Mar 022022

Blogger’s note – with regard to #CA49, I support Lisa Bartlett as I believe she is far more viable in that district than Mr. Maryott. However, the point of this post is much different than whomever your intrepid blogger is providing campaign assistance to. The CAGOP will cease to exist if their rules are made a mockery. The CAGOP will cease to exist if consultants are consistently allowed to prostitute the party and subordinate the will of the grassroots to a paycheck or agenda.

In Feb – Bryan Maryott went before the CAGOP’s board of directors for an endorsement. Despite the efforts of the people supporting Lisa Bartlett, Maryott quickly got 2/3 in Orange County and was endorsed on the first ballot by San Diego County’s Republican Party. By rule, with 100% of the underlying population’s local parties in support, Maryott was over the 80% threshold. You need 80% of more of the local parties endorsements to be eligible for a CAGOP endorsement. Most of the time (keep reading) these things are automatic at the state level.

When I wrote yesterday about Kevin Kiley, I was unaware that Howard Hakes had engineered a parliamentary maneuver to screw Bryan Maryott out of even being heard for a CAGOP Endorsement. Hakes, a significant donor and one of the most arrogant men I have ever dealt with, pulled the CA49 endorsement off the list of endorsements and then made a motion to table with Bryan Maryott waiting on the line to speak to the assembled CAGOP Board Meeting via Zoom. Jessica Patterson, the CAGOP Chair, went along with Hakes as he has been one of her biggest benefactors over the years.

Hakes is prominent in the New Majority and is currently the LAGOP Vice-Chair.

Bryan Maryott was told to leave the call. What a great look for the Party leadership.

Given what I learned about the internal corruption of the staff of the CAGOP and how they flout their own rules when it suits them, I was not surprised that they would allow Howard Hakes and his checkbook to circumvent the process of even allowing Maryott an up or down vote.

How does this relate to Kevin Kiley? The same forces arrayed against Maryott also support Sheriff Scott Jones over Kevin Kiley.

The meeting of the CAGOP’s board of directors is next week. I have no horse in the Kiley vs. Jones race. There are merits to both men for sure – but I would be remiss and inconsistent to NOT talk about the corruption of the CAGOP that continues to fester.

While some did not support Steve Frank for CAGOP Chair in 2021 because of personality issues, few challenged what he said about the state of the CAGOP. Steve Frank is still correct – the CAGOP has been overrun with consultants. While I get paid to do political work myself, I am still mystified as to why Consultants can not see the value in a healthy party structure and instead practice the axiom of, “If you can’t control it, destroy it.”

If Steve Frank was chair of the CAGOP I would not be writing this blog post. Maryott would have been endorsed in Feb and Kiley’s endorsement next week would not be in doubt.

Bryan Maryott played by the rules and earned the right to be endorsed by the CAGOP. One major donor who holds Party Office (speaking of conflicts of interest) should not be able to derail that.

Kevin Kiley likewise has earned the right to be endorsed by the CAGOP as well.

Neither man has an issue of moral turpitude or party disloyalty to disqualify them. Regardless of this blogger’s personal feelings or interests, both men have earned the endorsement and qualified for the endorsement and should be given said endorsement.

Mar 012022

From some background website:

David Reade is 57 years old and was born on 09/09/1964. Currently, David lives in West Sacramento, CA. Sometimes David goes by various nicknames, including David S Reade, David Stafford Reade, and David S Read. We have lots of information about David: religious views are listed as Christian, ethnicity is Caucasian, and political affiliation is currently a registered Republican. David’s personal network of family, friends, associates & neighbors includes Reagan Reade, Laurie Conaty, and Suzanne Reade.   Read Full Summary

Here at Right on Daily, we are proud to affect the public record in such a positive way. David Stafford Reade is the official nickname of the puppet-master per a major background website.

It looks like the little people from the rank and file within the CAGOP won one. While I have no horse in the race, I can not help but recognize that some of the CAGOP are not overrun with political consultants.

