Mar 212022

If you are a conservative in California, grab this list. If you are a conservative CAGOP delegate, we need you to go in to the CAGOP system in the next 24 hours and nominate these people.

If you do not have your link and PIN number, email and get your stuff re-sent asap.

CRA Endorsements for Statewide Office, Board of Equalization, and US Senate

The following candidates were endorsed for statewide constitutional office, Board of Equalization, and United States Senate at the CRA 2022 Annual Convention:


Jenny Rae Le Roux

Lieutenant Governor

David Fennell

Secretary of State

Rachel Hamm


Lanhee Chen


Jack Guerrero

Attorney General

Eric Early

Insurance Commissioner

Robert Howell

Superintendent of Public Instruction

George Yang

Board of Equalization (District 1)

Ted Gaines

Board of Equalization (District 4)

Matthew Harper

U.S. Senate

Dr. Cordie Williams

Aug 172021

The venerable old California Republican Assembly. They have long been known as the conscience of the California Republican Party.

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Sometimes, such as their endorsement of the libertarian Larry Elder, they stray. It makes sense that a group like this would be populated with opinionated people who like to fight with each other a lot.

I’ve been told by more than one person that the CRA is gearing up for their latest donnybrook. Please stop. Having been in several CRA donnybrooks, I can still picture the dozens of good people run out the door by the fights. IT does not matter how right you think you are, the GOP is at 23% in California. Please try to resolve the differences without fratricide!

So, there are a group of CRA Units that disdain the new membership system and are fighting against it. Luddites have been a part of the CRA the entire time I have been familiar with the organization.

I’ve heard varied opinions about the effectiveness of Johnnie Morgan. Morgan got his start in CRA leadership because I recruited him to run against Bill Cardoza for National Committeeman and he beat Cardoza. The one thing I can say for certain, third terms in any office or organization are problematic.

Under Johnnie’s leadership the CRA appears to be growing again. They are a landing place for the remnants of Tea Party and Trump groups. IN Bakersfield, the once Mighty Bakersfield CRA unit is back with some 177 legitimate and real members.

Gone are the days of zombie paper units. (I fought those for years and it was a group of them that helped run me out of the CRA) For that alone, Johnnie deserves a medal.

The other thing that I find interesting is that people said to consist of John Paul White and someone who may or may not be Ben Chapman have been fighting against new CRA units in Orange County.

In Kern County, the allegedly conservative Shannon Grove has been fighting CRA’s resurgence in that area.

One of the best indicators an organization is moving is when there is active opposition, and this is a clear indicator that the CRA is on the right track.

So to the CRA – you have a good thing going, now deal with the drama internally and keep moving forward.

Jul 232020

Or will she stick with her pattern of defending people that voted for her while hunting down delegates that did not? (Story Credit: Steve Frank / California Political News and Carl Brickey CRA Exec VP)

Note: The LA Times wrote a preemptive strike story on or about 7-20-2020 quoting Mike Madrid calling everyone KKK Members or something similar in an attempt to shunt the effect of this effort to deal with CAGOP Delegates openly campaigning against Republicans. My guess is that someone inside the CAGOP leaked the story to the LA Times in an effort to diffuse the bomb. If my hunch is true, it is the latest in a string of 1990’s era squish Republican moves that are foolish. Now for the story:

For close to a year The California Political News and Views has asked why are Mike Madrid (a Chad Mayes appointee) allowed to be a delegate to the California Republican Party.  He is a founder of the notorious “Lincoln Project” and effort, financed by major Democrat donors, to defeat President Trump and SEVEN Republican U.S. Senators from around the nation.  The California Republican Party Board of Directors has known about this—and ignored it.  So, it meant that delegates had to file the official complaint, since the Board, by its inaction allowed a major Democrat promoter to be a VOTING delegate, as if he was really a Republican leader.

It should be noted a similar letter is being sent to the CRP to get rid of Democrat Luis Alvarado—another founder of the Lincoln Project who on many occasions called for the defeat of President Trump, who is a CRP delegate. He was appointed by Dane Acosta—now a resident of El Paso, Texas.

