Jun 152021

That’s right! the power elite that got away with cheating in February because dozens of Steve Frank supporters chose not to register to pay $175 to vote in the party elections are back for their pound of flesh. How did they cheat?

The LAGOP blatantly violated their by-laws by inserting 22 people in to vacant districts without a publicly noticed vote as called for in the CAGOP By-Laws.

Jessica Patterson appointed several people to the proxies and credentials committee whose own status was challenged – clearly intended to show her authoritah – but also a blatant violation of Robert’s Rules. In addition, Yuba County, Glenn County and Tehama County were all allowed to field a total of 15 illegal delegates (All hand-picked for their loyalty to the regime)

These 37 illegal delegates are going to be critical to the latest attempt to jam down an endorsement of Kevin Faulconer. In fact, three paid political consultants are on the proxies and credentials committee. That is like giving Jesse James the keys to the bank.

In Feb We stopped their rule 5, even getting media coverage of the effort. Also we succeeded in electing two true activists to the CAGOP Board – and Jessica Patterson is angry and has been singling them both out for scorn and retribution.

Finally, we burned them for a dishonest attempt to spin a $200K check from the RNC – intended for expenses and salaries that they attempted to spin in to some sort of boon for the recall – in to actually spending the dammed money on the recall.

Do not forget that these folks actually OPPOSED the recall up until late 2020 when they finally realized it was getting legs.

Now the consultant class is coming for the CAGOP endorsement they thought they had rigged in Feb. Don’t think they won’t fight dirty. In fact, they called the FBI on your intrepid blogger. We’ve proven the cheating and the blatant flaunting of the unethical and corrupt behavior.

What is rule 4? Have a look at it. This is the money section:

If no Eligible Candidate receives the endorsement vote of more than 50 percent of those present and voting in the Final Vote, then no Eligible Candidate shall receive the CRP Endorsement for that office prior to the Recall Election.

Got it? The threshold is being lowered to 50% – so the fraud that Jessica Patterson and Team McCarthy perpetrated is a big deal.

Don’t forget – The CRP’s Staff admitted to me in the days before they called the FBI on me that they do not follow up on paperwork. This is how a moribund committee like Santa Cruz County was able to inflate their delegation to 8 members. There are other counties in the grip of the consultant class with similar grotesque exaggerations of their committee’s prowess.

Yuba County filed for 6 delegates for example despite the fact that they violated state law by not organizing. The stench from Yuba got so bad that Stephen Heter who screamed like a banshee about persecution resigned and real activists are now being welcomed on to that county party. But, don’t worry, the delegates from Yuba won’t change. Cha-Ching, 6 votes for Faulconer.

There is no telling how many county parties outright lied or exaggerated to get an extra delegate or two. I had estimated the total of garbage delegates to be about 15. Now we are over 52 questionable delegates. Consider that 1150 votes were cast, that 52 delegate number is a staggering 4.5% of the total. It pays to cheat.

It gets better – the Party of election integrity is also wanting to adopt the following:

If remote electronic voting is permitted during the CRP Endorsement Meeting, so long as notice of the voting procedure is included in the meeting notice, the Chairman may determine that proxy voting will not be permitted

Got it? Electronic voting is going to be used to jam down an endorsement of Faulconer by the California Republican Party… and if you think Proxy Voting is not going to be allowed, think again. We all know that Jessica Patterson is chemically dependent upon proxy voting. (As is Kevin McCarthy et al)

Welcome to Rule 4.

By the way – they are targeting 7-31 to implement this rule and likely 8-1-2021 to ran down the endorsement of Kevin Faulconer.

As I type this leftist Republican Donors are pouring money in to independent expenditures to prop up their puppet. The power is coming down and here we are again. Millions in campaign cash from unprincipled donors looking for a return on investment and a party apparatus that has been proven to be corrupt at its’ core.

