Feb 192021

NOTE: The CAGOP Election vendor is now admitting that people can register for the convention and then foward their secret link to others in order to vote it. This confirms what I wrote yesterday about how the consultants will rig the election and further violate the CAGOP’s By-Laws.

Well, here you go. Similar to some of the groups that endorsed Jessica without inviting Steve to speak or compete for the endorsement, we have received word from several people inside LA County as follows:

Aaron, I must remain anonymous, but this

“Endorsement” is quite concerning to me. According to my recollection, the LAGOP Central Committee NEVER held an endorsement vote. How do endorsements happen? Unless the Executive Comm has the right to endorse without the knowledge of the Committee at large, I don’t know how this is legitimate.
Your recent column indicates you have the Minutes of LAGOP meetings. Perhaps I missed something.
You may contact me but PLEASE do not disclose my name m
I left the typos in the email on purpose so you’d see it is authentic.
I also have Rick Marshall who has video of the meetings, and three other delegates from LA County who have told me that the LAGOP did not elect the 12 empty district nominees, nor did they have a vote to endorse Jessica Patterson either.
It is clear that the consultants are flaunting the CRP’s By-Laws and daring anyone out there to do anything about it.
I am being told by insiders that the CAGOP’s staff and others are trying to figure out how to deny all of the complaints about election fraud. I am also sure that the control agents are also attempting to cover their tracks as well.
Feb 182021

The logo is hysterical. But the voting system itself is secure

I am 100% convinced that the Staff of the CAGOP is in on it. It is what it is. I also had a private session with the election vendor who made several statements in the meeting suggesting he had been breifed by the staff before the meeting what to expect from “Our Side”.

We’ve laid out a ton of games being played and some grotesque violations of Party By-Laws. So let’s start with some facts:

Tehama County – 2 dubious votes for Jessica and Deborah Wilder

Glenn County – 8 Dubious votes for Jessica and Deborah Wilder

Yuba County – 8 Dubious votes for Jessica and Deborah Wilder.

Unlike President Trump, we are laying out our evidence of fraud and cheating BEFORE the convention and making specific requests of the governing bodies to deal with the fraud.

Then there is Modoc County which was crushed by the CAGOP’s staff. 7 votes ripped out of the Steve and Laurie Wallace Column.

There is no guarantee that the CAGOP’s Proxies and Credentials Committee – that were all appointed by Jessica Patterson will rule in any manner that makes legal sense. They could very well make a political ruling. There is no telling how the complaints will be resolved.

If that 18+7 = 25 votes issue is not enough, consider this scenario that I ran by the election vendor:

The CAGOP’s By-laws require people to be present with no proxies at the Northern Region Caucus (or any other). With on-line voting, there is nothing stopping David Stafford Reade from paying the dues and registrations of all the staffers that normally give proxies only and then logging in to the Northern Region Caucus on multiple computers – thus circumventing the by-law mandating in person attendance.

I got the vendor to admit to me that people could forward their secret link to anyone else to use. This means 10 people could cast 100 votes in the Northern Region Caucus meeting and re-elect Deborah Wilder. 

This violates the in person rule.

This violates the 2 proxies per person rule.

This is also grossly unethical.

Fraudulent Counties. 1 Man 10 votes. This is how you rig an election.

If I’ve thought of this, you can make bank the bullies rampaging around the north state have demanded people forward them their links with which to vote and have it all lined up.

I am going to say one thing at the end here. The election software is secure and solid. I am not worried about that part.

I am concerned about the above scenario, on top of the cheating we’ve uncovered already and the fact that I have been getting negative reports about the voting system’s training seminars. Most people have not been happy with the system at all and do not find it easy or straightforward to use.

Now multiply this by 10 and you have the chair election on Sunday. This what I think and why and since I know the people involved and the ghastly amount of money riding on the election, I put nothing past them.

Feb 172021

Did you know that Yuba County had only one person file for electon? That is the father of David Stafford Reade’s staffer Stephen Heter. Stephen is amazingly the chairman of the Yuba GOP.

