May 142020

Note- Grass Valley is in Nevada County and is part of #CA01 where another liberal bay-area transplant is running for Congress against Doug LaMalfa.

I will bet that Brynne Kennedy knows where Mountain View and Palo Alto are!

Brynne Kennedy did a very thorough poll where she tested several attacks on Congressman Tom McClintock. She tried a few of them in a campaign email today. The following three items are quotes she highlighted in an attempt to make Tom McClintock Look Bad:

“In this pandemic, many elected officials have abandoned the practices of a free society and crossed some very bright lines that separate free Americans from those unfortunate to live under authoritarian regimes. Communist China pioneered the practices now inflicted on our own citizens.” — 4/28/20


“[Coronavirus relief] opens the door for anyone who wants to game the system.” — 3/16/2020


“[Social security] is the theft of youth’s earnings to pay for the avarice of the new establishment…(seniors) turned their lusting eyes upon it as another cornucopia of riches for lavishing benefits on themselves.”–8/29/79

So – given that one of the quotes is from 1979, when I was 8 years old, we know that Kennedy has spent a ton of money looking for stuff to attack Congressman McClintock on. It is also clear that democrats like Kennedy are on a psychotic rampage a la using Brett Kavanaugh’s High School Yearbooks from 1982.

It is also clear that Brynne Kennedy agrees with the economy-destroying lockdown that has decimated many people’s financial lives and otherwise. It is also clear that she has gotten her talking points from Nancy Pelosi about how China is blameless for everything they did to try and cover up the outbreak in their country that spread worldwide.

It is also clear that she is going to use quotes and items out-of-context in an attempt to make them mean something different similar to her fellow democrats in the legacy media.

Saddle up folks – Brynne has tons of Bay Area liberal money sitting in her campaign account. She also has leftist moonbats consumed with rage towards the President motivated by nothing more than #TDS helping her.

If Kennedy actually wakes McClintock up to the point where he engages, it is not going to end well for her because she will find out that the 4th Congressional District dislikes China, the lockdown and thinks massive government spending is bad. (Despite what her polling says)

Note the way the questions are asked.

That’s right Brynne – I got your poll and screenshotted the whole thing. And – I sent it to Congressman McClintock so he’d know how you’re planning on attacking him.

Coming next in our #CA04 series – the ways that Brynne Kennedy was investigating in order to attack Congressman McClintock. In order to run a good democrat campaign you have to use half-baked lies and emotional manipulation. Your intrepid blogger is going to lay that out for you.

P.S. I am not getting paid to write these posts about #CA04. I am just tired of Bay Area Liberals moving to well-run Conservative areas and trying to turn them in to cesspools.

Apr 222019

Here we go again. Another term. Another two years where McClintock lectures people asking him for help with local issues, another two years where McClintock gives speeches and leaves local government hanging.

A minimum level of involvement and regard, some of these knuckleheads that are running against him reconsider because Tom McClintock would not be vulnerable. Every time I see traffic reports about I-80, or Wildfires on Federal Land, I am reminded that McClintock can’t be bothered helping his constituents despite the heroic efforts of his staff.

I don’t like Tom McClintock, I’ve been clear about that. My issue is not his politics, my issue is the way he refuses to govern. The solution to Tom McClintock is not another left-wing brain-numbed democrat hack. The solution to Tom McClintock is someone as conservative as he is that is willing to get their hands dirty and actually engage to solve CA-04 problems that have a Federal Nexus.

Enter the latest Bay-Area transplant bringing her idiotic politics to Roseville. (Note every precinct except one west of Fiddyment went for Clinton in 2016 – which is where the Bay Area Liberals are moving to)

Meet Brynne Kennedy – a limousine liberal tech company exec. Brynne has scrubbed her social media in an attempt to cover her tracks for her run. (Never fear, we can find the 33,000 emails Brynne) What is on her social media is standard leftist democrat talking points – such as blaming insurance companies for wildfires, adopting talking points (similar to those of a local elected) against the Trump Tax Cuts, advocating for unrestricted abortion and of course playing the female card – insinuating male electeds are doing something wrong in the course of winning their election.

Hey Brynne – when you have 1500 Trees an Acre, Wildfires are way worse. It does not matter what an evil insurance company does…

Tom McClintock does not need my help, or that of any other professionals, he will tell you himself. Unfortunately for McClintock, It looks like this “candidate” has access to some money. Brynne may need therapy to complete a normal sentence, so that may help McClintock more than any professional could.

ahhhhh, yes Trump-Bashing, more sexism and of course spinning the Mueller Report

It does not look like Brynne Kennedy is capable of independent thought – but HEY! She is a Woman so vote for her! You sexist pig… #FACEPALM #INPEACH Brynne for Congress!

Look for her announcement, replete with White Guilt and sexist politics soon.

P.S. Your intrepid blogger is aware that some local democrats are stirring to run for other offices, stay tuned as we have plenty of room for all of them on this blog.

#CA04 Update: Why Marriage is a Big Deal For a Republican, And Why It Should Determine Your Vote for Congress

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Oct 062014

Art Moore. Military Guy. Good looking single dude. Some of my closest friends and allies in politics either gave Art a long look or they are publicly endorsing him.

I read today’s interview in the Sacramento Bee with Art Moore where he clearly came out in favor of Same-Sex Marriage. This was not a misprint. This either means that Art has attempted to be on both sides of the issue during the campaign or has flip flopped. Whichever it is, it is clear now.

17 years ago, I joined CRA because I was and am Pro-Life. The thought of debating the foundations of society was unheard of – even when I was an anthropology major.

The Family Research Council had this to say in an email today about the SCOTUS side-stepping 5 marriage cases:

… if liberals should be anything, it’s worried. When it comes to marriage, time is not on their side. Deep down, the Left knows it needed the Court to force same-sex “marriage” on America before more people saw the fallout for Christians like Aaron and Melissa Klein. Or sportscasters like Craig James. Or CEOs like Brandon Eich. Ask them if same-sex “marriage” is just about two people who love each other. For them, it was about losing their business, their livelihood, and their freedom.

If the Supreme Court thinks America isn’t ready for same-sex “marriage,” they’re right. As more states are forced to recognize it, people will see the ensuing attacks on religious freedom. They’ll feel the wedge driven between parents and their children when school curriculum is changed to contradict the morals moms and dads are teaching at home. They’ll shudder as more people lose their jobs because they refuse to celebrate (not just tolerate) same-sex “marriage.” Maybe then they’ll realize that the true goal is not about the marriage altar — but fundamentally altering society.

It is pretty much well-known that I am not a charter member of the Tom McClintock fan club. Tom McClintock is vulnerable only because of personality issues and his reticence to engage with people in local government. We’ve heard this ad-naseum.

But, what Tom McClintock lacks in engaging with local government, he has in spades when it comes to understanding the nature of our freedom. Homosexual marriage was never about who you love. It is about removing any and all opposition to their lifestyle by force. It is actually a religious freedom issue.

Art Moore fought to defend our freedom, yet is willing to surrender religious freedom. I like Art on a personal level. I intend to work with him for years to come if he chooses to stay involved in politics at the local level. But, I need a congressman that understands our freedom and how fragile it is, but most importantly the reasons why.

With his comments in the Bee, Art Moore has proven that he is not ready to be a Congressman yet. At this point, I prefer to stick with the guy I know. I am voting for McClintock.