Jun 082022

Pre-Note: The Orange County Republican Party took in $57,500 in Union Money. The OCGOP once had a policy of never taking union money.

In addition The Sheriff’s Union poured $167,000 into Diane Harkey. OCGOP Chair Fred Whitaker via his business chipped in $9,200 of his own money in a vain attempt to save the crooked Harkey. ($3100 of the money does show up on his major donor report though)

The OCGOP will try to claim that the union money helped Todd Spitzer, but a check of their reports shows significant assistance for Harkey as well. Checkmate.

Buh-Bye Crook Loving Commies (That’s Peter Hardon on the Right)

What is fascinating about the union money poured into Harkey is that Harkey’s campaign attacked Pat Bates 100% of the time and the union went positive 100% of the time. Typically, outside money is used to attack the target while the candidate stays above it all. This bizarre flip is what keyed most people that the political insiders who were on tilt to back up a terrible decision were coordinating their efforts. (Tough to prove, easy to allege)

Those of you that read Right on Daily know that I took it on as a personal mission to remove the shameless and ruthless Diane Harkey from the political gene pool. However, she had a lot of the same people who have helped Bill Brough reinvent himself as a lobbyist in her corner. The gang of egos in the establishment were behind Harkey as well.

Katrina Foley is the socialist incumbent. The unions wanted Harkey because of her horrific opposition research file. Similarly, the corrupt local media refused to run any stories on Diane Harkey, basically telling everyone they were whoring their publications for Foley by rooting for Harkey to make the runoff. Ultimately, your intrepid blogger learned that the evidence we provided here about who Diane Harkey really is helped seal her doom. In summary, Harkey’s husband Dan got lit up for running a Ponzi Scheme and lost a 7 figure judgement. The Harkey’s hid their money, got a sham divorce and successfully avoided paying the victims a dime. As a bonus, Dan Harkey is now sporting a $1,000,000 tax lien, but everything is now in Diane’s name only. Cozy.

I am not enamored with Pat Bates, especially with her rage/ego fueled defenses of Bill Brough, but she will prevent a socialist takeover of the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Your intrepid blogger was also proud to help flatten Pete “Hardon” Hardin. Hardin’s campaign went completely limp:

OUCH. The local Orange County Media took it on the chin. Their pathetic attempts to parrot the rantings of a disgraced former Huffpost reporter in to a scandal failed. Their biased reporting giving Pete Hardin a pass for abhorrent personal behavior failed. The Voters of Orange County rightly recognized that a DA is supposed to prosecute crime – not use the department as a dating service.

Hardon was the George Soros candidate for OCDA, which is why I believe the local media where whoring their publications out to him.

Do note that Todd Spitzer is reputedly extremely difficult to work with and thusly, he made it easy for the local media to do what they did. One piece of unsolicited advice for Spitzer, CLEAN HOUSE. Some of the maggots’ that you left in place in your department post T-Rack made your life hell during the campaign and fed the LA Slime and other leftist get out of jail free media narrative.

It seems every cycle there is another exorcism in Orange County Politics that your intrepid blogger plays a role in. Bill Brough, Diane Harkey – who’s next?

(Hint: Google the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce / Disney / Stadium / Harry Sidhu corruption scandal for a list of possible future targets)

Apr 262022

This is very typical for Politics. I guess it is time for the Lincoln Club to destroy Diane Harkey and the OCGOP’s reputation with her.

You can also see the word smithing and double down in the release:

April 26th, 2022
Statement Reaffirming Support of Diane Harkey for Supervisor

Orange County, CA – Hon. Fred M. Whitaker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County released the following statement reaffirming support of Diane Harkey for Supervisor:

“Overnight a new political action committee was formed promising to spend six figures to defeat the only endorsed Republican candidate for Orange County Supervisor, Diane Harkey and elect Democrat Katrina Foley.

It claims to be a Republican group, but their filings show it is a PAC set up specifically to oppose Republican Diane Harkey. It’s telling that a group would focus on defeating the endorsed Republican in the race and not mention Katrina Foley’s name once in it’s announcement. Unlike this new group, the Republican Party of Orange County is focused on defeating Katrina Foley and will not attack the other Republicans in the race.

The idiocy and stupidity of this release is palpable. This is a primary, they will deal with Foley later. If Harkey is in the runoff against Foley she will get slaughtered.

The website shows clearly that the 1962 Project was founded by the Orange County Lincoln Club.

Releases like this joke from the OCGOP are what is required in order to save face and maintain the false veneer of superiority.

The rest of the release from the OCGOP is the campaign garbage from Diane Harkey.

Apr 252022

Hubiris has consequences. In the case of Diane Harkey, she has steadfastly adhered to a pattern of personal corruption that has finally gotten so bad that many of her enablers are going to rally to defeat her election attempt.


