Feb 142020

AD-72: Very simple metric. Tyler Diep was set up to run for AD-72 by former Assemblyman Travis Allen. Diep promptly repaid Travis Allen by taking $3800 from California Trailblazers and endorsing the now former executive director of California Trailblazers over Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair in 2019. In addition, Tyler has as liberal of a voting record as several democrats – including voting Yes on the disaster known as AB5 which has wrecked the careers of tens of thousands. Diep has gotten his 30 pieces of silver as his campaign account is flush with Labor Union money and PAC donations.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Diep will bolt the GOP as soon as it suits him as Diep seems to have a life pattern of using and discarding relationships.

Janet Nguyen is meaner than a junkyard dog and this is precisely what the GOP needs as people like Diep, Chad Mayes and their friends in the swamp are hunting Republicans in to extinction.

Frank Ury has been seen in public several times with Ed Sachs. Has Ury been coordinating his attacks on Laurie Davies with Sachs?

One of the most consistent complaints, beyond Ed Sachs filing and diluting the Republican vote in AD-73 has been Sachs consistent focus on attacking Laurie Davies and not William “Bill” Brough.

I’ve been deliberately staying out of picking a candidate against William “Bill” Brough because my focus has been on eliminating that monster from the political gene pool. The issue is that monsters are usually enabled both willingly and actively by codependent enablers.

In the case of Frank Ury and Ed Sachs, I think there is a healthy level of “Campaign Envy” and a healthy level of them wondering how Laurie Davies got out of her kitchen to run for office. Sachs and crew derisively refer to Mr. and Mrs. Davies’ occupations – yet say nothing about William “Bill” Brough’s phantom and failed businesses.

Sachs should be talking about the female victims of Bill Brough and Brough’s fiscal malfeasance, I’ve yet to get a report back from anyone that he has.

It is because of Ed Sachs’ behavior and Frank Ury’s stunt that I have decided to plant my flag and endorse Laurie Davies for AD-73. I have lost any confidence that Ed Sachs will do the right thing as he appears to be overcome with jealousy and is literally assisting Bill Brough to the expense of us all.

I also have information that I am attempting to verify that one other prominent local elected in non partisan office may well be on a similar angry ego trip. Once I have been able to verify with evidence I will be writing about that character as well.

The GOP deserves better than ego-fueled rampages. With our numbers shrinking, we need leadership now more than ever and it seems that the exact opposite is happening.

These are Frank Ury’s known donors.

Jul 182019

Everything that happens in Politics means something. This would include the deafening silence from the OCGOP Chairman Fred Whitaker and the continued stonewalling of State Senator Pat Bates as the scandals around Bill Brough deepen.

It has been put to this blogger that donors are abandoning Bill Brough. Now I fully understand why, when I was able to stop long enough to analyze the Ed Sachs Fundraiser announcement.

In a county that I have lambasted repeatedly for fealty to incumbents regardless of merit – something amazing has happened. Incumbent officeholders are abandoning Bill Brough, even as Bill Brough is starting to have public meltdowns on various people.

Donors. Gone. Officeholders, scurrying. Just Fred and Pat… and Bill. Go get some more Bourbon Mr. Brough (while there is money left in your campaign that is). If Fred Whitaker continues his intransigence, he could very well join the ranks of former OCGOP Chairmen. As to Pat Bates, she will have a new district in 2022.

P.S. Please note that your intrepid blogger has not endorsed a replacement for Bill Brough yet.



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Supervisor Lisa Bartlett,
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Scott Baugh,
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Mayor Don Sedgwick,
City of Laguna Hills

Mayor Vince Rossini,
City of Villa Park

Mayor Chuck Puckett,
City of Tustin

Mayor Warren Kusumoto,
City of Los Alamitos

Mayor Pro Tem Brian Goodell,
City of Mission Viejo

Councilwoman Wendy Bucknum,
City of Mission Viejo

Councilman Scott Voigts,
City of Lake Forest

Councilman Chip Monaco,
City of Orange

Councilwoman Shelley Hasselbrink,
City of Los Alamitos

Mari Barke,
OC Board of Education

Judy Bullockus, 
CUSD Board Member

Frank Ury,
Fmr. Mayor of Mission Viejo

Robert Breton, 
Fmr. Mayor of Mission Viejo

Mel Carruth,
Fmr. Mayor of Laguna Hills

Jerry Amante,
Fmr. Mayor of Tustin

Jeff Barke,
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Anna Bryson,
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