May 252021

Trish Todd was raped by Bill Brough. (I believe this 100%) I also believe that Tim Clark covered up the rape and at the time he covered up the rape, he was still owed $44K in consulting fees by Brough who had just won a tough election to the Assembly. John Moorlach was Trish Todd’s employer at the time, and when confronted with the consequences of his management style he made a bad situation so bad for himself that he lost another election. (Tim Clark is a political consultant who was John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff when Mrs. Todd was raped by Bill Brough)

Brough is out of office as a direct result of what Right on Daily exposed about him. The job is not done, I believe Tim Clark should be held civilly liable for his corruption and Bill Brough should be in prison for 15-20 years for the rape. Then, Brough can experience daily happening to himself what he did to Mrs. Todd.

I am being told that the Sacramento County DA Ann-Marie Schubert is stuffing the prosecution of the case and the file is “sitting on her desk”. It is time for Mzz. Schubert to do her job, prosecute the case or explain publicly her cowardice in declining to. (Note: Schubert is running for California Attorney General, is she making some sort of deal with the legislature on this? One has to wonder)

Get a good look Tim Clark and Bill Brough. I am not going to stop until there is accountability for what you both did.

Bill Brough was the Assemblyman in AD73, he lost his primary in 2020 due almost 100% to his pattern of sexual misconduct and validated allegations against him. Mrs. Todd came forward after Brough lost that primary and was a lame duck officeholder.

John Moorlach lost his re-election to State Senate in 2020, he then immediately attempted to run for supervisor to replace Michelle Steel who was elected to congress in 2020. He was defeated almost 100% due to the fact that one of his staff was raped, his chief of staff covered it up and he did not know or care.

May 112021

Did you see Steve Frank’s Blog Today?

Explosive to say the least. It looks like Trish Todd is being denied justice by the politically ambitious DA of Sacramento County and AG Candidate Ann-Marie Schubert.

Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has announced her run for California Attorney General.  She had been a Republican, left the Party and denounced the Party and President Trump.  Now she may be in hot water with feminist groups—especially those in Sacramento in the community and in the Capitol itself.

Several months ago a charge of rape was made against then Assemblyman Bill Brough—he got thrown out in the primary.  In the several months [since] the DA’s office has been investigating, yet no report has been filed—though it might be held up on the desk of DA.  Schubert is not giving an indication as to when, or if, she will release the investigative report and if appropriate bring charges against Brough.  The longer Schubert delays the release of the report, the more feminists will believe she is not willing to take on cases of sexual misconduct when it involved legislators or legislative staff.

I had been told by political insiders that Schubert was slow-rolling the investigation and some even asserted that she was trying to cut deals for herself with political leaders. I can’t prove any of that – however something is seriously wrong in her office.

No wonder why so many rape victims are afraid to speak up! They get smeared and thrown under the bus by political agendas. No wonder why those in elected office feel empowered to do what they do as well!!!

On the subject of fallout from the Trish Todd rape saga – there is this:

STRONG rumor in Orange County that after many years as Chair, Fred Whitaker is considering resigning and getting back to his law practice and family full time.  There is, I am told, at least one very strong candidate to replace Fred.  He has recently come under a lot of heat for his promotion, very early of a OC GOP endorsement of Sen. John Moorlach for Supervisor—without speaking to the other GOP Supervisors first.  They all endorsed Kevin Muldoon, against Whitakers choice.

I have been clear about my feelings for Fred Whitaker. But, I will also be clear about this – for as much as I disdain him politically, I would gain a lot of respect for him if he did indeed step down peacefully. Mr. Whitaker got too close to and too emotionally involved in helping his long time friend John Moorlach and that sort of friendship clouds one’s judgement, including his attacking Mrs. Todd in communications with OCGOP members. My guess is time away will be beneficial to him on several levels.

If you don’t read Steve Frank’s Heard on the Tom-Tom’s column, you need to.

Jan 222021

Fire them all.

This is Trish Todd

The Voice of OC followed up on the last Orange County Register story about John Moorlach and crew smearing Trish Todd – who I believe was raped by the Sociopathic Bill Brough in 2015.

