Jan 092024

Suzanne Jones has petitioned the Placer GOP to re-attempt the endorsement in Placer County Supervisorial District 4 with the entry of Jeff Moss in to the race.

Her candidate questionnaire is linked here for reference.

In her questionnaire, Suzanne attempts to lerch far right on a variety of issues. There deserves to be real scrutiny of what she is claiming, especially in light of her appointments of Democrats and Green Party members to key positions in Placer County.

On Page 2 of her questionnaire, Suzanne Jones talks about “Transparent Governance.”

Jones worked with Placer County Counsel ostensibly in secret to eviscerate portions of the Placer County anti-nepotism policy. (Remember how bad it was that Kirk Uhler’s wife Tammy works for Placer County?)

One or Two meetings after getting the Placer County Nepotism policy changed, Jones got her brother, who has a different last name, appointed to be her district staffer! I guess transparency and ethics was a thing until it was an impediment.

The job pays six figures as well. Must be nice to get elected and then get the rules changed to hire your brother. Transparency.

People on the Placer GOP should be concerned and ask questions about the propriety of getting close relatives government jobs. They should also ask about the timing of events and the seemingly backroom clandestine nature of the proceedings.

In her biography – she touts helping Congressman Tom McClintock. Years later, as a supervisor, she appointed Kristine Johnson to the Granite Bay MAC. In 2014, Johnson ran against Tom McClintock.

She openly touts supporting Pam Tobin, whose husband was a life-long far left labor union organizer and Pam herself was always a reliable supporter of the left of Placer County.

She talks about working with the California Pro-Life Council yet appointed a far left Green Party Member to the Placer County Commission that deals with Health Care Issues.

On Page 4 of her application, she talks about her stand on taxes. She failed to mention that she hosted a Townhall for an upcoming effort to run a Transportation Tax in Placer County. Perhaps the members of the committee should have an open discussion about where Jones really stands on these sorts of measures. The opposition to the Transportation Tax is largely amongst the members of the Placer GOP and they are considering endorsing someone hosting meetings to promote it.

On Page 5 – Jones claims to have led the effort against Mask Mandates, Vaccine Mandates and COVID policy in general. This is an outright lie.

All five members of the Placer County Board of supervisors on August 2020 board meeting voted to lift the state of emergency in Placer County. Suzanne Jones was not on the board then and her assertion that she was the only one is impossible as there were never mask or vaccine mandates in Placer County ever. Then, by the time she took office, the State of Emergency was gone making COVID policy a non-issue. It is this sort of nuance that she appears to be trying to manipulate in order to advance herself absent facts.

Her predecessor Kirk Uhler led the effort to remove the state of emergency and was attacked publicly by several people for doing so.

The questionnaire goes on to ask if Suzanne Jones has endorsed, supported or contributed to non-Republican Candidates in the last 4 years. It also asks if she pledges to only support Republican Candidates going forward.

Planning Commissioner Daniel Woodward is a Democrat. Unlike someone running for office, Woodward was appointed by Suzanne Jones directly in to a position of power where there is no accountability to voters. That is the political equivalent of asking Jack the Ripper to babysit.

Supporting Non-Republicans? Here are the rest of Suzanne Jones’ non-Republican appointments:

Lisa Cataldo – Green Party
Tameka Usher – American Independent
Dojna Marie Garvey – Democrat
Amber Beckler – NPP
Kristine Johnson – D (Tom McClintock’s 2014 Opponent)
Christopher Hill – NPP

At what point do people looking to advance the Republican Party start to ask questions about appointing a Green Party member to a board that deals with a range of public health issues (Abortion, Homelessness, Drug Abuse), and wonder if Suzanne Jones is serious at all about any of her answers to questions about the issues of the day?

I will close by saying that Sandy Harris, who is actually a registered Republican (in the same vane as Pam Tobin), was part of the crew in 2002 that attempted to unseat then Placer GOP Chair Ken Campbell. She was also part of the group that attempted to stop Bayside Church from being built back in the 1990’s, actually suing Placer County to overturn the decision of the board of supervisors ultimately losing badly in court.

