Oct 262022

Dear Orange County Mafia – we urge you to stop being xenophobic and instead actually research candidates. See below for today’s lesson in vetting:

WHOOPSIE. Looks like school’s in.

It is times like this in a campaign where the lack of substance in a candidate becomes crystal clear. Matt Rahn vs Kate Sanchez is quite a laboratory for a contrast. Matt Rahn has a PHD and is the mayor of Temecula. Kate Sanchez? See above.

Oct 252022

Your intrepid blogger was treated to a complaint letter sent out by Jennifer Beall against the Chair of the Riverside GOP who was rightly outraged that Kate Sanchez’ mailer says, “The Only State Assembly Candidate Endorsed by THE Republican Party”. THE is capitalized for emphasis.

The Chair of the Riverside GOP sent out a letter basically saying, the mailer is deceptive, neither the Riverside GOP nor the CAGOP have endorsed Kate Sanchez and it is dishonest to suggest otherwise.

You’d see the mailer with these words and think that Sanchez was endorsed by the GOP itself. This is the deception in the mailer. Do note the logo of the OCGOP on the mailer, but no indication it is the OCGOP urging you to vote for Kate.

I have been scratching my head as to why Jennifer Beall is out swinging the sword in AD71 when she has a member of the legislature of her own. She draws a six-figure salary working for the California State Assembly? Is she lining up a job in the safe AD71 vs the swing district she currently works in?

In my quest for answers, I did some digging and I found something that suggests why the paycheck may be the biggest issue here.

Judgments/Liens – 9 records found

Debtor 1

Address:              XXX

Debtor 2
Address:              XXX

Creditor Information
Filing Information
Jurisdiction:        CA
Amount:              $113,586
Filing Date:         1/12/2021
Filing 1
Number:              2021XXX

Agency City:       SANTA ANA
Agency State:    CA
Agency County: ORANGE

It seems that Mr. And Mrs. Beall have a lot in common with Kate Sanchez, when it comes to not paying their bills. If I had a $113,000 tax lien, I’d certainly be stressed, maybe so stressed to the point that I too might snap and send bullying letter to the members of the Riverside GOP. Maybe I’d send such a letter in hopes of securing a job with a malleable and extremely flawed candidate for State legislature?

I’d like to think that if I was a current Chief of Staff to a current member of the legislature that I’d be working my butt off to make sure my current Assembly-member boss was re-elected. Absent this possible explanation, it boggles the mind to think of why Jennifer Beall is so focused on electing this failure to the Assembly at the expense of her current member.

Then there is the matter of ethics. I am not sure weather calling BS on a deceptively worded mailer is as unethical as having a gigantic IRS lien.

Note that there have been 9 liens associated with these folks, 2 appear still active.

Debtor 1

SSN:      XXX
Address:             XXX

Debtor 2

Address:              XXX

Creditor Information
Filing Information
Jurisdiction:        CA
Amount:              $63,016
Filing Date:         12/31/2020
Filing 1
Number:              2020XXX

Agency City:       SANTA ANA
Agency State:    CA
Agency County: ORANGE

$176,000 in IRS Liens certainly eclipses the sum total of the laundry list of financial maladies of Kate Sanchez. It appears that the stress of living beyond her means is causing Mrs. Beall to act out against a bunch of good people over an Assembly Race to be part of the super-minority in the California Legislature. There has to be no other explanation for the attempt to bully the Chairman of the Riverside GOP on Kate’s behalf as it is clear from the evidence presented on this blog that Kate has not proven herself to be worthy of such loyalty or extreme measures at all.

It would just be easier for Jennifer Beall to stay focused on her current job to re-elect her current boss, rather than doing what she has done. But, then, that’s just me.

Oct 242022

My guess is that Kate Sanchez is getting a cease and desist order from the CAGOP today if she has not already gotten one.

These are the sorts of campaign tricks you have to resort to when you are out of gas and are backed in to a corner. Darryl Issa engaged to call BS on Kate Sanchez, why? See below:

My apologies for the image quality, I had to blow up a very small file. If it is not entirely clear – the bottom line is that the Riverside GOP had to engage Kate Sanchez directly and point out that she claimed in a blast text message that she was the only candidate endorsed by the Republican Party. Similar to how she lies about her background, the statement was deceptive at best as she is not endorsed by either the Riverside GOP or the California GOP. She is only endorsed by the xenophobic OCGOP and then only because of geography, not actual research in to qualifications.

Your intrepid blogger is also aware that the CAGOP has been contacted by multiple people regarding this dishonest campaign tactic by Sanchez.

The bottom line is that Kate is attempting to run to the far right of her opponent and is continuing the lie-infested rampage we have become accustomed to.

To be continued…

Oct 182022

Ask yourself when you look through this, do you want her making important decisions that could affect your life?