Leadership means to lead.  Allowing voting delegates that openly promote the election of Joe Biden and the defeat of GOP Senators—and being silent is NOT leadership.  President Trump deserves a united Republican Party.  Our candidates for legislative office deserve better.  Think the California Democrat Party would have a voting delegate that wanted to elect Trump and defeat Democrat Senators?  Why do we?

I will be reporting on any actions taken now that an official request has been made.

Mike Madrid with his client in 2018 – liberal Democrat Guv Candidate Antonio Villiariagosa

Attached is a copy of the complaint submitted by CRA Exec VP Carl Brickey and three other officers of the California Republican Assembly:

Request to Remove BIDEN Supporter as California Republican Party Delegate

Carl Brickey, 7/22/20

July 22, 2020

Chairwoman Jessica Patterson

California Republican Party

1001 K Street, Fourth Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

Chairwoman Patterson:

As delegates of the State Central Committee (“the Committee”), we agreed to abide by the Standing Rules and Bylaws of the California Republican Party. Section 2.01.06 (A) states that a majority of the Committee or the Executive Committee may censure or remove any delegate who publicly advocates that voters should not vote for the party’s nominee for any office or who gives support to or avows a preference for any publicly announced candidate of a party other than the Republican Party. Delegate

Michael “Mike” Madrid (Membership ID 25719) has publicly advocated that voters not vote for the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, and has given support to and avowed a preference for a publicly announced candidate of another party, Democrat Joe Biden.

The facts in this case are straightforward and unambiguous.

  1. Mike Madrid is an Appointive Delegate of the Republican State Central Committee.[1] He was appointed by former Republican, currently No Party Preference, Assemblyman Chad Mayes.
  2. Mike Madrid is also a co-founder and advisory board member of The Lincoln Project, a super PAC formed in late 2019 by a group of current and former Republican political consultants.[2] Its mission is to “Defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box.”[3] [emphasis in original]
  3. The Lincoln Project has released numerous ads targeting President Trump and seven Republican Senate incumbents: Cory Gardner (CO), Susan Collins (ME), Martha McSally (AZ), Thom Tillis (NC), Mitch McConnell (KY), Joni Ernst (IA), and Steve Daines (MT). The group’s goal is to elect Democrat Joe Biden to the presidency and secure a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate. The ads can be viewed on their YouTube channel (
  4. On April 8, 2020, The Lincoln Project went beyond advocating the defeat of President Trump and outright endorsed presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden for President.[4]
  5. Since December 2019, Mike Madrid has publicly advocated in print, social media, and video the defeat of President Trump and, more recently, the election of Democrat Joe Biden as president.[5]

Pursuant to Section 2.01.07 (A) of the Standing Rules and Bylaws of the California Republican Party, we hereby file this complaint with the Chairwoman against Michael “Mike” Madrid (Membership ID 25719) setting forth the causes for his censure and removal from the Committee.


Carl Brickey, Executive Vice President

California Republican Assembly

Tom Hudson, Immediate Past President

California Republican Assembly

Johnnie Morgan, President

California Republican Assembly

Tim Thiesen, Vice President

California Republican Assembly

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Keristen Holmes, “The Lincoln Project, Created by Conservatives, Aims to Draw Republicans Away from President Trump,” ABC 10 (KXTV), January 30, 2020,;

Mike Madrid, Twitter Post, June 25, 2020, 7:06 AM,

Interesting how Jessica Patterson forgot to clear her social media entirely. She seemed to follow Mike Madrid closely, will she try to run and hide from the CAGOP Delegates seeking accountability? She liked both of these tweets by Madrid and is a reputed Never Trumper herself.

This tweet was from about two months ago (May 2020) Note: this was not liked or retweeted by Jessica like the above two.

Dec 132018

A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

The California Republican Party (CAGOP) has been losing this state exponentially since 2006. After the utter destruction in the 2018 midterms, publicly disgraced and scandal-ridden former Republican state vice-chair Kristin Olsen conveniently puts the blame on President Donald Trump. Ms. Olsen, a leader in the CAGOP, needs to look in the mirror.

