Dec 102020

Did you know that the “Chairwoman” and her handlers have handed the keys to what’s left of the CAGOP to Kevin Faulconer? Yup, they gave Faulconer the CAGOP’s donor list under the guise of having him chair a fundraising committee. We’ve seen this drill before and it is being run by the same crew that prostituted the CAGOP to Meg Whitman in 2009-2010. My guess is the sudden spate of emails we are seeing from Faulconer are using lists provided to him by the leadership of the CAGOP as well. (More on this soon)

Within the last week Republican “Leadership”, (the same crew that have had nothing to say about the rampage of Assemblyman Bill Brough and the six documented victims of his lifetime of sexual misconduct) have been making calls behind the scenes to put lockboxes on all incumbent Republican Electeds to re-elect CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson.

Kevin McCarthy wants to control more things, and he needs to keep the pieces of his potemkin village in place. One of those key pieces are the weak leaders of the CAGOP (but, hey they are all women! – that don’t defend women against wayward members), including the Chairwoman who has been dutifully undermining the grassroots and converting the CAGOP in to a shell-PAC for Kevin Faulconer for governor.

Just who is Kevin Faulconer? Take a look at a recent snippet from the SF Chron:

Note the key qualification – Kevin Faulconer is a trump-hater. The insiders running the CAGOP in the ground made a ton of faulty campaign decisions leaving people like Greg Raths and Bryan Maryott hanging because they believed President Trump was toxic. (And two white guys like Raths and Maryott would not do well, whoops)

We’ve all see this before – Meg Whitman (who raised money for Biden)! Except, Kevin Faulconer is Meg Whitman without money.

Consistent with the emerging media drill the oligarchy of controlled failure is running for Kevin Faulconer – is this gem of an article on 12-6-2020:

Climate Kool-Aid is a way of life for Kevin Faulconer. Yes, folks, the trump hating, tree hugging, baby killing, tax-raising, maven of corrupt real estate deals in San Diego is the choice of team McCarthy and your chairwoman. You don’t get to vote. Do what you’re told.

California Governor Gavin Newsom says the state needs massive tax hikes and more regulations to slow economic development and stop global warming.

At least one leading GOP challenger to Newsom, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, actually shares many of his Democrat rivals’ sentiments.

Faulconer, kicking off his campaign as his term as mayor ends this month, is expected to tout San Diego’s “Climate Action Plan,” launched in 2015, among his proudest accomplishments.

That plan — while very popular among San Diego Democrats and environmental activists who supported Faulconer— includes regulatory initiatives paid for with higher taxes and energy prices on employers and consumers.

This guy is going to make Arnold look conservative. Good Lord.

In response to Trump’s move, Faulconer joined San Francisco Mayor London Breed as co-chair of the Sierra Club’s “Mayors for 100 percent Clean Energy” activist group. It sought to encourage all U.S. mayors to ban coal and natural gas power in their cities by 2035.

Perhaps Faulconer will join Breed at the French Laundry for a fundraiser too?

The San Diego Association of Governments regional planning agency known as “SANDAG” is proposing $177 billion in tax hikes towards this end, “transforming” the region away from the automobile over the next three decades. That includes a sales tax increase it hopes to put on the 2022 ballot.

Faulconer is a public supporter of their plan. Last year he said he looked forward to “seeing it  come to life.”

Gov. Newsom announced in Sept. that he would “phase out” gasoline-powered cars in California by 2035— an even more ambitious plan than that of Faulconer and SANDAG.

So a Faulconer vs Newsom race will be about who can ban Gas Powered cars the quickest. Perhaps these guys should campaign on horseback, unless they are freaked out by the flatulance.

Thanks, Madam Chairwoman, what do you have for an encore? (As it certainly is not holding Republican losers accountable for abusing women)

Blogger’s note: I do not do anything anonymously. If you receive an email or some sort of social media post that is alleged to be me, but my name is not on it, that is a 100% guaranteed way to know I did not write it. You don’t have to like me, agree with me or take 100% of what I write as gospel but if my name is not on it, I did not write it.

