Oct 262022

Did Mr. Anti-Government Jeff take gifts from people? (Let alone being over the limit)

Jeff Hewitt has some ‘splainin’ to do. And, we are not talking about the 50 liens and the slew of lawsuits he has been in.

This guy has had nothing but trouble with the FPPC – the campaign finance regulators – because he refuses to file his paperwork. Hey, that sounds a lot like his “successful” business! Worse, he has also been lit up for flaunting the rules as well!

The FPPC fined Hewitt $1,111 for failing to report large contributions as required by law. This occurred on five separate occasions. FPPC Case # 17/00038  Total Penalty: $1,111  Respondent: Jeff Hewitt for State Senate #23 2014; Jeffrey F. Hewitt; David Castaldo, Treasurer Govt Code Section Violated: 84203 (5 separate 24-hour report violations)
FPPC fined Hewitt $4,923 for failing to file required campaign reports and failing to during 24-hour period. Hired Ashlee Titus at Bell McAndrews, Hiltachk. FPPC Case # 2018-000248.  Respondents: Jeff Hewitt for Assembly District 42 2016, Jeff Hewitt, David Castalado, and Wendy Hewitt.
Your intrepid blogger expects more FPPC complaints are to be expected as a result of Hewitt’s failure to file all $1,000 checks or more within 10 days of receipt last year (dozens).
Currently, five formal complaints have been filed with the FPPC against Jeff Hewitt between 2017-2021. As a result, three separate investigations are currently underway. The two other complaints did not result in new investigations, but were added to the current investigations.
Of the five complaints/investigations:
  • two were initiated directly by the FPPC;
  • one was initiated by the Secretary of State;
  • two were initiated by the Franchise Tax Board;
  • BONUS one complaint for violating anti-corruption statutes was initiated by a private party
Another BONUS: Jeff Hewitt also got a warning letter over his conduct from his governor campaign in the failed California Recall of 2021. Hewitt failed to file his form 700 statement of economic interests for his Governor campaign – speaking of transparency.
The five complaints and the three open investigations are listed below.
Jeff Hewitt: 2 pending lawsuits, 5 pending FPPC Cases, 1 Pending Anti-Corruption Case, and 2 liens since being elected. What the hell else is there that we don’t know about yet?
To be continued…
Oct 242022

So, we know that Hewitt was not simply pandering when he did the LaRaza salute to the Mexican National Anthem at an event

At our Southern border, government agents have committed acts of cruelty that shock the conscience in pursuit of the counterproductive and futile goal of controlling the free movement of people. America’s immigration bureaucracy has become an authoritarian monstrosity, aimed not just outward at would-be immigrants but also inward at American citizens. The prohibition of immigration requires an extensive apparatus for mass surveillance and government intrusion into our daily interactions. Libertarians say: The United States should welcome immigrants.”
Let those comments sink in and if you want to experience them in context, see Hewitt speaking to the Libertarian National Convention, and these are around 5:15-5:20 point. https://www.lp.org/sotu2019/
Hewitt should be endorsed by the far left with these comments as they sound like anything AOC, Tlaib or Omar would say. The man literally accused ICE of Cruelty and called then a tool of authoritarian monstrosity!
His insane and irresponsible comments give us even more context for his votes to defund police and fire in Riverside County. Libertarian Anarchy.
The board also allocated $2.5 million for temporary firefighter staffing, something sought by Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, who warned that major wildfires can leave fire stations empty for extended periods. (Riverside Press Enterprise, 6/17/21).  The Riverside County Fire Department will receive $2.5 million more for “surge staffing,” or the ability to have extra personnel available for dispatch to locations countywide during wildfire season.
Open Borders Hewitt opposed funding wildfire staffing for Riverside County. Was this part of the “authoritarian monstrosity” too?
Money to bolster public safety in unincorporated areas and to add seasonal firefighters to help wildfire-strained stations is among $16.9 million in changes to Riverside County’s $6.9 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday greenlighted the changes in a 4-1 vote, with Supervisor Jeff Hewitt voting no after his colleagues rejected his proposal to allocate $10 million toward the county’s $3.6 billion pension debt. (PE, 6/17/21)
We wrote about this before, but Open Borders Hewitt opposed adding police officers to unincorporated areas (speaking of immigration smuggling and human trafficking) as well.
Given that Jeff Hewitt has 50 known Liens, a host of regulatory fines, a bunch of lawsuit judgements (above the two current lawsuits against him) and has even been liened twice since taking office – his opposition to anything resembling law enforcement makes perfect sense.
This guy is to the left of everyone in Riverside County on matters of law enforcement and needs to be canned from office post-haste.
Oct 212022

We’ve written several facts about the highest ranking losertarian in America, Jeff Hewitt.