The Inyo County Republican Party dual endorsed both Scott Jones and Kevin Kiley. This means that Kiley has gone over the 80% line. The fascinating story about Inyo County was that they had noticing problems with their January meeting, and two of their voting members were unable to participate last month. This month, they did a re-do and endorsed both candidates instead of approving none. This was a devastating blow on two levels to Mr. Reade and company.

The significance of going over 80% is that if you get the endorsements of local parties totaling 80% or more of the district’s population, you are then eligible for a CAGOP endorsement. There is a board meeting of the CAGOP shortly. There has never been a candidate who makes it to 80% who has not been endorsed by the CAGOP. (There have been some un-endorsed, and we’ve written about that as well)

David Reade is sought after to run endorsement or endorsement denial operations because of his extensive history of controlling and rigging groups. It is not often when he fails at such a mission.

I was also informed that Reade has been showing himself in public a lot lately and it is not common as Reade prefers the shadows (part of why Right on Daily writes about him, Gimmecandy and others so often).

I can only conclude that Kevin Kiley has the rank and file of the California Republican Party behind him and that the consultant class has chosen the Sheriff Scott Jones. I have nothing against Mr. Jones at all, but he has allowed himself to become the Mitt Romney of the #CA03 race. This is not a good look for the Sheriff who has plenty to run on.

The first #EPICFAIL award of the 2022 election cycle is awarded to David Stafford Reade. Congrats Kevin Kiley on a hard-fought and against consultant odds (soon to be official) CAGOP endorsement.

Feb 102022

Your intrepid blogger took the short trip down the hill to Placer County. Remember, from my perch at 5,150 Feet, the artillery of Right on Daily can reach anywhere in California.

Let me preface this by saying I am going to go into more depth on Placer SUP D2, CA-03, and AD-05 as the Election Season plays out.

It is roughly 115 miles from my perch at 5150 Feet in elevation to the Acton Academy in Roseville. When the road is clear, the drive can take as short as 1:35 to complete (especially when Megadeth, Anthrax, etc. is in the satellite radio). I will remind the readers of this blog that The day I stop writing about (and working in) California Politics is the day I die. I lived in Placer County for 23 years.

The Committee deferred an endorsement in SD04 despite allowing three candidates to speak – this is due to the entry of former Congressman George Radanovich into the race. They also deferred AD01 (Megan Dahle) to the next meeting, but it is my guess that they will not endorse regardless of her participation or not. Please note – I like Michael Gordon in SD04 a lot. I got a chance to interact with him and he appears to be a compelling candidate.

I also obtained a copy of the candidate questionnaires used as a part of the process. There were a few noteworthy items that will be addressed as appropriate.

The evening started off with AD05. Joe Patterson crushed the field 33-2. I will write in more detail later, but the high points are as follows:

Jason Paletta – came across as insincere and flippant. He showed his lack of experience by calling on the committee not to endorse any candidate. He might as well have put a Justin Trudeau mask on and waived a white hankie. Paletta has grossly overshot in choosing to run for major office his first time out of the box.

Joe Patterson – showed up, looked the part, gave a concise presentation, and nailed the questions asked of him.

Jonathan Zachreson – after 25 years of doing political work, few Republican candidates make me want to run them over with a tank on first impression. Meet Zachreson. The man lied at least three times I can discern and his candidate questionnaire features a whopper the size of Newsom’s hairdo. (Note: This nimrod also voted for Newsom in 2018) The two holdouts on the Placer GOP have drunk this man’s Kool-Aid, I don’t fault them. Con Artists are exactly that, artists and it has taken years of being in political war for your intrepid blogger to get good instincts in smoking these people.

To those worried about this guy, never fear, your intrepid blogger is on the case and there is a brand new barrel on the political 155 in our Northern Nevada HQ. To Mr. Zachreson, it would be in your best interest to suspend your campaign.

AD03: James Gallagher. Man, what a transformation. When I endorsed Gallagher in his very first race, I departed from the team that I had been a part of. It was a personal risk, but I had been told that Gallagher was a solid human being and a reliable conservative. Gallagher came up in the Nielsen-LaMalfa-David Stafford Reade Crew, it was hard to separate years of political war with the crew to see through.

