Coming Soon to Rocklin – A Home for Violent Mental Patients?

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Dec 142015

No wait – here you go again with inflammatory titles. Is this another RightOnDaily fantasy?

Nope. The only fantasies are those in the heads of the would-be patients of this would-be facility.

Universal Health Services is attempting to build a facility that will house a variety of mentally ill patients including – profoundly dangerous psychotic cases (of the ISIS 5150 kind) 597 feet away from Whitney High School!!!

It gets worse – as in way worse. A member of Rocklin’s City Staff – a Troy Holt is all over emails turned over to this blogger attempting to ram this project through the process.

I don’t know Mr. Holt. But – What he is doing is wrong. The storm that has been blowing in Rocklin is 100% over an out of control city staffer that got caught. Worse, others as it appears are attempting to avoid conflict and are making the situation worse.

The bottom line – Mr. Holt has been misrepresenting the facility, its’ goals and the support from it by police and fire. When Police and Fire were contacted – the initial response was surprise and then the bureaucratic line closed ranks. This is clear from the emails I have been sent that were turned over in Public Records Requests.

Here’s my issue – I know people on the planning commission. I know most of the councilmembers. This thing is going to die. If it does not – I’d be mortally shocked and would watch Rocklin burn down in a citizen riot. I will not accuse anyone on the planning commission of wrongdoing or anyone on the City Council. However, they are going to have to act and risk making someone mad. Most in local government try as hard as they can to keep everyone happy – it is not possible here.

Universal Health Services appears to be a disaster. There is a website dedicated to the maladies of this corporation.

The site has a decidedly left-wing slant but the following items are factual are are beyond the anti-capitalist hysteria of the site:

Numerous investigations in to Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

21 Locations owned are under investigation for substandard care.

They have settled lawsuits for persecuting whistle-blowers.

So – this is why your intrepid blogger has taken this case up. I detest liars.

I hope I don’t have to start getting in to gory detail – but the emails I have seen have what I believe to be outright lies and lies of omission in them. The UHS people are attempting to downplay the severity of the patients this facility would be housing.

But – take a step back – this facility for mentally ill people would be 597 FEET FROM WHITNEY HIGH SCHOOL and would be next door to a senior living complex. But, wait – there’s more – It would have 12 foot “walls” with some sort of special (unclibable) fabric on them.

Insane, violent patients 597 feet from a high school and a senior living complex – and 12 foot “walls” with some sort of special (unclimbable) fabric on them in the middle of a residential district.

It appears that Mr. Holt’s ego is involved. This is the only explanation for the continued spin after the absurdity of the situation was exposed. In the mind of Troy Holt, the City of Rocklin needs the mental hospital right in the middle of a residential neighborhood and he has committed himself to a self-destructive rampage to see that he gets his way. This is what I am reading in the emails I am seeing.

The Rocklin City Council should fire Troy Holt.

The people that are attempting to build this facility admit that there have been several escapes. In their terminology – they call them “Elopements”, if Universal Health Services can’t even call the escape of a violent mental patient an escape – what else have they lied about?

Look at the website of their Sacramento Facility:

Attached are two screen shots of Sierra Vista’s website containing the “admissions criteria.”  One is from December 1 and one is from several days later.  Please note the removal of “Violent, Impulsive Behaviors” (changed to simply “impulsive behaviors”) and “sexually acting out” (changed to “acting out behaviors”).

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This is disgusting. I really feel for the members of the Rocklin City Council – they have an out of control staffer that has enraged the citizens with his actions so bad that they will be threatened at the ballot box.

Unfortunately, this situation has been on local media all over the area and I believe that not only will the City Council have to kill this facility (if the planning commission does not) – but they will also have to publicly terminate Troy Holt.