We know that Jeff Hewitt’s business produced little or no income for him from 2016 – 2018 as proven by welfare payments known as the Earned Income Credit were reported on two of his tax returns.

We also know that Hewitt has been liened 50 times by various government agencies for not paying his bills.

It appears that Hewitt really needed a good job. Why not suck off of the government teet? He already gave it a trial run with the welfare payments he took. (What a small-government libertarian he is!)

Hewitt is here in a nice video with Libertarian idiot Adam Kokesh who likes to walk around Washington DC with guns in his possession. (Then that nimrod wonders why he gets arrested and tossed in jail) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyZ5ZPvHA0k

At the 6:40 mark, Hewitt unloads a Biden-esque whopper, “I can mess up government on a bigger scale”. (kinda like champagne pools and his personal finances?)

“I will save us hundreds of millions a year with one simple moral act: I will take full responsibility for my decisions. – Jeff Hewitt

Before Jeff Hewitt was sworn in as a supervisor, he made a public pledge that he would not accept a scheduled pay raise upon taking office. He took it anyhow.  About a year later, when it was publicly revealed that he had taken the raise, Hewitt feigned surprise, claiming that the county checks are too complicated for him to understand. (Spoken like a successful businessman, huh?)

Once people tried to make him take full responsibility for his decision – Hewitt then claimed that he works really hard for his salary and that deserves it and that he needs the extra $20,000 to be able to feed his family. He also told the press that being a county supervisor is a full time job, and it prevents him from earning additional outside income.

While Jeff Hewitt was right for the wrong reasons on opposing pay raises for union workers in Riverside County, there are the following facts:

During the same first six months he was in office, Jeff Hewitt voted against every public employee contract, claiming that the county couldn’t afford to pay the low wage workers a COLA much smaller that what he was taking for himself…

Hewitt continued opposing small salary increases for other county workers, saying he can’t support any pay increases without the employees paying more toward their pensions.

Hewitt did not impose this same increased pension cost standard on himself.

Don’t forget the value of Hewitt’s benefits alone are about $27,000 a year!

Now, take a look at Hewitt’s 2019 and 2020 tax returns when compared to the 2016-2018 returns (where Hewitt received welfare for his lack of income). In 2019 and 2020, Hewitt was getting his gigantic County Supervisor Salary…

Total Income $184,846
Taxable Income $156,990
Total Fed Tax paid $24,118
Total Income $175,794
Taxable Income $150,094
Total Fed Tax paid $22,738
Total Income $59,947
Taxable Income $27,957
Total Fed Tax paid $962
Total Income $30,655
Taxable Income $4,733
Total Fed Tax paid -$1,264
Total Income $29,430
Taxable Income $1,588
Total Fed Tax paid -$122
In 2019, Hewitt’s Supervisor Salary was more than his 2016-2018 total income combined. Yet Hewitt claimed, “he needs the extra $20,000 to be able to feed his family.” In 2016, $29000 seemed to do the job nicely.
Also note that whist making the six-figure salary from the County, Hewitt was liened twice for not paying his bills!
Supervisor Jeff Hewitt, who makes $171,066, said being a supervisor shouldn’t be a job for people who are retired or well-off. “I think this brings in a more diverse group (old, retired white guys?) that allows either younger people or people that haven’t had … either luck or a lot more opportunity in their life to make a lot of money” to become a supervisor, he said. “I know that this is a full-time job. It doesn’t give me the opportunity to go out and make any other money, whether I do things right or wrong.” Allowing supervisors to set their pay could cause a scenario in which “lame-duck supervisors …vote ourselves a 300% (pay) increase and there’s nothing anybody can do about it,” See article here
In the words of Jeff Hewitt – allow us automatic raises or we will increase our pay 300%. He also says Pay Raises contribute to diversity. That is positively woke.
Any reasonable person seeing the above will conclude that this is the best job Hewitt has ever had and he loves getting more money from the government (that he rails against). This is typical libertarian hypocrisy in practice.
P.S. has the $171K salary of Hewitt’s been used to pay off any of those liens? P.S. those pay raises he allegedly turned down, did he refund them to the county?
Oct 142022

Corey Jackson is the Dem nominee for AD 60 – he’s part of the CA Working Families Party “squad” political director for the Inland Empire NAACP, and chair of the CA DEM African American Caucus. Hewitt’s opponent opposed Corey every time he ran for office because he’s so far out there.

