Dec 052018

… before Chad Bianco can fire them I guess. We’ve detailed how Jason Horton and Christopher Brandon Ford have been interviewing with other agencies (including Menifee).

We’ve also detailed how the Second Floor are tying up loose ends, attacking whistleblowers and finishing off other Chad Bianco Supporters with retaliatory terminations and discipline.

Here is Stan Sniff on Facebook blaming the board of supervisors once again (even after three of those guys endorsed him, no less…)

Taxpayers be dammed, this photo represents about $2MM a year (or more) in Pensions. ARRRRGH

Dec 032018

It has long been known that Mike Madrid is closely affiliated with USC. He has long been reputed to be a puppet of Bob Shrum and has been on the Dornsife Board for a number of years.

If you recognize Dornsife, they were the folks that did the “Panel Poll” that had now President Trump in the lead almost the entire 2016 cycle. It turned out to be as inaccurate as the polls of Madrid’s Carnales in the legacy media.

It looks like Mike Madrid is getting his 30 pieces of silver for whoring himself out to Antonio Villariagosa. It looks like he gets to rip off the taxpayers for a salary at USC!

You can see him calling long time GOP activist Allen J Wilson a White Supremacist – and then following it up with a harbinger of how he will treat students at USC that dare question his brilliance. Apparently, part of his interview process with USC was how well he could lob bombs at Republicans whilst talking about how to win elections.

Antonio Villariagosa got his ass kicked despite a combined $50 Million being spent by him and others on his behalf. It appears that the emotional scars for Mr. Madrid are being carried in to his “Professorship” at USC. You’d think after that kind of humiliation at the ballot box that a man would reconsider how much he knows about Latino Voting Trends… Latinos chose an old white guy over Villariagosa. (Actually, they chose TWO old white guys over Antonio)

I’d also guess that White and Asian people will not be welcome in his curriculum either. This is how it works when you dine on your ethnic heritage to make a living.

Madrid’s failures make the second piece of news a little perplexing. It is alleged that Chad Mayes, Kristen Olsen and a few others (including Mike Madrid) are starting a new political party in California. Apparently, butthurt and narcissism don’t lend themselves to simply re-registering democrat. (Or maybe it is more likely that not even the democrats want the three of them either)

It was put to your blogger that the aforementioned three people are so impressed with their political acumen that they are starting a new political party and have secured a $10MM donor to supply the seed money. The rumor is believable because of the demonstrated mental illness and bombastic ego of those involved.

I’d assume that said party platform will have “All Republicans are Nazis” in it. (Or at least Madrid’s “course” curriculum will) Perhaps Luis Alvarado and others that are openly and actively participating in Madrid’s ego-fueled rampage against Republicans will join in the 3rd party fun.

“Race, Class and Partisanship”, Mike Madrid Style. It’s not good enough to be able to check all the boxes, you have to label everyone else, too!

If Mayes, Madrid and Olsen really want to be effective with their third party effort, they should consult with the American Psychiatric Association and hire a few of their members to be on their board of directors. Just sayin’

Nov 292018

Did you hear the latest? Menifee is starting their own police department. After the City Government used technicalities to thwart an attempt to repeal their sales tax increase, the City Council is hard at work spending the money.

A life’s dream of at least two of their council-members is a Menifee PD. Menifee is a City of About 90K people that has been a “Contract City” of the Sheriff’s Department since it’s incorporation over a decade ago.

It has been put to this blogger that the reviled Christopher Brandon Ford is going to be offered the Chief of Police job in Menifee. Ford, pictured several months ago with Lt Huskey and the local Station Captain was attempting to intimidate Chad Bianco at a public event.

Christopher Brandon Ford – then a Captain – was the Captain of the RATT Squad in the middle of covering up the massive deputy cheating scandal. While Ford claims to be a “Born Again Christian”, his life and lifestyle belie the faith he claims.

Ford was well known for carousing and using his rank to get horizontal refreshment according to a myriad of confidential informants. It is also alleged that behavior continues to this day. If anyone has further information about the pending insanity in Menifee, please contact us.

Two days ago, we started in to the sad state of affairs at the County of Riverside Worker’s Comp. Riverside self-administers and self-funds their system. This lends itself to corruption and incompetence when there is no third party oversight. It is clear that the five elected supervisors don’t oversee the administration or, worse they have directed the County to engage in abusive claims management.

Your intrepid blogger was informed of people that contracted cancer and died from asbestos. They had to litigate a class action lawsuit and at least one claimant died before the case was complete. I assume that Marion Ashley, John Taviglione and others think letting people die saves the county money?

The pattern of abuse of injured or sick employees suggests that this transcends incompetence.

Jay Youngblood sits in a wheelchair needing constant assistance because the county is denying his worker’s comp claim similar to dozens of others with far less severe injuries. However, blown knees turn into permanent disabilities with months and years of stonewalling paying for basic medical services and rehab.

Why then did Lee Tainter’s claim get picked up so quickly when others are forced in to years of litigation?

