Jul 012021

I thought the Republican Party was the party of law and order? I guess the CAGOP is the party of consultants and paychecks. That is the only conclusion you could draw from the underhanded tactics that were exposed by your intrepid blogger and Stephen Frank. While the legislators closed ranks to re-elect the scandal-marred and corrupt puppet of the establishment Jessica Patterson, one of the expected payoffs of rigging the convention and the process was to be the Kevin Faulconer Payday. I can draw no other conclusion based on what I’ve seen and learned.

Corruption begat Corruption?

San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott filed suit Tuesday to void the city’s lease-to-own agreements for both the 101 Ash Street and Civic Center Plaza properties. The action came hours after the Union-Tribune reported that real estate broker Jason Hughes was paid almost $10 million by a middleman company while advising former Mayor Kevin Faulconer on the two transactions.

Jason Hughes was purported to be a volunteer by Kevin Faulconer. Whoops.

Since 2016, the city has paid tens of millions of dollars to lease and renovate the former Sempra Energy building on Ash Street, which has been vacant for all but a few weeks since the Fortune 500 company moved out in 2015.

The building is full of asbestos and has other issues preventing the city from using it.

Debris covers a patio area at the former Sempra Energy building at 101 Ash Street in downtown San Diego
Debris covers a patio area at the former Sempra Energy building at 101 Ash Street in downtown San Diego on Tuesday, June 29, 2021.
(K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

The Union-Tribune reported late Monday that Hughes, who advised the city on the deal, was paid $4.4 million for securing the Ash Street deal in early 2017 and just over $5 million for his work on a similar deal for the city’s lease of the nearby Civic Center Plaza in 2015.

The nearly $10 million collected by Hughes came from Cisterra Development, a San Diego company that acted as a middleman in both the Civic Center Plaza and Ash Street leases.

What a visual. The Democrats are going to (literally) burn Kevin Faulconer down with this. Meantime, the CAGOP is on a suicide mission to anoint this guy.

The City Council agreed to the 20-year lease-to-own arrangement in 2016 on Faulconer’s recommendation. The former mayor said the deal would save the city more than $40 million in future office space expenses.

But after Elliott signed off on the lease, city officials learned that the property could not be safely occupied.

The lease was $535,000 a month for a building loaded with Asbestos. The main consultant on the project raked in $10 Million and then there is this:

The $535,000 monthly lease payments that were to be paid over 20 years translate to the city spending approximately $128 million for the Ash Street building. Combined with operational costs, maintenance and renovations, the city committed some $200 million for the 19-story high rise.

The building appraised for $67 million before the council approved the deal at Faulconer’s recommendation. The year before, former majority owner Shapery sold 49 percent of the property to financier Douglas Manchester.

It’s not yet clear how the city’s amended complaint might affect the spate of lawsuits already pending over the Ash Street transaction — or whether or how either Ash Street or the Civic Center Plaza deals may be unwound.

The city could always renegotiate the deal for the Civic Center Plaza, which has housed the City Attorney’s Office and other city departments for years.

But the Ash Street building needs wholesale repairs, remediation and upgrades estimated by one consultant to cost $115 million.

Either Kevin Faulconer is a blithering idiot (see also incompetent) or he is completely corrupt. You can’t explain this scandal any other way and now you have a key cog in the deal who was on the take (allegedly) who is now named in the lawsuit by the city.

Now let’s say for a second that Faulconer was an innocent victim (aka just incompetent vs corrupt). Take a look at this from another article about the City’s Lawsuit against the players in the project:

In 2016, the city agreed to borrow just under $92 million to acquire the Ash Street high rise. Faulconer recommended the deal to the City Council even though the building had been appraised for $67 million.

Wait — the savior of the California Republican Party got the City of San Diego to pay $92 Million for a building worth $67 Million??? (That’s before the asbestos and the busted fire suppression system were discovered)

So, when Faulconer was mayor, he led the effort to get the City to Overpay for an Asbestos-Riddled Building with a broken Fire Suppression System. Then we find out one of the main players in the deal raked in a cool $9.4 Million from a middleman while attempting to avoid disclosure?