Heter must have thought the rules don’t apply to him like they do to Modoc County. Heter and the Yuba GOP did not notice their organizational meeting and did the same exact thing that caused Modoc County to get stripped of their delegates.

Here is the scarlet letter from CA-03 Nominee Tamika Hamilton (ironically is now a Jessica Patterson supporter), she says flat out she was not invited to an organizational meeting in Yuba County. Whoops. Modoc did not invite the Dahles or LaMalfa to theirs and were stripped of their delegates. Hamilton represented 25% of the members of the Yuba GOP at the time.

The Staff of the CAGOP made the unilateral decision to strip Modoc. However, when this complaint came in against Yuba for the same violation as Modoc County, the Staff referred it to the Proxies and Credentials Committee – where Modoc should have been sent to. I can only conclude that the CAGOP’s staff is in on rigging the election for Jessica Patterson. There are too many things happening to not be a coincidence.

The excuse the CAGOP staff used to slit Modoc’s throat with no way to fix the issue was that they did not notice the problem with Modoc until the deadline and there was no time to cure the problem. Well guess what, same goes for Tehama and Yuba County – so why didn’t the same staffer that stripped Modoc County do the same with Tehama and Yuba?

February 16, 2021
Patricia Welch, Proxies & Credentials Committee Chair
California Republican Party
1001 K Street, Fourth Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Madam Chair:

Sections 7400 to 7470 of the California Elections Code governs county central committee membership, elections, meetings, and general business. In Yuba County, a single candidate filed for the county central committee in the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary Election: Duane Heter (SD5).1 The committee also includes three ex-officio members: Tamika Hamilton (CD3), Sen. Jim Nielsen (SD4), and Asm. James Gallagher (AD3).2 According to the elections code, “At the first meeting, a committee shall organize by selecting a chairperson, a secretary, and any other officers and committees as it deems necessary for carrying on the affairs of this party.”3

Tamika Hamilton is on record stating that she did not receive any notice of an organizational meeting for the county central committee in Yuba County (see document Tamika Hamilton Email Dated February 11, 2021). Hamilton’s vote would have represented twenty-five percent (25%) of the total vote in the initial balloting at the organizational meeting. This raises some relevant questions.

1. Was an organizational meeting held? If so, when and where was the meeting convened? Note there is no provision in the elections code for anything other than an in-person meeting, which was still possible in that part of the state.

2. Was the organizational meeting noticed to all members? Is there a date and time stamped record of the notice such as an email or stamped mail?

3. Were bylaws adopted? If so, were the officers of the county central committee selected in accordance with the bylaws?

4. Are there minutes of the organizational meeting?

The answers and the corroborating evidence are germane to determining if the organizational meeting was held correctly or was defective. There is no time to cure a defective organizational meeting before this upcoming convention.

If the organizational meeting in Yuba County was defective, then regular delegates Stephen Heter (Yuba county chair) and Duane Heter (Yuba county treasurer) must be removed from the CRP delegate list as with the associated appointed delegates (Mandy Edson, Damian Fussel, Joel Heter, Tiersa Heter, David Higgins, and Bryan McPartlan).4

My purpose is to make sure all county central committees are held to the same standards and I am sure you will agree. If you have any questions, I can be reached at cbrickey@XXXXXXX.com or (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

Respectfully submitted,
Carl Brickey
Appointed Delegate, California Republican Party (2021-2022)

1 Yuba County Elections Office, phone conversation with staff, February 12, 2021.
2 Cal. Elec. Code § 7404.
3 Cal. Elec. Code § 7441.
4 CRP Delegate List, accessed February 8, 2021.