At the lack of programs such as voter registration, not fielding challengers and properly funding them. Not challenging voter fraud. Not preparing for unethical, corrupt but legal “ballot harvesting” that makes voter fraud even easier. Most importantly, ignoring Californians and having a clear conservative message on what Democrats are doing and have done to hurt us all, especially the working-class and poor.

These issues combined with a constant betrayal of “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) politicians continually breaking constituent promises is why California’s a Democrat-controlled state. These are just a few of many CAGOP failures, yet Ms. Olsen blames Trump.

Ms. Olsen knows all this. She’s blaming Trump because he makes a convenient straw man to try to hide CAGOP failures since 2006. This once proud red-state is now deep-blue because Ms. Olsen and the Republican Party chose to ignore and lose touch with, “we the people.”

It’s unsurprising when a publicly humiliated, establishment, elitist blames Trump. Ironic because the CAGOP establishment kneels at the feet of donor masters to promote and bring us Democrat-lite. Instead of embracing the middle and working class and fighting to keep values that create opportunities for the poor and lower-income, she and CAGOP leadership let the Democrat Party successfully lie to constituents. Leading to Democrats creating higher taxes and fees, businesses fleeing the state and making it as difficult as humanly possible for small-business owners to survive. That sickens me. The current Republican Party leadership nauseates me. Ms. Olsen, your words disgust me.

Enough! Yes! Demographics are Changing!

All we’ve heard since 1986 is that demographics are changing. This simply means we have a new group of Americans we must take conservatism to. Instead, Republicans complain. Do you think liberalism is the only political ideology in Mexico? Guatemala? Honduras? Nicaragua? Panama? South America? NO, IT’S NOT! Ms. Olsen, you state, “It’s because the Republican Party has failed to adapt to changing demographics…” Yes, that’s the problem and you’re part of it!

Distancing the CAGOP to play the victim is pitiful. You and the CAGOP haven’t reached out to these communities with a conservative Republican message. It’s not just Latinos but Africans, Asians, Middle-Eastern groups, LGBT and any other group that seeks the “American Dream.” You only reach out to Californians registered Republican. It’s no wonder we keep losing because that’s a shrinking constituency.

On the flip side, Democrats are ready for all groups and especially immigrants. They approach through outreach programs and begin their indoctrination the moment they set foot in this country. Ms. Olsen, you ignore them and now – like a “pajama boy” – you complain and blame President Trump? Sadly, I’ve come to expect this from CAGOP leadership.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

What steroids began shrinking, the California Unions finished by castrating then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Once done, Schwarzenegger kowtowed to his new leftist masters instead of doing the people’s will. He embraced and signed the California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32)  that destroyed jobs and was a catalyst toward businesses fleeing the state.

He then promoted and helped pass Proposition 14, the Top-Two Primaries Amendment. The “Jungle Primaries” strengthened the power of the cash-rich unions, deep pocket special-interest groups and the wealthy elites – on both sides of the aisle. It did nothing but hurt the average Californian. Remember, the “Jungle Primaries” was a CAGOP creation by a donor master whose goal was to make the CAGOP center-left.

Let’s not forget, by the end of Schwarzenegger’s tenure, we were down 300,000 in voter registration. Since then, Ms. Olsen’s Republican Party has chosen to abandon registration efforts, dropping us to No. 3 in registered voters behind the Democrats and No Party Preference (NPP). However, according to Ms. Olsen and Schwarzenegger, this is Trump’s fault. The last I checked, Donald Trump became President in 2016, not 1986 or 2006.

Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley)

More Recently? In 2017, eight Republicans led by former Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley) and Assemblyman Rocky Chavez (R-Oceanside), voted for the wallet-busting bill, AB-398. Officially, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: market-based compliance mechanisms: fire prevention fees: sales and use tax manufacturing exemption, better known as the “cap and trade” bill. An already bad bill, they turned Schwarzenegger’s liberal legacy even more leftist!