The Ash Street property has been uninhabitable for all but a few weeks since Sempra moved out in 2015 due to asbestos contamination, a broken fire-suppression system and other issues. A consultant hired by the city issued a report last year estimating that repairs would cost approximately $115 million.

Gavin Newsom has the best that the democrat party has to offer  advising him and helping his campaign. I’d bet he is drooling over facing Kevin Faulconer…

… and Faulconer?

Open Borders
Tax Raiser
Gun Grabber

Last I checked, we already had one of those in the Governor’s Office. #EPICFAIL

P.S. AS detailed on this blog, there are over 50 delegates to the CAGOP that we appointed in violation of the CAGOP’s By-Laws. If a candidate for the recall does not sue over this issue alone, they deserve to watch them rig the endorsement of Faulconer.

Jun 152021

That’s right! the power elite that got away with cheating in February because dozens of Steve Frank supporters chose not to register to pay $175 to vote in the party elections are back for their pound of flesh. How did they cheat?

The LAGOP blatantly violated their by-laws by inserting 22 people in to vacant districts without a publicly noticed vote as called for in the CAGOP By-Laws.

Jessica Patterson appointed several people to the proxies and credentials committee whose own status was challenged – clearly intended to show her authoritah – but also a blatant violation of Robert’s Rules. In addition, Yuba County, Glenn County and Tehama County were all allowed to field a total of 15 illegal delegates (All hand-picked for their loyalty to the regime)

These 37 illegal delegates are going to be critical to the latest attempt to jam down an endorsement of Kevin Faulconer. In fact, three paid political consultants are on the proxies and credentials committee. That is like giving Jesse James the keys to the bank.

In Feb We stopped their rule 5, even getting media coverage of the effort. Also we succeeded in electing two true activists to the CAGOP Board – and Jessica Patterson is angry and has been singling them both out for scorn and retribution.

Finally, we burned them for a dishonest attempt to spin a $200K check from the RNC – intended for expenses and salaries that they attempted to spin in to some sort of boon for the recall – in to actually spending the dammed money on the recall.

Do not forget that these folks actually OPPOSED the recall up until late 2020 when they finally realized it was getting legs.

Now the consultant class is coming for the CAGOP endorsement they thought they had rigged in Feb. Don’t think they won’t fight dirty. In fact, they called the FBI on your intrepid blogger. We’ve proven the cheating and the blatant flaunting of the unethical and corrupt behavior.

What is rule 4? Have a look at it. This is the money section:

If no Eligible Candidate receives the endorsement vote of more than 50 percent of those present and voting in the Final Vote, then no Eligible Candidate shall receive the CRP Endorsement for that office prior to the Recall Election.

Got it? The threshold is being lowered to 50% – so the fraud that Jessica Patterson and Team McCarthy perpetrated is a big deal.

Don’t forget – The CRP’s Staff admitted to me in the days before they called the FBI on me that they do not follow up on paperwork. This is how a moribund committee like Santa Cruz County was able to inflate their delegation to 8 members. There are other counties in the grip of the consultant class with similar grotesque exaggerations of their committee’s prowess.

Yuba County filed for 6 delegates for example despite the fact that they violated state law by not organizing. The stench from Yuba got so bad that Stephen Heter who screamed like a banshee about persecution resigned and real activists are now being welcomed on to that county party. But, don’t worry, the delegates from Yuba won’t change. Cha-Ching, 6 votes for Faulconer.

There is no telling how many county parties outright lied or exaggerated to get an extra delegate or two. I had estimated the total of garbage delegates to be about 15. Now we are over 52 questionable delegates. Consider that 1150 votes were cast, that 52 delegate number is a staggering 4.5% of the total. It pays to cheat.