Please note: I am not a fan of Pat Bates either. However, she is a far superior option to either Kitty Litter or the Corrupt, Feckless Harkey.

Copyright Release: Dear OC Lincoln Club and 1962 PAC, you have permission to use everything on this blog without attribution as the goal is political cancer surgery. I don’t want to let the personal issues some of you have with me deter the mission from the greater good. Take Harkey out. Thank you. This permission extends only to the OC Lincoln Club and 1962 Pac, others – please attribute the source.

1962 PAC Launches Six Figure Campaign To Defeat Diane Harkey 


Campaign Exposes Harkey’s Scandals And Calls On Republican Leadership To Drop Its Endorsement





Orange County, California – April 25, 2022 – Today, the 1962 PAC launched to make sure voters know the truth behind the candidates running in Orange County and kicked off with asix figure campaign against flawed Republican Diane Harkey for Supervisor.


For months, Diane Harkey’s campaign for Supervisor progressed largely unopposed by any candidate with the reputation, credentials and fundraising means requisite to defeat Katrina Foley. Whilst a quiet but growing chorus of South Orange County Republican stakeholders expressed concern about the past allegations made against Diane Harkey and her husband’s operation of a “classic Ponzi scheme”, Diane’s campaign was able to progress to an endorsement by the Orange County Republican Party Central Committee. 


What most Republican donors and OCGOP central committee members were unaware of was the strength and credibility of the devastating attacks launched against Diane during her unsuccessful 2018 Congressional run. We were all too happy to take Diane’s word for it.


However, no matter what side of the political aisle, even a cursory review of the information leaves zero doubt that not only do they pose an insurmountable blockade to Diane’s electoral prospects, but moreover, they pose a credible and substantial threat to the entire Republican ticket in Orange County. 


1962 PAC is announcing a six figure independent expenditure effort to ensure the Republican candidate in the General Election is not one with such egregious political baggage.


The following letter was sent to members of the Central Committee and Republican leadership in Orange County requesting all support is withdrawn from Diane Harkey. Click here to view the letter. 

Read the letter

This is about the future of Orange County, not any one individual. We can win in 2022, but not via self-inflicted wounds.



Stay tuned,

1962 PAC


Bookmark this site: https://www.dropoutdiane.com/

Jun 222021

Did you know that Lisa Bartlett is up to her old self-serving tricks again? Remember when your intrepid blogger took off after Bill Brough and people accused Lisa Bartlett of standing up and telling her story to benefit herself? (Brough was to have run to Bartlett’s right for State Senate)

Now – today we have a screwy coalition opposing Lisa Bartlett’s latest move:


This luminary is on the same side as Jon Flash and Diane Harkey. This caused my bs-o-meter to redline.

You see, Lisa Bartlett has had a string of felony stupid, yet self-serving actions. She endorsed John Moorlach despite the fact that John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff covered up the rape of Trish Todd while waiting for $44K in consulting fees to be paid by Brough. (Conclusion I drew from known facts) Bartlett told Brough’s victims they don’t matter anymore now that she got Brough out of the way.

Now – Lisa Bartlett is pushing a “term limits” measure for a special election ballot. This means if the measure passes, those in office are exempted and get to start over at 0 terms like everyone else. If passed, the Measure gives people three terms lifetime with no 4 year sit-out provision. As it stands now, you can serve two terms, sit out four years and then serve two more.

Did I mention I HATE Term Limits? You’ve gotten a generation of special interest produced puppets and egomaniacal narcissists that are always thinking about their next run for office. If it was not for term limits, I’d have a harder time finding material for this blog.

Now, back to Orange County: Perhaps Lisa Bartlett no longer wants to run for State Senate, instead preferring the larger paycheck of an OC Supervisor?

Whatever my opinion on Term Limits is, this measure is garbage. Now enter my favorite Supervisor Candidate:

Well gheez, isn’t that special. It appears Harkey has taken a break from hiding her assets and living with her (ex) Husband to take up a new self-serving venture…

Grandstanding on Term Limits! She is about the only person that should put a sock in it over this measure. You see, if Bartlett’s measure passes, Diane Harkey would have to run against Lisa Bartlett. Given how Orange County Politicians are lemmings for the status quo (well most of them), Harkey’s support and once-a-week endorsement emails would evaporate in favor of the incumbent.

Yep – the same incumbent who bravely told her story of abuse by Bill Brough, then threw the other 6 known victims of Brough (one who was raped) under the bus when it was time for her next political move.

So – Bartlett is wrong. Harkey finally gets something right, until you look under the surface and see the self-serving motives.

Oh and the speaker at the meeting? Just call him Ma’am and vote no.

May 172021

Please note: The URL is changing to www.rightondailyblog.com soon. rightondaily.com will still point here for a while longer.

