Jan 202021

Chad Bianco, a man of faith with his wife having a moment of prayer while being sworn in. On the right is Chad Bianco embracing former Sheriff Robert Doyle who endured a decade of being smeared by Stan Sniff. Doyle has been peacefully retired in Texas, no longer being used as a straw man by the corrupt former Sheriff Stan Sniff

Recently, your intrepid blogger talked to someone that recently retired after having a dust up with the Sheriff. This spurred me to start doing some follow up work to see what has changed in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office post Stan Sniff.

If you have not liked Chad Bianco’s Facebook page – for those of you still on Facebook post purge, here it is. You can also see an assortment of You Tube stuff here as well. Bianco has gained some national attention for standing up to Governor Newsolini’s edicts. He has told the governor he will not be throwing people in jail for not wearing a mask or doing other normal daily activites.

When I annhiliated Stan Sniff over the course of 18 months there were several themes we wrote about.

One theme was promotions and retaliation. Sniff was notorious for promoting his buddies and for giving people “Freeway Therapy”. Freeway therapy is when someone that lived in the western half of Riverside County was transferred to a station 2+ hours away out in the desert portion. (Or vise versa) I’ve been told by several that this practice has ended and transfers are voluntary or when needed due to issues are typically 1-2 stations away.

Some people have bristled about the promotion of Chad’s brother Mike Bianco. Mike was a Sergeant for over a decade. Obviously, because Chad had been openly opposed to Stan Sniff, his brother was collateral damage and was never given serious consideration. The overwhelming majority of people agreed that promoting Sgt. Bianco to Lieutennant was the right move and that Mike Bianco deserved it.

Chad Bianco’s daughter is now a deputy. She was all the way through training and was doing her background check / process before Chad even knew she had applied. Accounts I have been given is that Chad’s daughter was actually given a harder time than most in the academy.

In addition, several known Stan Sniff supporters have been promoted by Sheriff Bianco in the time since Bianco won election. This is a stark contrast to Sniff who had a large enemies list.

A big deal is that Chad Bianco turned over the leadership of the PSB department. As you recall, I wrote about several cover-ups under the Sniff admin. The PSB (aka internal affairs department) was the lynchpin of these. The standard is now find the truth, versus working towards a pre-determined conclusion. On that subject, the Kevin Duffy case is being litigated and Bianco was not able to give many details – but he made it clear he hopes the lawsuits compel the release of the information to give the victims closure. (I am reading in between the lines of what he told me)

Sheriff Bianco raved about how County Staff and the Board of Supervisors have been helpful and partners in dealing with his budget. The biggest issues have been with the inertia of Government and the hopelessly broken system. County Staff have been partners in navigating the deliberately set roadblocks by Sacramento. Bianco indicated that pre-Covid they were hiring at a very high rate and had solved several staffing problems in areas in the county. This also included fully staffing the new jail (that sat partially empty for several years) – that Sniff used to use as leverage to try and get more money out of the county.

Two major things that the Bianco administation has accomplished have freed up a lot of money and solved a lot of nagging problems:

  1. The building maintenance has been taken over from the county. The photos I used to post of broken doors, gates and the like will be much harder to come by now. The costs are a fraction of what they were using the county and the lag times have almost been eliminated
  2. The rusted out cars and age-old cars are being dealt with. This year, the Riverside Sheriff’s Department is going in to contract with Ford and Chevy directly for cars and their maintenance. This has been done by departments around the country – but many common sense decisions were never allowed under Sniff. I guess all those neat photos of broken and rusted out cars that I posted under the Sniff Administration are a thing of the past.

A couple of side notes – the department had dozens of cars sitting idle due to bureaucratic bungling and still others that were unused due to mainenance issues. Many such cars were cleaned up, fixed, painted and otherwise. The administrative staff was given some of these newly rehabbed cars causing some to think all of the admin staff got new vehicles. After July, there will be even more new vehicles courtesy of the new fleet contracts with Ford and Chevy.

Lastly, one of the long-standing issues with Stan Sniff were CCW Permits. These were handed out only to friends and donors mostly. The waiting period was a ghastly 18 months on average and had hit 2 years at some point. There were also very few authorized vendors for the prerequesite training as well.

As such, Bianco outsourced the paperwork and vetting of applicants. the wait time had been slashed to 3 weeks pre covid and is still a respectible 2 months now.

There were 3 vendors under Sniff, there are now 17 under Bianco.

As such, there were just short of 10,000 CCW Permit Holders in Riverside County at the end of 2020. At no point in Sniff’s tenure did the number exceed 3500.

Your intrepid blogger will be continuing to track the progress of Sheriff Bianco. If you have any tips or information, please email me at aaron@rightondaily.com, you can remain anonymous if needed.

