Oct 312017

So far we’ve covered a dozen prominent current and former Republican leaders in my personal expose’. Too often, many of my Conservative friends get upset with me because I seem to care more about morality, personal behavior, ethics and integrity over some lexicon of issues. It is true. I will vote for an honest RINO-Squish before I support a promiscuous Conservative.

If you call yourself a Conservative, you are adopting a higher standard. This is why former Assemblymember Chuck DeVore’s reputation as a cheater is an issue. A democrat does it, it is expected. Don’t talk about family values when you wake up in another woman’s bed. It’s worse when (one of) your alleged girlfriend(s) worked for one of those “Family Values” groups. The Chuck DeVore I knew was an egomaniac, usually people like that feel entitled to other women.

But I never heard about DeVore’s office being a hotbed of harassment. I did however speak with two staffers, one who worked for a former Orange County legislator and one who used to work for a still current member. Both described to me the culture in the Sacramento Bubble and how they were objectified. The female staffers were encouraged to dress in clothing that accentuated their breasts and buttocks for example. Colors were suggested as well.

One of these women reached out to me while I was launching on Chad Mayes. Her warning was pointed, “these people think they are above the law”. They get away with stuff you would not believe. “Watch your back”. Maybe someday I will be able to go on the record with you when I have been out of there (Sacramento) a while. “You would not believe what I saw and I was there XX Years…”

She also warned me that the new regime (as in Brian Dahle) was no different than the old regime (Chad Mayes). I hope she is wrong.

I am also afraid what I will find out in detail when she is willing to go on the record with me.

I was also told about Tim Clark’s brief tenure in the building as well. It was characterized by him bragging openly about all the people he screwed over. While Clark was not dumb enough to objectify women according to the sources, he did routinely call them some ugly expletives. This same man, you guessed it, liked to play the faith card frequently. Clark is one of many that have been characterized by this description.

I heard recently that Mr. Clark is doing way better on a personal level now that he is in Washington D.C., I hope this is true, because his last 10 years in California were a disaster. I sincerely hope that Jesus has become king of his life again as for a while it seemed like money had taken him over (when he was not raging/deriding women).

Like Chuck Devore, I witnessed Tim Donnelly’s disaster of a Statewide Campaign. I have still not figured out what it is about so-called conservatives using their statewide campaigns as a dating service. I saw it with Ron Nehring, Tom Del Becarro, Peter Foy (allegedly), and those two. I have a ton of further evidence on Mr. Donnelly about his abhorrent personal behavior. Mr. Donnelly was always chaperoned by staff and I observed that clearly. I learned that the reason for this was his penchant for acting out. His personal behavior is a complete, glaring contrast to the so-called Christian Conservative he wants us all to believe he is. Some on the right are still mad at me for supporting Neel Kashkari – but Tim Donnelly should be institutionalized and not anywhere near office, ever.

Tim Donnelly is running for Congress again. If it is anything similar to the rip-off mission that was his SB277 referendum, you can make bank there will be more women and ripped off donors in his path.

I have to remind myself sometimes hour by hour why I am still a Republican. It is because of the values of the Republican Party, not because of the people.

No incumbent (in party office or elected office) ever deserves an automatic endorsement or re-election. They must earn it and until these people are made to fear the consequences of their misdeeds, there is little, if any deterrent to this out of control behavior. There is an election cycle upon us, I am sure I will be adding more names and details to this series when I pick it up later…

Jul 142011

I take a break from my regularly scheduled expose’ of fraud in Placer County / CRA politics to bring you and important update on Fraud in Orange County.

Chuck DeVore.

Recently Chuck DeVore had his surrogates initiate an attack against Todd Spitzer. Spitzer is a former Assemblyman as is DeVore. In a large county like Orange, being a county supervisor is almost a step up from the Assembly – especially for a Republican. First off, you’re not in the permanent minority and second, there are no term-limits.

The nexus of the attack was regarding Union money that Todd Spitzer has taken for his campaign.

Similar to some of the inane attacks going on up here in Placer – it appears that Todd Spitzer is the victim of “Projection”. Projection is the psychological term for someone that attempts to assign their own bad behavior to others.

Chuck DeVore.

It seems DeVore got caught tossing bricks in a glass house. Whoops.

Start off with the fact that Chuck DeVore got sued. Whoops. Sounds like the boys of summer don’t include Mr. DeVore.