P.S. Guess who wrote this disaster? None other than Fred Whitaker, the OC GOP Chairman. I also take note that Lindsey Stetson – a Jessica Patterson doppelganger is the “Recall Committee Chair”. That is like appointing Mitt Romney (or Patterson herself) to the Trump Re-Election Committee.

Did I mention that I really like living in Nevada now?

Disclosure: I was a paid consultant for John Cox in the past (no longer). I have also endorsed Assemblyman Kevin Kiley for Governor.

Mar 112021

It is amazing really to see the parallels between Diane Harkey and John Moorlach.

In the aftermath of the election there is no ownership or personal responsibility. I received an email from the OCGOP via several people that shows Fred Whitaker is from the same camp. I did not even have a chance to highlight the effective, yet vain effort that the OCGOP put on (with $30K of Fred’s own money) to save Moorlach. It is pretty much impossible to complement anything Fred Whitaker and the OCGOP did as the ego is pre-eminent.

Whitaker doubled down (as did Moorlach) effectively calling the opponents of Moorlach’s liars.

Whitaker and Moorlach also projected blame for Moorlach’s defeat on others. In Fred’s mind, everyone should have listened to him and not run. There are two flaws in Whitaker’s logic, beyond the decision to move heaven and earth for Moorlach, the assumption that all of Vo and Muldoon’s voters would have chosen Moorlach, and the second flaw is covering up the underperformance of Republican voters in that district.

Honest brokers would realize that Moorlach likely loses a head-to-head matchup as voters disgusted with Moorlach would have either taken the democrat or left the universe. Both dynamics would erase the slim margin of total Republican votes. Take a look at the underperformance of Republican voters in this election to understand fully what is happening.

Consistently from the beginning, the issue with John Moorlach was the moral failure related to his Chief of Staff in the Senate covering up a rape by Bill Brough (who owed him $45k at the time) and Moorlach being so disconnected from his staff that he knew nothing. Yet the hysterical defense of comparing Moorlach to Brett Kavanaugh ruled the day.

Moorlach and Whitaker got caught smearing the rape victim – and Whitaker did it again in his summary email. Talk about tone-deaf and wondering why Women abandon the GOP so quickly?

Moorlach’s career in politics is also fraught with blatant hypocrisy that would have been enough to wreck him long before the rape of a staffer he later smeared came to light.

Diane Harkey shares all of these attributes (with different circumstances of course), based on my research. This time, however, in order to help save the OCGOP and others from themselves I am way out ahead of this. Perhaps Harkey can take responsibility unlike Moorlach and save herself the same fate.

Diane Harkey and John Moorlach are retreads

Diane Harkey and John Moorlach are beset with scandals made worse by their personal conduct

Diane Harkey and John Moorlach are career politicians

Diane Harkey and John Moorlach have consistently played the victim when challenged with their moral failures

Diane Harkey and John Moorlach are both darlings of the OCGOP establishment who do all the establishment things to promote them.

As we continue rolling out our research on Diane Harkey – the push-back is going to be predictible. The most incorrigible will make it about me. Most will just try to hide and avoid conflict. The few smart ones will read and digest the info.

I don’t care who the Chairman of the OCGOP is. What I do care about is teeing up another flawed fossil of OCGOP politics with more baggage than a 747 and watching her lose her second major race in 4 yearss.

Trish Todd, who was raped by Bill Brough while working for John Moorlach is the real victim here.

She was victimized by Lisa Bartlett whose disclosure of her incident with Bill Brough touched off a series of events that led to Trish coming out in public. Despite the common nexus, Bartlett endorsed Moorlach – making people ask the question if her disclosure was motivated by the spectre of having a race with Bill Brough for her next office (State Senate).

Trish was victimized by Tim Clark (Moorlach’s Chief of Staff and long time campaign consultant) who covered up the rape.

Trish was victimized by the OCGOP who stubbornly continue to attack her because of their own imbalanced egos.

Trish Todd was also victimized by John Moorlach.