Dec 182020

Meet Cindy (P)Uken. She has a blog and she is a leftist moonbat. The (p)Uken report was hired (or AHEM paid for adversiting) by the former Sheriff of Riverside County – Stan Sniff ostensibly to counter the devastating impact that Right On Daily had on the Sniff Campaign.

Sniff got hammered by 18 points. Late in Sniff’s campaign, his brain trust went hard left in a vain attempt to regain traction. Some of the same bunch of cop-hating progressive wackjobs are attempting to gin up controversy because they believe in lockdowns and masks. These people, including (p)Uken are all about screwing children out of their education, shredding family holidays, decimating small business (while Big Box stay open), and shutting Churches down (while protests are allowed).

Cindy (p)Uken holds herself out as an award-winning journalist. The truth is that she is a bitter left-wing hack who is dishonest about her left-wing bias. Witness this snippet from her blog:

The letter stems from Dec. 3, 2020 when Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a stay-at-home order in an attempt to slow the unprecedented escalation in the rate of spread of the Covid-19 virus.  The next day, Riverside Sheriff Chad Bianco created a YouTube video in which he made a number of baseless claims, attacked the Governor, and stated that his department would not be enforcing the stay-at-home order.

(p)Uken is so deluded in her rage over the 2018 election that she is unable to comprehend that Governor Gavin Newsolini has been beat down by the courts several times over his unconstitutional orders.

Here is a sample for (p)Uken and her fellow leftist Mask-Nazi, property-destroying, cop-defuding commies:

Restaurant Closures deemed unconstitutional just a few days ago

Church Closures deemed unconstitutional by several courts

The precious democrat mail ballot fraud election scheme decreed by Newsolini deemed unconstitutional

Ms. (p)Uken should take notes, being clear about your bias gives you a lot of freedom to let loose with some truth bombs. (Not to be confused with the weapons her sources like to wield in “protests”)

Stating that Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco is “arrogant, non-compliant and negligent,” Democrats of the Desert and Palm Desert Greens Democrats on Thursday sent a letter of complaint to the five Riverside County Supervisors. In it, they ask implore supervisors to censure Bianco.

This is the first sentence of (p)Uken’s post. That should be the first indicator that her blog is not newsworthy, but rather it is an extreme leftist partisan attack.

Later in (p)Uken’s blog the real fascism of her and her commie friends rears itself:

The two boards of directors call on Supervisors to “publicly rebuke the actions of Sheriff Bianco and censure him at your first opportunity.”

“Your censure should condemn the Sheriff’s irresponsibility and his failure to do his duty to enforce the law. We also ask that the Board undertake a review of the Sheriff’s Departmental budget with an eye toward budgetary reductions/restrictions should the Sheriff continue to defy State orders and thereby jeopardize State funding to the County,” the letter states.

The groups of Democrats also request the Board of Supervisors to immediately exercise its administrative authority over business licenses to enforce the Governor’s stay-at-home order.

Desert Stonewall Democrats have sent a similar letter to Supervisor V. Manuel Perez.

So, (p)Uken and her fellow communists want the gulags filled with business owners and are asking the Riverside County Board of Supervisors to use the heavy hand of government to bludgeon people in to submission. Also note that they are cleverly calling for defunding the police in their screed.

Stan Sniff should be proud of this hire, she’d have fit right in to his administration. Karl Marx would be proud of these people.

Don’t worry (p)Uken – Newsolini will soon have to fight a special election because of his dictatorial behavior. I am sure you will have plenty to write about, as a sheriff that refuses to put people in Jail for living their lives is the least of your worries. Maybe you can win another award from the Politboro for your service to Newsolini.

Good Job Chad Bianco – if (p)Uken and the communists are calling for your ouster, it is obvious you are both enforcing real law and defending liberty.

Jan 132020

Chad Bianco will be years cleaning up the department. I’d have thought that dealing with Bob Epps and the Bomb Squad as well as the cover up of the Kevin Duffy serial child molestation scandal would have been at the top of the list, but a year in I’ve seen no updates on either.

Why are some of Sniff’s people still in charge of stuff?

