Jul 282021

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This story came to me by way of a CRA activist in Palos Verdes.


There are three prominent reasons why the CRNC has been failing college students across the country and its core values. 

Primarily, the CRNC has engaged in corrupt behavior and has punished those who voiced concern. The leadership of CRNC has allowed this to happen for years without any steps to address clear internal issues. They even used under-handed tactics to defederate the pro-Trump California College Republicans (CCR) in support of a Never-Trumper group, California Federation of College Republicans (CFCR). To top it off, Chandler even hid finances from his own appointed treasurer-Chandler is the only name listed on the IRS filings for several years.

The CRNC has a long history of mismanaging money, and has even paid executives high salaries and even additional funds for unclear reasons. In addition, there has not been a single year where the CRNC has been profitable. The CRNC has always spent more money than it has received, while paying ridiculous fees for consulting and other issues. 

Lastly, the CRNC has leadership that runs counter to America First. The CRNC has sided with groups with concerning beliefs. From being Never-Trumpers to supporting The Lincoln Project, there is no clear sense of leadership even representing the interests of the GOP. The CRNC has morphed into an organization that doesn’t reflect values that conservatives hold.

Some time ago, Jessica Patterson abused the resources of the CAGOP to crow about a resolution to the issues between the two College Republican Groups. Well, apparently there is more to the story.

Some of Jessica Patterson’s buddies at the CSU Long Beach CR let the cat out of the bag

The article talks extensively about how the CCR (Cal College Republicans) was torched, while their charter was handed to the other CR group in California. If it was an isolated issue it would be easy to explain, but jut recently the leadership also took out the Louisiana CR organization as well.

If you take the time to look at the document you will see the clear biases of the current leadership of the national college republicans. These were the people Jessica Patterson threw in with when she and her consultant handlers ran the CCR out of the CAGOP’s list of chartered organizations.

It makes you wonder.

Jul 092021

Get to know these names: Jessica Patterson CAGOP Empress. David Stafford Reade: Jessica’s Campaign Manager / Faulconer Grassroots Director. Jeff Randle: Consultant and Power Broker. Tom Ross: Team California Director. Howard Hakes: New Majority Director. Andy Garakhani / Gimmecandy: Consultant, Swamp Dweller, Faulconer Staffer

These are just some of the luminaries I refer to in the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. They are all fully invested in Kevin Faulconer and controlling the CAGOP.

So – let me take the latest email from the CAGOP and add the critical details and edits:

Dear (idiot delegate that we are going to roll),

The California Republican Party’s focus on recalling Governor Newsom (and electing Kevin Faulconer) is stronger than ever.  As I’m sure you’re aware, our bylaws currently do not outline how we can endorse a candidate in a recall election for a statewide office.  A bylaw proposal was recently submitted that recommends a process for endorsement in a recall election.  I believe it is important to consider this proposal as soon as possible so that we, as California Republicans, can support a candidate for Governor in the September 14 recall election and continue our work to defeat the Democrats and Gavin Newsom.

We have received questions about the process of considering this bylaw proposal, so I want to outline the details and encourage your support and involvement.

Bylaw Proposal: 
The bylaw proposal regarding an endorsement for a statewide office in a recall election was received on June 11, 2021, and is currently available for your review HERE.  A meeting of the Executive Committee has been called in order to take action on the potential recommendation to be made by the Rules Committee.
Blogger’s Note: OC GOP Chairman, Fred Whitaker, who I have hammered for the last two years for rigging endorsements in Orange County and his indifference to the rape victim of Bill Brough – submitted the By-Law Change at 5:07PM on 6-11-2021 right after the staff had left for the weekend. 

The Rules Committee will meet via Zoom on Friday, July 23, at 12:00 PM. 
The Rules Committee will discuss the four bylaw proposals received by the deadline of at least 40 days prior to the meeting or Convention of the Committee. The Rules Committee will produce recommendations via their Rules Report, which will be taken up at the Executive Committee meeting. Delegates are welcome to view the meeting of the Rules Committee.  You can register to attend the Zoom webinar of the Rules Committee at this link
Blogger’s Note: NO COMMENTS ALLOWED. Half the Executive Committee is appointed by the Chair meaning they were pre-selected for loyalty and compliance with the regime.
Note there are 4 by-law proposals. One of the proposals was sat on since February. ON 6-14-2021 at 1:30PM Jessica Patterson forwarded the three by-law proposals she had been sitting on, along with the Whitaker 50% vote endorsement by-law to SELECT MEMBERS of the rules committee. (not the whole committee)
UPDATE – The Chair is supposed to forward every submitted by-law proposal to the rules committee within 3 days of receipt. Looks like in 3 out of the four cases, she violated the bylaws. It is clear that the corrupt leadership of the CAGOP do not fear being sued for the grotesque, repeated and systematic violations of the by-laws.

