Nov 182021

IN Placer County in 2020 – Three School Boards turned from Dem/Squish R majorities to solid R majorities. It appears that the Sacramento Bee is enraged by this. 2021 has seen a “columnist” from the Sacramento Bee who is fresh out of the People’s Republic of Davis on the dope rhyme. She has unloaded her vitriol on several local electeds in Placer County and has been seen at board meetings trolling for people to attack.

These are the sorts of things the misguided people on the right should be focused on. The Communists in Sacramento and their whores in the Sacramento Bee know 100% who the enemy is.

The Sacramento Bee penned an article recently that tied the Proud Boys and Militias to parents protesting at school board meetings. 30 years ago when my wife was a journalism student, this practice was called juxtaposition and was regarded as an unethical practice.

Ryan Sabalow – one of the Bee reporters is from Shasta County and I first met him when he worked for the Redding Record Searchlight. I do not know this leftist cheap shot artist, the Sabalow I knew was a good reporter, but that is not allowed in today’s media. Further, anyone that calls Shasta Supervisor Leonard Moty a conservative must be a blithering idiot or a product of China.

In case you have any doubt as to the Bee’s agenda – take a look at this section of the article:

From Modesto to Placerville, Sacramento to Oroville to Redding, the dangerous, conspiracy theory-driven spirit behind the deadly Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riots has spread across California as far-right extremists and anti-government activists mobilize to disrupt the work of local elected officials. Local government and school board meetings have turned into tedious and contentious slogs filled with hours of public comment as extremists shout and ramble on, spewing misinformation and sometimes threatening public officials.

Got it? Anyone speaking out is now part of January 6th.

But wait – there’s more:

Central to many of these efforts: Christian church leaders, including many who have boasted about defying public health orders and made a show of doling out exemptions for people who won’t take the vaccine. In some cases, churches have spearheaded conferences riddled with prominent conspiratorial figures. Some say they are organizing to “take back” the power.

The Bee has always hated the Church and when given a chance to smear the Church with other groups, they could not help themselves.

Also notice the lack of Bee coverage about BLM, ANTIFA and other far-left groups. I don’t recall Act-Up, the Earth Liberation Front, or other violent enviro groups making the pages of the Bee… just angry parents and people angry about the policies of the Bee’s fellow leftists in California Government. This is why I refer to the Sacramento Bee as a whore for the left.

What makes this moment particularly dangerous, experts who study political violence and anti-democracy movements say, is that right-wing activists are using misinformation — about public health, school curriculums and elections — to gain traction. This is not just routine conservative organizing, said Lindsay Schubiner, a program director at the Western States Center, an Oregon-based nonprofit that promotes equity and counters white nationalism. It’s a confluence of “bigoted and anti-democracy groups” working to undermine basic institutions.

Please note that the Western States Center is a far-left organization routinely discredited for leftist smears, similar to the Southern Poverty Law Center. It makes perfect sense that a rag like the Bee would go to them for a quote.

I am going to finish with a large quote from the Sacramento Globe by Katy Grimes:

“MORE EXTREME THAN THE TEA PARTY” the Bee subhead says. How “extreme” was the Tea Party – that “non-partisan grassroots organization of individuals united by core values derived from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights as explained in the Federalist Papers,” fighting excessive government spending and taxation?

“What makes this moment particularly dangerous, experts who study political violence and anti-democracy movements say, is that right-wing activists are using misinformation — about public health, school curriculums and elections — to gain traction,” the Bee said.

This is not just routine conservative organizing, said Lindsay Schubiner, a program director at the Western States Center, an Oregon-based nonprofit that promotes equity and counters white nationalism. It’s a confluence of “bigoted and anti-democracy groups” working to undermine basic institutions.

It’s curious that the Bee chose this non-profit, whose board members include an attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center, a self-described “social justice agitator, cultural sexologist, and public/sexual health educator,” and a member of the PLAN Action Fund board, which “Organizes people to use our collective leverage for social justice.”

“Oregon has faced political violence and attacks on our democracy throughout its history from bigoted and anti-democratic movements,” the Western States Center says.

But ignore what’s happening in Portland… residents are fearful of going to the “trashed” downtown. A tourism report by Travel Portland found that people don’t want to travel to Portland because they associate the city with homelessness, homicide, and civil unrest. “Because of group cancellations stemming from the pandemic, homeless, and downtown riots, tourism jobs in the metro area have dropped by 10,000 from 36,000 in 2019,” Oregon Catalyst just reported.