The CRP Staff waited until 12-23-2020 to send notices to appointers going in to Christmas Weekend. Add in waiting until today to start sending election credentials. Waiting until 3PM 2-5-2021 to send us the final delegate list, perfectly timed to prevent Steve Frank getting a mail piece out (and it appears that Jessica Patterson got her copy a day or two before we got ours). Multiple techincal issues. Bad Phones, and email addresses galore. Ignoring several of my follow up questions for information about how they are verifying the delegates county parties receive. Stonewalling requests for information about the voting system. Enacting rules making observing proxies nearly impossible.

This is beyond incompetence, at some point it is no longer concidental. Then add in that we are catching cheating in real time, this is the CAGOP as we know it now. However, unlike President Trump we are airing the issues BEFORE the election. Oh and I am not done, the cheating IS significant enough that it could impact the outcome of the officer elections easily.

Modoc killed, Tehama and Yuba caught bogus? That is more than enough votes to decide the Northern Region Vice Chair Race (16 total) – and the beneficiary? Deborah Wilder and Jessica Patterson.

But wait, there’s more. By the end of the day tomorrow, you will learn that as much as 3% of the entire delegation to the CAGOP may well be bogus. This is beyond the corrupt proxy system that is frequently abused as well…

You need to know what is being done to you and who is doing it. The only way to stop this is to elect Steve Frank for CAGOP Chair.

P.S. We’ve proven that the staff do not follow up on much at all and the consultants apparently know this and have taken advantage of it. To be contiued…

Feb 142021

This meme was sent to me by Tamika Hamilton in Feb 2020. She complained to me repeatedly about the party doing nothing to help her. Now that she is running for CA03 again, she is supporting Jessica Patterson. Hamilton beat a fully funded opponent based largely on the assistance of several local county parties, whom she abandoned for her own gain. This is the system of bondage and patronage that needs to be shredded.

Many of you have read or heard about Modoc County. Modoc is the poster child for the refusal of Jessica Patterson to address or pay attention to the grassroots, we’ll get back to it in a bit.

Jessica Patterson has bragged about 37,500 volunteers recruited (and like a fish story, it has grown to 44,000) when she started to run her re-election campaign. Overwhelmingly, Those volunteers were brought in by Donald Trump not Jessica Patterson. The lie about the 44,000 volunteers gets worse when juxtaposed with the dilapidated state of county parties across California.

Juxtapose this 10 County Central Committees that did not have a single person file for office – including 8 in the territory of Deborah Wilder, the CAGOP “Vice Chairwoman” North. Wilder is Patterson’s heir apparent to succeed her once Kevin McCarthy is elected speaker of the house and Jessica is rewarded with an RNC or NRCC job in DC. I have long believed that the consultant class would be happy if most all county parties collapsed and did nothing. It would make controlling endorsements easy. Wilder is part of that culture as she did nothing to help organize the 8 counties that collapsed in her territory.

A Chair that cares about grassroots and local parties would have sent the 37,500-44,000 names to the county parties. They could have used those names to recruit people to run for county party? Think of it. Glenn County filed 3 people, Shasta 3, Modoc 2, Yuba 1, Marin 6, San Benito 6, Merced 2, and there are a host of others with less than 10 as well. Either those names do not exist and Patterson is lying or she and the consultants that control her only wanted to leech campaign dollars from the list. They certainly did not care about helping local parties even in the most basic ways.

Shrink the delegate universe, easier to maintain control. Since the lemmings in elected office get 11 delegates including themselves – crushing 10 county parties at an average of 5 delegates a piece makes those 11 vote blocks loom even larger.

Worse than allowing several county parties to collapse is what the CAGOP Staff and leadership did to Modoc County. This is the response I got from the staff:

