May 202021

It is never surprising that the loudest advocates making moral judgements in Politics are themselves pieces of garbage. (Remember Bill Brough’s public persona?)

IN the case of Mike Madrid and his near psychotic hatred of President Trump (and other Republicans) he was deign to tell us all what an immoral reprobate President Trump is. It turns out that Madrid was able to recognize Donald Trump’s bad behavior all too well…

Note that Sarah Larchmont is a leftist and her hatred of Trump is posted all over her twitter account. This gives her posting of DM’s between her and Madrid even more credibility.

Nice job Madrid, trolling twitter for a BJ? Targeting Married women? Nice Job dude, now I think I get why you went to your second home in Mexico. Too bad for Madrid, if there is more of this stuff and it crosses the criminal line, Mexico does have an extradition treaty.

It seems that Madrid may need the $1Million or so he made trading on Trump hate for legal fees.

May 012020

If the leader of the California Republican Party had her way, GOP candidates in this state would never mention President Trump’s name.

Yes, it was the LA Times on 3-2-2020 quoting Jessica Patterson which may as well have been 10 years ago.

“Our focus in California is on keeping it local,” Patterson told me when asked how Republican candidates should handle Trump. “We’re going to be talking about things happening here and affecting voters’ lives — focused on what’s happening in Sacramento. Democrats have given us a lot to work with.”

Where is the Re-Open California Plan? Speaking of things happening here and affecting voter’s lives?

Recently, Madam Chairman of the CAGOP signed onto a Ballot Harvesting Lawsuit claiming that Ballot Harvesting should be shut down in the COVID 19 era while thousands of members of the California GOP are out protesting the shutdown. See how that works? Seems incompatible to me.

OAKLAND, Calif. — Leaders of the embattled California Republican Party are reversing course during the Covid-19 pandemic to demand Gov. Gavin Newsom ban a voting practice they until recently endorsed.

The Republican leaders vowed to boost their “ballot harvesting” efforts — to allow people to pick up and deliver absentee ballots that others have cast — after a Democratic thumping in the 2018 midterms. But they’re now arguing that it’s “an intolerable risk to public health and safety.”

Did CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson just admit that the CAGOP is giving up on the CA25 Special Election of Mike Garcia? Do they have polling showing him losing? Why throw a Hail Mary pass 18 days after Ballots hit the mail?

California Republicans cried foul. But Patterson acknowledged Democrats had out-organized her party on “ballot harvesting,” and announced that the GOP would ramp up its own efforts in 2020. She told the Los Angeles Times in February that state party officials had lined up 17,000 volunteers for a fall harvesting drive.

“We certainly need to do better,” Patterson told a local radio station, as RealClearPolitics reported. “We’re getting beat at [ballot harvesting], so the argument that we did it well, I mean, we just can’t make that argument.”

At a campaign event in January at a Simi Valley cafe, Garcia, the CA-25 candidate, spoke specifically about “ballot harvesting.” He told supporters his campaign was exploring the technique, according to a video of the event obtained by POLITICO.

If the CAGOP has 17,000 volunteers why aren’t they on the phone? Why can’t I see any evidence of activity? Why idle them 2 weeks from election day?

I guess this means Mike Madrid and Luis Alvarado are supporting the democrat now.

Let’s bring in our favorite Mike Madrid – he of the Lincoln Grifter Project aka the Benedict Arnold Project:

(former) Republican strategist Mike Madrid says the California GOP may be trying to set the stage for arguing in advance that “this is an illegitimate election.’ But that, he suggests, that would be another head-scratching strategy, which has already withered to third party status in California — now representing barely 24 percent of the electorate, compared to 45 percent for Democrats and 25 percent for No Party Preference voters.

Madrid says that in the Covid-19 pandemic, “the best way, the healthiest, safest and securest way to maintain integrity and elections is to do an all-mail ballot election.’’

“You can’t ask people to go stand and wait in line to vote,’’ a move that forced hundreds in Los Angeles to do just that in the March primary, he said. California can’t afford a repeat of that scenario, which is “far more dangerous than ballot harvesting,’’ he said.

Mike Madrid has replaced Tony Quinn as the go to for the leftist media to get a former Republican quote from. Note that Madrid is publicly advocating for the defeat of Republicans at all levels of government, and as such he is advocating for mail ballot elections which are much easier to defraud than traditional elections. I’d also point out that 400,000 people voted in person in Wisconsin, only 52 ended up with COVID-19 and none died from it.

Madrid’s participation in an article attacking CA25 Candidate Mike Garcia and the CAGOP from the extremely biased Politico – that has had to retract multiple stories about President Trump  – gets better perspective when a tweet that your intrepid blogger saw online is aired:

Did Mike Madrid just expose an internal plot within the ranks of GOP Legislative Staff against 2018 Governor Nominee John Cox on behalf of Antonio Villariagosa? Or, perhaps he is indicating they are currently helping undermine President Trump? Or Both? I seem to recall when John Cox was attacked for not voting for Trump in 2016? What changed?