(Former) Council member Jempson is a twice-convicted felon. Hewitt’s opponent helped get her removed from the council.

What fascinating featured endorsements. Given what we’ve demonstrated about Jeff Hewitt’s judgment, it is no surprise he gravitates towards train-wrecks.

We further note that it is hilarious that Hewitt is making an issue about repealing the conflict of interest laws.  They were unconstitutional and were later replaced with something legal.
In Hewitt’s case, he doesn’t follow the existing county or state conflict of interest laws and is under investigation for his violations as we will be covering shortly.
Oct 142022

Jeff Hewitt is lying about Champagne Pools. He owns the failure of that company 100% and the fraud and indemnity lawsuits are going to land in his lap regardless of his dishonest defense.

What the readers of Right on Daily know is that your intrepid blogger has a day job – I sell insurance including to contractors and have done so since getting a property and casualty license in 1999. (In 1997 I was life and health licensed) I know a few things about Contractor’s Licenses and Insurance issues.

If you want the best in insurance, I am your man.

The California Contractor’s License Board is a wealth of information and has helped me piece together the disaster that has been Jeff Hewitt’s business. Let’s start with the homepage which shows the license as expired: (It is actually revoked for a minimum of 4 years, see the order here effective 10-14-2022) :

  • Before the license can be renewed active or reactivated, the corporation’s status at the Secretary of State’s Office must be returned to active.
  • The license will need a contractors bond to renew active or reactivate.
  • The license will need to replace the qualifying person to renew active or reactivate.
  • The license will need to meet the workers compensation requirements to renew active or reactivate.
    Disciplinary action is pending against this licensee in the form of an accusation. For further information, please call the Case Management Office @ (916) 255-4041

The item in bold is the biggest deal. The other things mean the following, Jeff Hewitt lapsed his license Bond (more on that in a bit), his worker’s comp and the corporation itself is expired with the SOS office. The disciplinary action is a given with the pending lawsuits and complaints against Hewitt.

The item in bold nails Jeff Hewitt to the wall – the State of California is holding Jeff responsible for every bad thing that has happened with Champagne Pools. They have said that Jeff Hewitt can not re-start the license, it will have to be someone different regardless of weather they renew with the SOS and renew their lapsed insurance policies.

See the below violations that caused Hewitt’s license to get revoked:

When I look at other information on Hewitt’s company, I see that he lapsed his worker’s comp in 2018 causing a license suspension back then. This is before he allegedly turned over the flailing business to his son.

The Bond is the second piece that is really easy to understand.

In a future post, we are going to talk about all the lawsuits Jeff Hewitt has lost. Suffice to say two of them are against Champagne Pools going back years. The CSLB website shows that Hewitt posted cash in lieu of a bond. This is highly unusual to tie up $10,000 – $15,000 for years to maintain a license. (The bond amount was raised twice by the legislature in the last 15 years) This suggests that Jeff Hewitt was un-bondable for many years in the past.

Hewitt’s last bond was revoked on 3-5-2021 by Navigators Insurance Company. Navigators is typically a high-risk carrier that is used by brokers like me for tough to place risks. Why did Hewitt have to use Navigators for his last bond? Likely because of claims and risk exposure. In this case, Navigators is also a plaintiff against Hewitt:

Hewitt Sued for Indemnity
Court: Riverside Superior Court
Parties: Navigators Insurance Co v Champagne Pools, Taylor Hewitt, Jeff Hewitt
Filed: February 19, 2021
Case# CVRI2100896
Complaints: Indemnity – Jeff Hewitt was still listed on the board of directors paperwork.
AS the “RME” on the contractor’s license, Jeff Hewitt has to be the person signing the bond application. There are only two reasons a bond insurance carrier would sue someone – 1) they lied on their app or 2) they committed an illegal act causing the bond to pay out.
Based on my knowledge of the insurance industry, it is clear that Navigators paid out $15,000 to someone who complained to the Contractor’s Board and they are now suing Hewitt to get their money back.
Please note – there are also 5 pending complaints against Hewitt with the Contractor’s State License Board.
Given the above facts, Jeff Hewitt is lying when he says he did not know. The insurance carriers and the contractor’s license board would have contacted him dozens of times over all of this stuff and more related to the pool business. It makes sense why Hewitt is a Libertarian who hates government, he can’t stay out of trouble with the government…