Nov 232020

A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

Upon entering local politics in 2015, I learned the San Diego County Republican Party’s (SDCRP) one of California’s most successful! It’s where Republicans thrive, with the board of supervisors showcasing our dominance since the 1990s. Unsurprisingly, that’s come to a crashing end!

Reading the San Diego News Desk article, “Democrat Victories in San Diego Spell Troubling Future,” made me think about current supervisor Kristin Gaspar’s rout. My friends, there’s no doubt this was a beat down!

The Democratic Party taking the board of supervisors’ district three, and district one races, along with Nathan Fletcher’s (D) 2016 mugging of former San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis (R) in district four, gives them a 3-2 majority.

This loss by the Grand Old Party (GOP) is a culmination of at least a decade of Democratic Party dominance and Republican Party ineptitude throughout the state!

What’s worse? Gaspar was a rising political star. Now a veteran, party elder, and leader. Yet, that wasn’t enough to unite everyone – party, grassroots, and candidate – to thrust her to victory.

Reality vs. Fantasy

SDCRP leadership always treats me well. I have great respect for them as individuals and fellow Republicans. Still, something must change – we repeatedly lose! Politics is an industry that’s more cutthroat than any business. It’s an industry of scheming and despicability to an exponential degree. The SDCRP has no answer to counter what’s happening.

  • San Diego’s failed politics are now out in the open versus the fantasy we’re the model for the rest of the state.
  • A Democratic Party “blue wave” in San Diego County is ongoing. It’s massive and comprises the last two election cycles with no end in sight.
  • The situation’s grim because we’re so deep in losses – county and statewide. It’ll take more than a generation to overcome.

Success in politics comes through winning elections. In that, the CAGOP and SDCRP are failures. That’s not a personal or spiteful comment, but a fact.

It’s not only local leadership that’s failed. We must rid ourselves of current state leadership and ineffectual county chairs. Also, consultants, whose only goal is to make a buck versus helping their candidates win. Until we do this, we won’t move forward!

Why We Lose: CAGOP Template to Failure

In 2016, local leadership – establishment and grassroots – told me:

  • it’s the Republican Party’s job to get Republicans to the polls.
  • It’s the candidate’s job to go out and find votes among any non-republican out there.
  • Registration drives are nonexistent. Expanding and recruiting the Republican Party base is no longer a goal.

Leadership appears to have no qualms with this template. They view it as one that creates responsibility with accountability. Yet, grassroots aren’t on board, dealing with complete frustration and powerlessness.

  • This model destroys us from within and creates losses up and down the state with no end in sight.

Watching the “establishment” dismantle and destroy local grassroots to their detriment? Beyond comprehension.

The California Republican Party (@CAGOP) focus is not a robust grassroots infrastructure. Rather, technology and media (mailers, later social media). I’m simplifying. Yet, the CAGOP infrastructure to victory has become a template, ignoring foundational politics for a consultant’s takeover of campaigns.

All this is to the disadvantage of candidates. But with history giving us a decade of data, they should know better.

CAGOP Winning Template – The Reality

The Republican Party’s template to win is a complete and utter failure with defeat after defeat. Sure, we earn a victory here or there, but nothing more. Yet, leadership shows no will to change, and candidates show no resolve to do what’s needed to win – instead, allowing consultants to lead their campaign toward defeat.

We’ve gone from a prosperous red to a deep blue state – led by a hybrid socialist-Democratic entity that looks more and more like serfdom. With abuses from the executive, legislature, activists, and local party leadership.

Why We Lose: No Unity

Upon hearing this winning formula, my immediate thought, “We not only lose, but we lose all the time!” It’s obvious; we lack unity!

  • The union of candidate, party, and grassroots are a necessity to win.

The SDCRP and Kristin Gaspar failed to follow basic political fundamentals. In contrast, Democrats understand the importance of grassroots working with party leadership and the candidate.

Democrats abused belief of a “greater good” enables leftists to win – over and over. The Democratic Party understands the power of “the will of the people.” The Republican Party does not.