It gets better – the Party of election integrity is also wanting to adopt the following:

If remote electronic voting is permitted during the CRP Endorsement Meeting, so long as notice of the voting procedure is included in the meeting notice, the Chairman may determine that proxy voting will not be permitted

Got it? Electronic voting is going to be used to jam down an endorsement of Faulconer by the California Republican Party… and if you think Proxy Voting is not going to be allowed, think again. We all know that Jessica Patterson is chemically dependent upon proxy voting. (As is Kevin McCarthy et al)

Welcome to Rule 4.

By the way – they are targeting 7-31 to implement this rule and likely 8-1-2021 to ran down the endorsement of Kevin Faulconer.

As I type this leftist Republican Donors are pouring money in to independent expenditures to prop up their puppet. The power is coming down and here we are again. Millions in campaign cash from unprincipled donors looking for a return on investment and a party apparatus that has been proven to be corrupt at its’ core.

P.S. Guess who wrote this disaster? None other than Fred Whitaker, the OC GOP Chairman. I also take note that Lindsey Stetson – a Jessica Patterson doppelganger is the “Recall Committee Chair”. That is like appointing Mitt Romney (or Patterson herself) to the Trump Re-Election Committee.

Did I mention that I really like living in Nevada now?

Disclosure: I was a paid consultant for John Cox in the past (no longer). I have also endorsed Assemblyman Kevin Kiley for Governor.

Jun 022021

If there is anything people should know about the California Legislature, it is like animal house. Look at the astounding number of people getting blown up for misconduct regularly.

Below is an article re-posted in its’ entirety from a patch website that shows how bad it is.

Despite the “Progress” which included two monsters Steve Davey and Sean Doherty being terminated involuntarily, it is my opinion and knowledge that the Workplace Conduct Unit still whitewashes a lot of the claims they are getting.

Have a look at the self-congratulatory letter the WCU sent out on its’ own behalf…

In their own letter the WCU says in 2019 they “Resolved” 85 out of 181 claims. That’s less than half. Given that I know a few aggrieved parties whose complaints were stuffed, I wonder if these Orwellian socialists are counting those as “Resolved” too?

As long as this BS is allowed to suffice, more women will get raped and abused in the cesspool in Sacramento.

And now the patch article (which is dated, as Brough has 7 confirmed victims including Trish Todd who he raped)

SACRAMENTO, CA — Eleven California lawmakers are among more than 100 politicians across the country now accused of sexual misconduct in the four years since the onset of the national “#MeToo” reckoning in 2017, according to data collected by The Associated Press.

The state lawmakers are among other politicians, entertainers and business leaders exposed in the social justice movement to end sexual abuse and sexual harassment. The movement began in 2017 when movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, now a convicted sex offender, was accused by more than 80 women of sexual misconduct allegations dating back to the late 1970s.

The movement that inspired the #MeToo hashtag also prompted a flurry of new legislation, training requirements for legislators and investigative guidelines in statehouses across America, including California.

The AP compiled the database as part of its ongoing coverage of how politicians are responding to sexual misconduct claims. It includes state lawmakers only.

It doesn’t include members of Congress or other elected officials investigated regarding sexual misconduct claims — notably New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is embroiled in a sexual harassment investigation, or Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, who was initially investigated in connection with sex trafficking and now faces a larger review into public corruption.

Some of the allegations against state lawmakers are no less serious.

Nationally, more than 40 of the accused state lawmakers have resigned or were expelled from office, and at least as many others faced other repercussions, including the loss of committee leadership positions, The AP reported. A handful were cleared.

The lawmakers included in the database are predominantly men, but a couple of women also have been accused of sexual misconduct. Both Democrats and Republicans are the subjects of what could be career-ending investigations.