Suzanne Jones has parachuted a host of people that oppose the Republican Party and Placer County’s way of life in to positions of power that are not accountable to the voters. The members of the Placer GOP looking at endorsing her should take pause and then move on to another candidate.

P.S. You can make bank Jeff Moss will remedy all of these bad appointments.

Jan 082024

Whoops. Your intrepid blogger has been told that the leadership of the Placer GOP is actively seeking to re-open the endorsement question in Placer’s 4th Supervisorial District.

As a public service to my readers and friends on the Placer GOP, your intrepid blogger has done some digging… and have found out a lot of interesting things about the erstwhile “Republican” Supervisor Suzanne Jones.

The most important appointment a Supervisor Makes is their Planning Commissioner. In the case of Suzanne, her choice is one that the Placer Business community is constantly at odds with: Daniel Woodward who is a Registered Democrat.

Planning commissioners are responsible for Re-Districting, and have a lot of say in what gets built where. In the case of Woodward, he has been a constant roadblock to anything resembling infrastructure and future development. And, he is reputed to be a progressive liberal democrat as well. This is a direct attack on the way of life you enjoy in Placer County!

But wait – There’s More!

Mental Health, Alcohol, & Drug Advisory Board – Suzanne Jones Appointed: Lisa Cataldo – Green Party.
This is the largest portion of the county budget there is! Think of this, Suzanne Jones appointed a far-left activist to the department that runs homeless programs. Does this person support unlimited Marijuana Grows in Placer County? (fyi: The Green Party Platform supports legalizing drugs) We all know that the far-left of California have made the homeless problem into a severe mess and one of their own was helped into a position of power by Suzanne Jones. This is a direct attack on your way of life.
Why did Suzanne Jones pick this person with the amount of power this position has? She put a far-left activist in a department with a budget in excess of 1/3 of a Billion Dollars!
Civil Service Commission: Tameka Usher – American Independent
This commission has influence over labor union contracts with public employees. Research shows that Tameka is a career bureaucrat with extensive government experience. From a fiscally conservative perspective whose side will she be on? Based on my research, it looks like Government.
Here is another – the Placer Library Advisory Board: Donja Marie GarveyDemocrat.
To those of you concerned about pornography in libraries, the party that calls any attempt to review and scrutinize books for content “book banning” has one of their own on the Placer Library Board. Can you trust this person to stand up for parents? Why didn’t Suzanne Jones talk to the American Council for example for a recommendation before appointing a liberal democrat to the library board?
Now – as to the rest of her appointments:

Granite Bay MAC: 

Virgil Anderson R
Nick Johnson R
Gary Flanagan R
Amber Beckler NPP
Kristine Johnson D
Sandra Harris R
Christopher Hill NPP
The Granite Bay MAC has historically been a roadblock to development and progress in Granite Bay, but this group is frequently overridden by the Board of Supervisors (Think about the recently built senior living facilities for example). While Sandy Harris is a Republican, my experience with her going back years is she is virulently anti-growth and has a penchant for supporting liberal Republicans and non Republicans for office.
Amber Beckler – registered as an NPP has been a mainstay based on what I have seen, at campaign events for the few Democrats that Placer County had in office (before Suzanne Jones started appointing a bunch of them). She was part of the anti-Republican coalition that supported Suzanne Jones for office in the first place.
Rounding out the list…
Older Adult Advisory Commission: Karen Flanagan R
Assessment Appeals Board: Adam C. Brown R
Parks Commission: Virgil Anderson R
14 total appointments: 7 Republicans, 3 Dems, a Green, an AIP and two NPP, one of which is known to favor democrats openly. Worse, the two most powerful positions a supervisor can appoint feature a Dem and a Green.
Suzanne Jones is not a Republican. Fraud Alert Issued. Defend Placer County’s way of life, fire Suzanne Jones now.
Aug 092023

Karma is a beautiful thing sometimes. It looks like Suzanne Jones did what she and all her left-wing NIMBY crew accused her predecessor of…

August 9th, 2023
Contact: Ryan Gardiner

Suzanne Jones Violates Conflict of Interest Law, Opponent Releases Statement

Placer County, CA — Supervisor Suzanne Jones appeared to violate conflict of interest law earlier this year, by accepting numerous contributions from non-profit directors while voting to approve their county contracts.

