Apr 242020

The Sacramento Bee covered a lawsuit filed by Harmeet Dhillon and the Center for American Liberty against Gavin Newsom over giving out welfare checks to illegal aliens.

“We are a nation of laws and California perhaps its own ‘nation-state’ of laws as Governor Newsom might say, but regardless of Governor Newsom’s noble intentions, he may not grant unemployment benefits or other cash benefits contrary to the law,” the petition reads in part.

Dhillon in a statement said that state money intended to address the coronavirus emergency is not “a slush fund for the governor to spend as he sees fit.”

“Governor Newsom is ignoring the proper, and constitutional, channel to appropriate funds. At a time when law-abiding Californians are crushed by unemployment, housing issues, business closures, and massive limitations on our normal lives, Governor Newsom is doing an end-run around the legal guardrails in place,” Dhillon said.

The two plaintiffs in the case are Republican Nominees for Assembly. Ricardo Benitez for Assembly has a Facebook Page you can visit to show support. Jessica Martinez for Assembly has a website and you can donate to her campaign using this page. My research has indicated that not a single incumbent Republican legislator would sign on to this lawsuit, but these two brave LEGAL immigrant Republican candidates did. (More of that re-framing the message?) Given what happened in the AD73 Race, I can not say I am surprised by this at all.

The Center for American Liberty was founded by Harmeet Dhillon in order to defend the rule of law and the rights of Conservatives being victimized in leftist jurisdictions that allow ANTIFA and other groups to commit crime unabated.

On April 13, 2020, Dhillon Law Group, in conjunction with the Center for American Liberty, filed a First Amendment lawsuit in Federal Court challenging the Governor’s criminalization of the free exercise of religion. The following day, a preliminary injunction seeking immediate relief for our clients was also filed. Dhillon Law Group represents two pastors in Riverside County, one pastor in San Bernardino County, and one church member in San Bernardino County.

“The restrictions placed upon our clients are completely discriminatory and arbitrary,” said Harmeet Dhillon, Chief Executive Officer for the Center for American Liberty. “The Constitution doesn’t allow for state officials to treat churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples as second-class ‘non-essential’ organizations.”

“Marijuana dispensaries, liquor stores, fast food restaurants, laundromats, and numerous other businesses are allowed to operate provided social distancing standards are satisfied. The same should be true of houses of worship,” said Dhillon.

“Without immediate judicial intervention, our clients will suffer irreparable harm,” concluded Dhillon.

The Center for American Liberty defends religious freedom against social engineering disguised as stay-at-home orders amidst COVID.

They are also working on the case of Andy Ngo who was brutally assaulted by ANTIFA in Portland. The Mayor of Portland and the local DA are both avowed socialists and have allowed ANTIFA to assault multiple people without legal recourse.

If you care about defending Religious Liberty, the First Amendment and the rule of law – please take a look at the Center for American Liberty and make a donation to fund their efforts. This is not some PAC sending mass emails, this money actually goes straight to fighting court cases. Please donate by using this link.

Mar 072016
152c8ee1-8039-47bb-b528-914037345941PRESS RELEASE
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, March 7, 2016
The Harmeet K. Dhillon for RNC National Committeewoman campaign continues to gain key endorsements from across California. Over the weekend, Congressman David Valadao, State Senator Andy Vidak, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, Assemblyman Brian Jones, and Assemblyman Jim Patterson all endorsed Dhillon.

“The outpouring of support from our Party leaders is truly humbling, and I am grateful for the support and trust these leaders have placed in me to represent California at the RNC,” Dhillon said. “Each day that I serve as our Committeewoman, I will always focus on what our candidates and volunteers need to fight for our principles and win elections.”

These recent endorsements add to an impressive list of support Dhillon has already received from elected officials and grassroots leaders from across the state, reinforcing the campaign’s statewide strategy.

This weekend, Dhillon walked precincts with dedicated volunteers to support Clint Olivier, running for the 31st Assembly District special election on April 5th. “We all need to do our part helping our candidates, and by working closely together we will change the direction of California,” Dhillon said.

Harmeet K. Dhillon was elected as the first woman Vice Chairman in California Republican Party history, and two years later, was unanimously re-elected to the same position without opposition. Working closely with Chairman Jim Brulte and the Board of Directors, Dhillon has played an instrumental role in the top-to-bottom restructuring of the California Republican Party.

The election for RNC National Committeewoman and Committeeman takes place at theupcoming CRP Convention in Burlingame on April 29th  through May 1st.

Oct 302013

( Aaron F Park is the author of this post )

We don’t have a problem with blowing up Charles Munger. He is a liberal Republican. At least his actions say as such – he tried to re-engineer the CRP Platform in 2011 and even paid for a proxy drill to try and make it happen. He dropped $45k in to our Cent Com Race in Placer, specifically against Placer CRA Members running for Cent Com.

He spent wads picking winners in R vs R races all over the state – we’ve been over that ad-naseum.

However, the Munger Games site is wrong. And, Mike Schroeder’s comparing the anonymous authors of the Munger Games vis-a-vis himself to the founding fathers is grounds for a padded cell and fingerpaints.

The SF Chron did an article.