Why We Lose: Burp and Chirp Grassroots

Are you wondering what the term “burp and chirp” means? It’s a fitting term, and it was a grassroots activist from who I first heard it.

Most groups meet once a month – coming together with like-minded souls. Ready to hear conservative speakers talk about our beliefs and ideology.

Here’s what happens.

  1. Individuals show up and order their meals. Eat, and enjoy catching up with fellow conservatives.
  2. Listen to a conservative speaker. When done, he or she pushes their t-shirts, books, etc.
  3. The meeting closes on a high note. There’s optimism because righteousness will overcome hate.
  4. There’s rarely, if ever, a call to action.
  5. Individuals go back home and do no volunteering to help a candidate or cause.
  6. They then “rinse and repeat” this process.

That’s the grassroots we have – at least in San Diego County, but we can surmise that’s up and down the state.

Why We Lose: Weak Grassroots

Our grassroots are lacking. Most local groups are “burp and chirp,” with activists seeking popularity, not results. There are others, but an easy example is the North County Conservatives.

  • They care more about complaining than helping candidates.
  • There’re too many coaches and not enough players.
  • They lack youth and a willingness to find them.
  • They’re absence of diversity.
  • Activists care more about “selfies” and popularity than helping a candidate win.

All this creates problems that result in losing, allowing the Democratic Party to take over a SDCRP.

2016: Foreshadowing Difficult 2020 Re-Election

In 2016, Gaspar battled a very flawed Democratic candidate in incumbent Dave Roberts. Roberts had various accusations ranging from:

  • hostile work environment.
  • Retaliating against an employee.
  • Misuse of county resources.
  • Employee favoritism.

There were other issues, yet Gaspar almost lost. Winning by a scant 50.23% to 49.67%. A difference of 1,272 votes!

Gaspar nearly lost a race in 2016 that should’ve been a blowout, shows a united and robust Democrat base. But part of that’s because they only hear one side of the story.

Again, Republican candidates rarely venture into Democratic strongholds. They don’t speak, hold rallies or do town halls. The signs were there in 2016 with many races. Her loss shows she ignored the data, or the strategies and tactics used were inadequate.

Reasons for Gaspar’s Beating

  1. Gaspar didn’t pursue non-Republican voters to sell herself. She only went to the predictable watering holes.
  2. There was a lack of cooperation with the party and grassroots to reach into non-Republican strongholds.
  3. She abandoned constituents and donors with a hopeless run for Congress. Likely losing her grassroots and donor support.
  4. Her political values, like the Second Amendment, don’t always align with conservative values.
  5. Gaspar’s 2016 primary win came by a vast, “establishment” war chest. Defeating the grassroots candidate left a lingering resentment toward her.
  6. Gaspar’s a divisive candidate, trying to work both sides of the aisle yet appealing to none.

This race is a repeat of the Dumanis loss last cycle. The answer’s obvious. Democrats outnumber Republicans, and that will grow under the current CAGOP policy. A diminishing Republican voter base means we must take our values to non-Republicans!

We’re not doing this; thus, we’re not growing the base to win. We’re our own worst enemies!

Truth? We Can’t Even Compete!

There’re approximately 7,500 ballots left to count in San Diego County. Gaspar’s flogging is about 50,000 votes, which equals a 16% loss. It wasn’t even close!

It’s significant because Dumanis’ assault by Fletcher in 2016 showed Gaspar what they would face. Dumanis lost district four by 34.8% and about 74,000 votes. Party leadership was in early denial but realized the race’s reality as it went on. Confirming what we already knew – the numbers and Dumanis’ strategy and tactics never added up.

We must ask if either the SDCRP or Gaspar didn’t consider or care to realize the reason for Dumanis’ loss. To overcome the future, you study the past. It was clear the lack of reaching out to non-Republican voters never was a serious strategy. I know – that sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Don’t forget; #CAGOP strategy believes a grassroots infrastructure is no longer necessary. Gaspar’s loss continues to show we’re not even competing in what were once GOP bastions.

