Dec 282019

I have railed on CAGOP Leadership for years. They do the same things over and over and over again. Jim Brulte could at least claim to have raised a ton of money. Ron Nehring was a failure. Tom Del Bacardi was a complete trainwreck. Shawn Steel’s tenure was marked by a lot of drama (I was brand new to the game when he was chairman). Duf Sundheim was way too close to Arnold.

I want Jessica Patterson to succeed. It is a frustrating feeling as I am seeing what is happening from the inside and am watching patterns and history repeat themselves.

Pandering is back. Like highlighting a fake holiday created by someone with ties to the Black Power movement who is alleged to have murdered several rival gang members of the Black Panthers.

Where does it stop? Happy Ramadan? Celebrating Winter Solstice?

Karenga created Kwanzaa in 1966[10] to be the first pan-African holiday. Karenga said his goal was to “give Blacks an alternative to the existing holiday and give Blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and their history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society.”[11]

Whoops. Similar to Ramadan that is almost always marked by violence and terrorism, Kwanzaa was founded to divide society along racial lines by the former leader of a hate group.

This is the sort of face planting I’ve seen from a generation of consultants and control agents who have been unwilling to roll up their sleeves and do the real work on the streets. (They call it “The Block” in most inner cities) So instead of “Bringing it to the block” we get half-baked face-plants. (Even President Trump learned from the infamous “taco-bowl incident” and his ethnic outreach since then has been fantastic)

The Kwanzaa face-plant was not a surprise given the body of data I’ve been accumulating.

I am being told that the puppetmaster David Stafford Reade is retiring from his legislative job and will be moving to Nevada. My supposition is that he will continue his manipulating and controlling of elections. (see also campaign management) It is in his blood and people like that usually have to die before they are done.

I use David Stafford Reade like a ragdoll – but he is just one of a whole crew of people that live in the command and control paradigm. It is all about having a network of people under direct control. It is not healthy – rather it is a recipe for a shrinking decrepit organization that is inbred and rotting out from its’ core.

Your intrepid blogger has been made aware there is a CAGOP Blacklist again. Some have denied its’ existence. Others have seen it and told me about it, while others have told me it went away and came back.

This is the significance: It means that anyone that supported Travis Allen or Steve Frank will be viewed with suspicion and certain specific people will be targeted for isolation. This seems like an absurd thing to do in a party that is less than 24% of registrations and in third place in California.

Specific Names on the Blacklist: Steve Frank, Emanuel Patrascu, Travis Allen, and Nathan Miller. (My assumption is that I am on the list too as I was there many years prior) There are others that I am aware of on the list that have a lower level of confidence in their residence on said list.

I do wish the list-masters luck in isolating your intrepid blogger, as it’s been attempted since 2002. In 2019, RightOnDaily will be very close to if not over 750,000 hits after gaining about 2.4 Million in 2018. Lifetime since its’ inception on 12-16-2009, Right On Daily has received in excess of 6 Million hits.

In the mind of the 90’s era Command and Control Oligarchy – aka the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure – merely talking to or acknowledging political opponents means they are being given power. This idiotic thinking ensures that the conflicts will be permanent and there will be no reconciliation. 20 years of dealing with David Stafford Reade has taught me the pattern well. This is why I have continued to attack David Reade consistently for years, and of course the fact that he continues leaving a political body-count all over the North of California and people keep asking me for help when all they are trying to do is get involved.

I’ve watched in the Sacramento Capitol building how two very well known Republican Political Consultants have seen to it that various people have been targeted to be shut out of legislative jobs despite their heritage. I witnessed this in 2014, and 2016 specifically. I’ve also personally witnessed David Reade attempt to destroy the careers of two people I know well (A District Director and a Legislative Chief of Staff).

Since I have been smeared in almost every way imaginable over 20+ years – AND my wife has been attacked multiple times even though she has zero to do with my political work – the pattern repeating in 2019 against others is disturbing and quite familiar.