The OCGOP leadership and the cocktail party circuit don’t care and now they are short a supervisor… soon to be two as they learned nothing about foisting a flawed candidate on the electorate.

We warned you about John Moorlach months, even years ago. Now we are warning you about Diane Harkey – read with an open mind or else the democrats will take over the OC Board of Supervisors.

There is a final point to make here. The OCGOP’s influence is dead. They no longer can determine the outcome of a race anymore. Since Diane Harkey blamed Darrell Issa for all of her maladies in 2018, the OCGOP can expect to be treated the same if Harkey loses in 2022. Mrs. Harkey ought to take a good close look at just how much the OCGOP can bring to the table and temper her expectations instead of allowing herself to get in to the same trap she did when she projected the impossible on to Darrell Issa.

I am glad John Moorlach is gone. I am not glad Katrina Foley won. However, my fear, that is grounded in reality is that history is set to repeat itself in 2022. You will see more detail soon.

Feb 112021

Living rent-free in Fred Whitaker’s head. Yes, we are at right on daily. One guaranteed way to get your ass kicked by right on daily is ignore and demean female victims of abuse. Another guaranteed way is backroom political deals. Fred checks these and so many other boxes.

Enjoy the comments on the OCGOP’s latest post about John Moorlach. Whoops.

As we’ve written several times – Trish Todd worked for John Moorlach when she was raped by Bill Brough.

Brough’s then Chief of Staff Tim Clark covered up the rape. Clark is still working with/for John Moorlach today as a campaign manager/consultant/advisor.

In 2014, Clark ran Bill Brough’s campaign for assembly. Brough raped Trish Todd in July of 2015. Clark was paid the rest of the money Brough owed him – some $44,000 in October of 2015.

John Moorlach claims to have never known about the rape – but was told about in August of 2020 and was forced to admit knowledge of it while blaming Right on Daily for ignoring the news.

John Moorlach smeared Trish Todd as a “disgruntled employee” and “not his best hire”. Fred Whitaker went a step further calling the allegations false and libel.

Right on Daily has posted photos of a Senate Proclamation prasing Mrs. Todd for her service and another letter signed by Moorlach talking about what a good employee she was and requesting a raise for her.

Fred Whitaker has had a terrible record dealing with victims of sexual misconduct. He attempted to stifle public notice of Lisa Bartlett’s disclosure of her abuse at the hands of Bill Brough some years earlier. The Right on Daily Blog broke the news and forced Fred Whitaker to have to deal with the issue against his will.

Now, John Moorlach is being held accountable for his moral failing. In particular, why was he so distant from his staff that his Chief of Staff could cover up the rape of one of his staff. Moorlach lied about foreknowledge of the public disclosure of the rape in November 2020. Moorlach lied about the victim, Tish Todd, smearing her along with Fred Whitaker. Moorlach is still employing / is affiliated with Tim Clark who covered up the rape.

Fred Whitaker is the Chairman of the OCGOP. He has been known for abusing his influence to rig party endorsements and doing closed door deals. This is how he got onto the Right on Daily radar screen. While disrepsecting and attacking female victims of Bill Brough’s actions and John Moorlach’s indifference – he is also promoting the Chairwoman of the CAGOP who has had nothing to say about Bill Brough, Mike Madrid (a co-founder of the Lincoln Project who was a delegate to the CAGOP) and a host of other problems within the CAGOP. (So much for women leaders meaning something – as pat Bates still defends Brough and Marie Waldron ran intereference for him for about 6 months before finally backing off)

Unfortunately for Fred Whitaker, John Moorlach and Tim Clark – Trish Todd has been a friend of my wife’s since 2013. This is indeed a mission to get justice for Trish Todd regardless of the egos of political people involved.

One example of Fred Whitaker on tilt would be the near hysterical email attacking Michael Vo and Kevin Muldoon – two other republican candidates for supervisor.

