Oct 232018

Politics is and always will be an insider game. President Trump is a glaring exception to this rule, but the sausage factory is in full grind.

Ted Gaines appears to have successfully shopped for his next office – getting a seat in the now useless Board of Equalization. By the time Ted Gaines is termed out, he will have been in public office for over 30 years. His lasting legacy is ineffectiveness, luck, insider connections and a trail of bodies left on his way to getting his wife a seat at the trough.

When Ted Gaines was a State Senator- he was able to threaten donors to keep them from backing other candidates. He has no such leverage now, once the election is over on Nov 6th, he is a lame duck (vs just lame) and will not be able to threaten people in to supporting Beth Gaines like he did in 2011.

Beth Gaines – She’s BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. The world-famous Assembly-member who could not debate on the floor of the Assembly, who had to vote against her own amendment on the floor (because she could not write the amendment correctly) is looking to bring another six-figure check in to the Gaines dynasty.

Bethypoo has had a State Senate Account open for over 2 years. She has not raised a whole lot in to it. However, it is rumored that an indian tribe is going to fund her campaign. (There are ways to deal with contribution limits apparently)

Should Bethypoo run, this will be the 5th(!) move the Gaines will have had to make to facilitate runs for office. The last move to El Dorado Hills, yielded a disastrous 20 point drubbing for a County Supervisor Seat.

Next up at the SD01 trough is Kevin Kiley. Kiley is sitting on $400,000 that he is allegedly not sharing with other members or Assembly Candidates. It is usual and customary for incumbent members to write out max-out checks in “Target Races”. It appears that Kiley has not done so, thus clearly signaling that he is running for SD01. He could transfer all of his money to a State Senate Account. Kiley and the Gaines have the same campaign manager – it will be interesting to see how that works out.

It is also clear to me that Mr. Kiley has his eyes on a Seat in Congress eventually. This would be the #1 reason for him to leave a Safe Assembly Seat for the State Senate – to expand his name ID and reach for a Congressional District that is smaller than the Senate District he’d occupy.

Expect to see the same Bay-Area liberal democrats that supported Kiley’s Assembly Run (The Charter Schools Association) pour and bundle money for him. Kiley, who endorsed John Kasich for President appears to have some serious connections to the Bay Area money.

Then we have Rex Hime. Rex is a developer type. I’ve heard his name for many years. He works for a “Third House” group as a board-member / executive. His calling stakeholders has caused his secret to leak out to your intrepid blogger.

Hime has attempted to keep his candidacy a secret, while wrapping up endorsements of local electeds.

Unike Bethypoo or Kiley, it appears that Hime has no wealthy suitors, liberal millionaires or Indian tribes looking to bankroll him. Hime appears to be fairly conservative but his problem is he is a big, old white guy (like your Intrepid Blogger). According to my limited research, Hime will not be a self-funding candidate.

With Kiley and Bethypoo in the SD01 Race, it will be interesting to see how Hime is able to fund his race. Having seen firsthand the fight that Bill Halldin had in a similar dynamic in 2016 AD06 Race, the pattern looks awfully familiar.

So there you have it folks, the HMS GOP North State Titanic is getting ready to set sail…

Mar 232016

1918072_10209258290962186_6568122461335710224_nLast Night, Ted Gaines was rejected by the CRA. The CRA endorsed Stephen Baird for State Senate last night over Ted Gaines.

My feelings about the CRA aside, this is a stunning rejection of the Gaines dynasty and further proof that their aloof acerbic style of carpetbagging governance has worn thin.

I am sure that the Gaines are so disconnected from reality that they are going to blame your intrepid blogger for the occurrences of last night. Allow me to remind them and others that after the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson appointed 17 people to the CRA’s state board, George and I were expelled from the organization for life.

This means that for the Gaines’ latest paranoid fantasy to be true, that we’d have had to orchestrate the Baird endorsement from beyond the grave.