Routs will continue. Until we determine as party, candidates, and grassroots – reaching out to non-Republican voters is the only path to victory. By not doing that, it’s the primary reason we can’t even compete, much less win!

Not Learning From Past Failures

The SDCRP should’ve seen this coming and prepared. They knew what the numbers were once term limits became law. Yet did nothing to prepare for these uphill battles. Instead, using strategies and tactics from past cycles of failure.

Gaspar should’ve taken what made her a successful businesswoman into the campaign. Instead, she accepted the CAGOP’s flawed policies. Policies that only help those in the system – consultants.

Results of Loss = Massive New Perpetuity Programs

Our board of supervisors is a rarity in politics today. It’s fiscally sound with billions in reserves, allowing us to keep a high credit score. This score enables funding during emergencies such as wildfires, homelessness, or anything else.

  • COVID-19 will be the excuse that begins depleting these reserves.

Billions will disappear. Our credit rating will sink like a rock. We’ll lack the funds during emergencies and go in the red as Democrats put in new programs. They’ll tout them as temporary. Yet, they know full well, once started, they’ll continue in perpetuity.

CAGOP Still Refuses to Learn Basics

From local to statewide, we must realize, it’s not only money, but a base infrastructure must be in place to win – one composed of ready-to-move, savvy, and policy educated volunteers. You don’t build an infrastructure overnight, but we must start now or repeat a losing cycle!

Without a vibrant volunteer labor force, combined with candidates promoting proven conservative values and policies, losses will continue.

Losing the board of supervisors falls on party leadership and flawed candidates. San Diego County’s transformation from deep red to a blue takeover is now complete.

Oct 072020

There is a reason why I am predicting a loss of 4-6 seats in the legislature for the GOP (It could be as many as 8, by the way) and have been stating as such for several months. The current leadership of the CAGOP are failing miserably.

Please take a look at a recent blog from Steve Frank that lays it all out clearly:

Frank: Massive Voter Registration Losses in California GOP Targeted Races

It is time to end the happy talk, the crowing about voter registration and by omitting the facts, district by district registration numbers.  In the past few days, CRP Chair sent the following to Republicans:

  • “422,225 New Republicans registered since CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson was elected in 2019
  • 113,744 New Republicans registered since the last report in July 2020
  • 289,473 New Republicans registered since the beginning of 2020”

Not mentioned: in spite of the lack of a California Republican Party voter registration program.  Not mentioned: that as Chair she receives over a two-year period, $500,000 in salary, but the allocation for voter registration in the same period is $50,000—and most of that money is UNSPENT.  The Board has set its priority and voter registration is NOT on the list.

MOST IMPORTANTLY SHE DOES NOT MENTION THAT IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD THE DEMOCRATS REGISTERED 1,500,000 NEW VOTERS! THAT IS THREE AND HALF TIMES THE NUMBER OF Republicans registered. This is the classic definition of failure that they unwisely drew attention to with a misleading email.

Elections are won district by district. So how did we do in the targeted, hard fought races around the State?  Below is a list of ten targeted races.  In EVERY one we had massive voter registration losses, from January 1. 2019 to the 60 day close, September 4, 2020.

Massive Voter Registration Losses in California GOP Targeted Races

Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  10/5/20

The first step to recovery for an addict is to admit you have a problem.  The California Republican Party, led by Chair Jessica Patterson is not ready for recovery.  Instead of explaining why they do not have a voter registration program, they publish partial statistics—read it carefully, they never say that their programs are successful, just that while in office these people registered as Republican.  Not mentioned in their propaganda is that during the same time period, January 1, 2019 to September 4, 2020, the Democrats registered 1.5 million NEW Democrats.

As we watch the returns on November 3, remember these numbers.  We have lost two years of voter registration under the current Chair.  Actually, the CRP stopped voter registration in March of 2013. (This is not a typo.) If 400,000 people registered as GOP’ers on their own, imagine how many more would do so if the CRP had a registration program!