Now Whitaker has put $30,000 of his own money in to the OCGOP. Why? If Moorlach loses, Fred Whitaker’s credibility is shot. In my opinion, it is now. He also has been using his donor’s money to have his executive director call for proxies in Orange County on behalf of the failed Chairwoman as well.

I got in to the wrong country club. It must be nice to rage spend $30K on a candidate!

I have been told that the OCGOP is going to send “Member Communications” attacking Kevin Muldoon in particular because how dare he run against the wishes of the party bosses. They have decreed that a career politician that was so disconnected from his staff and reality that one of them was raped and he did not know about it for five years while continuing to employ the man that covered up the rape!

What other behavior are these guys tolerating?

P.S. Please note that I am stating things as fact regarding Trish Todd because I have seen the evidence and talked to the victim herself many times. I believe her account 100% therefore I am stating the accounts and evidence backing up the accounts as fact.

Feb 092021

I will hand it to Fred Whitaker. His ego-feuled rampage is consistent. The tactics are consistent as well. The Orange County Republican Party By-Laws require notice for an endorsement. But tonight, that does not matter.

In a bout of logical gymnastics that reminds real people why politics is infested with attorneys, Fred Whitaker has figured out (he thinks) how to circumvent the OCGOP By-Laws.


Kermit Marsh is our parliamentarian, so you can take up any questions of rules/order with him.    I appreciate your passion, but as you know I’m supporting Jessica, and I believe well more than 2/3 on our committee does as well.  I know you have some supporters on the committee and I’m sure they will speak up for your position.    To address some of the concerns you raised, the resolution will likely be re-written to simply be one of support.  A resolution on an urgency basis requires 2/3 vote twice.   This is not the Endorsements process we have for electoral candidates.


Fred Whitaker may not understand the true leanings of the OCGOP if he thinks he has an easy 2/3 for the resolution. But – it also demonstrates that he has been on the phone trying to rig the outcome of tonight’s meeting. Like the CAGOP conventions, it appears OCGOP meetings are equally as contrived and scripted. There is also a clever lawyer trick to avoid the notice for an endorsement. Then there is the exchange between Steve Frank and the OCGOP Parlimentarian (another lawyer) Kermit Marsh:

The question is on endorsement.  Fred in his response to me said this was not an endorsement, but “support”.  Is that what this is?  When Fred sends out the press release Monday night, will those reading it know the technical difference between an endorsement and “support”?
It is actions like this that divide a Committee and force folks to rethink their involvement.
Steve Frank
On Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 2:09:13 PM PST, Kermit Marsh <kmarsh@kermitdmarshlaw.com> wrote:
Hi Steve,
Hope you are well.  What is your question, to which you would like me to respond?  Please send me an email to let me know.
FYI, I have a busy schedule of meetings outside the office today, but I will try to check my emails when possible.  Looking forward to learning what it is you would like to know.
Best regards,
Kermit D. Marsh, Esq.
Only in the world of attorneys is a resolution of support and an endorsement different – by-laws be dammed. We in the Steve Frank campaign have friendly attorneys of our own and we got the following answer:
it is a 100% violation of the rules. It is an endorsement and requires a 2/3 vote.
Fred Whitaker did it again. The Jessica Patterson re-election campaign has established quite a pattern of flouting the rules across the board. More on that soon. Donald Trump, love him or hate him was right when he said, “The System is Rigged”.
Fred Whitaker has been caught pulling yet another smoke-filled-room jam job. Fire Fred Whitaker now.
Jan 262021

Well, well, well. I guess Fred Whitaker really is on tilt and the calls for him to resign over his refusal to stand up for Bill Brough’s victims – in this case holding John Moorlach and his “volunteer” campaign manager Tim Clark accountable for covering up the rape of a former Senate Staffer of John Moorlach is more than Whitaker can handle.

Whitaker had to respond to the pounding of Right on Daily with an email that can only be titled – a bonfire of ego. As is our custom at Right on Daily, we will re-write the email for accuracy. Our comments are in italics. Get a good look at the embedded photo – this is who Moorlach and the OCGOP are ignoring.

