Jun 172018


A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

The Republican Party implemented endorsement rules to separate those who simply want to see their names on a ballot from those who want to be contenders. One of the criterion is 200 delegate endorsement signatures and at least 10 of them must be from delegates of the eight regions. In other words, they must work to be considered for the Republican Party endorsement.

It’s not easy and they have to travel throughout the state. It’s incumbent on the candidates to get out and interact with the delegates whose endorsement they’ll need. It’s the only way to gain those signatures and secure an endorsement potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of votes!

Not one Republican US Senate candidate secured the necessary signatures to qualify for endorsement consideration. On the voting floor, some at the CAGOP convention wanted to forego this criterion. It went nowhere.

It’s disappointing because this endorsement could’ve vaulted one of these candidates into the top two. Specifically, I’m looking at the top-four Republican vote-recipients inexcusably ignoring their best opportunity to gain an advantage over their opponents. To consolidate conservative and Republican voters around one party-endorsed candidate.


The excuse I heard from one candidate for not gathering enough signatures was appalling. This candidate said their focus was on another political issue of higher priority. There was no time to gather signatures. I didn’t have the heart to say how wrong that was, so I politely said thank you for the time and good luck. I was shaking my head as I walked away, surprised this candidate thought the excuse was justifiable.

If you don’t view your run for US Senate as your highest priority, then why run? It makes no sense and all your name on the ballot does, is siphon votes from other Republicans. If finances are an issue, maybe you should seek a lesser office.

“But, but, but William, money’s what’s wrong with politics. You’re wrong to say that,” my critics say. Reality check people! Money is a prerequisite to run for higher office. Right or wrong, that’s how it works.


Common sense should help rule your decision in deciding if you enter an expensive race. California’s a “YUGE” state and if you can’t cover the basic financials as a grassroots candidate, then you shouldn’t run. If your names on the ballot just sucking votes from another candidate, then reconsider.

The Republican Party bears some responsibility in helping find candidates with finances and backing to run. I’m not talking establishment flunkies (see Duf Sundheim), but a compromise of the Republican voters will, and donors wishes, but that’s a story for another day.


The 2018 primary numbers showed Californians wanted a Republican to compete for US Senate but those who chose to run? Well, none took the endorsement criteria serious enough. That left many voters struggling to figure which candidate to rally around.

  1. James P Bradley : 475,844
  2. Arun K. Bhumitra: 298,239
  3. Paul A Taylor: 272,981
  4. Erin Cruz: 223,819
  5. Tom Palzer: 171,952
  6. Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente: 115,171 (author’s note – a Democrat disguised as a Republican)
  7. John “Jack” Crew: 78,578
  8. Kevin Mottus: 74,690
  9. Patrick Little: 73,359
  10. Jerry Joseph Laws: 56,978
  11. Mario Nabliba: 33,386

Total Republican Votes: 1,874,997 (as of June 14, 2018)

Ironically, US Senate was the race I received the most questions on who to vote for. I was struggling with it because Cruz was my favorite, but the numbers weren’t adding up, so I voted Bradley in the hopes we could vault him to No. 2. Those who asked, I told to do the same… we failed. Once the numbers began to come in, I knew a Republican Party endorsed candidate would’ve received most of the Republican votes – enough to vault him or her into the top two, thus my disappointment.


We enter our second straight US senatorial cycle without a Republican on the ballot in November. That’s pathetic! Thank you, Charles Munger Jr., and CAGOP leadership.

Despite that, this go-round I don’t blame the party. The same party that sabotaged the last legitimate US Senate candidate, simply because he was a conservative. This time I fault the candidates as CAGOP leadership stayed out of this race. Why did they stay out it? That’s another sad, pathetic CAGOP tale for a different day.

Regardless, had one of the 11 candidates qualified for endorsement consideration, they would’ve won! Going one step further that person would be on the ballot in November. We must do better my friends, we must do better.

William Del Pilar is politically active, currently sitting on the Valley Center Community Planning Group’s board (VCCPG), an elected position. Technically, he’s a politician. As an entrepreneur, Del Pilar drove his fantasy sports company to set the standard for analysis and news distribution, helping to commercialize the industry from 1997-2008. Del Pilar sat on the boards of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) and Fantasy Sports Ventures (now owned by Gannett Co., Inc.). You can view his other Op-Eds at the Valley Roadrunner, Del Pilar’s hometown paper and SD Rostra, San Diego’s online hub for politics.

May 082012

It is all fun and games with the Orly Moe and Curly thing, but sometimes the stupidity stoops to a whole new level.

The group I am a state officer in, the California Republican Assembly, endorsed Richard (Al) Ramirez for US Senate. I have to admit that I am now embarrassed by this… the latest email from Richard (Al) Ramirez was so blatently over the top that anyone supporting this idiot (yes I said that word) should go straight to rehab.