This is a perfect storm fomented by media, organized leftists, shadow government NGOs and non-profits, and government: Call parents “terrorists,” while defunding local police. This won’t end well.

The Globe reported on this shift away from fully-funding Sacramento’s police department in October 2020:

The Sacramento City Council voted unanimously to pass a “public safety” resolution, but there is little safety involved. The resolution is intended to officially redefine public safety — Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Teams — to include what the city calls “youth-prevention services” such as arts programs and health food programs, and other “community outreach programs.”

Even with all of the data and statistics of a stunning crime spike in the Capitol City, instead of beefing up the very effective Sacramento Police IMPACT Team and the gang enforcement unit, Mayor Steinberg chose to offer concierge services to “the underserved,” and “unhoused.”

“The community engagement team organizes residents through civic engagement to ensure they have access to resources and opportunities provided by the city of Sacramento. The engagement team is the direct liaison between the community and the mayor’s office, and its focus is on reaching the underserved.”

The City already has mental health and homeless outreach units with the Sacramento Police Department, who are trained to deal with these unique issues – unless they’ve already been defunded.

The source articles follow:

SacBee Calls Parents ‘Angry, Violent, Toxic’ While Touting City’s New Community Organizer Hire

The Bee has lost a ton of subscribers in the last decade. The Paper is a shadow of its’ former self. Instead of following proven principles of marketing, they double down on the very far-leftist ideology that cost them tens of thousands of subscribers. This is the body politic of 2021.

Nov 172021

I will be catching up on the disgusting Sacramento Bee article tomorrow. Suffice to say, calling them whores for the left may not be a strong enough insult. Parents – Stay Strong, the Bee, the Left, the Teacher’s Union, Gavin Newsom, Joe Biden and others are literally fighting to keep control of the minds of your children. This is also why the FBI has abused its’ resources to label parents protesting at leftist school boards as terrorists… While Antifa and BLM are given a free pass to riot.

However, sometimes those on the right can’t help themselves. Enter one-time Presidential Candidate Julianne Benzel who also ran against Congressman Tom McClintock at one point as well.

Benzel got her 15 minutes of fame when she got herself in Hot Water with the Rocklin Unified School District over the leftist inspired 2018 Gun Control Walkout. In a post from 2019 I lampooned Ms. Benzel’s Congressional Campaign.

Benzel did manage to get 12,000 votes in the primary against Brynne Kennedy and Tom McClintock. I am no fan of McClintock – but I believed that Benzel was trying to help the democrats by softening up McClintock for the well-funded Kennedy.

Benzel has recently been part of a local election oriented group that features several people I respect. I am not sure how they did not vet Ms. Benzel who has now apparently found a new outlet for her anger against the Rocklin Unified School District.

In 2020, with considerable effort, the Placer GOP (with some help from your intrepid blogger, but they did MOST of the work) led the effort that ousted Camille Maben, Rick Miller and a complete loser attorney Republican that rolled over and voted with Maben and Rick Miller. Miller was helped on to that board by the leftist charter school people and promptly went Mao-Tse-Tung.

However, Julianne is going postal on the 5 Republican Roseville Joint Union High School District, the 5 Republican Rocklin USD and the 6-1 Placer County Office of Education. She is doing so as the Sacramento Bee has gone on a rampage Jihad against those boards and any others that refuse to teach racism to our children or force them to take injections of untested poison.

I have helped elect almost everyone in these two pictures – far beyond anything Benzel or any of her cohorts can claim. My first foray in to Placer County Elections as a consultant was 2004.

I see this event as an act of defiance against the State of California. That is what any rational person who understands the dynamic of the state of CA would conclude.

Instead, Benzel tries to equate these folks to Newsom and the French Laundry. What Benzel would have learned if she had a relationship with any of these people is what the State of California has done to circumvent court decisions:

#1 if districts do not comply with Emperor Newsolini – they will lose their funding. This has been threatened to several districts

#2 Newsolini and crew went to the INSURANCE CARRIERS of charter schools and school districts and pressured their corporate attorneys to agree that any district without a mask mandate would not have insurance coverage.