Your intrepid blogger has second hand (as in I spoke directly to the campaign people but did not witness the events myself) knowledge related to 4 top line Republican Races in California where “GOP Leadership” and “CAGOP Leadership” have effectively been dictating to the candidates who their campaign managers should be. The threat is loss of endorsement and funding unless the desired political consultants and/or operatives are hired. The dictating comes in the form of lists being floated to candidates – that include several of the usual suspects that have been running Republican races for years (and losing like everyone else). The threats, implied and otherwise are always done verbally in order to call people like me a liar when we air them publicly. (see also deniability)

However, many of the top names in GOP consultants are missing from the “2019 list.” The given reasons change given who my source is, suggesting that some of the omissions are personal in nature. This appears to be the case when Nathan Miller helped qualify Andrew Kotyuk for the ballot driving around the county Thur-Fri and helping him file his papers. Once the wheels were put in motion to endorse Andrew at the party level on Saturday, Miller was over the side despite having spent almost 24 hours getting Andrew on the ballot. It was put to me that Jessica Patterson has major league personal issues with Nathan Miller. How nice. I think Nathan was able to find another job, but this is just awful.

This sort of behavior violates several of the key principles of leadership and successful communications. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure has repeated these patterns time and time again over the years.

In 2019, it is worse as the playing field has shrunk and those playing on the shrinking team have deluded themselves in to believing that President Trump is the CAGOP’s biggest problem. They are giving the President public lip service while privately seething over his nationalism and blue collar appeal that defies their best ideas for campaigns. I know, I have first hand knowledge from people in the building and in the know that this is a fact. This metric was a key part of Chad Mayes, and Brian Maienschein’s decisions to bolt the GOP.

I want Jessica Patterson to succeed, this kind of stuff makes supporting her extremely difficult. I respected her position in the Bill Brough drama while being frustrated immensely by the inaction of “leadership” (more on that soon, by the way) and some of the other actions she has taken behind and out front (aka torching Chad Mayes after having defending him and taking his endorsement and support), I am also aware that she is also standing up behind some party endorsements that were controversial. These are all good things.

What needs to stop is the command and control crap. Unless, of course the goal is to kill off the party completely. I sometimes wonder. Don’t worry though, David Reade has his next CAGOP Chair candidate waiting in the wings – Deborah Wilder. #FACEPALM

Nov 212019

Blogger’s Note: I am a blogger, not a reporter from a news outlet. I give facts that are laced with my opinion, I do not attempt to be neutral. I am of the opinion that Theresa Landon is a bad person and likely needs confinement and therapy in a mental institution. I am ashamed of her behavior as she alleges herself to be a follower of Christ in addition to everything else I have observed. This whole thing is a sad commentary on the generational bondage of leftist millennials and their sense of entitlement, in addition to a local example of the bad behavior of the far-left nationally. 

I’ve written this before and I will write it again. Theresa Landon is a psycho. I have plenty of evidence to support this theory, even more so now that I went to the Rocklin USD and simply asked them for copies of the blizzard of Public Records Act Requests she filed.

Theresa Landon is refusing to accept the results of the Rocklin USD Appointment Process and similar to the national democrats is living her life in a fantasy land fueled by rage and a jilted sense of entitlement. The parallels between her behavior and that of Adam Schiff and other national dems like the squad is astounding.

First, she accused the district of sexism and when that did not work the narrative was changed to the district catering to an interest group. Now, her narrative is that it was an insider game led by the “Mormon mafia”. (My editorializing and summary – but read on for the supporting evidence) Notice how the pattern matches the democrats ever changing fantasies about the President?

Since the evidence she is demanding is not supporting her pre-desired conclusions, she is now threatening lawsuits.

