribing a public official in Los Angeles County.

Here is the key quote from the Monterey Herald: “Fenton, who lost his law license in 2000, said he has done a lot of good things in the community and with local schools since coming to Monterey County. He said he never would have accepted Newman’s invitation to run for the committee if he knew it would lead to his past being turned over.”

He was honest – I will give him that. You caught the quote, right – he said he w0uld have never run for office if he knew he’d get caught.

This is another embarrassment for the California Republican Party – this time in Monterey.

This is a lesson for the so-called “Corruption Hunters” in Lincoln. It is called evidence. If there isn’t any doesn’t that tell you something?

Now – the big question this fall is what the “Corruption Hunters” are going to do in the City Council Race – the cities’ finances are a trainwreck and one of the worst offenders, Spencer Short has buddied up to the Lincoln Tea Party. I will get in to more on Spencer Short later – but suffice to say, he is not a Conservative, never was a Conservative – but the Lincoln Tea Party seems to be lining up to support Short and later more moderates for local Republican Party leadership.

Looks like an impending black eye for the Tea Party movement in addition.

However, it is all about their spiritual leader Doug LaMalfa who took a beating in the most recent election despite winning. People now know that LaMalfa is not the Conservative warrior he holds himself out to be, and the only Tea Parties that remained loyal to him were those that Doug LaMalfa’s staff intervened in. (aka Lincoln)

When you add the Monterey situation in with the Lincoln Tea Party, the Amador GOP, the Orange County establishment re-taking control of their committee by spending big bucks to throw out the constitutionalist candidates there (the exact same as what happened in Placer, the Conservatives were targeted in favor of the LaMalfa Tea Partiers and pro-choice, pro-tax liberals) – you can see a pattern…

… and you can see why a Liberal Billionaire like Charles Munger would attack the effective Conservatives by supporting ideological moderates and a group of brainwashed Doug LaMalfa Cylon Robots. Charles Munger does indeed have a good chance of taking over the California Republican Party by force.

The reasons? Most of those in the CRP that haven’t committed suicide are for sale, there are groups of naive, impressionable people that can be lied to and used, and many more have left the CRP in disgust – shrinking the universe needed to take control with an iron grip.