All this said – we don’t expect the Gaines to pay any attention to this or anything else they don’t like. Nothing to see here, move along now.

#EPICFAIL (both for the CRA and for Ted Gaines)

Jan 312012

In italics is a short summary I wrote for a local media inquiry on behalf of Les Baugh. I think it sums it up in both cases. Don’t think for a second that Les wouldn’t have said something similar – he would, and therein lies another major difference voters get to choose from.

Interestingly – I have been getting anxious inquiry from political insiders as to why Linda is running against Beth Gaines and why I took Les Baugh on as a client.

Neither Les Baugh or Linda Park owe anyone an apology for running – Ted and Beth Gaines owe people an apology for the way they have governed.

I am a citizen legislator – meaning that I am one of the people I seek to represent. I will not reign – instead, the door or my office will be open to all comers.

I am a staunch conservative and I believe our government has more than enough money to do its’ job – however, the priorities are badly misaligned. The issue for this Senate (Assembly) District is the utter lack of leadership and engagement.

Simply refusing to acknowledge people you disagree with guarantees more of the same and I know very few people who are better off in 2012 than they were in 2008. I am motivated to run because of the need for accountable, engaged governance. I am not afraid to negotiate with people that do not believe as I do in an attempt to make progress without compromise. Leaders engage.

It is that desire to engage that I believe is my primary defining difference, it is the desire to be accountable to those I serve rather than being sequestered away from the constituents that is the other defining difference.

I believe that with engaged leadership the efforts to close public land, destroy dams, regulate water, eliminate the 2nd Amendment and the attempts by the legislature to eliminate risks from life can be mitigated by negotiating with those attempting to do these things in an effort to solve the perceived issue without destroying freedom.

And to think – the Gaines are renting a house in Rocklin, probably for just long enough to retain power if they are successful in getting re-elected. How does that make you feel as a voter? What kind of message does that send?

It’s not a matter of who is more conservative which is the easy-way-out cheapshot in a lot of Republican Primaries – as Les is a Pastor and Linda is a long-time CRA member.

Beth Gaines won’t be able to use a boogie man attack like she did against John Allard against Linda – where she lied about John Allard (standard faire in political attacks) and used his experience against him. (Linda, while in her first term on school board – ironically has been in office longer than Beth!)

The Gaines are going to have to stand up and defend the way they have governed and are also going to have to explain why a husband-and-wife political dynasty is a good thing for California. This is a double-loser for them.

Ted Gaines – out of his Hole and into a Local Newspaper.

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Jan 212012

In this installment of the Gaines inspirational leadership series – I explain why us peasants should stand in awe…

Ted Gaines actually did something.

Now that he has a primary opponent, he is writing op-eds in local papers (that non-political types don’t read anymore)…

… about light bulbs.

Billions in the hole. Federal Lands / State Lands being shut off to people. Welfare out of control. Open Borders. Terrorism. Gas Prices. Unemployment. Businesses Fleeing California. Idiots in Sacramento banning common items in the name of (fill in the socialist excuse here)… And the government stupidity over a light bulb ban comes to the front of Senator Ted Gaines’ (Zero-Roseville) mind.

When I read the op-ed – I was astounded as the verbage in it is clearly not that of Ted’s – suggesting that his CPU/Controller wrote it.

Once again the family dynasty leaves the serfs of SD-01 with the same leadership deficit that we have in AD-06.

The solution is summed up in Four Words: Les Baugh Citizen Legislator.

Got some love from the Sacramento Bee!

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Jan 182012

Today’s edition of the “BUZZ” column:


“Most of the people in grass-roots efforts are bristling against the kingmaker concept.”

AARON PARK, campaign manager for Les Baugh, talking to the Redding Record Searchlight. Baugh, a Republican and a Shasta County supervisor, is challenging incumbent Sen. Ted Gaines, R-Roseville

It’s true – we deserve representation, not a political dynasty.

Source article is linked here.

The Redding Record Searchlight Article is here.