On June 13th, 2023, Supervisor Suzanne Jones voted to enter the County into a $78,948 no-bid contract with The Gathering Inn, a non-profit homeless services organization (Agenda Item 29.E).

On June 27th, Jones again voted to enter into two more contracts with The Gathering Inn, this time for $3,092,580 and $298,092. (Agenda Item 9.C.2 and Agenda Item 18.B).

That same day, June 27th, Jones accepted a $500 campaign contribution from the Chair of The Gathering Inn (Form 460, Page 8 of 15 and The Gathering Inn, Board of Directors). It also turns out that in the months prior, Jones accepted $1,675 from another member of the organization’s Board of Directors (Form 460, Page 6 of 15).

SB 1439 went into effect this year to prohibit this practice, with the intention of “rooting out local government corruption in California… by ending pay-to-play.” The bill prohibits an elected official from accepting campaign contributions from board members or staff of organizations that do business with their agency, for a year following their vote to approve a given contract or entitlement.

In response to this apparent violation of campaign finance law, Karen Henson, who is challenging Jones in the 2024 election, released the following statement:
“Suzanne Jones clearly has no problem doling out taxpayer-funded contracts to organizations whose leaders have funded her campaign. Not only is this practice likely illegal, it is also just wrong. I am calling on Suzanne Jones to immediately return the contributions in question. Corruption and pay-to-play have no place in Placer County.”

For more information about Henson and her campaign, please visit www.KarenHenson.org

Feb 202023

Never Forget, I am watching you…

In case you missed it, Former Eureka USD Board Member Eric J Bose passed tragically of cancer. While 2 seats on that board changed hands recently, there is a lot more work to do in order to break the democrat-Eureka Schools Foundation stranglehold on that district.

Also in Granite Bay, many of you will remember the democrat-nimby coalition that rallied against Kirk Uhler to elect the disturbed Suzanne Jones supervisor in Sup D4. One of the things they did was to file 10 FPPC complaints against Uhler. (One of which affected your intrepid blogger as well) 7 of the complaints were dismissed without follow up because they were frivolous. The other 3 were closed without any fine or action.

IN addition, the same Democrats and Nimbys complained to the attorney general about Mr. Uhler’s wife getting a pay raise (for the first time in 10 years, mind you). The leftist coalition had convinced themselves that Uhler had engineered this raise for himself. The correct answer is that Uhler never discussed it with anyone and did not participate in closed sessions, open sessions or any other meetings of any sort. The AG’s office interviewed a ton of people and subpoenaed documents.

While Suzanne Jones lied about this fact (and later hired a family member herself after savaging Kirk over his Wife’s job in a different part of Placer Government)… the vindication came years later but only after the crazed Nimby-democrat coalition had successfully lied about Uhler enough to elect the crazed Suzanne Jones.

You can count on Suzanne Jones and her Nimby-democrat coalition to scream cover up as their cognitive dissonance and inherent dishonesty prevents them from acknowledging reality. (Note that the AG, was Xavier Becerra who is now a piece of the Biden Administration, what Irony)

Crazy Suzy is going to feel like a political piñata soon. No one I know likes her. Everyone I know wants her gone… well maybe Thomas N Hudson still likes her. Like I said no one likes her.

Given that Suzanne’s campaign was built on a foundation of lies and her behavior since election has been as corrupt as anything you’d see in Placer County, there should be a five-alarm fire in the Swan Lake area for quite a while.

Right now, before some star-struck also rans decide to jump in, Jones has a single opponent. Bruce Houdesheldt opted not to pursue the run. I will have more to say about Sup D4 for sure.

In Sup D3, there is clarity coming as well.

I have met with Mike Murray and laid out for him what I believe his benchmarks should be. If Murray can not produce the endorsements and fundraising, he will not be a viable candidate. If he does, Dave Butler will have a race.