In the Modoc County Republican Party instance, two people filed for central committee office (Chair of the Modoc Republican Party) and therefore became the elected members. 
They held a first meeting, but they did not notify all of the “members” of the committee which includes the ex-officios. (Elec. Code sections 7413 and 7425 both provide that ex-officios cannot be removed.)  
The ex-officios were unaware of the election of any members, and they attempted to revive what they believed to be a dead central committee by holding a meeting and making appointments to fill vacancies. In doing so they failed to notify the elected members.  
Both sets of meetings failed to properly notify all of the members of the central committee, therefore their actions in purporting to appoint officers and fill vacancies were both void, and had to be redone in a properly noticed meeting open to all of the members. The party notified both the ex-officios and Mr. Zane of this.
This problem, unfortunately, came to CRP staff’s attention just hours before the deadline for submitting delegates, and couldn’t be cured prior to the deadline, making the county ineligible to appoint delegates under the CRP’s bylaws. We expect the central committee will hold a properly noticed meeting and get organized, appoint a chairman and other officers, and be entitled to its delegates for the fall 2021 convention. 

Note – Mark Spannagel Called Bob Zane on 1-31-2021 yelling at him and threatening him. Danielle Cullum called Bob Zane on 2-5-2021 suggesting that the CRP’s staff delayed their investigation on the competing claims until there could be no resolution. It also suggests that Mark Spannagel, Doug LaMalfa’s Cheif of Staff waited until 2-2-2021 to make an issue. I am also aware that the two sets of organizational meeting information were submitted weeks before the deadline.

Please also note that I told the ex-officios that Modoc did indeed have elected members. The CAGOP’s staff has ignored the multiple instances where I told them this. Again, this is clear evidence that the CAGOP’s staff are active participants in the effort to re-elect Jessica Patterson. I can draw no other conclusion.

The 7 delegateds from Modoc will be Steve Frank Supporters and Laurie Wallace Supporters, not Jessica Patterson or Deborah Wilder supporters. This is 100% the nexus for trashing Modoc County. This is one example of what is being done to re-elect Jessica Patterson and her hand-picked successor Deborah Wilder. 

There are other counties that did what Modoc did when they organized, but their delegates are still on the list. Worse, the Chair of Modoc, Bob Zane freely admitted his mistake and that was used to slit his throat – similar to how the same CAGOP staff participated in lynching Ted Howze and Mike Cargile without a hearing or chance for recourse. How’s that for building the party – take advantage of someone’s integrity to strip him of his delegate status and lynching nominees without a hearing?

The CAGOP staff could have fixed this. Don’t worry, we have several more examples of things they have done that should give everyone pause. And I am not done with the Modoc issue either – it is a key to understanding what is being done to everyone in the name of re-electing Jessica Patterson.

Here is another – the CAGOP Staff waited until 4PM 12-23-2020 going in to the Christmas Holiday to send out notices to nominees of their appointments. This allowed several people from the Bay Area to contact unsuspecting Conservatives and get themselves appointed by Conservative nominees who were supporting Steve. I spoke to some of them and confirmed this to be the case. It also cause dozens of follow-up phone calls and complicated the drill. By itself, this would not be an indicator of game playing – but add the way Modoc County was handled and…

The Final Delegate List. Team Steve did not get theirs until 3PM 2-5-2021 some 3 days after the deadline. The following Wednesday the bogus Leadership Proxy Harvest Letter arrived with a mail-merged pre-filled out proxy form. I spoke to two mail houses who indicated such an operation would take 6 and 7 days respectively. This suggests that Jessica Pattersons team could have received their final delegate list a day before we did.

We’ve received several reports of confusing and conflicting information. The electronic voting system is primed to be a disaster as we’ve fielded dozens of complaints about the training for that system.

I have requested to speak with the vendor to ask a series of confidential questions and have gotten one response with something about setting up a meeting – no suggested dates, no suggested times. You’d think I could get an email or a phone number to call.

I have also made several specific requests about procedures and verifications. I’ve yet to receive replies. Some of the questions I have ask directly pertain to the integrity of the delegate selection process – especially in light of the CRP’s staff slitting the throat of Modoc County citing a rigorous enforcement of the rules. They seem to be grotesquely lax on the rules in other areas, we are going to go in to graphic detail about those as well.

As I continue this series, I am going to talk about a variety of methods I have seen David Stafford Reade, Mark Spannagel and others employ to control organizations. Most are unethical, some would be illegal if laws applied to organizations.

