Dec 042020

Having Tim Clark handle crisis communication is like asking Michael Jackson to Chaperone your kids’ slumber party. Look at this Gem from John Moorlach:

It is time for Tim Clark to be prosecuted for Covering up a rape and for John Moorlach to get out of Orange County Politics.

John Moolach Lied. He knew about the rape of Trish Todd. I knew about the Rape at least 6 months ago when she told me. Even before she came out in detail, she had alleuded to it in previous conversations before telling me in graphic detail on May 28, 2020. Trish Todd has been a friend of my wife’s since 1-2014 and maybe before that. I encourage my wife to have lots of friends and I don’t keep tabs on them. Trish came to me in 2019 to talk about her former life in the Capitol when friends of hers started sending her my bombs against Bill Brough. Trish had forgotten that I was Aaron from Right On Daily after leaving the Capitol in 2016.

John Moorlach’s above comment which is consistent with the corrupt, dishonest crisis communication I have seen from Tim Clark over the years and is an outright lie. (I am convinced Tim Clark wrote that snippet by the way) Tim Clark lied to the Orange County Republican Party – alternating between calling Trish a liar and telling others that she was not credible. Other communication I have received indicated that my 11-21-2020 blog detailing the rape with more specific information than the 6-1-2020 post was a “Smear” and a “Political Attack”. Anyone that attacked the victim is going to get their ass kicked by the Right On Daily Blog, resign now or it is coming. Trish got raped. Heather Baez was sexually Battered, Lisa Bartlett has nightmares, Jennifer Alizeri was harassed, an unnamed Dem Staffer was cornered, a realtor from South OC was propositioned and touched – AND MANY OCGOP LEADERS IGNORED SOME OR ALL OF THE ISSUES! How many more women did Bill Brough abuse because these people did nothing?

WHO THE HELL DEFENDS WOMEN when our leaders won’t? Worse, our leaders appear to be the worst predators we have in society.

We know John Moolrach Lied because the Orange County Register – who I have talked to multiple times about Bill Brough – NAILED Moorlach to the wall. How did the OC Register know to contact Dick Ackerman? I TOLD THEM TO via Michael Schroeder the victim’s attorney. Someone looking to contact Ackerman had reached out to me after my 6-1-2020 post. It was put to me that Ackerman and others in the Sacramento scene knew of the attack years ago when it happened and my post triggered memories of it. Ackerman indicated to me in a phone call 12-5-2020 that he did not know about the Rape until reading my blog, unlike some of the others that may have known before then. Ackerman turns 78 today, Happy Birthday to him as well.

GOD BLESS YOU DICK ACKERMAN – I’ve only met you once, but you are a stand up guy for stepping up and going on the record. Ackerman did so even as all the cocktail party mavens in Orange County were having a group kool-aid drink on the Moorlach train. I wonder how the New Majority, the Lincoln Club and the OCGOP feel right now? This is what happens when you Trust Tim Clark, you GET SCREWED. Dick Ackerman made it clear to me that he was trying to help John Moorlach by informing him of this issue in August as it was clear the Sheriff’s Union was going to bombard him. Dick was being a stand-up guy and Moorlach was having none of it:

Ackerman said he’d read about Todd’s accusations in, a blog by Aaron Park that tracks GOP interests in Sacramento. That blog item did not use Todd’s name, at her request, and it was posted months before she filed a criminal complaint.

Ackerman said Moorlach didn’t clearly address the allegation during their conversation, focusing instead on criticism of Park.


Heck, Moorlach and Clark couldn’t even tell the truth in their own campaign announcement about their vote totals!!! 

I should not be surprised as John Moorlach on two occasions that I am aware of threatened to withold his endorsement of a candidate I was working for because I was working for the candidate. Not bad, as I have never met John Moolach in person but I live rent-free in his head.

Did Tim Clark ever ask the Rape Victim how she was doing? Did Moorlach? Nope. Moorlach’s above post rings completely hollow and is nothing more than damage control.

Tim Clark said in his statements to ABC7 who ran a story and to the Orange County Register that he did not report the issue himself becuase “It happened outside of work hours”. So now we know that Tim Clark is a filthy liar. (I’ve known this about Clark for about a decade, just this incidence is so obvious that even Fred Whitaker could understand it) Clark now admits the attack happened after smearing the Rape victim in phone calls to OCGOP members calling the rape allegation a smear and a lie. When confronted with Media questions, he changed his story.