Due to the massive registration losses in targeted races, we must spend more money to keep or win those seats.

This is what Politico wrote, using facts, not hiding them:

THEY’RE NUMBER TWO! — “California Republicans reclaim second-place status from independents,” by POLITICO’s Jeremy B. White: Still, the party has lots of work to do. There are still fewer registered Republicans than there were between 2000 and 2012, although the party is rebounding from its 2016 nadir. … Democrats saw the largest overall gains since last cycle, adding some 1.6 million registered voters. Their edge over Republicans increased by some 1.3 million voters between 2016 and 2020.

“And the numbers could indicate a negative development for Republicans: more no-party-preference voters registering as Democrats While Republican’s share of the electorate remained stable from 2018 to 2020, Democrats expanded their share as the proportion of party-less voters declined. … There are now 21.2 million registered voters, which is 84.7 percent of the eligible voter pool — the highest share in the last 68 years. It’s also some 3 million more registered voters than in 2016.”

Here are the real numbers, all from the web site of the California Secretary of State.  Is this a winning hand?

21 Congressional District  Valadao

2018  Dem   99,763  GOP  62,571  NPP  58,229

2020  Dem  110,367  GOP  68,664  NPP  57,949

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019   4,611

25 Congressional District  Garcia

2018   Dem 144,965  GOP  127, 900   NPP  100,137

2020  Dem  168,344   GOP  136,138  NPP  95,496

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019:    15331

39 Congressional District  Young Kim

2018  Dem  125,668  GOP  123,679  NPP  110,842

2020  Dem  149,989  GOP  166,251  NPP 102,767

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019    14,735

45 Congressional District  Raths

2018 Dem  128,450  GOP  157,929  NPP  121,613

2020  Dem  157,989  GOP  166,251  NPP  114,394

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019    15,217

48 Congressional District   Steel

2018  Dem 121,523  GOP  144,872  NPP—-110,842

2020  Dem  156,646   GOP  167,375   NPP—102,023

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019    12,620

21st State Senate  Wilk

2018  Dem  176,769  GOP  149,437   NPP  120,548

2020  Dem  208,289  GOP  166,384  NPP  117,003

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019     14, 593

29 Senate District   Chang

2018  Dem  163,812   GOP  144,318  NPP  129,043

2020  Dem  193,226    GOP  156,169   NPP 124,115

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019     17,988

37  Senate District   Moorlach

2018   Dem  168,586   GOP 196,990   NPP  156,260

2020  Dem 205,778  GOP  207,533   NPP  145,192

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019      26,659

35  Assembly District  Cunningham

2018  Dem  87,690    GOP  86,691    NPP  63,537

2020   Dem  100,413  GOP  91,534   NPP  56,901

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019     7,480

55 Assembly District  Chen

2018  Dem  79,363  GOP  85,278   NPP  70,340

2020  Dem  96,274   GOP  92,629   NPP   72,770

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019     9,580

68 Assembly   Choi

2018  Dem  80,493  GOP  95,468      NPP  74,978

2020   Dem  101,034  GOP  101,525  NPP  72,589

Dems net gain over GOP since January 1. 2019     14,474  

There is not a single legislative district in California where we had a net gain over the Democrats.

What has the CRP done over the past two years?  The first responsibility for a political party is to register voters.  Also note that on the ballot, between Assembly, State Senate and Congress there are more than 25 races without a Republican on the November ballot.  No voter registration, few candidates— the CAGOP leadership need to tell the truth and stop distracting us with misleading numbers that do not tell the full story.  We are adults, we deserve the truth.

All of these numbers came from the Secretary of State’s web site.  We deserve better than this?  As I like to say, “Leaders Lead”—is this leadership?

May 182020

The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. Remember the term. First – have a look at what appeared on the California Political Review Today:


The Big Story

We are about 170 days from the November election.

Yet, on Thursday the long term, highly professional Executive Director of the California Republican Party “resigned”.  Cynthia Bryant has been with the Party as ED for seven years.  Well respected in California and Washington, she built a Team getting ready for the November election.  She tried to unite all parts of the Party, for victory.