James went from being a pudgy-cheeked country bumpkin ag attorney / small county supervisor to a polished statesman. This is not bad for a man who turns 41 next month. (I still can’t believe I have 10 years on that guy) James has also charted his own course, such as endorsing Kevin Kiley when most others in office are going to take Scott Jones. (keep reading for the CA-03 summary)

I told James to his face that I am proud of him for his transition. I know someday he will replace Doug LaMalfa in Congress. For now, the State of CA gets to have him as Assembly Minority Leader for the next 5 years. On another note, I interacted with Curtis Grima, Mr. Grima is Gallagher’s Chief of Staff and he is managing Joe Patterson’s Assembly Campaign. Grima looked fantastic and healthier than I ever remember him. He has lost 130 pounds.

Attorney General – Eric Early was endorsed unanimously despite his campaign being broke and others on the ballot with far more resources.

Board of EQ – Ted Gaines was endorsed unanimously for his final term in State Level Office.

US Senate – I am not sure why James Bradley sent a representative to speak on his behalf at the Placer GOP. He laid an egg. Everyone in the activist community knows Mark Meuser and hysterically, Bradley’s crew tried to grandstand on election integrity and Newsom’s mandates. This is spectacularly stupid when Meuser has participated as an attorney in 4 successful challenges to Newsolini and countless others related to elections.

Meuser was endorsed Unanimously.

CA-03 came up. When it started, I leaned over to the soon-to-be Placer Sheriff Wayne Woo and told him “30-3 Kiley” before the show. It was 30-5.

I have written a lot about Kiley over the years. Kiley is a talented public speaker, charismatic, and under the age of 40. This is a lethal combination and is going to require a tremendous amount of resources for McClintock, LaMalfa, McCarthy and others to overcome.

I was actually quite surprised at how well Sheriff Scott Jones did. The man came across as clearly conservative, grounded, and was almost as fluent and articulate as Kiley. Jones had to know he was walking into a meat grinder and performed as well as anyone could have expected. It is also clear to this blogger that Scott Jones is as ready as anyone to go to Congress.

Please note that your intrepid blogger has not endorsed in this race. This race will be the classic, activist versus establishment race. Interestingly, there is not much difference between the two on the issues.

SD06 Roger Niello. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made in politics was supporting Ted Gaines over Roger Niello when Niello ran for State Senate the first time. Roger is and has been a statesman and his answer to the Placer GOP about his vote for Prop 1A including a detailed and reasoned response showed his thoughtfulness and grasp of issues. Niello talked about Crime and Homelessness as his agenda. Niello is one of the nicest men I have ever met in politics, it is hard to get mad at him when you disagree with him! I am thrilled to see that Niello is going to get into the State Senate, many could learn lessons in civility and statesmanship from him.

Remember, Roger Niello is also one of the most approachable people I’ve ever seen in partisan office. Niello was endorsed unanimously.

Placer DA – It was a great experience to meet Morgan Gire in person. If you read this blog, you will remember when I helped take down Jeff Wilson and others looking to come take over the Placer District Attorney’s Office. Gire ended up getting appointed to fill the vacancy. He was unanimous.

Placer Sheriff. Wayne Woo is a stud. He was endorsed Unanimously.

Placer County Clerk – Ryan Ronco was endorsed unanimously. It appears Ronco has drawn an opponent. Anytime an unknown communist files for office, you have to wonder if George Soros is trying to buy a seat. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Placer County Supervisor District 1 – Bonnie Gore was endorsed unanimously. Please allow your intrepid blogger to issue this warning. Anyone dumb enough to run for Placer SUP D1 will receive the Jack Duran treatment because I care.

Placer County Supervisor District 2 – I will be writing a lot about this race over the next 4 months. The Central Committee took the position of not endorsing.

This leaves Paul Joiner and Shanti Landon. The contrast between the two is amazing. Some may draw parallels to the CA-03 race, but that would be to over-simplify the race.