The bottom line about former Chief Deputy Ron Dye – he got popped in a prostitution sting. (One of those “Victimless Crimes” that libertarian anarchists and sexual deviants want to legalize)

On Thursday, January 9, 2020, at the direction of Sheriff Chad Bianco, Temecula Special Teams coordinated a comprehensive “John” prostitution and narcotic sting operation in the city of Temecula.  This operation was conducted primarily as a prostitution sting, which targeted male “Johns,” soliciting an undercover female deputy for sexual favors in exchange for money.  During the operation, Temecula Special Teams simultaneously worked a narcotic investigation targeting subjects with active warrants known to buy/sell illegal narcotics.  During this operation, the following 10 people were arrested and booked at the Cois Byrd Detention Center:

  • Jeir Castillo, HMA, 25-year-old resident of Lake Elsinore, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Anthony Garcia, HMA, 21-year-old resident of Temecula, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Ron Dye, WMA, 72-year-old resident of Murrieta, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Everett Mays, BMA, 53-year-old resident of Temecula, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Chad Nehlsen, WMA, 41-year-old resident of Murrieta, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Daniel Wolff (WMA, 31-year-old resident of Temecula, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Juan Juan, HMA, 46-year-old resident of Wildomar, Ca. / Prostitution

  • Alfredo Becerra, HMA, 33-year-old Temecula transient / Possession of Illegal Narcotics and Felony Violation of Probation

  • Derrick Kendrick, BMA, 25-year-old resident of Winchester, Ca. / Possession of Illegal Narcotics

  • William Blackmon, WMA, 38-year-old Menifee transient / Possession of Illegal Narcotics and Felony Warrant

Ron Dye also donated $6,000 to Stan Sniff.

According to inside sources who I spoke to during and after the 2018 campaign, Dye was a jerk to anyone that disagreed with him and was used as a hatchet man while in the second floor. Dye was also alleged to have been working on some sort of lucrative contract out in Indio (referred to as “the desert”) where he was a Station Captain before becoming one of Stan Sniff’s butt-monkeys.

I received notification of this arrest several times suggesting that Dye was a universally loathed figure within the Riverside Sheriff’s Department.

The ghosts of Stan Sniff are all over and still active. I hope soon, I can give some updates about corruption being prosecuted, more of sniff’s goons being fired and real progress on the Kevin Duffy Cover-Up amongst others.

To be continued…

Apr 222019

Remember Sgt. Selfie? Who can’t – Robert Garcia is his name. Sgt. Garcia is REPUTED to be a jerk to his men. Sgt. Garcia is held in low regard by those that have talked to this blogger. (Ahem, Garcia, when studying your law courses… ahem OFF THE CLOCK… check with your professor about libel laws and how they work. Because I think you’re a loser and by the time I am done writing about you everyone else will also) Many also rip on the guy for being a “Gym Body” meaning he looks strong until a 150 pound crank fiend rolls him on a traffic stop. I can’t speak to Garcia’s apparent lack of real strength, I just know what sources tell me about him.

Hi Robert.

So guess what Huskey did? Put Garcia on a special team as its’ Sergeant. Nothing says up yours to your men than doing that on your way out the door. Then, of course there is Sgt. Geronimo Contrares, made the admin Sgt. by soon to be departed Captain Huskey. According to accounts given to this blogger, Contrares may well have caused a couple of lawsuits against the county with his conduct in the year or so since becoming the admin sgt. (when he allegedly isn’t slipping people in to Cochellafest without tickets) DOH!

Huskey is soon to be 10-7, too. Your intrepid blogger has learned that this door at MoVal has been fixed, along with the gate at Lake Elsinore. (since Bianco started as Sheriff by the way)

Then we have the case of Kevin Vest. Vest was and is still reviled by most of the sources your intrepid blogger has in a manner similar to invertebrate reptilian slime.

Sources indicate that Kevin Vest in the waning days of Stan Sniff, wiped the county database clean – at least the section that housed sheriff’s department records and emails.

Kevin Vest got hammered on Facebook by SHERIFF BIANCO. (Repeat as many times as necessary – Garcia, you may need a buddy to help you with this one…)

Kevin Vest was terminated by Sheriff Bianco in his first hour in office.

Did Kevin Vest destroy evidence? That is the question of the day from your intrepid blogger.

We have been told that the Kevin Duffy serial child molester, rapist, abuser case is going to explode again. SHERIFF BIANCO has said it will be investigated and closure will be given to the victims (or something similar). Did Kevin Vest and others destroy the evidence? What happened to the stuff Captain Leonard Purvis reputedly was ordered to take to the second floor from Hemet?

It is going to be interesting times as the County is looking to wrap up a slew of employment practices cases, worker’s comp abuses and the like with the new Sheriff pushing for justice. It is also going to be interesting as the new management team keeps uncovering hidden money, malfeasance and corruption… no amount of deleted data by Kevin Vest (if the allegation is true that is) will stop SHERIFF BIANCO and crew from the clean up of the department.

In other news – as not seen in the local media – the morale of the department is sky high, hiring is surging and the Sheriff himself has said there is enough money to restore punitive cuts made by the old Sheriff.