Embedded here is the original PRA request pages 1-4. Here is pages 5-8. You will also see on page three of this document that Theresa Landon is behaving in an aggressive and very un-christian manner as her response to a lengthy email from the district explaining what they did to comply with her lengthy and open-ended PRA request is replied to with a short, curt I don’t care type response. If you look at the two embedded files it is clear that they complied with the request and Theresa is fishing for information to buttress her narrative that the appointment process was a sham to appoint the candidate the Informed Parents of Rocklin demanded.

Regarding Theresa Landon’s behavior, (It is alleged that Joe Landon and Theresa Landon attend a large local church) It is clear that she is selective about the parts of the Bible she believes (beyond her support of abortion on demand and anything goes sexuality – I am referencing her anger management issues and her abusive treatment of anyone she disagrees with). Remember, I wrote at length about Ms. Landon’s dishonesty during her signature rampage and media drill based on a false narrative – all are hallmarks of a woman who is an entitled leftist activist first and a Christian a distant second.

You will also notice that the Rocklin USD addressed their responses to both Joe and Theresa Landon. People in the Roseville Community that deal with Mr. Landon should be forewarned that it sure looks like he is involved in this rampage up to his neck. (The assertion I am making is that I believe Joe Landon would do this to anyone else when it suited him too – this is beyond supporting a spouse, this is picking a political war for leftist political gain)

Equally as disturbing is that Joe Landon is a high-ranking administrator and Theresa Landon is a teacher in the Roseville Joint Union High School District – based on their behavior, it is not a stretch to wonder if they are poisoning the minds of our children in the course of their day to day existence (when not trying to avenge a false loss against the Rocklin USD).

When the first public records request did not meet her pre-determined outcome, she sent a second request:

Look at the embedded screenshot as many times as needed so you understand what Ms. Landon is attempting to do.

So, how did I draw the conclusion that Ms. Landon is on a rampage against Mormons? Her THIRD Public Records act request sheds light on this:

This is Public Records Act Request #3

In it, you will note that similar to the national democrats they move the goalposts when the original narrative is unsupported. She adds Diana Capra and Jan Pinney to the field of fire. Diana Capra is a leader in the Rocklin USD Foundation and her ghastly offense appears to be sending a press release on behalf of the foundation defending the district.

Theresa Landon also threatens to sue the School District. She has convinced herself that the District is holding out on her with regard to records even though the district has made it clear the methods they used to comply with the request.

Why would Theresa Landon add Jan Pinney to the list? It is my clear belief that it is because Jan Pinney is a high-ranking member of the local Mormon Church. Rachelle Price is also Mormon. One of the vile things I have heard (but have zero direct knowledge of, similar to the testimony of Theresa’s fellow democrats testifying in the impeachment hearing against the President) is that Theresa Landon has listed the Mormon Church and Mormons amongst the fantastical list of evildoers in her paranoid fantasies. What a great Christian attitude.

Then there is public records act request #4 – completely unrelated to her rampage over her jilted sense of entitlement, she is seeking records about the discussions related to the upcoming bond that the Rocklin Unified School District will be floating. Based on my profile of her, it is clear in her mind that this is some sort of leverage where she can seek revenge against the district by getting records and potentially misusing them in an attempt to scuttle the bond. She also asks for records related to the polling the district ran in advance of releasing the bond to the ballot, in case you doubt my conclusion.

Usually, a flaming leftist like Landon would support an education bond. Given my 20+ years of experience dealing with the mentality of people in politics, I stand behind my conclusion of motives behind request #4 until proven otherwise.

If you deal with either Joe or Theresa Landon use extreme caution. To those of you in Rocklin, it is clear that this woman will go to her grave trying to avenge the loss she feels, be ready to deal with her at the ballot box next year because you can make bank she is coming back for more.

Oct 292019

San Clemente is an insane asylum. The Voice of OC detailed how communist insurgent Jackson Hinkle is under investigation from the OCDA for abusing the Firefighter Endorsement.

Remember, Hinkle has a long history of extreme left win activism despite only being 20. I am not sure the OC Firefighters thought their endorsement through.