Richard (Al) Ramirez says he is going to “Win with grassroots” because he either can’t or won’t raise money.

So, let’s have a look at how Richard (Al) Ramirez has set about getting more grassroots support:

Richard Ramirez calls out Emken for… is the latest email from Richard (Al) Ramirez.

In this email he makes assertions that Elizabeth Emken skipped out on a doctor’s conference to hang out and party with a bunch of College Republicans instead. He also states that, “Emken was apparently too busy plying college aged voters with alcohol at the College Republican convention…”.

Really? It will be interesting to see if Emken’s report has a dime on it for drinks at the CR convention. (Hint: it won’t)

“she obviously didn’t think twice about sending the wrong message by trading alcohol fueled perks for political favoritism with college kids.” Generally, the CRA expects ethics and integrity from the candidates they endorse. Richard (Al) Ramirez has just had his coming out party as an unqualified idiot with a king-sized ego. People with normal egos recognize when they are attacking multiple people with one statement. (Orly, Moe and Curly – for example)

Richard (Al) Ramirez, the “grassroots” candidate just effectively called the CR’s a bunch of dumb frat boys. That qualifies him as a political idiot, because those “frat boys” would have been a great volunteer force for his pathetic campaign.

Now the real pathetic agenda for Richard (Al) Ramirez’ angry email comes out: No other Republican U.S. Senate candidate was invited or allowed to attend the College Republicans convention, which was blocked out in return for Emken hosting the happy hour event.”

Richard (Al) Ramirez sees himself as the savior of the GOP, but the GOP endorsed Emken and the CR’s were under no obligation to recognize anyone other than Emken. Ramirez’ ego will never recover – of this, I am certain.

On to that “Doctor’s Forum”… Elizabeth did indeed participate. It was set up for 9am on Sunday May 6th by my favorite Doctor, Arnold Zeiderman.  From where I sit, it appeared to be a set up where they were going to jam Elizabeth Emken for being some sort of Obama acolyte. (If Ramirez wrote an email about it, I am sure he’d say she was an ex-girlfriend of Obama’s)

There were about 45 Doctors at this meeting of the America’s Medical Society. The key exchange is when Richard (Al) Ramirez completely screwed up a softball question.
What would you do about Obamacare?

Ramirez said, ” I would only be one voice and I will need your help”.

Emken climbed his frame reminding the audience that a U.S. Senator has incredible power, including the almost single-handed ability to lock up a bill in committee.

Richard (Al) Ramirez is truly the night stalker of the US Senate Campaign – willing to slash anyone and anything that bruises his fragile ego. His partial-birth abortion of the truth and his Obama-care-esque death panel emails attacking any Republican group that does not kneel to his majesty have me convinced that Richard (Al) Ramirez belongs in another political party whose name I won’t mention on this blog.

Meantime – Emken continues to look like the adult in the room and I as a CRA officer am embarrassed for the CRA.

Dan Hughes – After Channeling Herman Cain is Now Taking Bong Hits for Ron Paul

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Apr 192012

I really thought the only post about a #CASEN candidate replete with references to abusing dope would be the one I did railing on Richard Ramirez over his patently absurd and fake poll.

Whoops. Dan Hughes has gone from sending Campaign emails dummied up to look like they were coming from Herman Cain to channeling Ron Paul.

Since 4/20 will be here shortly – it is time for a ceremonial Ron Paul Bong Hit. Or, maybe Dan Hughes had a Bong Hit before writing the email.

Why didn’t the sender’s name say “Ron Paul”?

Secondly, take a look at the aforementioned email

It will require narcotic pain relievers to read. (May I suggest something like Norco or Vicodin – there are generics on the market for those now that will allow you to get higher than a kite on the cheap… and Ron Paul would make it possible for you were he elected)

Grammatical Error number one: This was the beginning of what at the time was predicted to be a collusive and monopolistic hold strangle hold on the American economy.

Political Error number one:  When elected to the Senate, I will not only co-sponsor this important legislation, but I will fight alongside Rep. Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul to see this bill become a law. News flash to Mr. Hughes – Ron Paul is retiring. Whoops – but that detail won’t matter as competency and about $20 million are in the way of Dan Hughes getting elected to the US Senate.

Grammatical Error number two: As banking magnate Anslem Rothschild “Give me the power to control the currency and I don’t care who makes the laws”. Do you see what’s missing in this sentence fragment?

Okdokie – Mr. Hughes has not come up with a single Bold, New Idea for California Yet. He is using the Catholic Bishops, Herman Cain and now Ron Paul. If he starts talking about the birth certificate – that may well make me drop a sheet of acid just to kill the pain.