In the article, they quoted Jon Fleischman and Mike Schroeder and at the same time they outed Schroeder as the author of the Munger Games Blog. This is significant – Schroeder is a past Chair of the CA GOP and he is attacking the sitting Vice Chair and the Parties’ major donor.

We would like to call BS on the following comment by Schroeder: In an interview, Schroeder said, “Munger is a thin-skinned guy. He doesn’t like that the Munger Games is criticizing him, so he wants to use his wealth to attack anyone who does that.”

Please note that Aaron F Park spoke to Mr. Munger for about 30 minutes at the just concluded CRP Convention. Munger was far from thin-skinned, and in our opinion appreciated the conversation. Hopefully, it will be the first of many in an attempt to find common ground.

Munger has also told many people that he is not going in to R vs R races anymore.

The issue, as clearly stated by many is the anonymous nature of the attacks. The Munger Games emails / blog have libeled Harmeet Dhillon and have also attacked the CRA. There is no accountability when you’re anonymous – and Mike Schroeder knows this.

However, the shroud of anonymity has been lifted by the SF Chron and Schroeder’s non-answer sets himself on fire.

I will conclude by quoting the Executive Director of the Non-Profit First Amendment Foundation:

I support anonymous speech when it is necessary, but here these are not defenseless people,” Scheer said. “It’s not like this is Iran or China.”

Anonymous criticism has its value, Scheer said. “But your arguments have more value when you can put a name to them.”

Jon Fleischman risks further marginalizing himself by defending the anonymous attacks – he should follow up his public call on Harmeet Dhillon to drop her suit with a call for his friend Mike Schroeder to tell the truth about his involvement in the Munger Games. (This should be much easier now that the SF Chron has outed Schroeder)

Meantime – we reserve the right to kick Charles Munger’s a– when he deserves it, and we will continue signing our names to it.

Feb 122013

It looks like Rodney Stanhope is on tilt. He has engaged some Tea Party members in anonymous and not anonymous email attacks against Harmeet Dhillon.

A lot of stuff has been forwarded about Rodney Stanhope – sued for paternity twice, complaints for harassment, a child support hearing and a bad check complaint.

It seems those supporting Rodney are tone-deaf to what the media would do if they found out about Mr. Stanhope’s history – including getting canned from multiple campaigns.

But – let’s stop it all, Maybe Mr. Stanhope can come clean about everything. Apparently, Rodney has explanations for everything that is known thus far… let’s hear them and post them here.

Then – next we are particularly interested in Mr. Stanhope’s position on Women’s issues, including Violence Against Women, Single-Mother Households and what he could do for the California Republican Party to reach out to female voters.

This election is about the future of the California Republican Party and we are listening to Mr. Stanhope – come clean, right here and let the voters know what all this stuff from your past means and how you can help the California Republican Party going forward.


California GOP Vice Chair Race Update – a Sad Sad Commentary on the CRA

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Feb 102013

A lot of the readers of this blog remember the April 2011 CRA Convention.

The fallout has been occurring since then – including the Placer GOP Cent Com election in 2012. It was a revenge mission for several that were on the losing end of that 4/2011 CRA Convention.

The State GOP is electing officers.

The Vice-Chair Race is drawing by far the most attention. It pits San Francisco Lawyer and former Heritage Foundation Member Harmeet Dhillon versus Part-Time Swap Meet Vendor and Campaign Operative Rodney Stanhope.

And that is as simple a terms as I can put it in.

Many had hoped for a third candidate. The CRA had a board meeting two weeks ago and chose to table the issue – because many had questions about Harmeet’s Street Cred. Rodney was not really given serious consideration after a staggering amount of baggage started coming out.

And, this is where the Sad commentary on the CRA starts. In the days after some of us left at 3am to go to the board meeting – anonymous emails started coming out attacking Harmeet as if the CRA had endorsed Rodney. The Emails were sent on the CRA’s platform with official CRA headers on them.

The claims in the emails were hyperbolic – calling Harmeet a communist for her affiliation with a local chapter of the ACLU (even though she has an excellent explanation).

The war at the 4/2011 CRA Convention was fought specifically to break the stranglehold people like David Stafford Reade, Dave Gilliard, Joel Anderson et. al. had over parts of the CRA. It was about freeing the CRA from Consultant manipulation…

It was after Email Number two that CRA Sgt. at Arms Aaron F Park chose to publicly endorse Harmeet, several others followed within days. The second email featured a bald-faced lie attempting to say that a political donation from a business partner was done by Dhillon herself… and this on the heels of a SF Chron Article quoting the President of the CRA calling the ACLU a Communist Organization. (Apparently, she was channeling Senator McCarthy)

Then a third email came out. The damage was done – the CRA had been used by someone looking to get a third candidate in the race, completely overriding the will of the board and making the CRA look like fools. This was the exact thing the 4/2011 Convention was fought to avoid.

Every other major Republican Group endorsed Harmeet Dhillon in the interim. And, now, the CRA is isolated because of the stupidity of a few people.

We are grateful for the CRA officers who have taken public stands to endorse Harmeet Dhillon – someone had to stop the insanity. We are also hopeful that the Contract with the CRA will be restored.