Stan can absolutely do something about Jay if he wanted to, If he cared. Case in point, Nola Tainter out of the blue donated $2000.00 to stans mess of a campaign. Shortly after the donation her husband Lee Tainter gets a call from Di Yorio letting him know his full industrial disability retirement had been approved and granted. Why would Di Yorio make a personal call right after a sizable donation????

So, is someone in County Admin on the take? Or are they taking orders from Stan Sniff? Is this suggestion of corruption (and a possible cover-up) a reason why John Taviglione suddenly endorsed Stan Sniff for re-election on his way out the door?

None of these suggestions are good. The presence of a Sheriff Chad Bianco will obviously change things somewhat – but systemic reform is needed and it starts with the County Board of Supervisors.

Nola Tainter was in Jessica Gore’s Job and actually trained Gore before Sniff fired her. Once Lee got injured, it sure looks like she and Lee (who also donated) greased the skids and her past termination by Sniff was forgotten. Sniff got some badly needed campaign cash, Lee got his claim picked up. Jessica Gore is the wife of Jason Gore, recently rewarded with a promotion to Sergeant despite being in the middle of the cheating scandal that rocked the Sheriff’s Department. Gore is a media relations person for Sniff (I’d imagine she was able to get Gore’s name omitted from what little coverage there was of the issue) and also made sure the infamous “Eggplant” got a job on the second floor as well.

It is alleged that Kurly and Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood are attempting to “go out on disability”. Will the County of Riverside pick their claims up quickly? (If indeed the rumors of their real or imagined illnesses are true?) It is also alleged that Undertaker DiYoyo is filing a “Knee Claim” in order to make some of his retirement tax free. I will lay odds that claim gets picked up as well. (We will be following up on all of these as County Admin appears to be combination of corrupt and incompetent like Broward County Elections)

P.S. Please visit this link on the DIR Website to file a complaint about the abuse of your claim.

Nov 252018

Sniff claimed he asked other agencies to do the event before cancelling it. It looks like yet another absurdity out of him.

Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest, who Sniff tried to install in his place for the lame duck period was left to send an embarrassing email covering for the insane decision to cancel the event:

From: “Vest, Kevin” <KVest@RIVERSIDESHERIFF.ORG>
Date: November 21, 2018 at 14:55:51 PST
To: “Reynolds, Misty” <>, “Feltenberger, Danny” <>, “Petersen, Evan” <>, “Kondrit, David” <>, “Sharp, Donald” <>, “Perdue, Robert” <>, “Purvis, Leonard” <>, “Hedge, Daniel” <>, “Peebles, Robert” <>, “Pemberton, Joseph” <>, “Kurylowicz, David” <>, “Fellows, Gregory” <>, “Anne, Daniel” <>, “McConnell, Lisa” <>, “Webb, Coby” <>, “Shields, John” <>, “Negron, Gregory” <>, “Jimenez, Matthew” <>, “Nordstrom, David” <>, “Teets, David” <>, “Huskey, Jason” <>, “Aveling, Matt” <>, “Armstrong, James” <>, “Delgado, Edward” <>
Cc: “Ford, Christopher” <>, “Kubel, Jeffrey” <>, “Graves, Misha” <>, “Evans, Cheryl” <>, “Raya, Geoffrey” <>, “Horton, Jason” <>, “Gutierrez, Jerry” <>, “Cleary, Joseph” <>, “Di Yorio, William” <>
Subject: Blue Light Ceremonies


The Blue Light ceremony was cancelled, but will now continue as originally planned.  The annual Blue Light Ceremony is a tradition that allows the community and law enforcement to reflect and honor those that have given their life for the residents of our county. Regardless of the challenges presented to us, it is essential that these ceremonies continue as they have become a part of our culture, history and are woven into the fabric of Riverside County. Those honored at the Blue Light represent the best in Riverside County law enforcement and come from all the agencies that serve our communities.

Chief Reyes and the Palm Springs Police Department will lead the coordination of the Coachella Valley event which is scheduled for December 10, 2018 at 6:00 pm.

Chief Diaz and the Riverside Police Department will lead the coordination of the Riverside event which is scheduled for December 17, 2018 at 6:00 pm.

Kevin L. Vest

Assistant Sheriff

Administration, Courts, Coroner & Public Administrator


While I am thrilled to see the other agencies step up – it is disturbing to watch Sniff burning down the department on his way out the door.

In addition, we received a Bob Epps update. He is continuing to run his empire from the Bomb Squad despite multiple instances and documented evidence he is crooked.

It has also been told to this blogger by more than one source that Stan Sniff has already cleared his office out. “The Second Floor” is also reputed to be a ghost town.

Stay tuned, another 5 1/2 weeks to go…

Nov 212018

Many of you remember when I posted about the threats of physical violence and the creepy memes against my wife.

Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood is pictured here with his wife Raemie, who is also an employee of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. Since Wood himself was not the candidate – I chose to exercise some restraint in what I wrote about him and Raemie.

For example – I did not hang the name “Executioner” on Mr. Wood until I had proof of the Skull tatoos he got to commemorate the people he clipped in the line of duty.

Apparently, shooting people on the clock is one of several talents Mr. Wood brought to the table for Mr. Sniff.