Now add in the fact that Mr. Hughes can’t even cut and paste correctly, or, worse if he actually did write this bold new email then the content of it is riddled with several basic errors. These should scare anyone about what would happen if Queen Facepalm drew Danny as her opponent.

The #amateurnight has to stop. Please. (My liver and kidneys won’t survive the 2012 cycle without voter intervention)

#CASEN Update: It Depends on What the Definition of Is Is!

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Apr 092012

Update: I spoke with Dan Hughes – there are two things he wanted to add 1. Relating to Western Medical Gas – the assets of it were sold to another company in 2001 and apparently the legal trouble is following the previous corporation not the DBA. This means that the last three liens, according to what Dan told me are not related to him or any entity he owns.

2. The $1885 county tax lien was paid off last week and released. The issue remains that Feinstein would have a field day with this.

Dan Hughes for Senate, More “Bold Explanations” Needed for Californians

Jesus Christ came to the Earth to offer Bold New Salvation for the World. He came to save mankind from itself. This is why we celebrate Easter.

Dan Hughes can get redemption from his tax liens – he simply needs to pay them. In the course of offering a Bold, New defense of his struggling and marginal #CASEN Campaign, Dan Hughes took a bath in Tar.

First of all – tax Lien #3 which is still outstanding is a County Tax Lien. When it comes to failure to pay taxes by a candidate for High Office – I’ll admit, I don’t differentiate between the source of the tax lien. But, here it is larger than life.

This is where the definition of is comes in to play – Dan Hughes wrote that if the State notifies us of a tax lien, we’ll pay it immediately. Well I have to assume that the county doesn’t count in Dan Hughes’ mind – as Dan Hughes’ company, Coast Environmental is listed larger than life – listed as a co-defendant with Western Medical Gas Services.

Hughes stated that he didn’t own Western Medical Gas Services in 1994. Again, a hair-splitting answer similar to requesting a definition for the word is. In 1994, I wasn’t a registered voter – what a difference 18 years makes! I wasn’t talking about 1994 – I was talking about 2012 and a list of unpaid taxes that connected back to Dan Hughes.

So, here’s the score – Western Medical Gas Services and Coast Environmental, Inc. co-own the building that houses Hughes two companies he admits to owning: DAV Healthcare (the subject of the two tax liens he admitted to) and Coast Environmental Duct Cleaning – a co-defendant in a COUNTY Tax Lean.

Got all that?

This is what happens with intellectually dishonest defenses.

Now Coast Environmental Duct Cleaning and Western Medical Gas Services have the same exact address. – this IS the truth. Take a Look at Page 2.

So, at best, Hughes is deeply connected to Western Medical Gas Services – that has had $6612 in tax liens and his company Coast Environmental Duct Cleaning IS a co-defendant in an unsatisfied tax lien of $1885.

Dan Hughes is running for US Senate. He has plagiarized the United States Conference on Catholic Bishops, falsely claimed an endorsement from Herman Cain, been called on tax liens and has offered a half-baked, intellectually dishonest explanation for his failure to pay his taxes.

When you add in his recent email bragging about being at 2% in the polls – he has established that he is indeed not ready for Prime-Time.

Here IS the main issue: Dan Hughes corporations have failed to pay multiple tax bills and have incurred tax liens.

What IS Dan Hughes’ relationship to Western Medical Gas that has the same address as and also owns the other half the building that houses his company Coast Environmental?

Could you imagine what Dianne Feinstein would do to Dan Hughes?

It would be ugly and that IS a fact. #Facepalm. #epicfail.

Apr 072012

Dan Hughes. Bold New stupidity for California.

Today’s installment of the Orly, Moe and Curly show:

The Sacramento Bee mocked Dan Hughes’ campaign email – albeit, not nearly as aggressively as claiming brain damage, but the Bee wrote:

The Buzz: GOP rival of Dianne Feinstein crows about polling at 2 percent

Epic Fail.

Dan Hughes qualifies for a political Darwin Award.

Not unlike the 2008 winner that attempted to get free electricity by jumping a live, hot 2,000,000 volt wire… (they found him four blocks over, burnt to a crisp) Mr. Hughes seems to enjoy standing in a tub of political gasoline with matches screaming for people to notice him.

I am running a poll to see if my Kidney Stones get more votes than Dan Hughes in June. One thing I can guarantee people about my polling data: It will be more accurate than Richard Ramirez’ polling data.

The Sacramento Bee finishes today’s installment of  Amateur Night:

Dan Hughes, who tied fellow Republican Elizabeth Emken with 2 percent backing, fired off a donation solicitation last Friday carrying the subject line “A New Poll … Shows Me Ahead!”

Perhaps the true credit for second place at this point in the race should be given to “undecided.”

That was the answer given by 30 percent of respondents.