Your intrepid blogger is in receipt of documents from several other cities with their invites from the OC Firefighters and a cease and desist letter the OCFA was forced to send Jackson Hinkle after he broke the law:

Subsequently, the OC Sheriff’s dropped $10,000 in to Gene James. It appears that the Sheriff’s Deputies are equally as disturbed by Jackson Hinkle’s anti-cop rants and the abuse of goodwill.

We’ve hammered the OCGOP for their endorsement of the deeply flawed Gene James. Then, the OCGOP outdid themselves:

Note the medal they tout as part of Gene James’ military service. They had to know that Jackson Hinkle has top democrat operatives helping his campaign. Within a day of this independent expenditure dropping, Jackson Hinkle’s campaign had a copy of Gene James’ DD214 which was missing a reference to the claimed award. (The Legion of Merit)

The only conclusion I can draw is that the OCGOP and their vendor did not do due diligence on their mailer. There has to be some sort of record or website somewhere showing Gene James falsely claiming to have won that award, or that Gene James told people he did. Note – the mailer was not done by the Gene James campaign, so the near hysterical claims of Jackson Hinkle are less provable than Hinkle’s violation of the law with regard to the fire uniform.

It is also ironic that the cop-hating Jackson Hinkle suddenly becomes pro-military.

Gene James’ campaign response to the stolen valor issue was terrible, giving more credence to the fact that he may well have been the source of the erroneous information. The OCGOP failed a basic test of doing political communication… when extolling the virtues of a candidate you’d better have proof and be able to defend anything specific. The media and the left have a pattern of saddling up on one issue in order to invalidate everything in campaign communication. This happens while the media covers up multiple lies by the candidates of the left – or in the case of Katie Hill, attacks the people whose accurate reporting brought her down. This is the double-standard set up by a media and educational establishment that would make Josef Stalin proud.

Fred Whitaker and the OCGOP stepped on a rake yet again. Between their terrible and weak handling of the Bill Brough issue and now this stolen valor mailer – the leadership of the OCGOP should be purged and replaced.

Oct 282019

This is typical of the extremes in both parties. When a rampage fails, move the goalposts in order to obfuscate failure.

Theresa Landon changed the narrative from her psychotic rampage as covered in the local media about being asked a question she did not like. KFBK, Channel 10, Channel 58 and other media outlets covered the issue. I saved screenshots from her own rantings including #SMASHPATRIMONY. Community leaders talked to me about the communications they had received.

However, because Paul Gallo, a member of the Placer GOP prepared a petition in case Rick Miller and Camille Maben managed to get the other two board members to appoint another leftist (like Mrs. Landon), Theresa Landon is now changing the narrative.

I’ve been told that Joe Landon and Theresa Landon go to Bayside Church. Beyond asking why they are part of a political party that seeks to exterminate the Church from the societal lexicon and is promiting boys dressed in drag setting world records in Women’s Athletics, I wonder what part of the Bible justifies a lie-infested rampage. Telling people when you are soliciting signature that the district is sexist is a lie – and her new narrative proves she was lying about sexism as she has pivoted off of her #EQUALITY #SMASHPATRIMONY rants from the beginning of her rampage. If sexism really mattered and was not being used in a typical leftist political smear job drill she’d have bemoaned how the district got away with mistreating her – not changing the narrative.

That said, she was open in her disdain for the Informed Parents of Rocklin. This likely means she agrees with teaching 4th graders about anal sex and handing out condoms to Freshmen in High School. Once again, I’d refer them both back to scripture asking what part of the Bible indicates that graphic sexual indoctrination and grooming of our children is ok.

The RUSD’s process was quite transparent. Transparency is another leftist trigger/buzzword. It is deployed anytime a leftist or their whores friends in the media want to go on a fishing expedition to prove conservatives guilty with no due process.

