Apr 052016

Blogger’s Note – hope this thing succeeds. Reality says 90% of recall attempts fail to qualify.

Neighbors Against Corruption

P.O. Box 268

Shingle Springs, CA 95682




For Immediate Release: 4/3/16

Contact: Dan Dellinger @ (530) 644-5663 or dandellinger@infostations.com


Placerville, CA – Local clean government advocates recently launched www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com a new website dedicated to exposing and ending corrupt practices in El Dorado County government. Hosted by Neighbors Against Corruption, www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com identifies criminal and office abusing actions of local elected officials, exposes corrupt practices occurring in County government, and builds a compelling case for recalling scandal plagued Auditor-Controller Joe Harn and abusive District Attorney Vern Pierson.

Visitors to www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com can learn more about the serious problem of El Dorado County corruption by downloading and reading published news stories, eyewitness accounts, and citizen testimony before the County Board of Supervisors concerning the inexcusable actions of some elected officials.  Topics featured on www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com include: the 2014-15 El Dorado County Civil Grand Jury Report – “Putting Political Gain Over What’s Right For The County”,  the City of Bell like “El Dorado County Bonus Scandal”, the County’s “Bullying and Harassment Scandal”, unpunished felony conduct, and abuse of office by elected officials.

Neighbors Against Corruption was formed in late 2015 by local residents horrified by the corrupt practices and actions of certain County elected officials to help clean-up El Dorado County government.  Currently, the clean government group is gathering signatures from registered voters to place the recall of the County’s two most corrupt elected officials on the ballot. To succeed in their important first project, local clean government advocates need to finish collecting 10,626 signatures from registered El Dorado County voters by mid-May. State law prohibits public disclosure of voters who signed recall petitions or inspection of such petitions by anyone other than election department employees. Recall petitions can be downloaded from www.neighborsagainstcorruption.com along with instructions on how to complete the petitions and where to send them.  For further information contact Dan Dellinger @ (530) 644-5663.

Psycho DA Vern Pierson is Getting Recalled Along with Ogre Joe Harn

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Dec 092015

Please note: Rumor has it Vern Pierson has endorsed a candidate in the AD06 race. However she has not posted it on her website yet, I wonder why?

For those of you that don’t read Right on Daily often – you should know that Vern Pierson is one of my favorite losers. He is up there with a certain non-college graduate Assembly-member with a hyped up resume. (Which may explain Pierson’s affinity for another such candidate – but I digress)

Joe Harn is legendary for his temper and abuse of staff. Vern Pierson is a loser District Attorney who abuses his office to get what he wants and also let a felony domestic abuser walk because it did not suit him to prosecute. Friends of Pierson get hand-slaps. Enemies of Pierson get assaulted with his abuse of the legal system.

Don’t forget that both Harn and Pierson rake in thousands in “Bonuses” over and above their bloated annual paychecks for abusing the taxpayers. Should you ever meet them, don’t bother shaking their hand – they both seem to have forgotten how to grip a handshake. (an Amazing irony, given they are a couple bullies)

Please note – the above is called commentary. I think the above of Harn / Pierson and am not alone. Eventually everyone else in El Dorado County will agree with me. Or, they could just resign and the beatings will stop.

Attached is a Press Release from a group seeking to cut Vern’s Hair a little shorter and to give Joe Harn some anger management counseling:


Placerville, CA – Clean Government advocates uniting under the newly formed “Neighbors Against Corruption” served embattled Auditor-Controller Joe Harn and District Attorney Vern Pierson with a Notice of Intention to Recall under California Elections Code division 11, Article 2, triggering a recall petition drive.  Under State law, recall proponents must formally serve targeted elected officials with a legal notice that includes legitimate reasons or grounds for removal from office.

The proponents cited the following grounds for the removal of Harn:

Failure to make authorized payments for reasons of personal and political motivation in violation of California State Government Code Sections 424 and 425. (Both felonies)

Participating in an immoral scheme whereby some County Elected Officials receive non-performance bonuses increasing the amount of both their six figure base salaries and retirement pensions for reasons such as simply being re-elected or possessing the certificates required to hold office.

Failure to protect the fiscal integrity of the County by willfully refusing to prepare a complete Cost Allocation Plan.

Failure to produce and submit required County bill payment disclosure reports to the Board of Supervisors in violation of County Ordinance Code Sections 3.16.130 and 3.16.140.

Engaging in inappropriate conduct including; harassment, bullying, and disrespectful conduct towards County employees, vendors, and staff of other agencies.