Executive Committee Meeting:
The CAGOP bylaws grant the Executive Committee all powers and duties of the committee as provided by law.  Typically, bylaw changes are voted on by delegates and made at our conventions.  Since our next Convention is September 24 – 26, this is too late to take action on a bylaw change that would allow us to endorse a candidate before the September 14 recall election.  I decided to call a meeting of the Executive Committee for this reason.
Blogger’s Note: Jessica Patterson sent out the call for the Executive Committee Meeting at 11:26PM 6-14-2021 for a date of 7-24-2021 MEANING RECIPIENTS ONLY HAD 34 MINUTES TO CONTEST THE CALL OR ADD TO THE AGENDA. The meeting was called with 40 days and 34 minutes notice, this is a typical David Stafford Reade maneuver. He is a pro at manipulating organizational endorsements and by-laws. 

The Executive Committee will only act on the recommendation of the Rules Committee regarding the bylaw proposal.  The Executive Committee will NOT endorse a candidate.  It is critical that all delegates have the opportunity to endorse whichever candidate they choose.
Blogger’s Note – this is a deceptive lie. The purpose of the executive committee action is to reduce the threshold to 50%+1 so the consultants and staff masquerading as party activists have the majority needed to endorse Kevin Faulconer.

The Executive Committee will meet in person on Saturday, July 24 at 12:00 PM at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott.  Delegates are welcome to attend in person or view the meeting via Zoom webinar.  To attend in person, please email crytothefbi@cagop.org to RSVP. If you would like to attend the Zoom webinar, you can register at this link.

Endorsement – What happens next? (Aka how we jam down the endorsement of Kevin Faulconer)

If the Rules Committee makes a recommendation to adopt the bylaw proposal to endorse a candidate in the recall election of a statewide office and the Executive Committee then votes to adopt the bylaw proposal, it will then be time for the Gubernatorial candidates to get to work on earning your endorsement.  A procedure for endorsement will be provided to the candidates and delegates, and a special meeting of the delegates will take place on August 7, 2021 at 10:00AM.  This meeting will be held via Zoom, and voting will be conducted electronically.  Information on how to register for this meeting will be available soon.  The only item on the agenda of this meeting is whether or not the Committee shall endorse a candidate to replace Gavin Newsom as Governor in the September 14, 2021 recall election.

Please note:
  • If this special endorsement meeting occurs, it does not replace our Fall 2021 Convention (September 24 – 26 in San Diego).
  • Only delegates who have paid their CAGOP delegate dues for the 2021/2022 term will be eligible to vote at the endorsement meeting.
  • Fred Whitaker’s By-Law Amendment also requires the would be endorsee to gather 200 delegate signatures to even be eligible for the endorsement! Given that there are only 1416 delegates and no more than 1150 participate in any given convention, the consultant class would eliminate almost every candidate from contention making it easier for us to endorse Kevin Faulconer! 

I hope this information bullshit smokescreen helps in your planning on how you will be involved in the vital business of our party and ultimately recalling Gavin Newsom.  Throughout this process our team has maintained an open line of communication with the Gubernatorial campaigns consultant class and Faulconer campaign and we will continue to do so. If the bylaw proposal to allow the CAGOP to endorse in the recall election passes, we will provide the campaigns with any and all information on the endorsement process. Our staff is available to answer any questions the campaigns or delegates may have. Please address all questions to COO/Executive Director, Bryan Watkins, and/or Operations Director, Danielle Cullum, at crytothefbi@cagop.org or 916-448-9496.

I look forward to seeing you at these upcoming meetings!
P.S. Please note that half the CAGOP’s staff has ties to Kevin Faulconer.
Feb 202021
From Carl Brickey:
CRP Interim Director Sarah Nelson and CRP Operations Director Danielle Cullum are either incompetent or they intentionally mislead me.
Nelson and Cullum were copied on every challenge and Nelson specifically stated in the email below that these challenges are properly addressed to the Proxies & Credentials Committee.  The challenges were submitted to the Proxies and Credentials Committee because I was told to send them there.
The CRP staff and Proxies & Credentials Committee Chair Patricia Welch have been in possession of these challenges for several days and could have sent them to the Rules Committee themselves or told me to send them to the Rules Committee.
This is an entirely corrupt process and so are the individuals involved.
Carl Brickey

From: Sarah Nelson <snelson@cagop.org>
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2021 3:11 PM
To: Carl Brickey <cbrickey@outlook.com>
Cc: Danielle Cullum <dcullum@cagop.org>; Patricia Welch <patriciawelch@mindspring.com>; Aaron Park <aaronfpark71@yahoo.com>; atitus@bhmlaw.com <atitus@bhmlaw.com>; ashlee@bhmlaw.com <ashlee@bhmlaw.com>
Subject: Re: Challenging Regular Delegate Status of Linda Alston

Your email has been received. If you believe that Mr. Holtsclaw and Ms. Alston are not properly seated as delegates, you may address your concerns to the Proxies & Credentials committee.
Thank you.