Does anyone believe that a consummate professional like Cynthia Bryant would leave so close to the election?  Yes, she “said” she was tired—but professionals do not quit this close to an election.  Think about it.  Oh, they made her a “Senior Advisor”, she will continue to get paid, along with the new Executive Director, and the $250,000 a year to the Chair.

In her place Sarah Nelson was hired.  The one campaign she worked in California was as a political director for Meg Whitman in 2010—who in 2016 was a National Co-Finance chair for Hillary Clinton.  In 2012 she worked for Romney—need I tell anyone who much Romney has sided with the Democrats to harm the GOP and the President.

(Disclosure: in 2007-8 I worked for a more moderate candidate for President, Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  As we all know he has been a major DEFENDER of President Trump—unlike Whitman and Romney)

Remember it was on March 2, 2020 in the Los Angeles Times the Chair made the sophomoric advice to GOP candidates NOT to mention President Trump.  It is a good thing that Mike Garcia did not listen.  From the earliest days in his campaign he made clear he supported President Trump and his policies.  Also note the numerous tweets from the President in support of Garcia.  In 2018 a Democrat won the seat by 7 points, in 2020 Garcia won it by 12 points—plus the Dems had 17,000 more registrants than GOP’ers in the intervening 18 months.

I presume our other candidates see the lesson here.  Trump is a winner.  Ignore him and the volunteers will go elsewhere.  Think I am wrong?  Remember Catherine Baker, Steve Knight, David Hadley—they did not endorse Trump are now FORMER Legislators.

When I wrote about the purge of CAGOP Staff Last week, I did not mention the new ED by Name. The connection to the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure is clear. Hers is a pedigree that is the same as the current control agents of the CAGOP: Whitman, Romney and Marco Rubio. With all due respect to the new Executive Director of the CAGOP it is clear that she is an acolyte of Jeff Randle, Cynthia Bryant was not.

It is the opinion of this blogger based on off-the-record conversations that Randle and crew have completed a purge of the CAGOP’s Staff. It is also clear that Never-Trumpers are in charge now (labeled as such because of their heritage, not their current rhetoric).

The last time Mr. Randle and crew had significant influence in things GOP – they rigged a CRA endorsement of Mitt Romney in 2008 with a string of fake clubs. This was replicated in other organizations and only hastened all of their decline. It is the 1990’s era consultant model – Control it, it you can’t control it, destroy it. Do not forget that Jeff Randle and crew were responsible for recruiting primary opponents to conservative republican opponents of Pete Wilson’s then unprecedented tax increases. (I’ve found little evidence of a similar effort directed against democrats)

Why do I mention the CRA and other organization’s issues from 2008? It is my opinion based on years of observations that the people in charge of the CAGOP neither want participation nor input from people they don’t pay and/or control. Some of us long time observers point out the deleterious effects of decisions on the grassroots and they appear to not care. (unless it is showing up on national TV to take credit for Mike Garcia’s victory that they actually opposed pre-primary by ignoring the CRP ByLaws and the will of the local GOP committees)

Kevin McCarthy – to co-leader of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure was actually arguing against Proxy Voting on the floor of Congress – yet his CAGOP Chairman was elected with 44% proxy votes. Real GOP Activists resent proxy voting – yet Deborah Wilder (rumored to be a successor to the current CAGOP Chair), Luis Buhler, Jeff Randle and others run proxy drills funded by Kevin McCarthy and others to control the CAGOP.

The CAGOP Committees (like initiatives, rules, etc) have next to no one on them that did not support the current CAGOP Chair.

The CAGOP’s staff has been completely turned over since the current CAGOP Chair got elected.

The CAGOP ignored the will of the local GOP in AD-72 and CA-25 at the behest of politician leaders refusing to endorse Mike Garcia and ignoring the opposition to Tyler Diep. On more than one occasion people like Deborah Wilder and other acolytes of Jeff Randle tried to rally votes against the will of the local parties to thwart party endorsements.