06/00/2007 Graduated private catholic high school, not accepted to Notre Dame (she would have known about ND before graduation)
08/00/2007 enrolled in local community college, hoping for ND wait list
01/22/2008 Ticket – 80735HT  VC 22349(a) speeding
04/09/2008 Sanchez married Walter Pinto (“sole purpose” to get him US citizenship) lives with his family
01/00/2009 Saddleback Valley Unified School District (recreation leader) thru 08/2009
04/00/2009 Diagnosed w/bi-polar disorder & Cluster C personality disorders
06/00/2009 Sanchez, mother and Aunt visit Salve Regina University (SRU) in RI
07/00/2009 Returns to live with Pinto after SRU tour
09/00/2009 Leaves Pinto in CA, enrolls at Salve Regina University
10/30/2009 While at SRU, filed for annulment from Pinto, based on her own “unsound mind” and (falsely) claiming that she separated from Pinto in May, 2009.
07/02/2010 Annulment issued by OC family court judge
06/00/2011“News anchor” (?) Fox Sports in Kansas City 3 months, per LinkedIn(exaggereated?)
10/18/2011 Ticket – ORE35668 VC 22350 speeding (home from college?)
02/00/2012 After casually dating JC Cornell for a few months, became pregnant
07/09/2012 Ticket #66974QH VC 23123(a)  driving cell phone (home from college?)
09/06/2012 Married Jonathan Cornell, student at Chapman University. (Remains home from college)
10/00/2012 Moves with JC into rented Ladera Ranch house paid by his parents
11/27/2012 Child born.  Cameron Christian Cornell
04/16/2013 Filed to divorce Cornell, citing “irreconcilable differences” after 7 months
[nothing in court filings indicating she took online classes during marriage]
04/16/2013 refused to vacate house leased by husband’s parents ($3,000/mo)
04/16/2013 refused to return vehicle owned by husband’s mother
04/16/2013 husband’s parents also paid for diapers, wipes, baby food
04/00/2013 she hired Philipps law firm to represent her in divorce
05/00/2013 Cornell begins dating future wife, Allison Nash
05/30/2013 Kate Says she’s paid her atty’s $7,500 retainer to date
07/22/2013 court records say she Is finishing undergrad at U of RI online – NOT Salve Regina
07/22/2013 Asks for attorney fees, spousal and child support
08/12/2013 Substitution of attorney – Philipps Law firm removed as counsel
09/11/2013 Represents herself in court for divorce
09/01/2013 Moves out of Ladera Ranch house and moves (back) in with parents at 8 Taiga, Trabuco Canyon/Coto de Caza
09/00/2013 Hires Brown law firm to represent her in divorce with $7,500 retainer
09/00/2013 $7,500 check from Sanchez’ father to Brown law firm bounces
10/18/2013 Substitution of Attorney – Hires Tovstein, PC
04/02/2014 Gets sued for collection by BofA for $1,057 credit card non-payment
07/24/2014 Listed as unemployed “student” (but elsewhere claimed graduated in Aug, 2013?)
07/24/2014 states under penalty of perjury that she hasn’t filed taxes since 2011
07/24/2014 Spent $40,500 on attorneys to date(?)
07/31/2014 judgment for divorce entered by court
11/00/2014 Sanchez moved to Kansas (Cornell filings)
02/14/2015 Starts first job (after college?) as hostess at bar/grill in Kansas
05/19/2015 Substitution of Attorney, Hired Law Office of Ryan Patrick Murphy, PC.
06/25/2015 Still hasn’t filed taxes since 2011. Pays $1,100 per month for child care so she can work, earning $167 average per month.
06/25/2015 Works average of 12 hrs per week. Reported average monthly expenses of $6,699 with $4,249 paid by “others”.  Still doesn’t add up.  $2,300 per month remains unaccounted for.
07/09/2015 Divorce granted
08/00/2015 Returns to OC, hired as intern for Rep. Royce (3 mo.) per LinkedIn
10/00/2015 CA Policy Center (Assoc Dir of Development) thru June 2016 (7 mo)
10/21/2015 Brown law firm records $12,396.52 judgement against Sanchez
11/21/2015 Cornell marries fiancé Allison Nash at the Ritz Carlton, Sarasota FL
07/00/2016 Kate Sanchez lists Issa Re-Elect Campaign (field dir?) thru Nov 2016 (5 months)
08/03/2016 OC Sheriff to enforce wage garnishment against Kate, et al (mom)
08/04/2016 Gave $100 to CA Women’s Leadership Assn PAC, listed as Kathryn A. Sanchez, CA Policy Center Development Associate (but her LinkedIn says she left the CPCD in June, 2016 and was working for Issa’s campaign in Aug 2016.)
09/01/2016 Additional garnishment order awarded against Kate, et al (mom)
03/00/2017 Cong. Darrell Issa (constituent services) to June 2018 (16 months)
04/04/2018 Ticket – 5YFW00082; VC 21655.5(b) carpool lane;
VC 14600(a) notify DMV of move
04/20/2018 judgment debt owed to Brown law firm finally paid off (4.5 yrs later)
05/22/2019 Ticket – SHMV0134580   VC 22350 speeding
07/00/2019 CA Women’s Leadership Assn (exec dir) thru Jan 2020 (5-6 months)
While working as the executive director of the CWLA, KS oversaw a significant deterioration of the association’s non-profit and PAC finances.
In the first half of 2019 the CWLA PAC raised $38,300.
In the second half of 2019, when KS was in charge, the PAC raised $5,150 (an ironic number, given Kate’s mental health claims).
In 2019, the CWLA (state registered charity/non-profit) reported total income of just $37,799 a drop of more than 50% from just 2 years earlier.
The year after Kate left, CWLA income nearly doubled and their assets grew by over $38,000.
2017 2018 2019 2020
Total Income 82135 N/A $37,799 $63,118
Total Assets 30958 N/A $775 39,708
No job or anything else listed for 2020 and 2021
01/31/2022 Ticket – SHLF0201270    VC 23123.5(a) cell phone while driving
VC 4000(a)(1) no current registration
VC 4454(a) no registration card in vehicle
VC 16028(a) no proof of financial responsibility
03/00/2022 American Ground Transportation (vice president) present?
If 00 is listed for the day it means your intrepid blogger did not have an exact day – just a month for the item listed. I did find it interesting that the woman who would represent AD71 got pulled over for another Cell Phone ticket in 2022 and did not have insurance or current vehicle registration in her car. It seems the life pattern is still in effect right up through today.
Do you believe Kate Sanchez is qualified to represent you in the Assembly? The above is quite a list for just 32 years of age. Imagine what the list will be like in 30 years if she does not get her act together.
Oct 132022