Remember, Reade, Spannagel and others attemtped to take over the CRA in 2011. As I lay out the story of what they did, you will see distrubing parallels to today. One such parallel was Karen England telling Phyllis Wing and a few others at the CRA convention “It’s all about the money for them”. Ironic given I’d never done a paid gig – but 100% consistent with the false smears of racism against Steve Frank these desperate consultants are employing today in 2021.

This was sent to a high-profile endorser of Steve Frank by a Sacramento Based Consultant. I will reveal the name of the Consultant when it suits me to do so

David Stafford Reade and another Sacramento Consultant ran a public smear campaign against the Placer CRA that led the effort to save the CRA from the consultants. It culminated with Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines accusing my Brother and Tom Hudson of felony money laundering on the front page of the Sacramento Bee. Some in the Tea Party were led to believe that the FBI was investigating us. 10 years later, no FBI, no criminal charges, no investigation. Here is an archived copy of the article from the Modesto Bee. Reade literally got two State Senators to attack Republican volunteers in the Statewide media!

This is what these people do to wreck volunteers and destroy anything they can’t control. This is why the Modoc Caper and the actions of the CRP staff have not surprised me at all. This is why the bullying, the smear campagn, twisting proxies, fraud, cheating and the like are not surprising me. I’ve seen it all before and I will lay out the evidence to explain why I am seeing a lot of this stuff  again in 2021.

Feb 132021

Deborah Wilder is a Democrat. Even if you could convict her of being a Republican, she is far to the left of the Northern California Region she represents. Aided and abetted by Doug LaMalfa, David Reade, Jim Nielsen and James Gallagher – she was elected to the CAGOP Platform Committee in Assembly District One.

Deborah Wilder voted to rip the pro-life plank from the CAGOP Platform amongst other things while on the platform committee.

Deborah Wilder aggressively argued to the point of being boorish and abusive in the CAGOP Board meeting against censuring Chad Mayes over the Cap and Trade disaster.

Wilder has also talked loudly, agressively and boorishly (which is her style) about de-chartering the California Republican Assembly. The CRA is the oldest Conservative Group in the California GOP.

Deborah Wilder also opposes dealing with Lincoln Project founder Mike Madrid who has been on a rampage to defeat Republicans at all levels of government. In her own words (taken from an email forwarded to me):

As to the Joe Biden thing- Here is the real story on that issue.  A delegate named Mike Madrid worked on the Liberty project to endorse Biden. Our Bylaws say that if a delegate endorses the other candidate they can be removed as a delegate.  This was brought to the board and we have been working through that process. It is not just a vote of the board. It requires notice to the delegate, a hearing, etc.. There were not going to be any delegate votes before the election.  The board members could have spend many hours going through the process to oust this delegate or spend their time electing Republicans. We chose to focus on electing Republicans. We will likely vote to oust the delegate at our meeting in January and will ban him from returning to the party as a delegate. Mike Garcia won his congressional seat by less than 500 votes- As a board, should we have have spent hours going through this procedural process and lost the Mike Garcia seat?  I say no.  Mike Madrid will be ousted as a delegate, but spending our time doing that when we had critical republican races to win was counterproductive.

Wilder lied. Her rationale even if what she wrote was true is equally as absurd as she sat idly by while the CAGOP Board ignored Mike Garcia in the Primary – despite Garcia having 100% of the underlying county endorsements. In the process of writing this groosly deceptive email (see also lie) – she did set fire to Jessica Patterson by indicating, “there were not going to be any delegate votes before the election.” This 100% validates Steve Frank’s assertion that Jessica Patterson was protecting Mike Madrid. BTW – it does not take hours to oust a delegate, and the CAGOP Board has not been working through that process as they have done nothing and there has never been a discussion of it. You’d think a trial lawyer like Wilder would know better than to lie.

