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Since Mr/Dr/JD/Pope Ken Campbell, just outed himself by defending liberal Democrat Kris Johnson ( , the same Kris Johnson that has consistently tried to take out McClintock, I thought it was time to finally peel back the mask of Mr/Dr/JD/Pope Campbell’s decade-long rage against Uhler. I can’t keep track of Campbell’s titles so I have to use a one-size-fits all approach.

The year was 2002, and things were a mess on the GOP Cent Com (sound familiar?).  Our dearly beloved Mr/Dr/JD/Pope Kenny Campbell, was Chairman of the Placer County Central Committee.  Our Congressman, John Doolittle (the last Congressman who actually gave a damn about Placer County) was worried about the direction of the GOP Cent Com under the leadership of Mr/Dr/JD/Pope Ken Campbell.  Doolittle wanted a Committee that would actually get things done, not just argue over titles and procedures (again, sound familiar?).  He funded a slate of candidates in all five districts, and he wanted Kirk Uhler on it.

Doolittle’s Chief of Staff, Dave Lopez, personally called Uhler to ask him to run.  Uhler, understandably was reluctant.  You see Uhler had already served eight years on the committee, including two terms as Vice Chairman to Bruce Kranz.  However, Kirk Uhler was a team player, and back then when your Congressman called, you answered.

Here is where it got awkward for me.  I was also part of the Doolittle team trying to restore order to the Cent Com, even though I had been left off of the slates they bought.

That said, I was the guy asked to work with Uhler to make the election of Team Doolittle happen. The problem was the last time I had interactions with Uhler, I was working against him in the 1996 race for Assembly.  I was working for Rico Oller against Uhler, and Uhler knew it.

The first time I knocked on Uhler’s door for a meeting, I had no idea what to expect, but I certainly didn’t expect what I got.  I got a warm welcome.  I got a person who was focused on the mission ahead, with no animosity from the past.  I got a professional.

The Doolittle slate succeeded.  We took control of the Central Committee, thanks in large part to Uhler helping us raise the funds for the campaign.

That’s when it got interesting.  You see, Uhler was the guy making the presentations for the Republicans at the High School Voter Outreach Program that Jim McCauley had started.  At the time, Uhler was making almost all of the appearances for the Republicans, from Roseville to Tahoe.  Uhler was literally registering hundreds of high school students every month on behalf of the Republican Party, even though he had no title and wasn’t a part of the “Republican Machine”.  Now, the same Central Committee is trying to unseat him as supervisor.

When he got back on the Committee, Uhler was given access to the “Bounty reports”.  Back then, we actually had elected officials who cared about registering Republicans.  John Doolittle and Tim Leslie would actually give the Committee money for each GOP registration we got.

Ted Gaines used to chip in for bounty until ironically the Committee endorsed McClintock in 2008 over Ose. At that time Roger Niello and Ted Gaines discontinued paying registration bounty. Gaines was upset that the party would dare take sides in a contested primary.

Well, Uhler was personally registering hundreds of high school students every month, but the “bounty report” issued by Mr/Dr/JD/Pope Campbell out didn’t match Uhler’s efforts, so he Uhler asked why.

After an internal investigation, Campbell had to stand before the Committee, put his arm around Uhler, and confess that he was running an unapproved and unauthorized drill with another County to try to milk more money for the voter registrations.  He apologized to Uhler for all of the very bad things he had emailed out about him (sound familiar?), and thanked Uhler for setting the record straight. I was there, I saw it all.

Shortly thereafter, Ken Campbell resigned his position as Chairman of the Placer County Central Committee, because he continued to attack several local electeds publicly. Then his jihad against Uhler began.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Campbell hates Kirk Uhler to this day.

You should also note that Campbell was one of the leaders in the movement to oust John Doolittle a few years later, publicly railing on him for corruption. Congressman Doolittle was exonerated, just like we all knew he would be. Does that sound familiar? It should, because Mr. Campbell has accused Bruce Kranz, Ted Gaines, Tom Hudson, the late Kathy Lund and several others (beyond Mr. Uhler) of corruption.

The moral of the story? For those of you on the Cent Com and others that want to be on it, just remember, you will accomplish nothing but making enemies for life. It isn’t worth it.

The second moral of the story? Never, ever take someone else’s word for the misdeeds of someone unless there is conclusive proof to back it up – this is why I post links to news items and official documents on this blog and on Forcing people to deny the truth backed up with real evidence is the best defense to insanity.

Sac News and Review: GOP Can’t hold it together post Doolittle…

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Feb 032011

I was quoted in this article a couple times. Jason Probst, formerly of the Roseville Press-Tribune wrote this article.

Basically, it highlighted some of the rifts in the local party that have manifest themselves after Doolittle was forced to retire. Interestingly, some of those causing the problems were staunch enemies of Doolittle. (Karen England, Ken Campbell)

I take note of two quotes in this article:

Within the Placer County Republican Central Committee—which is the workhorse of the local Republican party—the hard-right contingent and moderate wing are in open war over the party’s direction and how to approach virtually every task.

