Oct 182010

I take note of a few things in the article:

1. They omitted mention of the physcial altercation after the forum was done.

2. They attempted to paint Stryk in a negative light – by highlighting that he was the only one finding fault in Yountville.

3. They made sure to point out that Stryk worked for Bob Dole and John McCain in the past – a deliberate attempt to inform the majority democrat town about Stryk being a Republican… but no mention that John Dunbar is a Republican.

Quoting the atricle:

Stryk, a former staff member to Republican U.S. Senators Robert Dole and John McCain, did not share his opponents’ optimism. “They believe our best days are upon us. I reject that idea,” adding many locals are relegated to a taco truck in order to find an affordable meal in a town that caters to upscale tourists. (shows point 2 and 3)

The community center generated some of the strongest interplay among the candidates as Stryk called Yountville, “a one-trick town,” and called the center an albatross that made no sense. He placed a $250-an-hour price tag to have a basketball workout there.

How dare Robert challenege the third rail – the community center, built with a massive bond and staffed with some of the bloated city staff. Even this article admits it went over budget – as did both of Robert’s opponents!

In closing remarks, Stryk chided the town for continuing to spend when revenues are down, saying people all over America are asking for less government. His opponents had their chance and failed, he said.

And this is the coup d’etat – this is why Majorie Moeller decided to jump in the Mayor’s race late – to defend the status quo.

Robert Stryk is asking too many questions and the Paper calls him a political maverick. In their arrogance – they may wall have made Stryk’s Campaign.

2010. Never forget this election at any level.

Did you know the Health Care Reform Bill Was Created in Yountville?

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Oct 172010

Want to know why Mike Thompson is freaked out over the candidacy of Robert Stryk?

The Villagio. The Villagio is one of the Democrat’s retreats and it is in the heart of Yountville. This is where the Socialists go to plot the re-construction of America.

At that very Villagio in the not-too-distant-future… the Democrats are going to make believe they are not going to get their tails whipped for an evening. This evening is a Fundriaser for Mike Thompson with Nancy Pelosi – since they both live within 5 miles of Yountville, not too much of a stretch.

… and Bill Clinton. Yes, THAT Bill Clinton.

Here’s where it gets more interesting:

John Dunbar the other “Republican” candidate for Mayor of Yountville is a “special guest” at Baghdad Mike’s soiree.

Nice, huh.

Robert’s offense is asking questions about the high salaries, the high amount of city staff and of course the Villagio flying one of his employees cross-country in a fishing expedition.

All this and Stryk was physically assaulted at a candidates’ forum + has had a Mike Thompson financed private investigator chasing after him.

Sounds like a sick dime novel.

There is another chapter, speaking of Bill Clinton – John Dunbar’s wife lives in Arizona. Rumor has it that the reporter from the Napa paper and John Dunbar are “quite friendly”.

The only part that’s going to be real fun is Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to losing her ass on election day and seeing a Real Republican as Mayor of Yountville – right in her backyard.

Oct 042010

Reprinted from the Napa Sentinel – and not authorized by the John Dunbar Campaign and the Villagio. (read the commentary here)

In the race for Mayor of Yountville there are three candidates. One candidate jointed a group of people who virtually run the Town and spent $100,000 to get rid of his opponent. The second candidate, a woman, has filed a complaint to the Fair Political Practices Commission about the same candidate that was under attack from the other candidate. We researched all three backgrounds of the candidates. Our endorsement of Robert Stryk is unequivocal. Mr. Stryk has clean handswhile the other two candidates do not. Through a group tried to smear Mr. Stryk their research fail to provide or prove anything. Mr. Stryk has worked his way up to be the head of a national company and he has worked on Capital Hill with congressmen and some very prominent senators – two of which have run for President of the United States. Mr. Stryk will not accept a penny in salary of insurance coverage – he is dedicated to the Town of Yountville.

Sep 192010

Yountville, Congressman Mike Thompson, John Dunbar. Bizarre, corrupt. (Take notes)

From the Napa Sentinel

Part 2 of Special Investigation
Yountville Vice-Mayor John Dunbar tied to corruption
Story on Page 3

In part 2 of our investigation into the ongoing corruption in Yountville, newly released documents from the California Secretary’s of State of Office show that Vice-Mayor John Dunbar has raised an eye opening $11,247.25 for the Mayor’s race in Yountville. According to the California Secretary of State’s Office and the California Fair Political Practices Commission, there has never been this much money raised or spent on a local Yountville election before.

