Bob Williams – The Next Contestant in the David Stafford Reade Bus Tour

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May 082013

How many of you remember the AD-03 Race in 2012?

Tehama County Supervisor Bob Williams ran against Assemblyman Dan Logue in 2012. Dave Gilliard talked Bob Williams in to spending $50k +/- (of his own money, no less) running against Dan Logue. In addition, Bob Williams is in debt – as Dave Gilliard typically spends all of his clients in to substantial debt.

Invariably, Williams was promised the pole position in the 2014 AD03 race.

Bob Williams was used. Dave Gilliard and David Stafford Reade knew 100% that Doug LaMalfa was going to quit the State Senate after winning his Congressional Primary.

The purpose of Williams running was to bleed money off of Dan Logue, making it much more difficult for Logue to compete with Jim Nielsen.

Then Logue’s Kidney kicked in, Nielsen won without a fight.

Bob Williams, no longer useful to Dave Gilliard and David Stafford Reade found his way under the David Stafford Reade bus. (With Willie Preston and others)

James Gallagher is now the chosen favorite – he has the endorsements of Gentleman Jim and Doug LaMalfa. Gallagher is also Dave Gilliard’s latest paycheck in the North State.

Too bad for Gallagher, he is a lawyer that Gilliard is trying to re-brand. (Gilliard seems to have a pattern of re-branding candidates, like taking someone that has never held an insurance license and transforming them into an owner of an insurance agency).

Gallagher has an opponent – Ryan Schohr, a real farmer. Looks like the reverse of Keene vs LaMalfa. This should be fun – and it would not surprise me if there are a few pissed off people in Tehama County looking to assist his effort.

Mar 122012

The “leadership” of the California Republican Party are notorious conflict avoiders, they are also skilled at nuance. For example, when a Central Committee deadlocks on an endorsement and can’t reach 2/3 – it does not count as “taking an action”, don’t you know.

The current CRP By-Laws mandate that all Cent Coms in a given district must agree on a result and that the CRP’s board can not come up with a different result than that of the local Central Committees.

As you read previously – Placer returned Both Gaines’ to sender. However, since we did not come up with the 2/3 to endorse anyone – the CRP ignored our result and endorsed Beth Gaines in Ad-06 and Ted Gaines in Sd-01. I was told that on Wed night the Gaines camp celebrated when we could not reach a 2/3 vote on “No Endorsement” as they knew the fix was in. Incumbent Protection.

It didn’t matter – the CRP board disregarded “No Endorsement” votes, including in the case of John Campbell who was rejected by the Orange County Republican Party. The CRP board endorsed incumbents (including Gaines, Campbell, etc.) regardless.

That brings me to Tehama County and AD-03. David Stafford Reade recruited Tehama Supervisor Bob Williams to run against Dan Logue. Williams is not really a serious candidate (in my opinion)… he is filing simply to bleed money off of Dan Logue in preparation for an impending State Senate Race against Jim Nielsen if Doug LaMalfa wins his Congressional race. (forcing him to vacate his Senate Seat)

Well – David Stafford Reade is a master at rigging endorsements. Tehama’s Central Committee is the Nielsen/LaMalfa choir. Poof! 2/3 for Bob Williams! That is Tehama’s right and by the way – whether or not David Stafford Reade manipulated the outcome, Tehama would have endorsed Bob Williams, period.

The CRP leadership said that Tehama didn’t follow the rules! Nevada County didn’t, Lassen didn’t, Plumas didn’t, ElDorado didn’t, in fact, you could argue that none of the Central Committees in the North State followed the CRP’s rules. Therefore, the CRP could have arbitrarily decided to endorse anyone they wanted for any reason.

Tehama is hopping mad, and I don’t blame them:

MARCH 12, 2012



RED BLUFF – Disregarding last months vote of the Tehama County Central Committee to endorse Tehama County resident Bob Williams for the 3rd district Assembly Seat, the California Republican Party led by party chair Tom Del Baccarro threw out the local endorsement on Sunday in favor of Assemblyman Dan Logue.

“The endorsement process of the CRP was hijacked by Sacramento politicians and insiders who used a lawyer’s trick to disqualify Tehama County from having a voice,” said Ken Say, Chairman of the Tehama County Republican Central Committee. “ Not a single one of the 24 people in that room Sunday have a vote in the 3rd district and regardless of what they did, our local Republicans are squarely behind Bob Williams for Assembly,” said Say.

A fifth-generation family farmer with a history of public service, Williams is currently serving on the Tehama County Board of Supervisors. Last month he was endorsed by the Tehama County Farm Bureau.

The Third Assembly District covers six Northern California Counties.

I’m laughing –  David Stafford Reade was paid to gather proxies to thwart efforts to create a real endorsing system – both Mark Spannagel and Reade opposed any efforts to reform proxies and voting at the CRP level and they just got bit in the ass by the process they helped create.

Update – Mark Spannagel’s conversation with Mark Pruner (Not Del Becarro) was one of Mark warning the CRP regarding this broken endorsement process and suggesting that the CRP is going to get itself in to legal trouble as a result. Mr. Spannagel told me directly that he did not threaten to sue anyone, rather that his comments were stretched by people attempting to assign motive.

Tehama got screwed. Orange got screwed. Placer got screwed. David Reade got screwed. Mark Spannagel got screwed.

Saddest of all – the Republican Primary voters got screwed.

… and the incumbents are laughing all the way to the ballot box. Way to go CRP – you suck.