This is the second part of your intrepid blogger’s additional insights into the letter that Kate Sanchez’s campaign released.

Beyond my dismay that this thing was written for her by Tony and/or Jennifer Beall – the statements and word parsing within the said letter are disturbing. None more so than the statements about Kate Sanchez’s mental health:

In filing for an annulment of her first marriage, Kate Sanchez told the court that she was going to therapy and taking powerful prescription medications to deal with her mental illness and that the drugs were beginning to work.
Mental illness alone should not be a barrier to public service (often, it is a prerequisite), but that’s not what is so troubling in this case. If Sanchez had simply stated that she has mental health issues that are being successfully addressed via therapy and medically-supervised medication, this wouldn’t be an issue. See also your intrepid blogger talking openly about addiction and recovery.
Instead, it looks like Sanchez’s campaign advisers were so worried about what voters would think about a political candidate with such severe mental health issues and illnesses that they released the following statement on her behalf:

I’m proud to say that today, I have fully recovered — I am a strong, healthy, happy woman.  I do not suffer from any mental illness, I am not under the care of any mental health professional, and I am not taking any prescriptions to treat any type of mental illness.

This response is SO much worse than the simple truth.
Here, Sanchez claims that she “fully recovered” from bipolar disorder.  I think the entire medical profession would be extremely interested in how that was accomplished since there is no known cure for bipolar disorder.
In the letter, Sanchez then boasts that she:
doesn’t have any mental illness
isn’t under the care of any mental health professional
isn’t taking any mental health-related prescription medication
Again, since there is no known cure for bipolar disorder, this is much more disturbing than if she said she has mental health issues, is under the care of mental health professionals, and consistently takes her prescribed medications as instructed.
We all know people with mental health issues that live normal, even thriving lives when their symptoms are professionally managed. If Sanchez had just said that in her response, that would have been the end of this issue and would not have set off alarm bells for your intrepid blogger.
Sadly, many of us know a family member or friend that suffers from mental illness and refuses to continue treatment or medication.  We have seen the devastating impact on their lives and the lives of those that love them when they stop taking their meds because they say they feel great or that they’re better now or cured – or fully recovered – as Sanchez asserts.
Allow your intrepid blogger to be quite blunt. I am an alcoholic. I will never be cured. I have not had a drink in 19+ years, and this is because I still go to meetings and church and do things to maintain my sobriety. Seeing someone like Kate bragging about being off meds and out of therapy is alarming. It means that either Kate Sanchez lied to the court and others about being Bi-Polar, or she is a ticking time bomb living outside the correct and normal standards of care for the said disorder. The day I believe I am cured of alcoholism, I might as well back up to the liquor store and get it over with because that is where it is going. Kate has said the same thing, which should scare us all.
To be continued…