These insiders hiding in the shadows should all extremely nervous as Madrid’s hubiris is clearly putting their clandestine operations in lights. Madrid just threw a target on them all.

Worse – Madrid’s tweet appears to confirm what many of us believe, that the CAGOP Party Insiders and Legislative crew are determined to wreck the CAGOP and intend to blame President Trump for what they are doing. The collateral damage will include anti-Trump Republicans too.

Back to the CAGOP:

Politico ran a story that shows the difference between the Republican Party and the Democrats in California.  The Chair of the California Republican Party, Jessica Patterson, announced that Republicans will NOT do ballot harvesting for the May 12 Special election to elect Mike Garcia to Congress nor Melissa Melendez for State Senate in the 28 SD.  The Democrats announced they will continue to do ballot harvesting and even explained how they will do it.

Kevin McCarthy sent a letter. Jessica Patterson sent a letter. Now Patterson signed onto a lawsuit regarding Ballot Harvesting.

  • It is clear that the CAGOP lacks the resources to do anything.
  • It is clear that the CAGOP has not harvested a single ballot
  • If the lawsuit succeeds does it stop independent groups from harvesting?
  • Why wasn’t the lawsuit filed 30 days ago?

Regardless, two weeks before an election is not the time to tell your opponents you are refusing to use all your ammunition.  But, if that is your policy—why tell the Dems your plan?  Just don’t do it. This makes Mike Madrid look like an even bigger idiot – his input is not needed in California, those in charge of things Republican are losing just fine on their own. #FACEPALM

Apr 302020

Pictured: Mike Madrid with his Pimp Antonio Villiariagosa in 2018. They spent $30-40 Million and John Cox finished second against Gavin

The Lincoln Project aka the “Benedict Arnold Project” are a group of “Republicans” who went psycho after President Trump won the 2016 election. It appears that they all suffered some sort of deep emotional wounding that they will be a lifetime seeking to recover from. They are openly advocating for the defeat of Republicans Everywhere.

Mike Madrid is a part of the Lincoln Grifter Project aka the Benedict Arnold Project.

Mike Madrid who I believe is a coward, an example of which is him refusing to take a bet with me regarding President Trump’s re-election in 2020, decided to threaten Tom Lackey while calling his Chief of Staff George Andrews a White Supremacist.

George Andrews is very dark-skinned. I am not sure if his genetics make being a White Nationalist possible.

Please note that Right on Daily is endorsing Tom Lackey in AD-36 for re-election. Mike Madrid is a legend in his own mind.

Not to be outdone – Madrid also called the Chairman of the Contra Costa GOP, who is Jewish, a Nazi:

While Reed Galen, Luis Alvarado and others pay their bills with donations to the Lincoln Project – Mike Madrid is carrying their flag well. All of them are on their knees grovelling because Donald Trump broke them.

To be continued.

Apr 302020

Mike Madrid worked for Antonio Villariagosa’s disaster of a Governor Campaign in 2018. Apparently because Republicans did not buy his brand of BS, he is on a rampage to run Republicans out of office. He is also still living off the fact that he was an employee of the CAGOP over a Generation ago.

Here you can see Mike Madrid mocking Re-Open efforts with known Drug-Addict (my personal first-hand observation) Jimmy Camp who bailed on both John McCain and President Trump despite doing paid campaign work for Republicans.

Second, is political consultant Luis Alvarado who is a regular on CNN promoting a Dem Polling firm trying to claim with a straight face that Biden has a lead in Texas.

Luis Alvarado, Mike Madrid, Steve Schmidt (who wrecked several statewide GOP campaigns in CA), Rick Wilson (he of McMullin fame) and others are attempting to vent their rage over their irrelevance in Republican politics by seeking to unseat Republicans all across the US.

This is Mike Madrid retweeting George Conway who literally went psycho in 2016. This is the crew.

The Lincoln Project bragged that they raised $1 Million in a month. Most of this appears to have gone in to the pockets of Reed Galen, Jennifer Horn and others. Reed Galen first hit my radar screen when he penned a national op-ed denigrating Tim Donnelly supporters attacking them on a personal and viceral level. Galen is the breed of Republican that never met a live birth he liked that wants to screw and smoke anything he wants to with no accountability or responsibility.

This is the crew that the Lincoln Project have assembled.

That’s correct – Matt Shupe is the Chairman of the Contra Costa GOP and he is Jewish. Mike Madrid called him a nazi. This is the Lincoln Project.

To be continued…