Dec 102019

This post was written before Grifter John Hollis Grifted to Texas. Now Jon Hollis has decided to shop for Office in Texas. Lovely, wonder if it is another acting gig.

Have you been getting emails from Jon Hollis for Congress! He’s running against Adam Schiff don’t you know?

That’s Jon in the Blue…

Jon Hollis is an aspiring actor with a very thin resume. His work includes Anti-Hero Studios and Green Machine Studios and a some indie films.

Jon Hollis is 30 years of age and has been a Republican for 3 months. That’s right – three months.

Reports your intrepid blogger have received from people in and around CA-28 indicate that Mr. Hollis is running around like “The Anointed One” when he has zero right to do so.

Hollis has a problem – he does not know anyone and is having to spend 50 cents on the dollar to raise money. He has yet to reach $100,000 raised an reported a paltry $15,000 in the bank as of the 9-30-2019 reporting deadline.

This leads me to the conclusion that he saw a chance to promote himself in an area near Glendale which has a lot of Movie Studios in it via running against Adam Schiff who is practically a household name.

Hollis graduated from College in Fresno in 2011 majoring in Film and Media. Perhaps running for Congress is a platform for him to make an indie Borat movie?

Shoulda stuck with the dress dude

Aside from a couple traffic tickets in Fresno County, there is little of distinction in this young man’s life. He does not own a piece of property and records indicate between 5-10 jobs since exiting college in Fresno. This is not the resume of a Congressional Candidate that should be taken seriously.

It is quite simple really, Jon Hollis is a candidate that has come out of nowhere, from nowhere, offering nothing. It is the opinion of this blogger that Hollis is running a scam at the expense of honest hard-working republicans across the country giving small dollar donations.