Jun 042019

That’s right folks, Bob Epps – he of Bomb Squad fame. In case you’ve forgotten about his alleged physical abuse incidents, incompetence, industrial espionage and misuse of federal grant funded equipment… you can read all about it here.

In particular, if you want the most damming allegations backed up with evidence, check them out here.

Bob Epps is famous in RSO circles for being a punk drill sergeant wanna be in Recruit Training. He yells at people “I’m gonna pop your heart!”

Epps has himself another problem. When he is not trying to big-time recruits his live-in girlfriend (or wife?) is apparently emasculating him in the home front. I wonder if she screamed at him about popping his heart…

WILDOMAR — Riverside County Sheriff’s Department today confirmed the arrest of Jodie Lynn Gray – City of Temecula’s first female fire chief – after a reported domestic disturbance involving the official and her spouse at the couple’s Wildomar residence.

Responding to a request for additional information and details about Sunday morning’s arrest, Riverside County Sheriff’s Media Information Bureau told RCNS in an email this afternoon that the incident which led to Gray’s arrest began late Saturday evening, June 1.

“At 11:47 p.m., deputies responded to the report of a domestic disturbance in the 24900 block of Pasture Court, Wildomar,” RSO’s MIB wrote. “During the investigation, deputies determined a crime occurred and (Gray) was ultimately arrested for misdemeanor battery.”

Riverside County Sheriff’s online jail booking records indicate the 51-year-old was arrested about twenty minutes after midnight by deputies assigned to patrol the Wildomar area. She was later booked into Cois Byrd Detention Center in Murrieta on suspicion of domestic battery, a misdemeanor.

Gray was released within hours after her arrest after posting $5,000 bail, and she is scheduled to be arraigned at Murrieta’s Southwest Justice Center, July 29.

“The investigation remains ongoing and no additional information is being released at this time,” sheriff’s officials explained.

Read the article here from the Riverside County News Source.

It sucks to be Bob Epps, because this file is not going to disappear like so many others.

The kicker? Jodie Lynn Gray is the FIRE CHIEF IN TEMECULA #FACEPALM

We have an Doug Schulze update. He is disaster of a City Mis-Manager in Banning.

Somehow, Doug Schulze passed the background check with the following:

2 Personal Bankruptcies – both filed as the sitting city manager of Medina, WA.

An involuntary IRS Tax Lien

3 Foreclosure Filings – including a filing only 5 months after he took out a loan. (This also happened while he was the manager of Medina, WA)

The City of Banning has a problem, worse than rampaging developer Jeffrey Burum who poured money in to municipal elections or the councilmember that has a long criminal record.

Fast forward to 2018 – Court records show that candidate Colleen Wallace has been convicted of lying to a police officer about her identity, driving on a suspended license and driving without registration and without insurance, (San Bernardino Superior Court case # 604773CW) .

For these criminal offenses the court granted her probation in 2001. Wallace violated her probation within only a few months, when she wrote a bad check to the San Bernardino Superior Court (view court docket entry).

In 2008 a bench warrant was issued for Wallace’s arrest, which resulted in her arrest and arraignment, (view court docket entry).

Grab your popcorn folks, Banning is a trainwreck and it looks like Doug Schulze is the bankrupt conductor. Meantime, the bureaucrats that botched the background check likely will never be held accountable.

What a mess, to be continued…

Apr 172019

I am a 48 year old White Guy. I am one of the last people to talk race. In fact, when most people claim discrimination, I look at them blankly. As a White Male, I am messed on repeatedly in the media and by the government. Then, I am told that I should feel guilty for being born White and government sanctioned discrimination against me is my penance.

Then you have Boss Hogg, the $250,000 a year disaster in Banning. Cronyism at its’ finest. He is pictured below. He was brought in by the new Banning City Manager who is a disaster. Doug Schulze started his tenure in Banning by running out the old Chief of Police and bringing his buddy down from Washington to join him.

From the evidence I have seen, it looks like Schulze started a kangaroo court and has reputedly been hunting undesirables down and disposing of them. He sacked the Banning HR director not long after liquidating the old Chief of Police. He also exposed personal information of the Banning PD’s employees to the public for at least two weeks in his haste to secure his grip on the city. Next appears to be cleaning out the ranks of the reserve officers.

Ummmm, Chief this is a Council Meeting? Did you have too much McDonald’s for Lunch?

Your intrepid blogger was contacted by a terminated volunteer officer. That’s right, somehow volunteers can be terminated. The claim was no hours recorded, but it appears that it is an excuse for the police chief and the city manager to clear more people out to tighten their grip. Did the chief and crew just toss out the time sheets of the undesirables?

It appears that Doug Schulze is a disaster. The reserve officers “terminated” were all non-white. All 9(!) of them. According to the terminated officer that contacted me, none of the white reserve officers were terminated. Even if race was not a factor, this is felony stupid.

It also looks like the riled up people did some research on Doug Schulze. Schulze appears to have quite a record of getting municipalities sued and advocating for local tax increases to cover his spending addiction. Fun.

It also appears that Chief Matt “Boss Hogg” Hamner does not meet the basic requirements to be a police officer in California. (But he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night)

Now – in the background of all of this is the $150,000+ spent by developer Jeffrey Burum to try and pick the Banning City Council. 4 of the 5 members of the Banning City Council are rubber stamps for his developments. “Burum’s crew” are also running interference for the New Chief of Police and the maniacal City Manager.

