Oct 042020

Lets look at a selection of tweets from Deanna Lorraine (Many since deleted). We are providing these tweets as a public service to anyone needing opposition research on this disaster. Also, you can catch her on Alex Jones from time to time. I am sure that is entertaining.

That is a fun one that will go in any sort of ad. It is easy to understand too.

Ah yes, the world famous Michael Obama tweet.

Here is another one tailor-made for the DCCC.

I take note that Deanna did not respond to Soledad. Soledad is a wacked out leftist – but when you throw out an open-ended challenge you had best follow your shot. Not Deanna. (Note that mayor of Louisville was indeed a democrat something Deanna could have pointed out if she was not trying to be cute.)

Then of course there is this:

Send her yo’ monay.

At least she is not Joe Collins who is openly trashing Trump while raising over $2Million for his CA43 Campaign that is going nowhere.

It is a close race between Deanna and Joe Collins for Grifter of the Year.

Mar 062020

From a confidential informant:

UPDATE: “We’d like to get you to be a talk show host on air. We want to hire you. It will cause a media frenzy.  I’m courting you to be a talk show host.”

“Deanna was on the Alex Jones show for an hour. Alex said he has billions of listeners and would help her run for office again”

Next up, Alex and Deanna get engaged. Don’t laugh, the fact that this is the first thought I had when I got the above email is a clear indicator of the trainwreck. Given that people like Tim Donnelly and Carl DeMaio get slaughtered repeatedly at the ballot box, have zero shame and keep running for office again and again should inform everyone about the archtype of fringe candidates. DeMaio and Donnelly prove it is a psychosis, not an ideological issue as they are on opposite ends of the GOP.

In this video, she literally calls herself a “Master Man Decoder”.

It was rather disturbing, but not at all surprising to see her speaking at churches after attempting to re-brand herself for purposes of her campaign. People are called sheep in the Bible for a reason. They make mistakes all the time and get played all the time by con artists.

She’s a victim don’t you know

I hate to disappoint Ms. Deanna – but I have no Italian in me. I am German. However, seeing her playing the victim and claiming class is a hallmark of a candidate in denial and victim-hood. These sorts of candidates usually return to campaigns repeatedly as they are incapable of grasping why they lost.

Feb 292020

It appears we have nuked another target. Note that the author of this site is writing in first person – could it be Deanna? Maybe they can write about Japanese Rope Bondage…

Which Deanna is it?

Read some of our greatest hits about Deanna Lorraine:

Then there is this one:

CA-12 Grifter Alert: Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero Talks About God By Day and Parties By Night, Criminal Convictions, Unpaid Debts

Feb 202020

It appears we have nuked another target. Note that the author of this site is writing in first person – could it be Deanna? Maybe they can write about Japanese Rope Bondage…

Which Deanna is it?

Read some of our greatest hits about Deanna Lorraine:

CAGOP TRAINWRECK Update: IS THIS THE BEST WE CAN DO? Meet CA-12 ‘s Bondage and Fetish Queen Among Other Luminaries

Then there is this one:

CA-03 and CA-12 Update: A look in to the Campaign Finances of the Top Candidates for Grifter of the Year 2020


Feb 142020

Joe Collins in Maxine Watters’ district CA-43 is in a class by himself, he has become the new Omar Navarro. Navarro is facing 5 Felonies related to stalking CA-12 Candidate Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero who appears to have still been texting him after the restraining order was issued.  Joe Collins has raised $400K and had $3k in the bank as of the last filing.

Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero is a different story. Your intrepid blogger believes that we have had a severe impact on her plans to cash in on anti-pelosi sentiments.

Meaningful. No Hookups

Meaningful. No Hookups. (As seen August 2019 higher than a U2 in Florida) Deanna is the woman in the photo without the rose

Despite her claims that she is close to $100K raised, Deanna reported around 72K raised. She spent $61K of it and had $10K left as of the most recent report.

She paid $1300 in rent, unethical but legal. She actually lives in Southern California, hundreds of miles away from CA-12.

Other fun stuff:

$1770.93 to Uber with a list of some 30+ entries
$29,580 for Consultants and Staff (HALF OF THE MONEY SPENT)
$14,805 in Fundraising and Bank Fees. (A QUARTER OF THE MONEY SPENT)
$4,359.25 in Airfaire – such as the trip to Florida depicted in the above shot?

This, ladies and gentlemen is the anatomy of a grifter. (Not to mention the dichotomy between her history and who she says she is today)

My personal favorite was the episode about Japanese Rope Bondage. (I still don’t know what that is)

Then we have the curious case of Sean Feucht who seems to be back east more than he is in Redding (Shasta County, some 120 miles fro the population center of CA-03). IT appears that Sean Feucht was parachuted in to CA-03 by Bethel Church, it is the only logical explanation.

Feucht’s money is coming from out of state and from some very expensive paid fundraising.

Feucht reported $99,000 Spent as of 12-31-2019.

$32,000 worth of Staff
$5,000 on a website!?
$45,000 in consultants (some may be fundraising costs too)
$20,000 in clearly discernible fundraising costs.
A whole bunch of trips back east for photo opportunities

Perhaps this is why some of his remaining money was spent on a couple pieces of low budget mail:

Imagine being a 55+ GOP Voter and seeing this in your mailbox. Note the Virginia Address too

Both are using religious manipulation. Deanna appears to be outright lying in her campaign.

Sean Feucht’s videos with his wife remind me of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker – this is probably why I have not awarded the grifter of the year award to Deanna outright.

The most disturbing thing about Sean’s campaign is the seeming fanaticism of the handful of diehard supporters he does have, this suggests that my instincts about Mr. Feucht and the religious manipulation may well have basis in fact. People that have been affected by a cult get really fanatical, really quick. A hallmark of religious manipulation (which is a form of a scam) is playing to people’s egos cloaked in Jesus Speak. I am seeing signs of that.

It appears both Feucht and Ms. Make Love Great again have financed travel and personal expenses with their campaigns as well. This is yet another key element in the qualifications for grifter status.

Like it or not – the “Outsider” in the White House has given legitimacy to the fringes who feel empowered to run for office. This is not dissimilar to the Tea Party of 2010 /2012 that kept fielding and supporting idiots who cost us several winnable senate seats keeping Harry Reid in power until 2014. A more recent example is Roy Moore in Alabama where Doug Jones was able to rip off a US Senate Seat for a few years.

I write this as someone who fully supports the President and is to the right of most Tea Partiers, but this is the reality and why I have to spend time torching so-called conservative charlatan candidates…

To be continued.

One of my personal favorite memes.