These eight betrayed their conservative constituents. To make it worse, conservatives at the following convention, wanted to admonish them, but Ms. Olsen’s CAGOP establishment protected them. State leadership chose to protect Democrat Party and leftist values instead of defending Californians. Especially lower-income and poor constituents who can barely afford California’s cost of living. This, in turn, led to the devastating “gas tax” bill that is costing the average Californian nearly $800 more a year.

“…toxic, national brand of Republican politics.”

Ms. Olsen states, “The California Republican Party isn’t salvageable at this time. The Grand Old Party is dead – partly because it has failed to separate itself from today’s toxic, national brand of Republican politics.” A flat-out lie!

The CAGOP helped promote the same values of the national party. Epitomizing the national brand of bigger government, higher taxes, a growing deficit (see California pension tsunami) and crony capitalism. Ms. Olsen’s been a part of this CAGOP since 2010 while supporting the national brand. Now suddenly, it’s a toxic national brand, and Trump’s the root of the problem? Trump’s not the root of the problem; he’s the result of it because we grew tired of false promises the national party and CAGOP kept breaking.

Ms. Olsen, this is “the pot calling the kettle black.” It’s another try to shift blame from the CAGOP to Trump. You and your lot put us down this road by abandoning what made the Golden state great. When people think of our state, they now think of homelessness, public defecation, hypodermic needles and maps to avoid it. Let’s not forget sanctuary cities protecting criminals. The CAGOP is complicit. The depths Ms. Olsen goes to, to hide CAGOP failings have no shame.

Ms. Olsen states, “It is time for a New Way.” It’s not surprising to see her, Schwarzenegger and Mayes leading the “New Way” bowel movement. Another movement promoting liberal values that’ll keep Californians from achieving the “American Dream.”

“New Way,” A new NeverTrump Hate Group

When you enter the “New Way California” website, you’re greeted with, “IT’S TIME FOR A NEW WAY.” “JOIN US IF YOU THINK THE OLD WAY ISN’T WORKING”

Ms. Olsen, Mayes and Schwarzenegger believe, submissiveness to Democrat big union, big government and big liberal corporate interest in the name of bipartisanship is the “New Way.” Unless I’m mistaken, and I’m not, this “New Way” doctrine’s already in play with the current CAGOP. Legislative voting records prove this as do my examples.

This is another scam… excuse me, “New Way” by NeverTrump RINOs to remain in power and regain relevance. By blaming Trump, it’s a way to distance themselves from broken promises and all the problems they avoided or helped create. They state Trump doesn’t represent CAGOP values, but the “New Way” does?

I disagree and as a Californian for nearly 30 years, a proud conservative Latino and an American, Ms. Olsen’s comments and beliefs don’t ring true. Why? Well…

Some Trump Economic Accomplishments or Where Liberalism and Obama Failed

  • Black and Latino unemployment at a record low.
  • Black business ownership jumped 400 percent in one year.
  • Unemployment claims fell to a 45-year low.
  • Youth unemployment hit a 52-year low.
  • Trump shrunk government jobs by 16,000.
  • Construction jobs are up more than 300,000 compared to 2017.
  • There’re more Americans working than ever before.
  • Trump has consumer confidence at an 18-year high.

Some Trump Conservative Political Accomplishments

  • Trump secured the release of hostages in North Korea and Turkey.
  • Trump gave us two conservative judges for SCOTUS.
  • Trump nominated the first woman to head the CIA.
  • Trump nominated an openly gay man for ambassadorship of Germany.

These are just a fraction of Trump’s accomplishments. President Trump also has an approval rating of 51 percent, despite 90 percent negative mainstream media (MSM) coverage. Higher than former President Barrack Hussein Obama had at the same point in his presidency BUT with 90 percent positive MSM coverage!

Those accomplishments should be the goal of every state Republican Party yet Ms. Olsen refuses to embrace Trump’s accomplishments by cowering to the mainstream media and leftist narrative. That’s one reason we’re in this current state and one reason we have “President Trump.” The CAGOP refuses to fight and defend conservatism – the backbone and values of the Republican Party.

Florida and Georgia Defend Trump and Conservatism and WIN!