So – while Benzel is raging once again at a windmill, the rest of the story paints a completely different picture. Perhaps she should focus her ire on the communist agitators at the Sacramento Bee.

The truth is that I would not want to be a school board member anywhere. People like Benzel make it even worse with their misguided anger.

Next Up – your intrepid blogger is going to talk about the Sacramento Bee’s latest cheap shot. It appears that the Bee is in a contest with the LA times and the SF Chron to see who can get a free trip to Bejing.

Oct 302021

The CAGOP has been a colossal failure. You have to judge it by the results – only massive injections of pass-through money from the National Party (think Kevin McCarthy) got us half the lost Congressional Seats Back from the 2018 disaster. Otherwise the registration numbers keep falling and the legislative caucus can fit in a special-ed bus.

Insider info indicates that the CAGOP has a black list and are actively working in a vain attempt to retaliate against your intrepid blogger, Steve Frank and others. This behavior tells you that they are not leaders and deserve the scrutiny now more than ever.

Your intrepid blogger has been watching the tweets and emails from the CAGOP – in addition to the mail I am still getting from the CAGOP. The message is clear, ignore the failure at the ballot box and concentrate on all these feel-good measures.

Lindsey Stetson has long been viewed as a doppelganger of Jessica Patterson, and now she is showing up at Trailfailures events, CAGOP events and is delivering pre-canned content to the 10-15 people that attend said events. Your intrepid blogger has seen this sort of pattern for years – everything the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure does is positioning for the next paycheck. I have no doubt that the rumors I started hearing 2 years ago are coming in to fruition. The timing delay was created when Ronna McDaniel unexpectedly ran for re-election as RNC Chair, putting the timetable back 2 years.

Think of how Jessica Patterson became Jessica Millan Patterson. Her maiden name was seldom, if ever used before the Chief Controlled Failure Officer Kevin McCarthy got her to run against Travis Allen. Why? Pander-Bear 101 baby. She is a Latina, bow to her. What ever happened to the GOP being the party of people regardless of backgrounds? I remember when I first got involved in this stuff that race was a bonus if you were not white, but now it is the first or second consideration in recruiting. How is that not racist? These sorts of moral failures are common when the metric is control and paycheck protection.

I have been told by at least a dozen people now that Jessica Patterson is being positioned and talked up by the Chief Controlled Failure Officer Kevin McCarthy to replace Ronna McDaniel. These conversations started 2 years ago and have intensified.

However, pay attention – currently her Majesty is the Chair of Chairs at the RNC. Next Step is the RNC itself.

When Her Majesty is crowned in DC, then she needs one of the members of her court to come behind in the province she is leaving for her ascendancy. Look at who her majesty is favoring. Track the movements and communication.

Then posit this for another reason why these people are so fragile and aggressive to protect their turf:

Jessica Patterson, Sarah Nelson, Bryan Watkins, Rebecca Luby, Katie Wheeler, Molly Parnell and some others are all alleged to be making over $150K a year off of the CRP directly or indirectly. I’ve been told there are more – but with these 6 I’ve seen their names all over the CAGOP and related entities’ reports suggesting this number is easily proven. Never in the 20+ years I have been around the CAGOP have I seen this many gigantic salaries. Add in Andy Gimmecandy, David Stafford Reade, and the host of others making consulting fees that could be triple this number, and you could have 20-30 people hauling in $150K – $1MM a year off of the Controlled Failure of the CAGOP.

Please note – I am not alleging any of the above are breaking the law. What I am alleging is an insider game and absurd salaries absent results. Paying cronies and insiders regardless of results is bad business and certainly not consistent with Republican Values. When the moral disconnect exists at the top of leadership in any organization, it fails.

Further, if the CAGOP was registering voters and winning elections then 90% of the basis of my complaints would evaporate and it would be down to a personality squabble (which would be easily resolved). I could care less how much people make if there are results.

Finally, layer over the abusive behavior against conservative activists exhibited by most of the insiders and you have the complete package. Jessica Patterson is a never-trumper and her resume as a political operative reads like the ingredient panel of purple Jell-O. Lindsey Stetson has been on the endorsement list of every leftist Republican ever shoved in front of us all. It is what it is.

Perhaps going forward the dissidents within the CAGOP will recruit a candidate that delegates can not disregard with personality based excuses. Then we may be able to have a real debate about the future of the CAGOP and why millions of dollars in salaries that keep getting the same results should be gotten rid of.