In a disasterous interview with the San Diego Union Tribune in the days leading up to her equally as disasterous Congressional Campaign, Harkey snapped back at the San Diego Union Tribune, “That Dog Don’t Hunt’ when they were asking her about the Harkey family scandal. It does hunt. I believe I had laid out sufficient evidence to demonstrate that Diane Harkey had knowledge of her husband’s business dealings, benefitted from them, participated in financial and legal transactions to protect money for herself and the lynchpin is the sham divorce.

The divorce was filed on 12-12-2014 Case 14D010906 and was final 5-1-2015. There is no evidence anywhere that there was a legal separation filed, ever. For a divorce between spouses married nearly 30 years with a ton of assets to take a paltry 4.5 months is absurd. There is no rational person that would look at that as anything other than abusing the legal system, therefore I am calling their divorce a sham.

Note the date of the divorce filing – after they dumped $4.5 Million in property. She filed the divorce AFTER she moved property in to an LLC. None of this is illegal, but it is immoral and unethical. By moving the property in to the LLC, it simplified the divorce further and appears to have been done to avoid any collection activity from Dan Harkey’s Lawsuit.

That dog does hunt. There is a trail of real estate transactions in 2014 that tell the whole story. I am still unsure as to where the DCCC, the SDUT and others were. It did not take much effort to find this information and connect the dots.

In 2018 she raged on the San Diego Union Tribune:

Union-Tribune: Do you want to answer conclusively where your money came from that built your career?

HARKEY: My money came from my income, okay? Check the court records. I don’t really think we have to go into where my money came from. I don’t… I don’t ask you where your money came from. I think it’s more important to people to know that I was cleared and I don’t expect the U-T to ever report anything kindly about me, but you know, I have a long record of serving the community.

I have won elections through this litigation and I won elections after, and the reason being is because the people who know me and the people that have worked with me and the reason I get endorsed all the time is because they know the truth. I know the truth and I know who I am and I think that’s very important because in politics you never know what’s coming at you, but if you’re clear in your conscience and you know the truth and you know who you are it… it says a lot. I never got really terribly depressed because I knew that somehow this would… this would end, but it was… it was a very long situation.

She gave this answer to the SDUT 3 1/2 years after the above transactions knowing she had also filed a sham divorce. Similar to when she lied to John Chiang, at least about filing a legal separation, she appears to have lied outright to the SDUT. It also looks like your intrepid blogger has done the job the SDUT never finished.

Note that in 2009, Harkey said this to the LA Times:

“I’ve been married for 25 years to my husband,” said the Dana Point Republican. “We have personal income. He has income. I have income. Sometimes it was my income. Sometimes it was his income. Sometimes it’s both of our incomes. And I’ve saved him financially many years. So I’m not going to get into whose, yours, mine, ours. Who knows after 25 years?”

Um, Diane what changed?

About the sham divorce? Dan Harkey still lives in the same house as Diane Harkey. It took some digging to prove with a private investigator friend, but it is true to the best of our knowledge. In 2017, The IRS slammed Dan Harkey with a $1,000,000 Tax Lien, but the address on that is a commercial property. I am also sure that Dan Harkey’s assets are equally as hidden as Diane’s are.

The original charge was did Diane Harkey’s $2.1 million worth of self-funding come from her husband’s business dealings? I believe we have proven that. I believe I have enough evidence to call her a liar when she denies that no part of it came from Dan Harkey’s business dealings.

Is Diane Harkey a victim? Absolutely not. All the way down to the sham divorce, dumping property, moving property, her own statements, court records, public records and her own conduct show the absolute truth. There is no way a reasonable person could conclude that she did not have some knowledge and some benefit from her husband’s businesses.

Good Lord, she still lives with him! I also can not believe that Dan Harkey still lives with Diane, given that she threw him under the bus repeatedly – or perhaps that was also part of the game to hide the assets from the plaintiffs just like the sham divorce.

People in the Orange County political establishment need a serious dose of reality. I am not surprised to have caught Diane Harkey in several lies, this comes with the territory when you have someone that constantly blames others for their own maladies.

I am also not surprised at discovering a long string of what I believe to be unethical, yet legal abuses of the court system in her life as well.

Now I understand the mentality behind a woman who was reputed to stay at home rather than attend campaign meetings, would not reach out to donors, was known to drink heavily on the campaign trail, was prone to angry outbursts and when it all came crashing down – there was Darrell Issa to take the blame for it all. Just like the mean newspapers, Mark Wyland, and Lord knows your intrepid blogger too…

Diane Harkey needs to be retired from Public Life. Too much drama, too many questions, too many ethical issues and zero personal ownership of anything. You can not rely on a person like that or trust them to lead or govern.