As for your wife, a lot of people were pissed after that happened. Ray Wood was bragging about it around the office. He couldn’t have done it alone, he’s an idiot.  I am very embarrassed that he did that because it does reflect on everyone. Again, Ray is an idiot. I think because you exposed his wife’s numerous deputy list. They truly deserve each other.

When the attack against my wife happened, most thought it was Kevin Vest, Kurly or Tony Pelato. Vest and Pelato are computer nerds and Kurly was on a psychotic rampage using at least a dozen fake facebook profiles to have a virtual circle jerk. I was told by someone with deep cover months ago that I’d be surprised to find out who really did it.

A female called my wife’s employer attempting to get her in trouble for things I was doing. One could easily draw the conclusion that it was Raemie Wood.

I should probably thank Ray Wood for attacking my wife, as it freed me from any need to restrain myself (except for not crossing the libel line) with regard to how I eviscerated Sniff and Crew.

Men who value their wives will die to defend them and wives respond to that loyalty with virtue and faithfulness. It is a stark contrast to Mrs. Wood who has dozens of notches on her bra. Even with the inhibition removed, I did not report all of the stuff I received on the Woods. The focus was on Stan Sniff, not one of Raemie’s exes lamenting the fact that he paid for her breast augmentation or the other ex (my be the same guy, who knows) who married her when she had a pile of debt, only for her to leave him once the debt was paid off. Exes are unreliable sources, but tell great stories. Given what I know about the subject of the stories I have little doubt that they are true.

Both Ray and Raemie Wood have a reputation for being homewreckers. Ray Wood had a reputation for being a bully, and as recently as a week before election was threatening management personnel in their stations with regard to supporting Sniff. I suppose these two deserve each other.

For the rest of you that have had your spouse attacked by Stan Sniff and the second floor, It is likely Ray Wood with other people supporting him. I was told months ago that Wood, Christopher Brandon Ford, Horton, someone who may or may not have been Kubel and Kevin Vest were celebrating “F–king with people’s families”. I now know what one family they were referring to was, as my source did not divulge that part. (The quote embedded above is from a second source as the 2nd Floor now has leaks everywhere)

Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood needs a psychological evaluation after his retirement is complete.

Remember Valerie Hill? She is a former Assistant Sheriff that may as well have been trained in IRAQ on media relations.

Valerie Hill was Stan Sniff’s first Assistant Sheriff and she is cut from the same cloth as the reviled serpent Kevin Vest. Apparently Hill was dispatched to deliver the official line about the cancellation of the Blue Light Ceremony.

Needless to say, Hill showed why she was one of Sniff’s Assistant Sheriff’s as her spin was horrendous.

#1 Undertaker DiYoyo was retiring on 6/1/2018 before Sniff railed him in to extending through December. Diyoyo’s retirement was planned and not unexpected.

#2 She claims they are short staffed. That is rich as the Jurupa Valley Station seemed to have enough bodies for the KPMG Dog and Pony Show. (and, ahem 4,000 people work there?)

#3 She claims other agencies were contacted. At least three other agencies at the time I wrote this blog indicated they were NOT Contacted about filling in for the Blue Light Ceremony. This appears to be an outright lie. (Imagine that)

What Sniff is doing is similar to an angry pastor cancelling Easter Services to get back at his congregation for hiring another pastor.

Over the period of time I have been writing about Stan Sniff, Valerie Hill’s name came up many times and usually with swear words in the same sentence. It is always scary when you meet an empty shell.

#4 The Blue Light Ceremonies are planned well in advance and a department of 4,000 people would likely yield a ton of volunteers willing to fill in to make sure that the widows(ers) of the fallen are honored and helped with the healing process.

The excuses ring hollow. The truth that we are sure Mrs. Hill knows is that Sheriff Sniff is pouting in his office thinking of all the ways he can get even with everyone, why not destroy an event just because you can.

Sniff is seeking to get even with everyone that did not kiss his ring. Scuttling a Blue Light Ceremony is the latest in the Sheriff’s long established pattern of missing funerals or bedside visits to seriously injured people. He literally does not give a rip at all.

One allegation I never put in print is that Sniff sleeps on the floor or in a couch. This sort of bizarre and very egocentric behavior is consistent with the make I’ve had on Sniff for a while.

Perhaps when he is laying on the floor tonight looking up at the ceiling he will think through what he is doing to seal his legacy.

Perhaps Kevin Bash should hear about this?

Karen Spiegel?

John Taviglione?

Marion Ashley?

How about all the pretty people in the desert that endorsed Sniff, I am sure they would all not like to have to be held to account for their part in this?

Sniff is doing EXACTLY what I predicted would happen:

In your face promotions of disdained department personnel

Money games

Declining More than Half the meager amounts they received of CCW Requests even after “Finding” the money to process CCW applications faster than in two years.

Having to be talked out of shuttering the CCW Unit altogether.

More #FAKENEWS from his staff since election

Cancelling vacations

Forcing Bianco Supporters to work yellow days on holidays.

Canceling Events out of Spite

bizarre staffing decisions and meddling with station level staffing decisions

The Narcissistic Rage and enabling continue…