Paul Joiner is in his 60’s. The man is fit and handsome for his age, but he is in his 60’s. Shanti Landon is in her early 40’s is attractive and vivacious.

I have been friends with Joiner for over 15 years and this is another of the contrasts. Joiner is running on his deep family ties and connections to the establishment in Placer County. His top endorsements are a who’s who of Old White guys (exception: Kiley). Ironically, Shanti enjoys the support of almost everyone in office at the local level, but many of Shanti’s endorsements are newer to the area as well.

I’ve made my choice clear and why (Shanti). The Paul Joiner versus Shanti Landon race is going to be a barn-burner and the choice is clear. There are some clear ideological differences between the two that your intrepid blogger will explore in the coming weeks and Mr. Joiner’s long record in public office should also be looked at as well.

Finally, in the second and final installment from the Placer GOP endorsement evening, your intrepid blogger will follow up on this night. There are some neat stories and insights specific to AD-05 and SUP D2 from the evening that will basically set part of the narrative for the next 4 months as these races play out.

Feb 012022

This went to my spam, but this is a big deal. I am wondering how much more Kiley has in the well of donors.

Immediate Release
January 31, 2022
Contact: Dave Gilliard

CA3 Congressional candidate Kevin Kiley passes half a million dollars raised in January

ROCKLIN, CA – – Republican congressional candidate Kevin Kiley (CA03) has raised over $500,000 since announcing his candidacy for Congress in the first week of January. Over 4,200 individual donors have now donated in just over three weeks since Kiley announced his candidacy.

Kevin Kiley is a Republican State Assemblyman and the leading California critic of Governor Gavin Newsom’s abuse of power and mandates that closed schools and shut down large sectors of the state’s economy.

Kevin Kiley is a former prosecutor and Deputy Attorney General. First elected to the California Assembly in 2016, Kevin is the author of groundbreaking new laws on freedom of speech, artificial intelligence, privacy, criminal justice reform, and protections for sexual assault victims, along with introducing the most significant school choice legislation in recent years. He was named national Legislator of the Year by the Association of Independent Workers for his work defending economic freedom. Kiley earned his Bachelor’s degree from Harvard, a Master’s degree from Loyola Marymount and a Law degree from Yale.

Over fifty percent of the new 3rd Congressional District’s voters live in Kiley’s home county of Placer and Kevin currently represents just about two-thirds of the voters in the district.

For more information, visit

Jan 262022

Including 6 active, serving Sheriffs (7 Counting Jones himself, LOL). It looks like #CA03 is going to be a barn-burner. I also take note of Sheriff Jones’ Bio… it draws quite a contrast with Mr. Kiley.

Please note that your intrepid blogger has not endorsed a candidate in this race.

January 26, 2022
Press Contact: Duane Dichiara
(916) 997-4784
Sheriff Jones Announces Endorsements of Sheriffs Across All Counties in California’s 3rd Congressional District
Sheriff Jones secures key law enforcement endorsements from current or former Sheriffs from all counties in CA-03

(Sacramento, CA) – Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones today announced that he has earned the endorsement of Sheriffs and former Sheriffs from all counties in CA-03.

These key law enforcement endorsements include: 

  • John D’Agostini, El Dorado County Sheriff
  • Ed Bonner, Placer County Sheriff (Ret.)
  • Todd Johns, Plumas County Sheriff 
  • Rick Stephens, Alpine County Sheriff 
  • Jeff Hollowell, Inyo County Sheriff (Ret.)
  • Richard Scholl, Mono County Sheriff (Ret.)
  • Dan Paranick, Mono County Sheriff (Ret.)
  • Shannon Moon, Nevada County Sheriff 
  • Keith Royal, Nevada County Sheriff (Ret.)
  • Michael Fisher, Sierra County Sheriff
  • Wendell Anderson, Yuba County Sheriff

“Sheriff Scott Jones is a proven law enforcement leader who has my trust and confidence to be El Dorado County’s next Congressman. I’ve worked side-by-side with Scott on public safety priorities in our region, and I know he is both a man of integrity and straight-talking leader who will always put the interests of the American people first. It’s time for a pro-public safety leader in our House of Representatives.” – El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini

“I am proud to endorse Sheriff Scott Jones for Congress. Scott is the candidate I trust in this race to stand up for law and order as well as the values that make America unique in the world. His life has been dedicated to the service of others and the protection of our families. There is no question in my mind that Scott will make a great member of Congress for Placer County.” – Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner (Ret.)