In California:

Assemblyman Matt Dababneh (D-Woodland Hills) resigned effective Jan. 1. 2018, after a lobbyist said he pushed her into a bathroom during a Las Vegas social event and engaged in lewd behavior in front of her. A lawyer hired by the Legislature substantiated the claims following an investigation. A legislative panel denied his appeal Aug. 24, 2018. (BLOGGER’S NOTE – I believe that Dababneh was run out of office by dem leadership with this, he was often not a reliable vote for their crappy bills. There was not enough evidence to prosecute Dababneh, and my opinion is that the issue may well have been an outright lie.)

Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra (D-Los Angeles) Resigned in November 2017 after allegations that he had kissed or groped multiple women without their consent.

Sen. Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia) resigned Feb. 22, 2018, after an investigation found he likely engaged in unwanted “flirtatious or sexually suggestive” behavior with six women, including four subordinates, a lobbyist and a young woman in a fellowship with another lawmaker.

Assemblyman Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D-West Los Angeles) resigned Dec. 27, 2017, citing unspecified health reasons after sexual harassment complaints were filed against him. A report by an outside investigator hired by the Assembly, which was publicly released Jan. 16, 2019, substantiated complaints that Ridley-Thomas had kissed an employee, held her hand and called her several times after she made it clear she wasn’t interested in 2016.

Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) was removed from all legislative committees May 18, 2018, and required to attend sensitivity and sexual harassment policy training after outside investigators determined she used vulgar language in violation of the chamber’s sexual harassment policy. An investigation initially cleared her of allegedly groping a former legislative staff member in 2014, but legislative leaders reopened the case in June after her accuser appealed. In November 2018, an investigator said Garcia had been “overly familiar” with the staffer but said there wasn’t enough evidence to substantiate the groping claim and said Garcia did not retaliate against him for filing a complaint.

Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) was formally reprimanded March 8, 2018, by the Senate Rules Committee and told not to hug people anymore after an investigation that concluded his frequent embraces made multiple female colleagues uncomfortable.

Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) was required to participate in sensitivity training and additional sexual harassment training after an investigation concluded June 20, 2018, that he “frequently engaged in sexual ‘locker room talk.” The investigation found a separate sexual misconduct claim was unsubstantiated. (BLOGGER’S NOTE: Two of Mathis’ Chiefs of Staff have been involuntarily terminated for misconduct. Justin Turner and Sean Doherty)

Sen. Joel Anderson (R-San Diego) was reprimanded Sept. 24, 2018, after an investigation into a complaint that he had rubbed the shoulders of a lobbyist and threatened to slap her while he was “somewhat inebriated” during an encounter in August at a restaurant across from the Capitol.

Assemblywoman Autumn Burke (D-Inglewood) was included in sexual misconduct complaint records released Feb. 2, 2018, for participating in an inappropriate discussion about anal sex. She was notified of the complaint in February 2017.

Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) was included in sexual misconduct complaint records released Feb. 2, 2018, for being accused of inappropriately touching a female staff member in early 2013. Allen did not seek re-election and lost in the June 2018 gubernatorial primary (BLOGGER’S NOTE: I spoke to Travis and his staff, including a victim of Bill Brough’s by the way and am not sure this complaint was legitimate.)

Assemblyman Bill Brough (R-Dana Point) was accused by four women in a June 26, 2019, Los Angeles Times report of making unwanted advances between 2011 and 2018. Brough won election to the legislature in 2014 and previously was on the Dana Point city council. The city attorney previously determined there was insufficient evidence to come to any conclusion about the 2011 incident. An Assembly panel concluded that one of the other alleged incidents, in 2015, did not violate Assembly policy.

About three-fourths of the states have passed some 75 laws and resolutions over the past two years that target sexual harassment, abuse or assault in government or in private business. About half the states renewed or extended deadlines to pursue criminal charges or civil lawsuits over childhood sexual abuse. California has passed 10 pieces of legislation related to the #MeToo movement.

AB 403, signed into law in 2018, grants whistleblower protections to legislative staffers who report sexual misconduct or other misbehavior.

AB 2055, signed into law in 2018, requires the lobbying ethics courses taught by legislative ethics committees to include information on policies against sexual harassment.

