Oct 272017

Content Warning

I have a standard before I launch a political attack on this blog. I need real evidence, court documents, a witness on the record, a victim on the record and in the case of sex stuff I have a “blue dress” rule. Having been threatened with lawsuits many times, I’ve never actually been served with a lawsuit over the content on this blog. Often times, I see stuff myself and I am my own best evidence…

It is hard to have malice for someone when you’re heartbroken over the repeated betrayals of your faith by so-called Christians who flame out on the stage for thousands to see. It is hard to have malice when you just want these people to lose their elections and go somewhere far away. It is hard to have malice when your spirit is crushed by conservatives whose personal decisions cast dispersion on the movement as a whole.

My first real introduction to Conservative hypocrisy was Tom Del Becarro. I never saw him smoke marijuana, yet people inside the Tom McClintock operation told me he was a pothead. What I did see was Tom Del Becarro severely intoxicated (off booze) at several conventions I went to and did not process the significance of it since I was newly sober at the time. I still have signed copies of some of his books on my bookshelf, I keep them as a reminder of what I could be if I decided I did not need Jesus anymore.

However the intoxication was like the part of the Iceberg you see. Two women separately and independently told me about what a bully and how volatile former GOP Chairman (and serial candidate) Tom Del Becarro was – they worked for him and endured abuse from him. I also watched the man change girlfriends like shirts. Seeing the abject fear in both of their eyes is something that haunts me today as it took me some years of healing from my own issues before I could retrace to those conversations I’d had in the mid 2000’s to process their significance. By the time I was able to get out of denial and confront who Tom Del Becarro was, he was flaming out as the Chairman of the GOP in 2010. I will keep the names of both women in confidence because they asked me for it.

I learned that while Tom Del Becarro was running for Party Office, he had to be shadowed so that he would not take women in to his suite at the convention hotel. His behavior was so bad that he got the CAGOP in to its’ own legal hot water with a legitimate and bona-fide sexual harassment lawsuit. While I don’t know the final disposition of the suit, it was very real and it was talked about.

I heard and personally observed the same things about the sexual forays of former CAGOP Chair Ron Nehring (who I never saw drink or use), yet I saw the same personal pattern. It appears that both men used the California Republican Party like a dating service. Del Becarro used it for a book tour and Nehring managed to parlay his disastrous tenure in to a long-term consulting gig that flies him all over the world on junkets. Both men are still single, to the best of my knowledge, neither claim faith.

With Conservative leadership like that, no wonder why Luis Buhler and his band of merry squishes took over the GOP. All they needed as a financier to walk in to the moral vacuum created by 6 years of Conservative Frauds at the helm of the CAGOP and the field was ripe.

I’ve ripped on David Stafford Reade for years. While I have heard many stories from people he has threatened, bullied and the like, and while I’ve witnessed him working for pay to destroy the Conservative values I know he holds personally… I have never once been told of any sort of sexual misconduct by him.

I draw the comparison about David Reade because this series is not just some jam session to renew hostilities with people I’ve targeted in the past, this is about the rampant abuse I’ve known about for a long time. The faces of the women I have talked to still disturb me to this day, the disgusting revelations I’ve learned about people I once admired haunt me and in the current environment I believe this is an appropriate venue to write about this stuff.

I had become so disturbed over the years by what I kept seeing that I started to align myself with a lot of moderates within the GOP as I felt more comfortable around people that did not share my own personal moral values. The reason? They were far more real than anything I had seen on the “Right Side of the GOP”. There was a side benefit, as some of the most liberal Republicans I’ve ever met have become people I consider friends and people I know I can trust… even as I vote and support positions opposite theirs.

To Be Continued…

Oct 092015

Tom has written some books, just look at his Campaign website and you will see them there for sale. I even have some of his past efforts, signed.

I, like many activists supported Tom in all his races for California GOP office. I was wrong.

Tom Del Becarro is unfit to lead. I have personally observed his behavior and was at points willfully blind to it.

If you look on the surface – the first reason why he should be shunned as a candidate is the fact that he failed as CAGOP Chairman. He had nearly 3/4 of the delegates of the CAGOP ready to oust him at the point he decided to not run for re-election.

Tom Del Becarro’s legacy to the CAGOP was a divided party that was left in a state of bewilderment and in debt over $1 Million, some say that number was in the $2 million range as invoices and off-the-books debts rolled in en masse.

The uneasy unity that exists in the CRP today is because of two-reasons. The conservative frauds that pulled the levers in the GOP have been relegated to the fringes (Del Becarro amongst them) and some are still trying to cause havoc and chaos to be relevant – thus unifying the remainder against them. Secondly, most of the rational activists in the CAGOP got tired of losing.

I have personally seen chairmen of the CAGOP that used the party as a dating service, a travel service and a book tour.

Contrast this with Duf Sundheim (who actually did his job as CAGOP Chairman) who raised $100 million in the 4 years he was CRP Chairman. That is $102 Million more than Del Becarro.

I have personally seen Mr. Del Becarro so intoxicated that he was staggering through the hallways of the CAGOP Convention. I’ve seen this more than once. I have seen Mr. Del Becarro with more girlfriends than I can count. Even though he was single the entire time he had this revolving door – neither behavior suggests stability. In addition, it is common knowledge that he is a recreational marijuana user. (I have no firsthand proof of this)

When you juxtapose his playboy lifestyle with his claims of being a conservative, the whole thing rings false.

Finally – there is this: Del Becarro announced the endorsement of Economist Larry Kudlow. Mr. Kudlow is a recovering cocaine addict/alcoholic with 3 divorces. There is some sort of sick irony in that endorsement. God Bless Kudlow for kicking the nasal dust, as I sit here writing this post closing in on 13 years off of booze.

Were Del Becarro to be the GOP nominee and were he to suddenly learn how to raise money and actually campaign (other than speaking to fawning groups of would-be book purchasers) the Media would eviscerate him. All this and I have not even talked about his DUI and the cadre of women that used to work for him that would be all to willing to sit down and do tell-alls to a willing media.

Do not vote for Tom Del Becarro. Buy his books if you want for the entertainment but Leave the US Senate race to the adults.