On Feb 14, 2021, at 10:49 PM, Carl Brickey <cbrickey@outlook.com> wrote:


Please see attached letter challenging the regular delegate status of Linda Alston.
Carl Brickey
Appointed Delegate, California Republican Party (2021-2022)

<Tehama County Challenge 02.14.2021.pdf>

Feb 202021

Blogger’s Note: Scott Winn and Corey Uhden turned in 300 Proxies at the CAGOP Convention. Both were voting on accepting proxies at the meeting. Both were paid to gather proxies. Cozy.

The CAGOP Proxies and Credentials Committee met.

The Chairwoman, likely on the advice of David Stafford Reade added six members to the committee. The composition of the members was as deliberate as the rules committee.

Notable members are Scott Winn, Corey Uhden and Jason Scalese. They all work together. Udhen and Winn are out in the public Trump Haters who advocated for Impeachment. Winn orchestrated the lynching of Ted Howze.

Jessica Patterson also put Michael Holdsclaw – the “Chair” of Tehama on the committee whose Central Committee did not meet and did not organize.

In addition Mandy Edson, a delegate from the fake Yuba GOP whose husband Ryan Edson is the chair of the fake Glenn GOP.

There are two other members whose status was also challenged.

See how that works?

What the lawyers that run the CAGOP did in order to avoid dealing with the problem and to seal the fraud is said the complaints should have been sent to the rules committee. No one told us beforehand, in fact Sarah Nelson who called the FBI on me told Carl Brickey to send them to proxies and credentials. Once again the Staff of the CAGOP stuck their finger on the scale in order to manipulate the outcome. Click here to see the CAGOP Staff in action participating in the cover up.

Meantime, the Proxies and Credentials Committee has more conflicts of interest than Tom Ross.

In the meeting they admitted several violations of CAGOP By-Laws and State Election Law and then did nothing about it.

The staff of the CAGOP admitted in the public forum that they neither follow up nor verify submissions from counties – as in they just take their word for it.

The CAGOP is corrupt and needs to be cleaned up big time.

BTW – if we’d have sent the complaints to the rules committee, they’d have said we were supposed to send them to the Proxies and Credentials Committee.


They are now cheating.

The Proxies and Credentials Committee just allowed proxies with no dates, Cross-Outs, and one with a forward date according to people watching the meeting.

It finally took the humiliating duplication of Kevin McCarthy’s proxy to stop some of the corruption.

When Kevin McCarthy’s proxy came up with duplication, that finally stopped the democrat party tactics of count every ballot regardless of the rules.

Three proxies with scratched out dates were allowed, all three were Jessica Patterson votes. Speaking of rigging the system. And, they keep going back and forth.

The CAGOP Staff are the same people that called the FBI on me.

UPDATE 2: They have admitted about 10 proxies with clear rules violations.

UPDATE 3: They are targeting Steve Frank proxies, they threw out Mark Gilham’s Proxy because Gilham’s pen ran out of ink and he signed a second time. But, they have allowed Patterson proxies missing dates, with scratchouts, etc.

UPDATE 4: scratched out names allowed. Multiple people texting me about graphic bias in favor of Jessica Patterson supporters.

UPDATE 5: just accepted a proxy from a patterson supporter who did not know their own address

Feb 192021

NOTE: The CAGOP Election vendor is now admitting that people can register for the convention and then foward their secret link to others in order to vote it. This confirms what I wrote yesterday about how the consultants will rig the election and further violate the CAGOP’s By-Laws.

Well, here you go. Similar to some of the groups that endorsed Jessica without inviting Steve to speak or compete for the endorsement, we have received word from several people inside LA County as follows:

Aaron, I must remain anonymous, but this

“Endorsement” is quite concerning to me. According to my recollection, the LAGOP Central Committee NEVER held an endorsement vote. How do endorsements happen? Unless the Executive Comm has the right to endorse without the knowledge of the Committee at large, I don’t know how this is legitimate.
Your recent column indicates you have the Minutes of LAGOP meetings. Perhaps I missed something.
You may contact me but PLEASE do not disclose my name m
I left the typos in the email on purpose so you’d see it is authentic.
I also have Rick Marshall who has video of the meetings, and three other delegates from LA County who have told me that the LAGOP did not elect the 12 empty district nominees, nor did they have a vote to endorse Jessica Patterson either.
It is clear that the consultants are flaunting the CRP’s By-Laws and daring anyone out there to do anything about it.
I am being told by insiders that the CAGOP’s staff and others are trying to figure out how to deny all of the complaints about election fraud. I am also sure that the control agents are also attempting to cover their tracks as well.