“Strong, determined leadership is critical when responding to emergencies like the devastating wildfire disasters we’ve experienced in Plumas County. Both during and after a disaster, when people need help to rebuild their homes, businesses and their lives, I want to know my Congressman has Plumas County’s back. I trust Sheriff Scott Jones and you can too. His experience as Sheriff makes him the best choice for our next Congressman.” – Plumas County Sheriff Todd Johns 

Sheriff Jones accomplished a strong record of leadership at the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, stewarding the Department’s recovery from the worst financial crisis of its history, becoming a regional leader in the fight against gangs, and hiring a record number of women, minorities, and veterans. As one of the foremost experts on law enforcement in California, Sheriff Jones will be an advocate for investing in public safety and a vocal opponent of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement. Jones will be an advocate for fiscal accountability, border security, and restoring criminal justice to America’s communities. A nationally-recognized law enforcement leader, Jones has testified before congress, and has presented at two white house conferences on law enforcement, immigration and safety issues. 

California’s 3rd Congressional District includes the Counties of Placer, Nevada, Mono, Sierra, Inyo, Plumas and Alpine and portions of Sacramento, El Dorado, and Yuba Counties. It is an open seat and Republicans hold a 7-point registration advantage.

To learn more about Sheriff Scott Jones and his campaign for Congress, visit:


Read Sheriff Scott Jones’ bio here:

For his entire adult life, Sheriff Scott R. Jones has sworn an oath to protect the citizens of Sacramento County and uphold the Constitution of the United States. Through his service in the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, he strives to give a voice to the voiceless, stand up for what’s right, and defend those who are unable or unwilling to protect themselves.

Starting with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office in 1989, Sheriff Jones rose through the ranks, earning the respect of his peers and the community alike. First elected Sheriff by the people of Sacramento County in 2010, Sheriff Jones was re-elected unopposed to a second term in 2014.

A testament to the deep inroads he’s made with a wide array of community groups, faith-based organizations, businesses, and individuals alike, Sheriff Jones was resoundingly re-elected to a 3rd term in June 2018, securing nearly 75,000 more votes than his closest competitor, and more votes than all three of his opponents combined.

As the 36th Sheriff of Sacramento County, Sheriff Jones boasts a stellar record of accomplishments. He led the Department out of the worst financial crisis of its history and helped rebuild it into the most diverse law enforcement agency in the region — including efforts to recruit and promote women, minorities, and veterans. Increased community engagement and continued innovation has been accomplished all within budget. In fact, Sheriff Jones has returned funds to the County year after year to be used for other community programs across the region.

Through his leadership, he’s implemented significant initiatives including creating a multi-jurisdictional Impact Division, which uses active intelligence to fight gangs and remove gang leaders. He also founded and established the Department’s first Community Relations Unit as well as the first Youth Services Unit, responsible for engaging thousands of children and young adults in activities and programs to keep them safe and off the streets.

Considered one of the foremost experts on law enforcement in California, Sheriff Jones has been invited to testify before the United States Congress and Executive Branch of the Federal Government on multiple occasions to provide boots-on-the-ground insight into the many issues facing our communities. In addition, Sheriff Jones regularly meets with national and state leaders, and has spoken on law enforcement issues for national and statewide news outlets. Furthermore, he serves as the Chair of the Central California Intelligence Committee and host of the Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center.

Sheriff Jones holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University Sacramento, and a Juris Doctor degree from Lincoln Law School. He is a graduate of the West Point Leadership Program, as well as the FBI’s National Executive Institute.

Sheriff Jones has been married to his wife Christy for 27 years, and together they have four wonderful children.