Nov 022021

Courtney La Paul Williams has been a very bad boy. “Major” Williams has not done his paperwork. The mid-year report was due to the secretary of state three months ago. It makes one wonder what is going on? Don’t Major’s supporters deserve an explanation of what was done with the money donated? (Especially since Courtney LaPaul Major Williams did not file for election)

It is becoming more and more apparent that there’s something Major does not want anyone to know and it equally appears that Major is willing to forego the law to keep that secret. At this point Major has racked up at least $1800 in fines and it’s increasing by $20 every day.

I am wondering if Major had too many chargebacks from his previous credit card processor that put him in the red? One possible explanation for Major’s refusal to obey the law is that you can’t file a report with a negative Cash on Hand balance.

Perhaps it is more serious than that? There appears to be a nice little LLC scam where donors thought they were giving to the Major Williams for Governor campaign but in reality the money was headed for that LLC.

It’s public record that Major Williams has an open FPPC complaint initiated by the Commission, with two additional ones added to the original. It is unusual when the FPPC starts looking at a campaign without any prompting! This means there is something seriously wrong.

It appears that Major Williams is a leading candidate for “Grifter of The Year” from the Right On Daily blog.

Oct 202021

Believe it. Julie Haft, Andy Garakhani and Richard Sherman are the “leadership” of the LAGOP. Howard Hakes is one of the money men there and he is reputed to be close to the latest candidate recruitment failure.

So you will see the date of 2-18-2020. This is before the covid shutdowns. Follow along with me as I post her announcement email:

Where are Republican black women? A question that has lingered in our minds for centuries without much representation, but this past Thursday, September 30, 2021 our very own Michelle Lyons bravely STOOD UP by declaring herself a Republican Congressional Candidate for Long Beach. If Michelle Lyons wins she will become the first Black Republican from California.
As many of our readers know, Michelle Lyons is the daughter of Chef Marilyn and Attorney Michael Lyons. Michelle Lyons is also a business owner of a modeling school and a political journalist who occasionally writes for Inglewood Today.
What you may not know is that she was raised by her Republican father and she worked for a Republican newspaper in 2008, “The Washington Times”. Michelle, herself, always considered herself neutral. She had been registered as an independent for 20 years even though after she left The Washington Times, she began to associate more with Democrats.
Blogger’s Note: That Obama post does not look very neutral or independent at all. (P.S. I left the typos in her announcement email, too)
“I originally thought about running as an independent, but America is too polarizing right now. I felt I had to choose a side and I chose the side that aligns with my conservative core values: faith, family and freedom,” said Michelle.
Faith Family and Kamala, baby.
On Thursday, September 30th her message roared because over 250 people attended her launch. Including a jazz band, swing dancers, models dressed in 20’s fashion and a Great Gasby Photobooth.
“I feel like I am at the right place at the right time. This feels destined because honestly a Black Republican woman other than Condaleeza Rice is long overdue in California. We have to get back to some basics, the conservative values that Ladera Heights and Windsor Hills are built on… faith, family and freedom. Family values are shrinking in California and inflation and taxation are making business and home ownership nearly impossible,” said Michelle.
Four other speakers spoke at her launch, all co-signing that Michelle is right person to lead her district. James Mai, Founder of AAPI, Karina Manuela, Representative of Hispanic Republican Assembly LA, Daniella Bloom host of America’s Voices and Amy Bohn Executive Director of PERK.
“No one in Congress looks like us, but there are millions of young professionals who look like us, think like us and share our values. They just don’t know they are conservative Republicans. I didn’t know I was a conservative Republican until my business was shut down in 2020, and I started to ask questions,” added Karina Manuela.
Michelle Lyons is now preparing for the primary in June 2022, but she believes with God and Family by her side anything is possible. To get more information at Michelle, her upcoming events or to contribute go to her campaign go to her website at
Please also note that the $5 Million Grifter Joe Collins was present at the event. Collins has been living the high life running against Maxine Waters and getting his tail whipped by 65+ points.
Did I say Maxine Waters?
Wait. That is less than a year ago. AUNTIE MAXINE WATERS? And look at the other socialist luminaries she is celebrating!
Perhaps Collins was unaware that Maxine Waters is Michelle Lyon’s Aunt?
Perhaps Julie Haft, Andy Garakhani and Richard Sherman are a pack of villiage idiots that saw a chance to get the convention delegates from #CA47 and forgot to vet their latest stooge.
Similar to Joe Collins, anyone that gives Michelle Lyons a dime is a fool.
Sep 152021

Apparently in Sonoma County there is a wealthy family called the Gallaher family. It is clear they are connected to the Gaines’ as I see several checks to Beth and Ted Gaines over the years.

