Feb 112011

Roseville – Rocklin City Councilmember Diana Ruslin has joined her colleagues, Vice Mayor Brett Storey and Councilmember Peter Hill, and former Rocklin Mayors Ross Ainsworth and Kathy Lund in supporting small businessman and State Assembly candidate John Allard. Allard is running in the 4th Assembly District.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Diana Ruslin, a longtime Rocklin resident with deep ties in the community and a vested interest in the health and well-being of our region,” said Allard.

Ruslin is serving her first term on the Rocklin City Council. She is a former educator and a successful small business owner. Her endorsement complements that of Vice Mayor Storey and Councilmember Hill and numerous other local elected officials who have voiced their support for Allard.

Allard has served on the Roseville City Council since 2003 and served as Planning Commissioner from 2001 to 2003. With over two decades of community service, Allard has served on the Board of Directors of Acres of Hope Shelter for Women and Children, Roseville Chamber of Commerce, Roseville Community Health Foundation, Sacramento Valley Lincoln Club, South Placer Transportation Management Association, and The Gathering Inn, Sutter Health’s Placer County Community Advisory Board, and William Jessup University’s Community Relations Board.

Having previously served as the Chief of Staff to former Senator and Assemblyman Tim Leslie, Allard is a familiar name in the region with relationships established over several decades.  His long list of endorsements and work ethic make him the immediate front-runner for this seat.

In 2005, Allard and his wife, Lisa, purchased a service-related franchise and have grown the business by over 400%. The parents of three children, the Allard family attends Bayside Church of Roseville.

Paid for by Allard for Assembly 2011, FPPC ID #1335888
7251 Galilee Road, Suite 195, Roseville, California 95678

Kathy Lund Retirement Party – A Celebration of Service

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Dec 172010

… class and integrity.

I met Kathy Lund in 2002, during the last heated race for Central Committee… she was part of a Pro John Doolittle slate running for Placer County Republican Central Committee against a slate of Moderates aimed at overthrowing then Chairman Ken Campbell.

We maintined a friendship in the several years hence. We had many disagreements about policy or endorsements – but never about the core issues of the Republican Party.

Kathy was widely respected, and I mean widely. Even Democrats like Wendy Lang or Gina Garbolino spoke out with glowing tributes to Kathy at the dinner. Like Kathy Lund, Gina Garbolino also went in to retirement this month from public office.

It’s really neat to see a Republican Woman leader like Kathy Lund get so much respect.

I have to mention specially – Jim Holmes and Robert Weygandt were hysterically funny when they presented.

Basically, a who’s who of Placer County local elected officials were there to speak – Auburn, Loomis, Rocklin (sans Brett Storey), Roseville were all Represented… and Ted Gaines, Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock’s Chief of Staff Rocky Deal were on hand.

The event lasted two hours – largely because there was such a long list of speakers who came to present resolutions from their councils, legislative offices and even a proclamation from Schwarzenegger.

Even though Rocklin has no term limits – I wonder how many Kathy Lund’s have been missed out on in other jurisdictions because of term limits?

Kathy Lund will be missed by Rocklin – but, Diana Ruslin is here now.


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Nov 022010

As of 12:30 AM: It was a close race and Janda was game.

Number of Precincts   48  
Precincts Reporting   48 100.0 %
Vote For   2  
Total Votes   26723  

SCOTT YUILL   6751 25.26%
DIANA RUSLIN   5482 20.51%
GREG JANDA   5105 19.10%
MARK KLANG   3195 11.96%
GARY A. LANE   1836 6.87%
MICHAEL ROSE   1634 6.11%
MICHAEL MURPHY   1561 5.84%
Write-in Votes   67 0.25%

Scott Yuill / Diana Ruslin Mailer Review

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Oct 172010

Scott “The Boogie Man” Yuill checks in with a solid offering.

The mailer is replete with the obligatory monster endorsement list and the “Pictures of Scott” – and lots of them.

When I said lots of Pictures – take a look.

The most important part of the mailer – the bullets specifying that he voted for 10 Million in spending cuts and that he voted against the cable tax increase.

I defy any anti-establishment types to criticize that.

Take a look at the outside leaf – and then the front cover of the mailer.

Scott looks so pretty in that suit- now I know why there are so many pictures of him in his mailer 🙂

(I don’t even own a suit… I think I have a tie or two somewhere, maybe I’ll have to get an in-kind from someone if I run)

The negatives about Scotts’ Mailer – TOO MUCH INFORMATION! That’s really the only drawback, but it is a solid effort at 7.5. (Gets marked off for looking “establishment”.)

Diana Ruslin’s Mailer:

It is clean, crisp and matches Diana’s personality to a tee. Here I am, this is who I am – NOW VOTE FOR ME! 😉

Side One of the 8.5X11 Postcard features a quote from Conservative Assemblymember Ted Gaines – Very Good Feature.

Rocklin Needs Diana’s Leadership and I am Proud to Endorse Her Campaign!

Secondly – how many establishment types put their phone number with an invitation to call on their mail?

Third – it lists her community service… which the Sacramento Bee views as inferior to owning a business.

Side Two of the 8.5X11 mailer is the agenda – if is more thorough than any other candidate’s agenda.

I suppose between the endorsement list (which is half the size of Scott Yuill’s) and the community service list could get twisted to look “establishment”.

All in All – Diana gets an 8 for her mailer. You’ll note that I gave Janda an 8.5 in a previous post.

The reason is Janda’s mailer was smaller, to the point quicker and looked far less establishment. In another cycle – I’d have criticized it for not having enough… but 2010 is a bizarre election cycle.

The bottom line – Scott Yuill and Diana Ruslin helped themselves with their mailers.

Both of them justified this blogger’s support of them with the information put forth in their mailers.

Kathy Lund Emails in Support of Diana Ruslin

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Oct 162010

From Retiring City Council Member Kathy in its’ entirety and unedited. (only 360 words)

Dear Friend and Supporter:

If you do not want to read this whole email, (it is rather wordy)  the point I am making is I SUPPORT DIANA RUSLIN FOR CITY COUNCIL AND WOULD LIKE YOU TO JOIN ME IN SUPPORTING DIANA.  For the reasons, read below.

As you know, after 25 years of service, I have decided to retire from the Rocklin City Council.  That means there is a very important election going on right now to fill the empty seat.

I am supporting Diana Ruslin to replace me. Why, you might ask, do I support Diana when there are eight candidates.

I am supporting Diana because she is the most qualified person of the group.  Diana has done something no one has done since I did it back in the 80’s.  She has attended most every City Council meeting for the last two years.  This is important because she understands the issues.

But Diana went further than I did.  She has also attended most Rocklin Unified School Board meeting during the last two years.  She really knows what is happening.

I am also supporting Ruslin because she will be no one’s puppet.  She has a mind of her own.  She has served on the Parks and Recreation Commission the past two years.  I have watched her.  She is not afraid to express her opinions.  She will vote however she feels is best for Rocklin.

I am also supporting Diana because she is extremely active in the community.  She is President of Valley View School PTC and was a founding board member of the Rocklin Educational Excellence Foundation.  Diana works on most all the major Chamber events, i.e. Hot Chili, Cool Cars, the leadership program, of which she is a graduate, and many other Chamber events; Diana also was co-chair of a Rocklin Fine Arts fundraising project. She is currently planning an unusual fund raising event for the Rocklin Friends of the Library to be held next spring.  She has more energy than anyone I know.

I ask you to join me in voting for Diana Ruslin for Rocklin City Council.  Thank you for taking the time to read this message.  Call me at 624-0764 with any questions.