Michael Todd, begs reporters to hold Orange County Assemblyman Bill Brough accountable for allegedly raping his wife, Patricia Lenkiewicz Todd, right, in 2015. They were in her lawyer Michael Schroeder’s office in Orange on Wednesday, December 2, 2020. (Photo by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Statement on the Special Election for Orange County Board of Supervisors, District 2

“The ballot is now set for the March 9, 2021 Special Election for Orange County Supervisor, District #2. The Republican Party of Orange County is solidly behind and will use all resources at its disposal to elect its endorsed candidate – Senator John Moorlach. We endorsed Moorlach with a behind the scenes action that included smearing the rape victim as a disgruntled former employee that was not credible. We urge you to ignore multiple media stories and the criminal investigation that is ongoing.

Senator Moorlach has a 25 year career protecting the taxpayer, and solving difficult problems. Including ignoring his staff and being indifferent to them. To safely reopen our economy, and solve the problems at the county, no one is better situated that John Moorlach. Except when it comes to addressing the ethical and moral failures of his staff. His main opponent is Progressive Socialist Democrat – Mayor of Costa Mesa – Katrina Foley. Just drive through the homeless encampments in Costa Mesa, and experience the only city in the county where police are citing businesses for being open – and you will experience what is coming to Orange County if she is elected.

Republicans are uniformly commenting on social media that three Republicans risk electing Katrina Foley. It is a very real concern. We did our part to make this a reality because we refused to acknowledge the moral failure of John Moorlach, choosing instead to double down on one of our favorites regardless of merit.

We thank Mayor Will O’Neil of Newport Beach, Councilman Erik Petersen of Huntington Beach, and Councilman Mike Posey of Huntington Beach – all good Republican council members who sacrificed their ambitions for the greater conservative cause and governance in Orange County. They realized that John Moorlach is the only one that polls close to Katrina Foley and with 25 years of voter’s in the Second District supporting him in public office – the only one that in a short 45 day campaign can win. But the same polls show that John Moorlach collapses once voters are informed of his indifference to and the cover up of the rape of one of his senate staff by his now campaign manager.

We  condemn the selfishness of Mayor Michael Vo of Fountain Valley and Councilman Kevin Muldoon of Newport Beach. They have let their egos be played by public service unions and political consultants all hoping to profit from this race. Polling was shared in particular with Mr. Muldoon that showed that his best result was to be a spoiler and not a victor.  He told many that he would not be a spoiler, and yet he still decided to run. We do, however, give John Moorlach a pass for the horrific way he has addressed the scandal that has engulfed him.

We urge all Republicans in the Second District to vote for John Moorlach and reject the candidacies of Muldoon and Vo. Every dollar given and every door walked for those campaigns works to elect Katrina Foley. We will repeat this lie as long as is needed so we can blame someone else for our intransigence and refual to admit a mistake with our rigged endorsement of John Moorlach

If Republicans unite behind the one candidate that can beat Katrina Foley, we will win. If Republicans follow the egos of politicians we risk losing. We need all Republicans to come together. We did it in the 2019 and 2015 special elections for Supervisor when lesser Republicans followed their egos and not the data. We need to reject John Moorlach as he has been in office for 25 years, voted to raise taxes many times and is indifferent to the rape of one of his former Senate Staffers.

With your help, we can do it again. Support John Moorlach.”

Blogger’s Note: Fred Whitaker is in a bear trap of his own making and lashing out at people for not towing the line for a fatally flawed candidate is laughable – especially when he is knee deep in the victim-shaming smears himself. Ego is a deadly character defect and it is having a splatter effect all over the OCGOP. We’re not done with the OCGOP or the good ‘ols boys network down there, not by a longshot. However it is nice to know that similar to last year with the Bill Brough saga, I have their attention again.