Nice job Ted! Just barely beat a porn star!

I had a hypothesis that Ted Gaines ran in the recall specifically because he was recruited by forces aligned with Fookner to try and siphon votes off of Kevin Kiley. Kiley only spent abut $300K himself and some of his supporters decided to vote for Elder (at least what the campaign people told me), suggesting Kiley may well have been at 5-6%. The only point of this is that Gaines was given $251,000 by the Gallaher crew and got 1/5 or 1/6 the votes of Kiley.

As to Elder?

Quoting the Santa Rosa Press Democrat:

His gubernatorial candidacy is “one of the biggest mysteries of the recall,” according to one political expert.

He’s made few campaign appearances, participated in no major debates and is polling at just 1%. Yet Ted Gaines has raked in more than a quarter-million dollars of campaign cash — nearly 90% of his total war chest — from one of Sonoma County’s most well-known and deep-pocketed developers and his family members, as well as one of his employees and a business associate.

His total haul makes him the eighth highest fundraiser this year out of the 46 California recall candidates, according to campaign filings. It’s not uncommon for wealthy donors to back long-shot or losing candidates. But the contributions from Bill Gallaher, his wife Cindy, five of their relatives and two business associates raise questions about why they would pour money into a candidate who, while having significant governing experience, appears not to have mounted a serious campaign.

The Press Democrat does not know what we know in the North – Ted Gaines does not run serious campaigns, ever. He has been one of the luckiest people I have ever known in politics. Even Beth benefitted from the last name and was in the right place at the right time. Not until the annhiliation Beth Gaines suffered in an El Dorado County supervisor race had the Gaines ever faced serious opposition since John Allard in 2011. (Allard lost by about 700 votes only because he was outspent 3-1)

The story from the Press-Democrat goes on to talk about the Gallaher family’s business ties and how they met Gaines. IT appears that the Gallaher’s have a bunch of senior living facilities around the state and implies that Gaines has given them favorable treatment.

The Santa Rosa people should have interviewed people in this area, they’d have confirmed several sordid details.

This article from the Santa Rosa people did nothing to change my theory that Gaines was pulled in to the race by political people in order to siphon votes off of Kevin Kiley. We just know who the donors they recruited to finance the effort were.

Nov 042019

What would a Republican Primary Be without dozens of unqualified candidates with stars in their eyes? The lure of fame, stardom and validation is just too much for some to resist becoming candidates on a vainglorious crusade for truth, justice and the American way. Somehow, they think, without endorsements or funding that THEY will be that one candidate that breaks through.

See also Deanna Lorraine (Tesoriero) in CA-12. She probably figured no one would figured out that she likes to get down and move it all around in Florida while campaigning in California. Like so many in our grifter series Deanna Lorraine has a long storied history of failed cons and does not live in the district she is running for.

Still other Grifters like Johnny Nalbindian can’t figure out which race they are running for – shifting from CA-27 to CA-28 and then back to CA-27 again.

Still other grifters pile on to already crowded fields with no conception whatsoever that they are nothing more than rubber duckies on the surface of the political toilet bowl. Look at CA-48 for example where a Caleb Sturges and a Brian Burley have active campaigns with no resume, endorsements or support. All they are doing is costing the leading Republican Candidate Michelle Park Steel money to get through a primary in a race that will be a $3 Million (or more) bloodbath.

Fasten your seatbelts as we are going to talk about candidates who sincerely believe God told them to run or are just garden variety con-artists like Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero.

If you or anyone you know has information on a Grifter candidate – you can email me at You can remain anonymous. We want to tell your story.