Like the psychotic leftist she has proven herself to be, nothing she did is her fault. She had a right to go on a rampage, lie about her intentions and when she failed blame the straw man group Informed Parents of Rocklin.

I will state this bluntly. Theresa Landon and her husband Joe Landon who I believe aided and abetted this rampage should be shunned by the community as what they did was wrong. Theresa Landon has disqualified herself from being viewed seriously as a candidate for anything and Mr. Joe Landon has torched the goodwill he has in the community.

A quick note for Theresa Landon about Libel (slander is spoken), the Landons would have to prove I was lying and knew I was lying when I lied in order to have a case. Worse, because Mrs. Landon got herself in the local media and filed an application for public office – they would also have to prove that I had reckless disregard for the truth. Good Luck. I’ve been blogging for 16 years and have never been sued once.

In case Theresa forgot what she wrote at the beginning of her rampage, your intrepid blogger has provided it here for a reminder. Stop lying Theresa, you got angry because you did not get something you felt entitled to, concocted faux outrage and once the drill failed changed the subject to blame a group of people you disagree with politically. I see your former Assemblymember mother trained you well.

P.S. Should your intrepid blogger detect Theresa Landon in a future election for anything, your intrepid blogger will deal with her like any other lyin’ liberal. See below for an example:

Oct 242019

The OCGOP – Can’t bring themselves to send Kelly Ernby Packing, full of #NEVERTRUMPERS making moral judgments (except when it comes to Gene James) and of course could not bring itself to tell Bill Brough to resign preferring instead to make a weak-kneed resolution that the maniac has ignored.

Dems outnumber Republicans in Orange County by 10,000 due in no small part to leadership like this.

Now we have one abuser enabling another abuser. Bill Brough sent $500 of his dwindling campaign cash to Gene James. Nice to see abusive scum helping each other gain power in order to abuse more people I suppose.

The loser Bryan Maryott of CA-49 Fame sent Gene James $500 (Maryott is a garden variety loser, not an abusive loser, lest people with short attention spans think I am implying otherwise)

The Orange County Lincoln Club sent Gene James $500 WHAT!? They sent the check on 10-17-2019 AFTER most of the allegations of abuse were known and well after the 11 Tax liens and 4 Civil Judgements were known. Who authorized the check!?

Bill Brough’s former Chief of Staff and alleged drinking buddy (the same dude he is alleged to have shared the rager pad with in Sac) Jeff Montejano gave Gene James $250.

Why am I not surprised at the insider game? Mr. Montejano is a Grand Poobah in the local Building Industry Association Pac. The BIA is a sought after donor for anyone that is not a communist (literally Jackson Hinkle is a communist). I guess your intrepid blogger won’t be getting any love from the BIA anytime soon.

Jackson Hinkle? When he is not at #OCCUPYICE protests, the who’s-who of the far left are propping him up. The Democrat Women sent a mailer for him. He even got $164 from a medium. Perhaps he should have asked for clairvoyance as he is trying to back away from his extreme leftist record.

I have mixed feelings about the $10,000 that Gene James got from the Police Union. Jackson Hinkle in his own words hates the police.

I’ve helped cops in the past – like the beleaguered Riverside Sheriff’s Deputies that relied on Right on Daily to level the playing field against the corrupt former Sheriff of Riverside County. I’d take money from the Police Union… but…

… The problem for Gene James is that he lied to the OCGOP to get their endorsement. Gene James signed a pledge stating he was not taking union campaign cash. He just did. He took $10,000 from the Orange County Sheriff’s Union.

Gene James also said on Camera he would not take Union Money. WHOOPS. Please note that the link is to a youtube page that is supporting the extreme left-wing Jackson Hinkle as it attacks Jim Bieber as well.

Will the OCGOP finally rescind their endorsement of Gene James?

Allow your intrepid blogger to suggest a vote for Christina Setler. Thank you.

Below is Jackson getting arrested in Washington D.C. Protesting outside Nancy Pelosi’s office.