P.S. and then there is Kevin Faulconer’s campaign too…

Millions in salaries got us this.

Oct 262021

This is an update of a previous post. Jim Holmes blatantly told the Loomis Town Council that he had Map C drawn up. The Placer County Planning Commission appears to only be considering Map A and B. In specifics, I have been told that they are fixated on Map A because they think Newcastle is more important than Rocklin. Who knew. The significance of Map C is that those responsible for the process only did two maps (per their mandate) and Holmes insisted on having a third map made. This is the issue

Here is the specific issue relating to placer and state election law below. Communities of Interest are not supposed to include the needs of incumbents. Why did Placer County Counsel allow Holmes to have Map C drawn up? That appears to be a blatant violation of that part of election law.

Jim Holmes has been on a rampage because it is near certain that he will be drawn in to the same Supervisorial District as Cindy Gustafson. IF this is the case, Holmes is toast. As it is, the Planning Commission appears dead-set on keeping Rocklin Split between two districts (aka Map A) which is patently absurd.

Pay careful attention to this 4 1/2 minute video. Holmes is clear about his role in having a third map created (aka Map C), he is also clear that his opposition to map A and B is about himself and he is finally clear that if Loomis, Penryn, Newcastle Matter then they should agree with him on Map C. It appears that part of the nexus for the planning commission to keep Rocklin split is their desire to keep Newcastle in the same district as Penryn and Loomis. Hence, my comment about Newcastle mattering more than Rocklin.

Now – have a look at the Placer County Election Code Below: (It is based on State Law as well)

Per AB849:

Elections Code


 (a) Following each federal decennial census, and using that census as a basis, the board shall adjust the boundaries of any or all of the supervisorial districts of the county so that the supervisorial districts shall be substantially equal in population as required by the United States Constitution.

(1) Population equality shall be based on the total population of residents of the county as determined by that census.

(2) Notwithstanding paragraph (1), an incarcerated person, as that term is used in Section 21003, shall not be counted as part of a county’s population, except for an incarcerated person whose last known place of residence may be assigned to a census block in the county, if information about the last known place of residence for incarcerated persons is included in the computerized database for redistricting that is developed in accordance with subdivision (b) of Section 8253 of the Government Code, and that database is made publicly available.

(b) The board shall adopt supervisorial district boundaries that comply with the United States Constitution, the California Constitution, and the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 (52 U.S.C. Sec. 10301 et seq.).

(c) The board shall adopt supervisorial district boundaries using the following criteria as set forth in the following order of priority:

(1) To the extent practicable, supervisorial districts shall be geographically contiguous. Areas that meet only at the points of adjoining corners are not contiguous. Areas that are separated by water and not connected by a bridge, tunnel, or regular ferry service are not contiguous.

(2) To the extent practicable, the geographic integrity of any local neighborhood or local community of interest shall be respected in a manner that minimizes its division. A “community of interest” is a population that shares common social or economic interests that should be included within a single supervisorial district for purposes of its effective and fair representation. Communities of interest do not include relationships with political parties, incumbents, or political candidates.

(3) To the extent practicable, the geographic integrity of a city or census designated place shall be respected in a manner that minimizes its division.

(4) Supervisorial district boundaries should be easily identifiable and understandable by residents. To the extent practicable, supervisorial districts shall be bounded by natural and artificial barriers, by streets, or by the boundaries of the county.

(5) To the extent practicable, and where it does not conflict with the preceding criteria in this subdivision, supervisorial districts shall be drawn to encourage geographical compactness in a manner that nearby areas of population are not bypassed in favor of more distant populations.

(d) The board shall not adopt supervisorial district boundaries for the purpose of favoring or discriminating against a political party.

I think Placer County Counsel needs to be read the riot act or replaced with an entry level pre-law student over this. Holmes? Is he even aware of the fact that he is setting fire to himself, not only politically, but legally as well? This is insane.

Oct 252021

It looks like the SFGOP scored a major coup!

For any inquiries please contact:

(BS DISCLAIMER: Paid for by the San Francisco County Republican Central Committee Not Authorized by any Candidate or Candidate Committee)

Do note that they are having to protect the location because these are the times we live in. I am also sure you won’t want to miss this event!

For a PDF of the event, click this hyperlink.