A closer look in to the meelee shows “Fiscal Conservative” Chuck DeVore up to his $#(^* in debt. I guess it is a good thing that DeVore decided to attack me publicly rather than hire me – I’d likely be on his creditor’s list. Note that DeVore was able to skate on over $160,000 in debt in the settlement plan… his vendors probably didn’t get much at all.

Then, there is this little jewel from a local union leader in Orange County:

Submitted by Tony Bedolla (not verified) on Thu, 2011-07-07 13:24
I have been the PAC Director of my union, Orange County Professional Firefighters Association Local 3631, since January, 2001.
In that time I have interviewed literally hundreds of candidates seeking our endorsement.
I am dismayed by Chuck Devore’s challenge to Todd Spitzer given that Mr. Devore has sought the endorsement of my union on two separate occasions.
The first time in 2002 when he was a candidate for Irvine City Council and then in 2004 as a candidate for the State Assembly during the Primary Election against his GOP opponent Cristi Cristich.


Chuck DeVore in his usual style has been assailing Todd Spitzer for being an impure Republican with his “Union Money”. But, that didn’t stop Chuck DeVore from receiving $6400 of said money in the past.


Playing follow-the-money is getting old, let me tell you.

As a side note to my current expose’: Chuck DeVore endorsed Karen England for CRA President along with the fraud and the CRA slate Karen brought with her. I guess that, the campaign debt and the union money circle is a great three-piece set.

CA-Sen Update: Chuck DeVore, Classless Loser

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Jun 092010

I wanted to leave DeVore alone two weeks ago when his campaign was confirmed dead.

But, he didn’t stop. Tom Campbell stopped when they knew they were beaten.

DeVore even up to election day was sending emails like Joseph Goebbels in 1945.

Once DeVore was cemented in history with a pathetic 16% of the vote – he could not let go of his classless and false attacks against Carly.

Quoting the LA Times:

Chuck DeVore, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, encouraged his supporters to vote for Carly Fiorina, the victor in that race, but then said in an interview she won’t get their votes “if she thinks that she has to run back to the middle to win.”

Nice Job, Chuck.

CA-Sen Update: Bizarre Appeals and Polls showing Fiorina 50+ vs Other at (who cares)

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Jun 072010

It’s over.

It was over two weeks ago.

Still, the information minister fights on to get a few last shots in at Carly Fiorina (in an attempt to assist Barbara Boxer?) – is it spoiled rotten brat syndrome or a bonfire of Ego. Thomas the Tax Engine folded up his tent a week ago.

In a post called the time for choosing – Carly Fiorina is called Lyndsay Graham or John McCain by Red State Blog. They also compare this race to the hysteria surrounding Arnold and the “Go for the win” mentality.

They emplore people to throw away their votes on the information minister – dragging out his half-baked lines about what a baby-killing, tree-hugging squish Carly is.

They are dead wrong about Carly and will end up eating their words. I would hope that these guys help us against Barbara Boxer.

And now for the truth that Chuck DeVore will likely deny until leeches and electrodes are applied:

Flap’s Dental Blog reported a new poll. Carly 54% – any questions?

Let’s look at the numbers a little closer…

Looking at the changes in the US Senate contest, Carly Fiorina’s campaign has increased her support by 10 points, up from 44%, Tom Campbell has dropped 2 points from 21% to 19% and Chuck Devore has increased by 2 points, up from 14%. Other candidate support has decreased 2 points to 5%, and undecided voters has decreased 8 points from 14%.

They also have Steve Poizner losing 64-22.

Get Over It – Chuck DeVore Loses to Don Henley over his use of Boys of Summer

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Jun 062010

Quoting the moonbats at the Liberal OC:

HT to our friends at the Huffington Post but State Rep. Chuck DeVore has already lost his first battle of the month and its not even primary day.  DeVore lost a lawsuit for his campaign’s parodies of Don Henley songs to attack Senator Barbara Boxer.  Chuck’s claim to fame here – he’s the first political to lose a lawsuit over a song parody.  So much for that copy of the pocket Constitution.  Perhaps an expanded edition dealing with First Amendment law will fit on Chuck’s iPad.

Chuck DeVore is a trailblazer. I was wondering if he was a Victim of Love or just stuck in the Hotel California.

Either way 14%/16%/19% is simply going to lead to some Heartache Tonight.

While DeVore rightly rails on David Geffen and rightly fights back against this ruling – it looks like the Last Worthless Evening will be June 8th.

The Primary Election is in two days.