AB 3109, signed into law in 2018, voids any provisions in contracts or settlements reached after Jan. 1, 2019, that waive a right to testify about alleged sexual harassment or criminal conduct when requested to do so for administrative, legislative or judicial proceedings.

SB 820, signed into law in 2018, prohibits settlement agreements from preventing the disclosure of factual information about a sexual assault, harassment, discrimination or retaliation claim filled in a civil or administrative action, but allows accusers to shield information that would reveal their identity.

SB 1343, signed into law in 2018, requires employers of at least five employees to provide at least two hours of sexual harassment training to supervisors and at least one hour of training to all other employees by Jan. 1, 2020, and to do so again once every two years. Requires the Department of Fair Employment and Housing to post training courses on its website.

SB 1300, signed into law in 2018, requires employers of at least five employees to provide at least two hours of sexual harassment training to supervisors and at least one hour of training to all other employees by Jan. 1, 2020, and to do so again once every two years. Requires the Department of Fair Employment and Housing to post training courses on its website.

SB 419, signed into law in 2018, clarifies that whistleblower protections also extend to employees who make complaints about non-legislative employees such as lobbyists, requires each house to maintain a keep records of complaints for 12 years, imposes civil liability of up to $10,000 for violating the act.

AB 218, signed into law in 2019, suspends statute of limitations for three years, starting Jan. 1, 2020, to allow people alleging childhood sexual abuse to bring lawsuits. Otherwise, sets deadline to sue at age 40 or five years from the discovery of abuse, instead of the previous limit of age 26 or within three years of discovering abuse.

AB 9, signed into law in 2019, extends deadline to file workplace harassment, discrimination or retaliation complaints from one year to three years.

AB 51, signed into law in 2019, prohibits employers from requiring workers to enter into arbitration agreements, which waive various rights such as the ability to sue

States also updated their sexual harassment policies and required training of lawmakers on appropriate workplace conduct. At least 45 House chambers and 43 Senate chambers now require legislators to receive training on appropriate workplace conduct and on preventing, identifying and reporting sexual misconduct.

About half of state legislative chambers have turned to independent investigators to look into complaints of sexual misconduct and harassment by lawmakers.

California requires sexual misconduct prevention training for both House and Senate lawmakers. All accusations of sexual misconduct require an external investigation.

Dec 062020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Contact:  Ashley Labar

December 4, 2020      (916) 319-2058

Women’s Caucus Releases Statement Regarding Former Assemblymember Bill Brough

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens), Chair of the Legislative Women’s Caucus and Senator Nancy Skinner, (D-Berkeley), Vice Chair of the Legislative Women’s Caucus issued the following statement in light of new deeply disturbing criminal allegations against former Assemblymember Bill Brough (R-Dana Point):

“As members of the Legislative Women’s Caucus, we are very disturbed by the new criminal allegations against former Assemblymember Bill Brough and take them seriously.  If the investigation finds that these allegations are true, there must be swift and transparent consequences for this type of behavior. Claims of sexual harassment, assault, and unwanted advances must always be taken seriously and we are committed to fostering an environment that protects all Californians from inappropriate behavior, whether in the Capitol or in any other setting.”

“The Women’s Caucus worked diligently to be a bridge between the Assembly and the Senate in creating a bicameral and bipartisan process that seeks to protect victims and hold perpetrators accountable.  It is unfortunate that these protections did not exist at the time this incident occurred. There is important work that still needs to be done to ensure that legislative employees—and employees in the broader workforce—are able to work in a safe and harassment-free environment.”

“The victim showed incredible courage in coming forward to both the California Legislature’s Workplace Conduct Unit and to law enforcement. We must allow law enforcement to investigate these criminal allegations to the fullest extent. We are grateful for her fortitude in the face of retaliation and blame. If you are a legislative employee, please know there are resources available to you.”