We’ve been laying out the timeline and facts while Fred Whitaker has accused her (and your intrepid blogger) of libel, Clark has allegedly been calling people and both Clark and Moorlach have been taking a bath in a pigsty. Moorlach and Clark’s comments to the media have been absurd. They are in a five-star mess of their  own making.

But when he was asked about allegations that his chief of staff told Todd not to report the rape allegations, Moorlach told the Orange County Register during an editorial endorsement meeting that Todd was a “disgruntled” employee who was not his “best hire.”

Todd says that was an attempt to smear her reputation.

“[Moorlach] told the Orange County Register Editorial Board he was not supportive of hiring me and he had to deal with poor performance by me and these were documented in my personnel file,” Todd said in a statement this week.

“[Moorlach] knew what I knew. That was a complete lie,” Todd added. “He also could not do anything to correct the record because despite my giving him a complete release to disclose my personnel file, there was not anything in there he claimed was in there.”

Through a representative, Todd released documents from her personnel file – including a letter from Moorlach saying “her skill set is far advanced,” so she should be paid an amount that’s “higher than her current salary would allow.”

For those of you unable to click on the link to the letter John Moorlach wrote praising his “disgruntled” former employee – I decided to provide a nice screenshot of it.

So, it looks like John Moorlach is a filthy liar along with Fred Whitaker and Tim Clark – both of whom were reputed to be telling people on the OCGOP during the jam-down of their endorsement of John Moorlach that the “Rape Stuff” was from a source that was not credible and/or a disgruntled former employee.

Now we know why Moorlach has been as quiet as a church mouse lately after digging himself a rehtorical trench for the last two months:

Moorlach declined to comment Thursday on Todd’s allegations about how he handled her rape claims, and whether he feels he handled the situation appropriately.

“I’ve been counseled not to talk,” Moorlach told Voice of OC.

It looks like Tim Clark missed the memo when he was whining to the Orange County Register what a victim he was/is last week in the first story about Trish Todd’s personnel file.

But – it appears that Fred Whitaker is back in his spider hole as well:

Orange County GOP Chairman Fred Whitaker, who has been trying to unite Republican voters around Moorlach, didn’t return phone messages seeking comment on the allegations and whether the party is investigating.

Ego is a powerful and destructive force. The defect in most people about how they’d rather die or get wrecked than admit fault or change course recurs with alarming frequency in politics.

Enter the OC Communist Party:

“By continuing to stand with John Moorlach despite months of overwhelming allegations, the OC GOP is perpetuating a toxic attitude toward women,” said Ada Briceño, chairwoman of the Orange County Democratic Party, in a statement earlier this week.

“It’s wrong, and it’s up to all of us to change it. The OC GOP should rescind its endorsement of John Moorlach; it is the morally responsible thing to do,” she continued.

Moorlach’s “professional retribution” against Todd makes him “unfit to represent any Orange County resident in public office,” she added.

Allow me to express my shock that I am in agreement with the OC Dem Party on all counts of the previous snippet. Shame on the OCGOP for being asleep at the switch.

Then there is this:

“I believe her, and I’m grieved by the pain she carries to this day,” Moorlach said in the opinion piece, regarding Todd’s rape claim against Brough.

“You can only look with respect at the bravery of any woman who files charges alleging rape and willingly suffers that deep loss of privacy to stop a criminal.”

Three days later, Moorlach described Todd to the Register as a “disgruntled” employee who was “assertive,” “strong willed” and not his “best hire.”

Whoops. Click here to see Trish Todd’s open letter to John Moorlach that Moorlach is hiding from replying to.

Now the behavior of these people is pulling down the entire OCGOP, all because they were so fully invested in a political has-been they refuse to see the flaws in.

There’s more coming on the Trish Todd story as I have her entire personnel file now.

Jan 132021

This likeness was made from a photo of Trish Todd. It is for her and women who have been victimized by people in positions of power that Right on Daily is on the Bill Brough / John Moorlach case. If you have information about this or any other cases of absue in politics, please email you can remain anonymous. Thank you.

I admire and salute her courage. You do not have to suffer in silence any longer.