The proponents cited the following grounds for the removal of Pierson:

Abusing the power and resources of office to pursue criminal prosecutions and civil litigation against innocent persons and businesses for personal and political reasons, such as, generating career building publicity and punishing political enemies.

Participating in an immoral scheme whereby some County Elected Officials receive non-performance bonuses increasing the amount of both their six figure base salaries and retirement pensions for reasons such as simply being re-elected or possessing the certificates required to hold office.

Participating in an immoral scheme whereby the District Attorney receives extra pay as “County Chief Technology Officer”, thereby gaining access to all e-mail messages moving through the County internet system including the Public Defender’s Office.

Abusing court rules to discredit Judges for personal and political reasons.

Recall petitions will be available for circulation in the next few weeks.  Approximately 10,500 valid signatures are required to force a recall election of a County-wide elected official. Proponents also believe that Pierson’s continued failure to prosecute his political ally Harn for felony violations of the State Penal Code will prompt County voters to sign the recall petitions.

Is Vern Pierson a Nazi? Or, is he just a facist? Harn? He is just a garden variety moron. This should be fun.

Jun 222015

Well, well, well… I got sent a copy of a Grand Jury Report attacking (DRUMROLL) Ron “Mik” the supervisor in El Dorado’s First District.

It just so happens that “Mik” is all that stands between termed out Beth Gaines and her next government paycheck. Cozy.

The Grand Jury Report starts out like a political hit piece:

Before he was elected, Mikulaco was not known for his background and qualifications, but best known for standing on El Dorado Hills Boulevard with a sign urging drivers to vote for him. At first, that Depression-era sandwich board tactic seemed ineffective to many. Yet, Mikulaco was elected in 2012.

I guess Grand Juries are not subject to the rules of the real jury system? Or, perhaps, they can engage in the same sort of shilling and yellow journalism that the Placerville paper is famous for?

Well – I started asking questions as to why I felt like I was looking at a campaign hit piece.

I poked around and found out the shocking details – Local mega-donor and wealthy El Dorado County Businessman Ken Steers is an actual member of the Grand Jury!

I can write with a high level of confidence that Steers and Gaines likely have each other on speed-dial. Heck, Beth may be renting one of Steers’ rental properties in El Dorado Hills!

What did Ken Steers do to influence the outcome of this “report”? It really does not matter what eeeeevil things “Mik” is alleged to have done according to the report. The fingerprints of Ken Steers should make anyone take pause – especially with his political conflict of interest and the unprofessional language that the report starts with.

It would be like me sitting on the Placer Grand Jury recommending the disbarment of Jack Duran for eating too many donuts.

Missing from the Grand Jury Report is any mention of the malicious prosecution of Dan Dellinger. Things that make you go hmmmm… I wonder if Steers and company are going to ignore the pending lawsuit(s) against Mr’s. Pierson and Harn?

I also hear that the fish is starting to spoil…

To be continued…

Vern Pierson and Joe Harn Update – They’re Getting Sued (again)

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Jun 032015


In 2014, Vern Pierson was able to intimidate his opponent in to capitulating. Joe Harn’s opponent hired a crank addict as a campaign manager. So, here we are.

As seen on a local El Dorado Blog – Vern Pierson and Joe Harn got blown to pieces. (I love the headline)

In addition – the El Dorado Mountain Democrat, a paper that is usually biased in favor of incumbent officeholders not named Ray Nutting did a write-up on the lawsuit that was pretty good for the plaintiff Dan Dellinger.

Mr. Dellinger lit up Joe Harn and Vern Pierson pretty good in his press release:

DA & Auditor-Controller’s Vendetta Generates Lawsuit against County

Cameron Park, CA – Nearly a year to the date after losing their Soviet style show trial for self-aggrandizing publicity against, Dan Dellinger, a government relations and political consultant often on opposite political sides of the District Attorney and Auditor-Controller, Joe Harn and Vern Pierson are at the center of a lawsuit filed this week in El Dorado County Superior Court.  In this lawsuit, officially filed as “Dan Dellinger v. Joe Harn, et al” and assigned the number PC 20150251, Dellinger is seeking to collect $12,000 still owed him for work successfully completed for the Pioneer Fire Protection District in 2011and recovery of his expensive legal bills resulting from Harn and Pierson’s two year long bad faith prosecution of Dellinger. Joe Harn, the County of El Dorado, and the Pioneer Fire Protection District are named as defendants in the lawsuit; however, the complaint makes it clear that Harn has ignored the Fire District’s instructions to pay Dellinger.