I sent Wilder’s email to the delegate that filed a couple of the complaints (against Mike Madrid and Luis Alvarado):

According to the email that I received from CRP Interim Director Sarah Nelson regarding the status of my complaint, “Notification letters of your complaint were sent to Michael Madrid and Luis Alvarado on July 31, 2020. No formal response was received within 30 days from the accused delegates.”  Madrid and Alvarado had the opportunity to respond but chose to provide “no formal response”. The complaints were well- documented and provided sufficient evidence for a hearing to reach a quick determination.  A hearing would have only required the time and talent of a few members who were committed to protecting our Grand Old Party from a fifth column effort within our own state central committee.  Deborah Wilder’s assertion that a hearing would have required a significant commitment of party resources is a farce. Any party officer who is unwilling to defend our party is unworthy to be a party officer.

Update from the 1-11-2021 CRP Board Meeting: “Deborah Wilder asked about the status of the complaints against Luis Alvarado and Mike Madrid.  I believe Jonathan Madison is doing the investigation. Not sure when it will be done.  They are trying to follow the bylaws.  Alvarado and Madrid have not replied.”

Deborah Wilder Ran for AD-21 in 2000. Ran for CA-12 in 1994. Both times, her delegates and support came from the left of the party.

She Argued on the floor of the CAGOP convention multiple times in favor of Prop 14 – including castigating party faithful that think the “Top Two” system is a disaster.
Wilder also argued on the floor of the CAGOP convention opposing proxy reform, proxies are what keep people like Wilder in control of parts of the California GOP. Staffers and Donors are appointed as delegates and their proxies are collected by people and used to keep control of things. 259 of Jessica Patterson’s 548 Votes came via proxy in 2019… a staggering 44%.
Speaking of 44% look at this:
Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Colusa, Lassen, Plumas, Sierra, Tehama have no elected members. That’s correct, 8 of the 18 counties or 44% of Wilder’s region are dead and stripped of representation to the state party. Perhaps Wilder wanted this as these are all conservative counties and this makes the party easier to control if they are moribund and non-functional. A minimal level of follow-up would have saved some of these county parties from collapsing. I guess defending Mike Madrid and trying to shred the party platform were higher on the list.
Shasta had only three elected members and in a coup at their organizational meeting they filled 18 slots with donors and staffers when Wilder’s people intervened. Is this the kind of party organization we want?
Yuba County has one elected member – the father of a David Stafford Reade employee. You can make bank that will be 7 delegates for Deborah Wilder and Jessica Patterson. This is basically fraud, abusing the rules of the party. This is Wilder’s legacy as Northern Region Vice-Chair.
Sutter County, Siskiyou County, Glenn and Modoc County had around the same as the paltry three elected members that Shasta Had. Wilder participated and benefitted from stripping Modoc County of their delegates because of a legal technicality that I will explain in my next post while ignoring other outright fraud in her region. However other moribund counties were not scrutinized because they are in the orbit of David Stafford Reade and Deborah Wilder. Reade is Kevin Faulconer’s grassroots coordinator, Jessica Patterson and Deborah Wilder’s campaign manager. It is a small world indeed.
Of the counties in Deborah Wilder’s Region – only Butte, Nevada, Placer and El Dorado County are healthy and vibrant. Just 4 of the 18.
Wilder supports fake proxy voting while presiding over the collapse or near collapse of 14 of the 18 County Parties in her region. Draw the correlation – she supports a small group controlling the party and actively participates in shrinking the California Republican Party. Add to this, she is militanty pro-choice, gay marriage, open borders, (on occasion) likes bonds and taxes, always likes Prop 14, proxies and is a defender of Chad Mayes and Mike Madrid – you have the total package.
Laurie Wallace is none of the above. She has been a long-time CRA Member, County Party Member and activist who cares about Republican Values and engaging County Parties. I first met her when she lived in San Joaquin County and I know her passion for the values of the GOP. She is also an activist without future ambition for higher office. This makes her a servant leader for the California GOP, but also a conservative servant leader. This is everything Deborah Wilder isn’t.