Sep 042023

… and Cervantes is continuing to campaign for Assembly! Sources told your intrepid blogger she literally went from her sentencing meeting to another meeting across the street to meet with a stakeholder for an endorsement/donation!

For those of you just now tuning in, on 7-1-2023, your intrepid blogger unloaded on the Riverside Press-Enterprise for their partial truth reporting on the DUI of City of Riverside Councilmember Clarissa Cervantes. You see, the P-E had a story about her first DUI in 2014 that you can’t find anymore. (Sources told me this) The day after we lit them up, they claimed their half-truth reporting, in particular not reporting that the 2023 DUI was, in fact DUI #2, was because Cervantes had the first Misdemeanor expunged. Expungement does not remove the fact that it still counts as both a criminal conviction and as DUI #1.

Cervantes first DUI was not easy to get records on. My people had to go to the applicable government offices and get paper copies of the records. Given that Cervantes and her powerful local family all have a history of antagonism towards law enforcement, there would be plenty of people out there motivated to expose the ugly truth.

The Riverside P-E did indeed cover the second DUI and the sentencing. There is a catch, they paywalled the article. Did they do this in order to reduce the exposure of Cervantes to public scrutiny? Is the Riverside P-E preparing to endorse her assembly campaign? Inquiring bloggers want to know.

Your intrepid blogger is on the case. So just what kind of sweetheart deal did one of the junior members of the powerful Cervantes Family get for a second DUI?

Most people get thrown in jail for at least 30 days after DUI #2, not Clarissa. The judge let her 45 days in rehab count as time served and the remaining 57 of the 102 day sentence will be served in Work Release. How many readers would prefer 57 days of picking up trash (but I doubt Clarissa will be anywhere close to doing that) to being in the can?

Also note that DUI #2 can be a felony in many cases, but not for Clarissa.

She was fined less than $2k! Most people pay $5,000-7,000 on DUI #1!!!

It also remains to be seen how long her driver’s license gets suspended. It is typically a year for the rest of us. This means that Cervantes will have to have staff drive her around to campaign appearances, unless the California DMV finds an excuse to not suspend her license for the typical amount of time.

In addition, if Cervantes is able to escape with less than the usual suspension, she has to have an alcohol interlock device on every vehicle she owns for at least 6 months. That should make for fun pictures for her primary opponents!

In short, if you are going to get DUI #2, Clarissa Cervantes got a slap on the hand and you’d want to be her. Did her relation to the powerful Cervantes family in Riverside County affect that outcome?

I had penned an admonition in a previous post that if Cervantes was serious about getting help and getting clean I would be all for that. I have been told by sources I trust that she still drinks and has expressed zero remorse for what she did. It makes sense, when you are able to get out of a near felony with a slap on the hand, where is the nexus to change?

While she was given 102 months of probation, I am almost certain given her attitude that she is a ticking time bomb ready to go off again. In the meantime, she is on a track to become a member of the California State Legislature… we certainly can do better, can’t we?

P.S. Attached here is a PDF of court documents that back up what I wrote about the sentence.

Jul 012023

You read that correctly. The Riverside Press-Enterprise did not do their job. They reported on the DUI from 1:23 AM This morning, but they either refused to do their follow up or were simply trying to do the minimum to look objective despite having been a cheerleader for the Riverside Councilmember.

Clarissa Cervantes is also a cop-hating defund the police far-left wokie. (Ahem, my opinion based on her actions and behavior) She gained folk hero status with her demands and defamation lawsuit against America’s Sheriff Chad Bianco. This, of course, was dutifully and breathlessly reported by the Press-Enterprise and other far-left institutions of propaganda in Riverside County – including hundreds of words of quotes from the text of the lawsuit. (News flash, you can basically put anything you want in a lawsuit filing, something commonly done in order to feed garbage to your willing patsies in the media for example…)

Welp. Mizzzz Social Justice Warrior has Herself a problem. (Yes, Clarissa, I assumed your gender)

Read it and weep – on 10-22-2015, after having been cited on 12-17-2014, Clarissa Cervantes pled out to a DUI. It looks like she was .15 or more in this one, vs .08 +/- in the one she was arrested for early this morning.

It was put to me that the Riverside Press-Enterprise had reported on this first DUI in the past but the story is nowhere to be found. It was also not easy to obtain these records through normal channels on the internet to corroborate the that fact that Cervantes is now a double Deuce.

Cervantes, who was elected in 2021, is the second openly LGBTQ and second Latina Councilmember. Ward 2 encompasses the areas of Sycamore Canyon, Canyon Crest, UC Riverside, and Eastside. She previously worked as a legislative field representative to former Councilmember Andy Melendrez, according to her website.

In September, Cervantes filed a libel suit against Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco for a Facebook comment he made accusing her of vandalism at an abortion rights protest. Cervantes said she did not participate in the protest or vandalism, with her account  at least partially substantiated in a body camera video from the Riverside Police Department.

She is currently running for the 58th district state Assembly seat to replace her sister, Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes.

Note how the Press Enterprise spun this story to hit all the leftist resume building talking points and to once again whore out the newspaper to a reminder about the lawsuit against Chad Bianco. I wonder what their spin will be for deliberately omitting that this is DUI #2? (Maybe they will tell us what happened to the story about the first DUI as well…)

Why is the first DUI significant? Because based on circumstances, Cervantes could be charged with a felony on DUI #2. Also note that the CHP, not the Riverside Sheriff’s Office arrested her majesty at 1:30 this morning. I guess Cervantes will try to defund them, too if her assembly campaign does not end up in the drunk tank.

$5,000 Bail? I am sure that Cervantes will try to get rid of Cash Bail as well… just out of her own self interest.

WooWee, life comes at ya fast. The only missing detail was weather or not she was drinking Bud Light before the deuce.