Mar 042022

Nice Hat.

With the El Dorado County Republican Party meeting specifically to render an endorsement in AD05, you’d think that Jason Paletta, hat and all, would have been there? Nope.

Your intrepid blogger received several calls that Paletta was at a local School Board Meeting. I get that Paletta is trying to lay claim to the groups allegedly backing Jonathan Zachreson (who has endorsed Joe Patterson for AD05, thank you for doing that, Jonathan).

Paletta was bloviating at a local school board meeting instead of attempting to make his case to the El Dorado County Republican Party. The lapse in judgment is #EPICFAIL worthy. Perhaps Paletta did not understand the stakes? Once again, allow your intrepid blogger to school yet another unprepared marginal candidate:

Now that the El Dorado GOP has endorsed Joe Patterson, the path is now clear for the CAGOP Board to endorse Joe Patterson.

What does this mean? Patterson will be on the ballot pamphlet as the endorsed GOP Candidate. Patterson will get “member communication” mail for pennies on the dollar, and Patterson will get access to all of the information the CAGOP has. While the CAGOP does not have much to offer in direct support – the bulk mail permit and the ballot pamphlet are worth tens of thousands of dollars in equivalent impact. (This is why David Stafford Reade is pulling out all the stops to try and screw the grassroots and Kevin Kiley as well)

By making a felony stupid decision to skip the El Dorado GOP meeting, Paletta just handed the above to Joe Patterson on a silver platter. Perhaps he should shred his candidate paperwork instead.

Feb 172022

The old Jesse Unruh Rule: You will never talk a man out of running for office or getting married. To tell you that this sort of occurrence is exceptionally rare is an understatement.



Jan 312022

AS you may recall, your intrepid blogger was involved in all of the school board races and I know who helped and who did not. Few did more than Joe Patterson. If you sit on a school board in AD05, it is time to Join up with Joe Patterson. You have a choice, someone who actually spent money and rallied support to elect school board members or 15,000 Facebook Likes. Choose wisely.

Press Release
January 31, 2022

Joe Patterson Releases Strong Local Education Coalition in Campaign for State Assembly
Rocklin, CA – – Today, Joe Patterson announced a strong coalition of local education leaders in his campaign for State Assembly. Placer County was one of the first areas in the state to reopen in-person instruction after Gov. Gavin Newsom directed schools to close in March 2020. Joe took immediate action locally to help ensure kids returned to school as early as possible.

“The broad coalition of education leaders supporting Joe shows he has been a strong local advocate for our students. We support Joe so strongly because he has a clear history of taking action to support our community’s children and schools. As a father with children in local schools, Joe understands that the challenges our schools are facing include keeping them open to in-person learning,” said Rocklin School Board Member Tiffany Saathoff. “Joe was a leader in efforts to reshape the school board in a way that puts students over politics. That’s why we need him at the State Capitol.”

Patterson’s education coalition includes leaders from Roseville and Rocklin two of the largest cities in the newly drawn 5th Assembly District including:

Tiffany Saathoff, Rocklin School Board Member
Rachelle Price, Rocklin School Board Member
Julie Hupp, Rocklin School Board Member
Dereck Counter, Rocklin School Board Member
Julie Constant, Roseville City School District Board Member
Pete Constant, Roseville Joint Union High School District Board Member
Dave Patterson, Placer County Board of Education
Cari Dawson Bartley, Sierra College Board of Trustees

Roseville Joint Union High School District Board Member, Pete Constant, added, “I’m happy to be an early endorser of Joe, and I expect this coalition is going to grow in the coming days, weeks and months. The past 24 months have been hard for students and parents and we need someone who will take action against special interests at the Capitol. The individuals who understand education know there will be no better advocate for our students than Joe Patterson and that’s why education leaders like me are supporting Joe for State Assembly. I will be going door to door encouraging voters to vote for Joe because I know he did that for our community’s children when they needed him.”

The newly drawn 5th Assembly District’s population is split between Placer and El Dorado Counties. For more information about Joe’s campaign, including the latest news please visit

Jan 252022
Press Release
January 25, 2022

Major Announcement in AD05 Election:
Joe Patterson Impresses With $100,000 Raised In Less Than Three Weeks For Assembly Campaign

Rocklin Calif. — Today Republican small-business owner Joe Patterson announced raising $100,000 in his campaign for State Assembly. The number raised is impressive considering Patterson announced his campaign on January 6, 2022, less than three weeks ago.

“It’s clear Joe has lept to frontrunner status in the campaign. Since his announcement, Joe is gaining new campaign endorsements and financial supporters every day,” said Patterson’s campaign consultant Dave Gilliard. “It’s clear Joe has broad Republican grassroots support and he will have the resources to run a fully-funded campaign. Those two assets make will make Joe tough to beat in this district.”

The newly drawn 5th Assembly District population is split between Placer and El Dorado Counties. For more information about Joe’s campaign, including the latest news please visit

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Well, it looks like 15,000 Facebook likes and $5 will get you a cup of coffee.

Jan 192022

Campaign 101. Usually endorsements are not worth more than the one vote they represent. Others, signify some power and access to groups of stakeholders.

James Gallagher is a conservative that has campaigned with Kevin Kiley all over California – and has sued Gavin Newsom successfully a few times. Gallagher matters.

Up next is Gentleman Jim. My guess is that Patterson is going to scoop up the influential endorsements and those will contribute to a prohibitive money and support advantage (that 15,000 Facebook Likes just can’t buy).

Press Release
January 19, 2022

Senator Jim Nielsen Endorses Councilman Joe Patterson For Assembly
Rocklin, Calif.– Today, Republican small-business owner Joe Patterson announced receiving the endorsement of California State Senator Jim Nielsen in his campaign for State Assembly.

The endorsement is especially notable because in the State Senate, Senator Nielsen represents the City of Roseville, the largest city in the newly drawn 5th Assembly District.

“Joe is a strong conservative who understands the key issues facing our community. Joe understands the importance of building more water storage, improving fire protection and keeping criminals behind bars,” said Senator Jim Nielsen. “We need more leaders like Joe Patterson to take on the key issues to get our state back on track. That’s why I support Joe for State Assembly.”

Joe Patterson has quickly established himself as the leading candidate to replace Assemblyman Kevin Kiley who recently announced his campaign for Congress. Patterson most recently announced major endorsements from the Mayor of the City of Rocklin, the Mayor of the City of Lincoln as well as neighboring State Assemblyman James Gallagher.

The newly drawn 5th Assembly District is split between Placer and El Dorado Counties and includes the incorporated cities of Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Lincoln, Placerville, Rocklin, and Roseville.

For more information, visit

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