What is also interesting is that Dunbar has received contributions from those that have been exposed as part of a scheme to smear Stryk. Dunbar’s Candidate Committe has received contributions from David Shipman, General Manager of the Vintage Inn and Villagio, who hired a Private investigator to dig up dirt on Stryk and also gave a free hotel suite to an employee of Stryk’s who Shipman had hoped would provide “Dirt” on him. (Email below)

Dunbar also received a hefty check from Congressman Mike Thompson’s Federal Candidate Committee for Congress. Last week we reported that Stryk objected to a racist email that was sent out by the Congressman’s son, Sheriff’s Deputy John Thompson which was then forwarded around by other members of the Napa Sheriff’s Department. (see email below-special note- The Napa Sentinel supports the unbridled Free Speech protection provided by the 1st amendment, but the Sentinel does not condone the offensive and racist email below)

We at the Sentinel had never heard of a Federal Candidate Campaign Committee donating money to such a small local race. In a call to the Federal Elections Commission in Washington, D.C. we asked an employee of the (FEC) about this and the caller commented, “A contribution like that is unusual but not illegal.” Unusual seems to be quite of an understatement. By searching the Federal Campaign Database provided by Open Secrets at http://www.opensecrets.org we could not find another Federal Campaign Committee that gave money to a such a small local race in the State of California and we definitely could not find one as influential as Congressman Mike Thompson. In the 10 years Mike Thompson has been in Congress he has never donated money from his Committee, which is meant to support his race for Congress, to support a local candidate in Yountville.
We asked a local resident in Yountville who has been closely following the Mayor’s race to get his view.  He commented that the second Stryk jumped into the race and challenged the status qou,he has had a group of very powerful and stupid people out to get him. “The conventional wisdom around town was that John would run un-opposed for Mayor. What I can’t understand is why they would even engage Stryk?  Nobody knew who the guy was…i think even if Stryk loses… he probably still wins… he obviously has stumbled upon something that has made a group of people spend a great deal of time and money protecting…I think Marjorie jumped in the race because she saw that John was vulnerable and thought that Stryk was mortally wounded…after all of this has come out, she is definitely the odd man out because she can’t claim her role as the outsider anymore…my neighbors are saying that a vote for her is a vote for John because if she loses she still has two years left on her Council term and there will not be any change in leadership…either way, if Stryk does not win, the Mayor and Council will be tainted…

Very Powerful and stupid people out to get Stryk – and they leave anonymous comments on this blog, too.

Sep 182010

So the Husband of Candidate number three – who jumped in late after a double-cross… is a nutbag?

…first we had Vice Mayor Dunbar who is tied to a “Secret Meeting” at the Villagio Hotel and Spa and is taking money from Mike Thompson, see email below, with emails as proof.

But now my other opponent Marjorie Mohler is on the move. Mohler who is currently on the Council has a husband who makes it look like they are all playing “High-School” games in Yountville. Mohler’s husband responded to a mailer that I sent out which quoted a letter to the editor in the Napa Sentinel, which mentioned a incident where the Town of Yountville attempted to get  a permanent restraining order against Bringman. Bringman took issue with the mailer and wrote his own letter to the editor that was printed in the Napa Valley Register, where he goes into details about his legal problems with the town.

see link

The thing is, I did not write that letter and just got permission to reprint it, but what Mr. Bringman did not mention is that it cost that taxpayers over $12,000.00 to sue him and Bringman also leaves out that months before, he sent me and unsolicited email where had offered his advice and help.

(Email from Tim Bringman)

Subject: Situation
Tim Bringman [tbringman@cienciagroup.com]
Sent:    Wednesday, January 13, 2010 2:24 PM
To:    Robert D. Stryk


A couple of years ago, I found myself in a situation much like you are in today. I would like to meet with you and discuss. Perhaps I can be of some help.


Tim Bringman
Managing Partner
Ciencia Group, LLC
6524 Vista Drive
Yountville, CA 94599
Phone: 707-944-8463
Fax: 707-944-8899
Cel: 707-738-5837

And to think: Bringman and Dunbar are at each other’s throats… this is beautiful. (To be Continued)