Spencer Short – part of the contingent labeled as moderate had the following quote at the end:

“John had a way of bringing people together and working through issues. The central committee has had some issues that haven’t fairly been addressed,” he said. “Those issues need to be critically approached and discussed honestly.”

Interesting, the last year has been a public discussion in local media about said issues. Welcome to politics…

Why The Auburn Journal is a Rag – In Their Own Words

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Dec 212010

It is no secret. Deric Rothe, the flaming liberal editor of the Auburn Journal hates Conservatives and Republicans…

Case and point:

Article One – Tom McClintock Earmarked for Budget, Natural Resources Committee Posts in 2011.

Maybe Rothe’s pet cockroaches were trying to be clever with the title? Tom McClintock has famously signed the no new earmarks pledge – something Rothe and his crew have used repeatedly to get Scott Yuill, Rocky Rockholm and others in hot water with over the last two years.

Why? Because McClintock is regarded as someone who does not bring home the pork barrell spending within the district. Now, they turn the tables and use Earmark and McClintock in the same line… for search engines?

Article Number 2: Bag on Brian Jagger some more. In the process – try to tie Jagger’s maladies to Kirk Uhler and POOF guess who the Rothe’s Pet Cockroaches called this time?

Marlene George – queen of the Granite Bay NIMBY’s against Kirk Uhler. To Marlene’s credit – she did not take the bait thrown out by the AJ.

They could have called a number of people for balance, but this is the same paper that refused to correct a baltant lie about solar power contracts that were given to a company with a similar name – that was not owned by Uhler and Weygandt’s Brother.

Two-Plus years that lie has been allowed to stand. But, as I have written before – Deric Rothe is a convicted Cocaine Dealer who came to Placer County to find a soft-touch judge that restored his civil rights.

If Rothe started practicing journalism and stopped trying to destroy people with his newspaper – maybe I’d stop telling people about his felony conviction. Which, by the way Brian Jagger, Kirk Uhler and John Doolittle do not have – only Rothe.

CA SD-01 Update- Doolittle Exhonerated / Rangel Indicted – Political Irony

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Aug 022010

… and a major headache for one Assemblyman and state Seante Candidate Ted Gaines.

John Doolittle. Congressman – whose penchant for earmarking was fine for 16 years until a few folks with a personal axe to grind made an issue of it.

John Doolittle – someone reputed to be isolated, aloof, with few friends. At least if you listen to people who don’t like him.

John Doolittle – innocent man, but in the world of politics, when someone close to you is crooked – an opportunist can come in and make an issue of it to smear you. Remember, Jack Abramoff who was convicted of corruption and spent time in Federal Prison? Jack raised and donated to John Doolittle – therefore John Doolittle was corrupt, right?

Ted Gaines was one of those who capatalized on this weakness of John Doolittle, so did another Republican candidate who does not even live here anymore. (Most of his major supporters have moved on to the Tea Parties or out of the County now.)

Ted Gaines? His political career was practically launched by John Doolittle from his early days in local government he enjoyed the support of the Doolittle machine.

The opportunist on the Dem side was an empty Military Uniform named Charlie Brown. He ran against Doolittle in 2006 – losing by only 3% and he came within 1700 votes of Tom McClintock who stepped in after Gaines and company forced a badly damaged John Doolittle to retire.

(we know the story about the $8 million beating put on McClintock in the primary – so I won’t repeat it)

Now Charlie Brown was appointed by Obama to ruin our military in some job in the pentagon.

Here’s the irony. John Doolittle has been absolved, acquitted and basically found innocent by virtue of the arrogant jerks in the Justice department saying after 6+ years and bankrupting John Doolittle personally that they are not pursuing their investigation any longer.

However, Charlie Rangel (who was one of Charlie Brown’s biggest boosters) – who also raised money for and donated to Charlie Brown just got indicted on 13 counts by the house ethics committee.

For the benefit of those with axes to grind or personal agendas against John Doolittle – the final indictment score is Rangel 13, John Doolittle 0.

Imagine if Charlie Brown had beaten Tom McClintock? (this blogger and others would be having a field day right now)

Further Irony – a now exhonerated and restored John Doolittle is supporting Roger Niello for office over former nemises Ted Gaines and Charlie Brown is sitting in the Pentagon happy right about now that he is not in office.

Will this affect the SD-01 Race?


Breaking News! Congressman Doolittle Exhonerated

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Jun 112010

The 7 year lynch mob has found no evidence to pursue a prosecution of John Doolittle.

In the process – John Doolittle has spent everything he has defending himself, political opportunists piled on him, all the while, those of us that knew him well knew he was an honest man.

The story about John Doolittle.

Similar to  most political accusations – the Dem Cent Com Chairman is quoted as being sorry the investigation didn’t yield any fruit.

Let this be a lesson to those in politics about accusations and how you handle them. Some will never listen to or pay attention to the truth.

Neither did the Justice Department – they waited until they destroyed the man.