It is the opinion and knowledge of this blogger that there are many more victims both of Bill Brough, as well as many victims of several other current sitting members of the legislature. I have been told that the workplace conduct unit has a severely limited mandate even post #METOO. Over the years, I have been told about many complaints that were dispensed with. For every validated complaint you see, there are 3-5 other legitimate complaints that were not acted upon and a dozen more that are dismissed.

I am curious as to why this caucus never followed up on Phil Ting or Adam Gray just for two examples.

I apprecite the women’s caucus standing up for Trish Todd (the Rape victim of Bill Brough’s) when many on the GOP side are slient or worse are smearing her. I do however, note that they are not effectvie at dealing with the perverts on their own side of the aisle. There are far more democrats out there that are off the rails. If you are reading this and have been abused in the legislature – please email me at aaron@rightondaily.com you can remain anonymous.

Apr 282020

From a political satire piece that has way too much basis in reality:

The French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from “Run” to “Hide.” The only two higher levels in France are “Collaborate” and “Surrender.” The rise was precipitated by a recent fire that destroyed France’s white flag factory, effectively paralyzing the country’s military capability.

Marie Waldron wrote a piece in the local patch, apparently at the same time as I was roasting her for her love of get out of jail free cards for felons.

Governor Newsom recently created the California Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery to get the economy growing again as quickly and safely as possible. As Assembly Minority Leader and a small business owner, I was honored to be selected as a member of this critical team.

In between her tweets about “Criminal Justice Reform” – Ms. Waldron tweeted about how honored she was to be a part of Gavin Newsom’s wreck the economy the rest of the way team. It features Tom Steyer as the chairman – which is like asking Jack the Ripper to babysit.

Let me offer the feckless Permanent Minority Leader a suggestion. Leadership means coming up with your own plan to re-open California and demonstrating to the democrats there is a better way. It appears that re framing the message is not just a consultant-driven pipe dream, it is a suicide pact that the entire crew bought in to (save a few exceptions). Waldron’s recent social media efforts indicate that she is attempting to take democrat issues and remake them in some sort of Republican image.

I’ve seen 22 years of failure from party leaders and it appears our current batch have not learned a thing. Rather, they are doubling down on the become democrats to appeal to democrats approach:

While health and safety will come first, the 80-member Task Force will work toward quickly re-opening California’s economy. To accomplish this, the Governor has tapped a broad and experienced group that covers all geographic, business and non-profit sectors. Prominent leaders in business, labor, healthcare, academia and philanthropy are included. The task force Chair is Tom Steyer and includes ex-officio members of former governors Wilson, Davis, Schwarzenegger and Brown, other government officials, and prominent business leaders such as Apple CEO Tim Cook and Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger. For the complete list, please visit: 

The Task Force will develop solutions that reflect the diverse communities that make up California. The recovery must be inclusive so every community, including rural and underserved areas, shares fully in the benefits. Our process will be robust, and we’ll be seeking insightful and practical solutions. Recommendations for reopening will be based on the Governor’s six criteria, available here: 

Do laypeople reading this piece by Marie Waldron know what an Ex-Officio Member of a Committee is?

You will also notice the poll-tested pander to diversity and inclusive language that is interspersed with mentions of prominent liberals. I can hardly wait to see our Republican leaders posing for pictures with a man (Tom Steyer) who has spent millions trying to run them (as in Republicans) out of office. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome!

The Coronavirus situation was a GOLDEN opportunity for Republican Leaders to distinguish themselves. Instead we get French Terror level Collaborate.

We held our first meeting last Wednesday. We will divide into 10 sub committees, including small business, technology, work-force and financial, and I am currently reviewing potential committee assignments.

Doesn’t that make you feel AWESOME! She is reviewing potential committee assignments. You can’t work. Your neighbors are getting arrested for going to the beach. You’re getting called a racist, nutjob, and are being physically assaulted over your political beliefs and your party leaders are reviewing potential committee assignments while the State of California has ground to a halt.

No solutions. Just committee assignments, liberal policy positions and loving on Tom Steyer and Gavin Newsom.