Aaron F Park’s Voter Guide

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Apr 302014

Please note that my opinions and those of the CRA may vary.

Governor: TBD (CRA endorsed Tim Donnelly)

Lt. Gov: Ron Nehring

Secretary of State: Pete Peterson

Controller: David Evans (CRA endorsed Ashley Swearengin)

Treasurer: Greg Conlon

Attorney General: TBD (CRA did not endorse)

Insurance Commissioner: Ted Gaines

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Lydia Gutierrez

BOE Dist 1: George Runner

Congressional District 1:  (It is expected that CRA will endorse Doug LaMalfa on 6/7)

Congressional District 3: Dan Logue

Congressional District 4:  (It is expected that CRA will endorse Tom McClintock on 6/7)

Congressional District 7: Igor Birman

Assembly District 1:  (It is expected that CRA will endorse Brian Dahle on 6/7)

Assembly District 2: Matthew Heath

Assembly District 3: James Gallagher

Assembly District 4: Charlie Schaupp

Assembly District 5: Frank Bigelow

Assembly District 6: Beth Gaines

Assembly District 8: Doug Haaland

Assembly District 11: Alex Henthorn

Senate District 4: Jim Nielsen

Senate District 6: Jonathan Zachariou

Placer County Supervisor District 2: Robert Weygant

Placer County Superintendent of Schools: No Recommendation

Assessor: Kristen Spears

Auditor-Controller: Andy Sisk

Clerk-Recorder-Registrar: Jim McCauley

District Attorney: R Scott Owens

Sheriff-Coroner-Marshall: Ed Bonner (recommended, not endorsed)

Treasurer-Tax Collector: Jenine Windeshausen

* Bonner is a registered Democrat with a history of endorsing Republicans and issuing CCW Permits

Prop 41 – No

Prop 42 – No