To be continued…

Apr 142019

We’ve been pretty clear. The local media in Riverside County is abhorrent. They were 100% complicit in the corruption of Stan Sniff, and similar to the New York Times and Washington Post – both caught in multiple lies related to President Trump – the Desert Sun is on a rampage to assuage its’ endorsement of Stan Sniff.

As not seen in the local Riverside Media. A clear promise kept, CCW Backlog eliminated, process streamlined.

Neither of the major local toilet papers have bothered to cover the myriad of efficiency improvements implemented by the Sheriff. Neither covered the CCW issue, because at the end of the day most of their employees are gun-grabbing liberals anyway.

There has been no follow up on things like Kevin Duffy, Sniff Management Personnel that got away with sexual harassment (think #METOO), crimes, cover-ups, gross mismanagement and the like.

What we do get from the Desert Scum is a chicken-feed cheap shot headline.

The headline reads “DID CHAD BIANCO LIE!?“, but the article is pretty much the same pablum we’ve grown tired of since the Desert Sun failed to properly cover the Stan-Sniff deputy cheating scandal cover-up.

You have to read down 7(!) Paragraphs (note the similar pattern in the New York Times or the Washington Post) – to get to the meat of the story. The first seven paragraphs were replete with implications of secrecy and lies lies lies by the Sheriff.

Although the proposed rate isn’t what Bianco promised, this year’s 2.19% rate increase and next year’s projected 5% increase are not as dramatic as rate increases in the years before he took office.

Imagine that. But, Bianco is a liar because the rates did not go down. It is similar to media attacking President Trump’s Tax Reform that dropped taxes for 85% of Americans

Then after all the cheap shots to lead the article – there is this:

Even though many said they were hopeful Bianco could lower the rate in the weeks leading up to the meeting, officials from Temecula, Menifee, Moreno Valley and La Quinta commended Bianco for reining in the rate at which the contract cost is increasing.

Now why did you call Chad Bianco a liar, Desert Sun? I think you owe him an apology, front page above the fold.

And Bianco thinks his 5% estimate for next year’s rate increase was on the high side.

“With what we are doing, I can’t imagine it going anywhere but down,” he said in an email to The Desert Sun.

Very interesting that an article headlined “Broken Promises” has these sorts of quotes in it. This is what Media outlets do when they feel forced to have to cover positive news about electeds they don’t like. (Especially a Conservative Republican like Chad Bianco)

La Quinta City Manager Frank Spevacek said Tuesday’s meeting was a refreshing change from prior contract partner meetings but he was taking a wait-and-see approach to determine if the new sheriff’s administration could rein in costs.

Note – no mention that the prior contract partner meetings were with Desert Sun endorsed Stan Sniff. Imagine that.

“Proof of their commitment to this new way will be determined by the going forward actions the sheriff implements,” he said.

I can hardly wait to serve the Desert Sun some more crow when the reforms bear more fruit

A couple of side items. Stan Sniff’s cronies that used to control CCW Classes and ranges now have competition. One of the many reforms brought in by Chad Bianco are new ranges and new vendors authorized for the CCW Program. H Paul Payne, a man I believe to be invertebrate slime, who inexplicably is in a position of authority in gun rights groups has been silent while Bianco does in 4 months what his boy Sniff did the exact opposite of in 11 years.

Omitted from the Desert Sun Story – conveniently so by the way – is the hiring binge going on by the Sheriff’s Department. Inside sources tell me that the fiscal mismanagement under Stan Sniff was so pervasive that just simple changes to methods of doing business are allowing the department to make their money stretch further. It is unclear to this blogger if the extent of the mismanagement, what I believe to be felony embezzlement, misappropriation, commingling and accounting fraud that was the rule under sniff will ever be fully known or revealed. This was also omitted from the Desert Sun Story.

We had written previously that one of our favorite punching bags, Jason “Deuce” Horton was being hired as the Chief of Police for Yakima, WA. Well, Horton quit his job in Code Enforcement and was already packing his bags. The City Council missed the memo and hired someone else. DOH! I guess that means Horton can glare at me at the next CAGOP Convention in Indian Wells in September.

I am waiting to hear about several individual cases of employees who were screwed over by the Sniff regime. People like Tammy Smoak, Gabe Dennington and Lance Colmer come to mind. I am also very curious to see what is coming next related to the massive cover-up of one of the worst serial child molesters in American History (if everything alleged is true) Kevin Duffy. I am sure the Desert Sun will have nothing to say, or they will try to blame Chad Bianco for it.

If the Desert Sun is following the typical leftist media pattern – they are going to set a narrative that Bianco is a liar, tries to hide stuff (which they did in this cheap shot article) and is in over his head trying to run the department. Watch for it, I’ve seen it for years from media outlets, especially those butt-hurt when their endorsee loses an election.