What the hell kind of boss refuses to help a subordinate raped by another employer in the same building because the rape happened after hours? Someone who is either a heartless fool or someone who is making up another lie to try and cover up the original cover up of a felony. Clark is both. BTW – several worker’s comp court cases have indicated there are no office hours for public figures because of the nature of their job. This means Trish could have actually filed a worker’s comp claim for her injuries – adding another claim for a potential lawsuit against Clark and Moorlach. (I do Insurance for a Day Job)

For reasons I don’t understand, John Moorlach has allowed Tim Clark to have a psychotic grasp on him for years. I had a front row seat to watching Tim Clark manipulate Moorlach in to separating himself from friends of 20-30 years so Clark could have the whole Senate Special election in 2014-2015 to himself. I’ve been told by at least a dozen people in politics that Tim Clark owes them money (some even characterize it as stealing from them). John Moorlach has been Tim Clark’s meal ticket for years as Moorlach is the only candidate Clark has not been able to wreck at the ballot box despite his stupidity.

When I did some work for Tim Clark it was always last minute with little or no notice. Given that fact that Clark gouged his clients for $5k-$10k a month retainers plus gigantic commissions of 15-20%, why the hell weren’t his requests better thought out? I saw his mail and campaign communication in the Jack Sieglock for Assembly and the Phil Libertore for Congress Campaigns for example – both were top flite candidates that could have won easily – and it was terrible, unimaginitive and looked amateur. I’ve seen Clark manage at least a dozen losses that I can recall, for example Robert Rao for Assembly, Andy Vidak for Congress, and I’ve seen scores of others that fired him mid-campaign because he was a blithering idiot, dishonest or both.

If you think that Clark’s cover up of the rape of Trish Todd was about anything other than trying to stop bad news for his boss who was brand new in the senate at the time, you do not understand the moral and emotional corruption of that man. Healthy people would have dealt with the issue head on, and helped the victim. Not Clark. He threw her under the bus. So did John Moorlach. They should both be removed far, far away from anything resembling political authority.

TRISH TODD GOT RAPED. They didn’t care.

Tim Clark lied at least three times in the Orange County Register Article. It was like re-injuring the rape victim all over again, but the media outlets let the corrupt Clark hoist himself on his own petard.

If you think I am being hard on Tim Clark, he is also a coward. Because he could never get to me directly, he retaliated against my Brother in 2016 to get even with me over the Moorlach Senate Specal election (as I worked for Don Wagner against Moorlach). Both George and I worked for Ben Carson in 2015-2016 in Northern Nevada (where we both now live). We were both supposed to be brought over to the Trump campaign when Carson endorsed Trump.

I did not ask, because I knew what a petty vindictive loser Clark is and that he holds grudges. (I have worked with dozens of consultants over the years who I have shredded in prior campaigns because that is how it is supposed to work – witness my work with Travis Allen in 2019 CAGOP Chair election after trashing his Governor Campaign in 2018, witness that I have helped Dave Gilliard’s interests from time to time for example)

However Tim Clark saw to it that my brother was not hired. He was too much of a coward to tell him, he made one of the other people brought over from the Carson Campaign do it. Within 2 months, everyone brought over from the Carson campaign was fired. This is how Tim Clark rolls. While busy screwing over all the Ben Carson people in his region, he was ignoring volunteers (several of whom told me in spades what Clark did not do), and running the California delegation drill in to the ground. A literal Nazi named William Johnson ended up as a Trump delegate to the RNC. That made headlines.

So Am I surprised that Moorlach and Tim Clark covered up a rape? Nope. Am I surprised that Tim Clark Lied and smeared the Rape Victim? Nope. Am I surprised that Moorlach ignored the Rape Victim when Dick Ackerman called him instead choosing to focus on me? Nope.

The part that makes me the angriest is that Tim Clark plays the Jesus card everywhere while living his life at the lowest common denominator. He was so toxic that he got fired less than a year in to his cush Washington DC Job in the Trump admin because of stuff on his twitter account. This suggests that his colleagues could not stand him in DC (just like most could not in Sacramento) and went to politico to get him lynched. The politico story is still there and I also wrote about it.

Tim Clark is a disaster. He is succeeding in finally destroying John Moolach (with Moorlach’s participation and consent) like he has pretty much everything else he has touched in politics.

TRISH TODD GOT RAPED. They didn’t care.