Florida Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis campaigned on conservatism while defending President Donald Trump. Touting Trump’s record for the economy and minorities while running against a black candidate, he earned a higher percentage of the black vote (18 percent) than anyone predicted or expected. This, despite race-hustling by his opponent, the Democrat Party, leftists and the MSM.

More black males (11 percent) voted for Georgia Gov.-elect Brian Kemp over a black candidate as well. Also, a race-hustler, this candidate had Obama and Oprah Winfrey campaign for her. Despite this, the message of conservatism backed by truth and fact won many Georgia minorities over. A shock to Democrats and the MSM that expects false narratives and dog whistles to win the day, it proves minorities grow tired of lies, demagoguery and false promises.

Like every other American, an opportunity to achieve the American Dream is all we want. When you defend the truth and use facts Ms. Olsen, you’ll be surprised at how Latinos, blacks and all minorities vote. You’ve just never tried and there lies the problem.

Some will say, these percentages still reflect a group that doesn’t believe in conservatism. Well, we must start somewhere Ms. Olsen. Instead of creating straw men, how about using your leadership position to begin fighting to achieve and grow these numbers. The problem may be; you’re not conservative, and you don’t want to fight for the Republican values you speak of.

Ironic, the party of Lincoln, the Grand Old Party. The party created to end slavery. The party that saw members make the supreme sacrifice. The party that led and helped women’s rights, including their right to vote. The party that led the way for the Civil Rights movement. The party that believed in the American Dream. The California Republican Party that’s now subservient to radical, leftist socialists who believe big government to control us is acceptable.

This has nothing to do with Trump, rather establishment cronies on the verge of losing everything. The little power you have is disintegrating. CAGOP campaign and election incompetence from years of impotence resulted in an epic meltdown of ineptitude by not seeing what the Democrats were doing with ballot harvesting. You and the CAGOP are now scrambling to hide your culpability in the 2018 midterms.

Twenty or 30 years ago, when elitists could control the narrative through the mainstream media, Ms. Olsen’s little article or tantrum as I see it, “My turn: GOP is dead in California. A new way must rise” would’ve worked in deceiving, “we the people.” No more. Finally, she states, “Republican principles used to be about helping other people.”

Ms. Olsen, they still do but the “New Way” doesn’t. The “New Way” is a highway to socialism and why you and your ilk will fail. The current CAGOP establishment ruling class lives off the backs of the people. It’s time for you to step aside and let fiscal, small government conservatives lead the CAGOP and bring back the vision that Abraham Lincoln spoke of and created. That Ronald Reagan implemented and restored. It’s time to give Californians a shot at the “American Dream.”

William Del Pilar is politically active, currently sitting on the Valley Center Community Planning Group (VCCPG). As an entrepreneur, Del Pilar drove his fantasy sports company to set the standard for analysis and news distribution, helping to commercialize the industry from 1997-2008.

Mar 252017

The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister was the second person I met in Republican Politics way back in 1998. The first was Jeff Atteberry, the immediate past Chairman of the Placer GOP.

Thomas N Hudson, (pictured in a haze with State Senator Ted Gaines at the podium) is the current President of the CRA.

The CRA is the group that Jeff Atteberry recruited me in to back in 1998 after registering me in to the Republican Party. At one point, the CRA boasted nearly 7,000 members statewide and its’ conventions were the stuff of legend.

The California Republican Assembly used to be the endorsement to get if you were a Republican running for office.

It isn’t any more. It really wasn’t when I joined it in 1998. When I joined CRA in 1998, its’ President was the late Dick Mountjoy. Mountjoy was a barnacle stuck in the 1950’s. His protege, Mike Spence went on to serve 3 terms as CRA President.

Spence, who is currently facing felony DUI charges was the father of the pay to play endorsement scheme that beset the CRA pretty much the entire time I was involved in it. At least half of the Chapters were fake. They existed to rise up like a zombie army to influence the outcome of officer elections and endorsements. The most infamous drill were the 25 fake CRA units created to deliver a CRA endorsement to Mitt Romney in 2007.

George and I labored 15 years in vain to change that culture. We wanted to bring legitimacy to the organization, yet the organization itself had a culture that was impervious to integrity.