Burum poured $57K in to a candidate named David Happe, who lost to someone with a police record. Burum also dropped $100K in to a PAC called Business Leaders for Ethical Government. What a name!

If you recognize the name Jeffrey Burum, it is because he was on trial for several years for multiple felonies in the Colonies Case. While Burum was acquitted of all the charges, the mere mention of his sordid legal history enrages him and causes him to waste money on legal demand letters trying to bully people in to not talking factually about the 10+ felonies he was on trial for. (If he sends me a legal demand letter, I will be sure to post it and mock him over it)

It appears that Burum learned absolutely nothing from nearly going to prison in the Colonies case. It looks like developing Banning is his latest target. Burum sure looks like he is following the same pattern that landed him in the cross-hairs of an overzealous DA in San Bernardino County. Burum’s efforts to control Banning are going to cause long-term effects on the city by virtue of the actions of those he helped elect. “His crew” have invited disaster in to the City in the form of Doug Schulze.

It appears that Burum’s response to the 7 year long trial is to beat his chest and double down on his tactics. Banning be dammed. Now the fallout is almost immediate…

One of my sources for the information about the racially motivated firings?

Yup, an Indian American, loves his country and served in the Military only to be denied an opportunity to serve Banning because of the control agenda of the feckless Chief and the tyrannical City Manager

Hi Doug Schulze, welcome to Right on Daily. You can protest your innocence at City Council Meetings to your echo chamber but the truth of your pattern and history does not lie. To the enablers of Doug Schulze, welcome as well, your intrepid blogger has a city to clean up. More to follow…

Mar 232019

The Banning Informer just dropped a bombshell. It looks like the new City Manager in Banning is either an idiot or a nefarious villain or both.

 Newly hired City manager Doug Schulze has been off to a controversial start in Banning – and judging from the latest developments, it’s not getting any better: Schulze’s latest stunt could potentially cost the city millions in liability payouts.

Documents released by the city show that, two months ago, Schulze contracted with a private firm, namely the “Titan Group”, for a “Police Audit”, (click here to view agreement). The contract amount was “not to exceed $24,990” – which is exactly $10 below Schulze’s maximum authority ($25,000) to contract without council approval.

In light of this contract, Schulze proceeded to grant said firm unrestricted access to highly sensitive and protected personnel files of all – yes ALL – 38 Banning Police employees (click here to view the audit document, page 20: “The Audit Team confidentially reviewed all personnel records for all thirty-eight (38) employees of the Banning Police Department”).

Schulze then went as far as to publish the Titan Group’s complete report on the internet.

The published document included an internal affairs investigation case number (pg.21), discussion and detailed criticism of a specific, already closed internal affairs investigation, references to a “minor” witness that was interviewed during this investigation, all of which had the ability to identify the officer being investigated to colleagues and others.

Why did the city manager send all the information of the Banning Police Department to a third party? Why did the city manager post a bunch of their personal information un-redacted on the internet?

Why does the contract for an Audit use the word “Investigation” 21 times and the word “Audit” only once? Did Doug Schulze have an ulterior motive and a target for his “Audit” (aka investigation).

Interestingly enough, Doug Schulze was able to see to it that the then Chief of Police, who he put on Admin Leave on 12-28 was replaced. On 1-3-2019, this “Audit” was started. If you look at the calendar, only one business day separates those two days. The new Chief of Police just so happens to be from the same town in Washington that the new City Manager is from. Cozy.

As an insurance agent, I am painfully familiar with HIPAA. HIPAA is an onerous and draconian law related to medical records and privacy. What Doug Schulze did by posting a bunch of the personal information of the Police Department Employees is a grotesque violation of HIPAA. The City of Banning can be held civilly liable for what Schulze did to the tune of $10-50K a violation.

There is another law in California (are you paying attention yet, Schulze? – it ain’t Washington) called POBAR. To summarize POBAR, it protects cops from social justice warriors seeking to dox them and sue them personally amongst other things. Posting the personal info (think home addresses) and DISCIPLINARY RECORDS (are you kidding me?) on line is either the dumbest move in the history of City Managers or a deliberate attempt to decimate the Banning PD. (Purvis would be proud of you Mr. Schulze)

Cha Ching, violating POBAR means even more fines and may even be a criminal issue. Never fear, does anyone think Schulze’s hand-picked police Chief will deal with it? Me either. What’s a major privacy invasion and an administrative overreach between buddies from Washington State?

The Titan Group is also on record making recommendations on how to assign duties to officers that were injured on the job, instead of sending them home. Such recommendations seem problematic, largely because they require professional medical expertise, which the auditors do not claim to possess.

But this part of the report also raises further pressing questions about officer privacy, as the recommendations were likely based on reviewing actual medical records, presumably without first securing consent from the officers to have their medical records accessed by a non-employing third party.

This scenario therefore suggests that by sharing medical information with a private party, Schulze may have exposed the City of Banning to legal claims of privacy invasion – a very, very serious matter indeed.

Additionally, if HIPAA laws were found to have been violated, the City of Banning could potentially be fined an additional $50,000 per incident, or close to $2,000,000 (“Category 4 Violation” – source), if they allowed unauthorized access to all 38 employee medical records.

Oh, so Schulze sent personnel records including medical records to this third party without talking to the attorneys of the collective bargaining units?

For two weeks, Gang Bangers, Developers with Agendas, Social Justice Warriors and the like had access to a bunch of the records of the employees of the Banning PD due to Schulze. What does he do for an encore, post the passwords to the city’s database?

To be continued…