Your intrepid blogger prefers Dave Butler out of the field as it is currently, for a myriad of reasons I will lay out at a later time.

The race has become clearer now that Mr. Rocklin, Ken Broadway has decided to stay on the Rocklin City Council. Broadway is loved and popular in Rocklin. I met with him recently and we had a pretty frank conversation about his life and circumstances. Broadway asked the right questions and I believe made the right decision. It is exceedingly rare for someone that would have been as viable as Broadway would have been to withdraw.

Please note that your Intrepid Blogger is endorsing Ken Broadway for Rocklin City Council should he decide to run for a third term. This is not negotiable.

I have been told by several that Greg Janda is retiring, this will create an open seat. David Bass who is still not a Republican and Ken Broadway are the two incumbents that are likely to run for re-election.

To be continued…

Apr 062020

Marianna Bekhet is a Bay Area Democrat Transplant to Granite Bay. Her Husband Viktor, also a lib-dem turned NPP ran against Kirk in 2016. So why not put out a half-baked lie. Tax Rates are set by the State, not the supervisors. Placer’s appear to be higher than most other counties, because? People want to live here and our property values are higher all things being the same than most other counties! IT gets better, Cheryl Berkema, a democrat herself has opposed new home construction that would bring prices down.

Bekhet and Berkema both circulated nomination petitions for Suzanne Jones – and their fellow democrats created Mello-Roos which was a circumvention of Prop 13. What is Mello-Roos? It is the $300-$400 a month property tax you pay on a new home for infrastructure. Since most of Placer County has been built since Mello-Roos came in to being that also inflates property taxes. Pesky details once again.

It appears that Suzanne Jones is going to have to learn on the fly about how taxes work. Heck, I may even use this attack against her in 2024 as I will rightly be able to jam her for doing nothing to lower property taxes. I just think it is delicious that two known bay-area transplant liberals were helping the first vice-chair of the Placer GOP. Is that a reflection on Suzanne for being a chameleon or a reflection on some (not all as the Placer GOP endorsed Kirk twice) of the Placer GOP Members who call themselves Conservatives that supported Jones.

Don’t worry though, crazy Suzy won’t be on the Placer GOP Committee for very long now that she got what she wants. Who knows if she will stay in the CRA – an organization I am proud to have been banned for life from. (I was expelled for being a RINO among other perceived offenses against Humanity)

If I am Tom McClintock, I’d plan for Suzanne Jones to run against me in the Primary in 2022. It fits her pattern as she has run for office in every cycle since 2008 save 2012.

Aside from getting the cops called on me in the campaign – the second highlight for me personally is when Pro-Life activists called Kirk. They told Kirk flat out they knew he was pro-choice. When Kirk explained to them he has always been pro-life and there is ample public evidence of it, they intimated that they were told Kirk was Pro-Choice by Suzanne Jones. Funny, as I know Jones to be Pro-Choice by her actions not her words when she is trying to get something she wants. She also tries to act Pro-Life when it suits her too.

When asked directly about her stance on the second amendment, she avoided the question. You will notice this a lot from Suzanne Jones. Having had ample exposure to her in multiple campaigns, aside from the fact that she is a terrible public speaker, she typically does not or can not answer questions.

This is likely why she was speaking off of a script at the League of Women Voter’s Forum with questions planted in the audience.

Also note – Suzanne’s webmaster on the Facebook Page was another democrat turned NPP. The individual applied for a spot on the Granite Bay MAC but was caught in at least 2 inaccuracies on her application and was excoriated publicly for them.

If you think Suzanne Jones is a Trump supporter – think again. Some of her biggest boosters are some of the same people that poured $15 Million in to Antonio Villariagosa’s Governor Campaign.

So democrats and democrats turned NPP were the backbone of Suzanne’s Supervisor Campaign. Man Made Global Warming, Affordable Housing, Anti-Development, Lie About Social Issues – what’s next?

Stay Tuned as the tour-de-Suzanne continues.