The wars within CRA sometimes made headlines. The genesis of the hatred between Doug LaMalfa, David Reade and others and myself was born within CRA fights.

In 2015, Both George and I were targeted for elimination. I wrote about it quite a bit. In May of 2015, they set up a board meeting in Santa Barbara, where Tom Hudson appointed 17 of the 30 votes on the CRA’s Board of Directors who voted to ban us for life from the organization.

The final straw was when we uncovered that the Santa Clarita RA, which claimed 150 members was a paper tiger. The Ventura RA, fake. The Pasadena RA, fake. The North San Fernando RA, fake. All were shepherded by Alice Khosravy, the CRA’s Black Widow. By the time we had discovered this, the die was cast. There were too many weak-minded people, conflict avoiders and others with paper thin egos that resented our leadership. They had to expel us in order to cover up for their personal corruption and failures. They did exactly what we knew they would do, wrote up bogus charges, blamed us for everything they did and lit their torches.

The leper colony rose up and threw George and I out.

Today, they are in the middle of their annual convention. It is pathetic. The only reason Ted Gaines is present at the CRA convention is because he is lining up his next office and wants the CRA endorsement for his campaign. Rumor has it that Mr. Hudson has requested a sponsorship in exchange for favorable treatment. Rumor has it that Tom Hudson has made several such requests.

The CRA had roughly 60 people for Friday Dinner. It had Roughly 60 people for Saturday Lunch. It had roughly 40 people for its Saturday AM floor session. The embedded picture is of that Saturday AM floor session.

In 2015, the last convention George and I ran – we had around 200 people who paid to attend with roughly 110 at Friday Dinner, topping out at around 180 for Saturday Dinner.

Despite an attempt to take out George at that convention he won by roughly 20% with around 180 votes cast.

Today’s convention features roughly 60 delegates. It is my estimation that the CRA has about 700-800 real members statewide. The real number will never be known because the permanent charter allows them to escape accountability. It had roughly 1200 members at the time we were expelled, including the 200 some proven fraudulent members we uncovered.

In order to assuage their bruised egos, they are blaming George and I for the demise of the CRA… see how that works? When we were expelled, the assembled board members were told that we needed to go in order to allow the CRA to grow again as an organization. They were told that every problem that beset the CRA was our doing.

Now that the CRA is dead two years later, it is our fault in their minds. It is similar to Barack Hussein Obama blaming Bush for every problem he made worse.

The CRA lists 51 units on their website, yet according to leaks from within the organization, only 25-30 are in good standing. Half again of those are barely holding on with around 15 members. Fully 2/3 of the CRA’s units are dead, fake, zombies, etc. and are kept on the website for a fake appearance – the very thing George and I fought to reform, as it was that crusade to legitimize the CRA that led to our ouster.

I was leaked a copy of the CRA’s most recent financial report showing $51,000 in the bank. I raised $38,000 of it. The conventions George and I ran made huge money until the 2015 convention when the jihad against us caused many to pay registration only. In addition, I simply did not collect on many donation pledges because I had no motivation to with the self-righteous bathroom boys and others lining up to lynch us.

Many current board members of the CRA resented me for raising the money, and still more that accused me of selling influence. They ought to talk to their pol-pot bellied information minister about that. Perhaps it does not matter, as a shell of a once great organization has no resale value.

Many current board members of the CRA resented George for running a tight ship with regard to CRA units renewing. People complained a lot about the scrutiny about following the by-laws. This scrutiny cloaked as George being a meanie was a reason used to expel George.

Now half the CRA’s units have vaporized – including the 5 that we were accused of abusing and mistreating. (The 5th being the Nevada RA, which has not publicly noticed a meeting in several years now) I thought expelling us was supposed to free them to grow, endorse and live their lives out from under the tyranny of the evil Park Brothers. It never happened. They were fake. Many of the board members of CRA that expelled us knew it when they expelled us. Their egos were bruised and their ego was put ahead of the CRA.

Now the CRA is dead. The problem for the inmates is that there are no Park Brothers to blame anymore. The only legacy we left is the big bank balance.

There is a price to being right, and they are reaping it all.