“I want everyone to understand that the Pioneer Fire Protection District has acted honorably throughout my struggle to get paid by Joe Harn who is supposed to pay all of the bills authorized by the District,” said Dellinger, “so I included the District in the lawsuit very reluctantly and only on advice of legal counsel”.

“Before resorting to this lawsuit I tried to settle this matter with the County”, explained Dellinger, “but my own representative of the Board of Supervisors, Brian Veerkamp, refused to meet with me and the County’s high priced risk management office sent me an incorrect last minute form letter denial that makes me think they didn’t even bother to look into my payment requests”.

In addition to Breach of Contract against Harn, El Dorado County, and PFPD, the lawsuit alleges seven other civil charges or “torts” against just Harn and El Dorado County including Conversion, Deceit and Bad Faith, Abuse of the Grand Jury Process, and Bad Faith Prosecution.

Under California State law, the County would be prohibited from reimbursing Harn for any punitive damages awarded against him by a jury, however, as a District Attorney Pierson has absolute immunity from personal liability.

Dellinger had been falsely charged by Pierson and Harn of expending public money and public resources for express advocacy, receiving or granting a gift of public funds, and engaging in unfair business practices while assisting the Pioneer Fire Protection District place the Measure F parcel tax on the November 2011 ballot.  Measure F successfully passed with a near 80% approval vote.

On May 22, 2014, a jury took only 47 minutes to return a unanimous 12-0 verdict clearing Dellinger of any wrongdoing.

Dellinger has a long history of political clashes with El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson and his political ally EDC Auditor-Controller Joe Harn including helping elect EDC Sheriff John D’Agostini and others over Pierson and Harn’s strongly backed candidates.

I have blogged in the past that Vern Pierson is an idiot and Joe Harn is a bully and have lampooned their Dead Fish Handshakes. I wonder how much worse it needs to smell before the voters of El Dorado County wake up and send them packing.

Meantime, an innocent man has nearly been bankrupted by this BS.


El Dorado County Sup D2 Update: Clair(no e) McNeal Gets Her Turn in the Pierson Gazette

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Aug 052014

Dear Lawyers and Thin-Skinned People, this is called political commentary and free speech, get over it. (Today, this disclaimer is atop the post)

Today’s edition of El Dorado Confidential features a threat from Local Political Figure and Donor Ken Steers:

Mr Park,
I just checked out your web site. I see you’re in Placer county. Yet you act as if you know me. I also see you’re a friend of Chris Alercon and you two exchange, corroborate stories between your two web sites.
You have made some seriously erroneous statements that have impugned my character.
Does your father know you are pulling this BS? You will be hearing from me directly shortly sir.

I am wondering if Mr. Steers is planning on funding Clair(no e) McNeal’s campaign? McNeal says she is self-funding to be free of other people’s influence, or something like that.

I read the drivel once before the subscription hammer dropped on the article.

Apparently, Ken Steers is now supporting Clair(no e) McNeal’s campaign as the above threat was delivered on a facebook thread on the article. I have no clue if Steers left the threat up there or if he pulled it down – I also have no clue if Steers intends to lavish large amounts of cash on McNeal like he has other candidates. (This practice is commonly referred to as “buying” a candidate)

As I sit here trembling in fear over all the horrible things Ken Steers could do to me – I went back to the article.

In it, it appeared that Clair (no e) McNeal was trying to pander to developers.

Also – Clair (no e) used the term drinking the Kool-Aid to refer to a group of anti-growth activists in El Dorado County. This is just plain stupid. (Maybe Clair (no e) McNeal will send me a nasty letter, too?)

I write stuff to piss people like Ken Steers off because I want to effect elections. I am not a candidate and never will be. Clair (no e) just made the previous criticisms I wrote about her award-winning personality much more valid with this amateur campaign blunder. You don’t deliberately piss people off if you’re a candidate!

It appears that Clair (no e) McNeal really is spending a ton of money – amounts on the order of what Ken Steers donated to the psychotic El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson in 2006 and a loser Sheriff Candidate in 2010.  (McNeal reported $17k+ in loans to her campaign).

Clair (no e)’s $17,000 in a small county supervisor race is a staggering sum of money.

I have strong aversion to candidates attempting to buy seats. I also have a strong aversion to donors attempting to do the same. $17k in personal money or chipping in between $20,000 and $53,000 in combined contributions in small-county races easily qualifies for the “attempting to buy the office ass-whuppin” from the Right on Daily Blog – no matter what the spin is.

Claire McNeal needs to lose badly and it seems like she is well on her way with her staffing decisions and her own words in the article. Ken Steers is doing her no favors with his apparent support of her.