The CAGOP had long since given up on running voter registration programs, bounty programs or any of the natural things you do to rally grassroots.

What’s the endgame of Trump denial syndrome, shutting grassroots out of the party organization, shunning volunteers, controlling the party with proxy votes, ignoring local GOP’s creating apathy, purging the CAGOP Staff and publicly taking credit for the efforts of the same people?

It is the 1990’s era consultant playbook of setting up a monopolized political machine. It is the opinion of this blogger that these folks are lining up the pieces to promote Kevin Faulconer for Governor in 2022 and then a Presidential Candidate in 2024 (Marco Rubio 2.0?). The pattern is recognizable, purge staff that are not your people, isolate enemies, stack the internal organizations only with acolytes, foster apathy and division among those on the outside and then monetize the operation.

The problem is that the CAGOP is already dead. They finished it off. They are in control of a shell with empty pacs and volunteer activists that are going elsewhere with their efforts.

Apr 082019

Information continues to pour in from the North State, with very little from the south.

First off IF YOU WERE LEFT OFF THE PLATFORM COMMITTEE BALLOT LIST IN YOUR ASSEMBLY DISTRICT – Call the CAGOP or EMAIL THEM. They are contacting people one at a time. There was some sort of epic fail with their database. I spoke to someone in the CAGOP’s office, they are well aware there are several errors. Call and get your situation fixed. There is no nefarious agenda here, just a screw up.

Second, your ballot MUST BE RETURNED IN THE US MAIL. Otherwise, it will not be counted.

Third – see below.

Vote for your person by X’ing the box.

Then, Sign the Ballot.
Put a real stamp on the envelope after you’ve put your ballot in the envelope. In my case, I need to finish putting my return address. But ALSO SIGN THE ENVELOPE.

I am putting my ballot in the mail for Ken Campbell in AD06 Today. You can even follow up with the CAGOP to confirm they got your ballot if you like.

Now – Update on the machinations:

Luis Buhler, Sue Caro and others are calling through the bay area. There are several areas where their person is going to make it uncontested. Unlike AD06 where I live that has 40 delegates, most Bay Area Assembly Seats have 4-6. Some have as few as 2. Remember, Sue Caro was a loud opponent of Calling on Chad Mayes to resign over Cap and Trade.

I now have confirmation that in San Joaquin and Stanislaus, there is a recruiting effort underway. I received an email from an AD12 Candidate that had exactly nothing about where she stands on any issues. (This is a major red flag) While the candidate is a known Christian Conservative, it is alarming that her introduction email said nothing of substance about the platform itself. It also followed the template of Luis Buhler candidates in the Bay Area.

In the North State, the calls that are being made by the establishment are under the guise of not changing the platform. Given that in past years, proxies have been twisted under false pretenses for the purpose of gutting the platform, there is a natural skepticism about motives.

As of Today, according to several sources (adding an Assemblyman to the list) there is no organized drill in the South of California related to the Platform Committee. It appears that most just want this thing to go away with a minimum of drama. It is the opinion of this blogger that Jessica Patterson could put her foot down and tell Luis Buhler and others to stop what they are doing and make it clear the platform is to not be messed with.

This would be consistent with what she said during her Chair Campaign – that she supports the existing platform with no changes.

The reticence I have is that the players making phone calls in the North and the Central Valley were a part of the 2011 Platform destruction derby. If they truly are trying to avoid a disaster in the Platform Process in 2019, they should state as such publicly and call on people like Luis Buhler and Sue Caro to stand down and stop sewing division. Their recruits for Platform Committee should state clearly their conservative values and their desire to see them continue in the CAGOP Platform. None have done so. (another red flag)

I expected Luis Buhler to ignore calls for unity as he has a lifelong history of disdain for Conservatives and a life goal of yanking the pro-life and pro-family language out of the CAGOP platform. It is what it is.

I have a personal opinion about what is happening that I will refrain from putting in writing. That said, I am not optimistic about this process at all given what I know internally and what I know about the players involved.

To be continued.