Apr 292018

I have often wondered why Eric Early decided to run for Attorney General, especially after Retired Judge Stephen Bailey got such a head start on him.

People throw the word RINO around so much it nearly has no meaning.

Once you are done reading about Eric Early, the word RINO will have meaning again.

In the article introducing Eric Early – he clearly indicates his path to victory is Moderate Republicans, Moderate Democrats and a portion of Hispanics. This means Conservatives need not apply.

Early goes on to proclaim himself Pro-Choice and Pro-Gay Marriage, yet somehow we are to believe that he is a fiscal conservative. I’ve never seen that combination work in a politician, why would Early be the first?

In the article, Early also indicates he is a “Former” democrat and acknowledges donating to democrats.

He is fond of pointing out that he voted for Trump, yet a check of his donations does not indicate a single red cent donated to Trump. If fact, on 11/2/2015 Eric Early maxed out to John Kasich for $2700. People know that Kasich has been on an ego-fueled rampage against the President since losing the primary, including a very public love fest featuring Arnold and Chad Mayes.

As your intrepid blogger researched Early’s public donations, we found several checks to the New Majority, a group of liberal Republican Donors famous for their attempts to primary challenge Conservative incumbents or for supporting democrats suddenly turned Republicans in the Primary. See the pattern?

Early’s financial largess included liberal Republicans like Shelly Moore Capito and David Hadley. Eric Early also donated $500 to Stefano De Stefano on 9/29/2017, a liberal Republican that attempted to primary challenge Ted Cruz. Ouch.

We have been told that the number one reason why we need to support Eric Early is that he is a major Republican Donor. Aside from $85,000 to himself and $13,000 (recently) to the New Majority I see a list of donations that would made even the most liberal Republican Party activist seriously reconsider their support for Early.

Let’s have a look at Eric Early’s Donations. $2500 to Jerry Brown! Ahem, were those “meal tickets”, too?

On 9/20/2009 Early donated $300 to Shelly Berkley, then a congresswoman – later the Democrat Challenger to Republican Senator Dean Heller in Nevada.

On 9/27/2011 Early donated $250 to Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, a progressive hero who is now a US Senator from Illinois voting against President Trump 100% of the time.

On 6/5/2012 Eric Early donated $300 to Senator John Tester – he of the Smear Campaign against admiral Ronny Jackson that has since been eviscerated as a lie. Also, Tester referred to President Trump’s tax cuts as the “Biggest piece of Bullshit I’ve ever seen”.

On 7/30/2012 Eric Early donated $500 to progressive liberal Congressional Candidate Susan Bysiewicz in Connecticut. She is now their Secretary of State.

On 9/28/2014 Eric Early donated $500 twice to Extreme Left-Wing Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley who routinely repeats the “Russia Did It” lie in the national media.

If the above does not have you sufficiently upset, two of the largest benefactors of Eric Early’s largess are Ted Lieu and Brad Sherman. So more than one Republican Statewide candidate is listed as a donor to Brad Sherman – the first author of articles of impeachment against President Trump.

On 4/11/2014 – Eric Early donated $1000 to Ted Lieu
On 4/11/2014 – Eric Early donated $750 to Ted Lieu (the second check of the day)
On 9/28/2014 – Eric Early donated another $500 to Ted Lieu

Apparently, Early enjoys Ted Lieu’s status as the number one troll of the President on twitter as Lieu spouts off insane un-vetted conspiracies against our President.

But Brad Sherman? Eric Early is one of Sherman’s most reliable donors, read on…

10/28/2010 – $240
10/28/2010 – $100
10/30/2010 – $500
3/21/2012 – $1500
8/24/2012 – $500
10/14/2013 – $500
8/25/2015 – $1000
8/30/2016 – $500

Grand Total? $4,840.

When I have found Republican donations from Early, they have 100% been to liberal Republicans or the Presidential Nominee (exception – he donated nothing to President Trump at all). I do not believe that Republican Convention delegates can trust Eric Early as his long extensive record as a democrat donor, as recently a 18 months ago should give everyone pause. While Early attempts to make a big deal out of voting for Trump, his donations suggest that he is anything but a Trump supporter as those he supports are among the chief antagonists of Trump on the national scale.

Eric Early does not deserve the endorsement of any Republican group. I believe he has miscast himself as a Republican Candidate for Attorney General and at best should be running as a left-leaning independent.